Michael Bennett says Seahawks are “best defense to ever play football”


Richard Sherman isn’t the only member of the Seattle Seahawks defense that likes to speak his mind.

Defensive end Michael Bennett is also one of the team’s most outspoken players and he isn’t lacking for confidence in the aftermath of Seattle’s 35-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals to grab first place in the NFC West and prime position for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Seahawks defense has held opponents to 193.6 yards per game and 6.6 points per game on average over the last five weeks. Given the rule changes in the past many years to continually make things easier for offenses to score points, for a team to allow less than a touchdown a game over five weeks is a pretty staggering stretch.

It’s left Bennett feeling very strongly about how Seattle’s defense compares with the all-time greats.

We’re the best defense to ever play football,” Bennett told Omar Ruiz of the NFL Network. “So when we play the way we play, the way we’re capable of playing, whatever [Ryan Lindley] did didn’t really matter. When we line up and play the way we are capable of playing, I don’t think anybody can play with us.”

The Seahawks lead the league in yards allowed per game (268.6) and points per game (16.5). Seattle holds a slim margin over the Detroit Lions in the points per game category. The Seahawks have allowed four fewer points this season entering the final week with Seattle playing St. Louis while Detroit has to play Green Bay.

If the Seahawks can maintain their edge in points per game allowed, they will become just the fourth team in league history to lead the league in yards and points allowed in consecutive seasons. The 1954-55 Cleveland Browns, 1969-70 Minnesota Vikings and 1985-86 Chicago Bears have also accomplished the feat. It would also be their third straight season leading the league in fewest points allowed.

If Seattle can win a second Super Bowl to pair with their statistical dominance, Bennett may be absolutely correct.

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  1. If you have to proclaim it yourself you aren’t. Not even close the the Steel Curtain of the 70s. Mean Joe Greene and company make these guys look like chumps. Or the 86 Bears for that matter.

  2. That’s real talk!

    Haters gonna hate but players are bigger, stronger, and faster every year so if you’re the best today, you in fact are the best ever.

  3. So much at stake for this season. Best defense since 1985 and maybe ever. Marshawn HOF is in site. Legion of boom cementing a legacy like the steel curtain. With 3 possible HOFers. Russell Wilson becoming elite with 2 rings and his path heading towards canton. Pete Carroll slam dunk hall of famer with 2 lombardis and his college resume. And as a team could be considered the best ever. All they have to do is win four more games this year in the spectacular fashion that only they can and all these things become reality. I’m hoping for the patriots and tom Brady in the Super Bowl so we can add that to the already stellar resume. Hate all you want but you know I’m right. THe media will be saying the same thing if we get it done and eventually just like all other legacy’s it will be written. Go hawks!! Legacy opportunity against St .Louis done and then on to the next legacy opportunity!!! Four more to go.

  4. Cards are 5-4 without Palmer and 6-0 with him. The Hawks are 2-3 vs the rest of the good teams they have played. Count the Cards and they are 4-3 against good teams. The Hawks are good, yes. Not great. They have beat the teams they should except for one toe stub against the Rams team that is up and coming. Not even close to as dominating as the Bears D from the mid 80s. I’m too young (or still too old) to remember the the early Vikes team and my dad was barely born to remember the Browns. I’m not a Bears fan either. And that run Lynch had the other night had a lot more to do with the blocking and crappy DB tackling than “beast mode”. Sorry Hawks fans, but the talk is getting old from your young, dumb and really good defensive players. They should take a page from Lynch. “Yeah” and “Thank you for asking.” Keep being good and talk later.

  5. I will admit right now I’m a Seahawks fan, I am also a football fan and always try to leave my bias at the door because I can’t stand trolls and homers. To me, this Seahawks team may have the best defense ever I will wait to make that call after the season ends, but I have to say it looks that way right now. Hell, if the defense would stop getting penalties I don’t know that most teams will even move the ball on them. My reasoning for calling them possibly the best ever is two fold one is like Florio pointed out holding opponents to fewest points and yards two years in a row, that’s special especially since it’s been done only three times, but even more importantly in a league that has been watered down and defenses have almost been neutered. The Hawks find a way to dominate when the league always is trying to find a way for team defenses not to dominate. I Think the reason some don’t see the Seahawks as the best is because some of these players run their mouths and it causes people to tune them out, but if you step a way from the noise and just look at what these guys are doing it’s just amazing. I remember the Bears when they were dominant it’s actually one of my first football memories and they were so good opposing offenses just never seemed to figure out how to score on the except the Dolphins and I see this team and I see the same features. If they are not the best then I don’t know Whois, again we still have some football to play but right now it looks like it’s heading that way. go Hawks

  6. He’s right. They crushed the greatest offense of all time in the Super Bowl, and one could argue this year’s version is better. They’re a runaway freight train headed straight for their second championship.

  7. When did the Seahawks become the 2000 Ravens?

    10 points or less in 12 of 16. They are right up their with the Ravens in being obnoxious though. They look silly pounding their chest after giving up a 5 yard gain.

  8. If they slaughter another couple of HOF quarterbacks like Brees and Peyton in their playoff run such as Rodgers and Brady, they’re pretty much a lock. Seattle’s dominating in the hardest era ever to play defense.

  9. LOL just an example of this clown not knowing the roots of the game! Best defense all time and they did it year in and year out was the steel curtain. This team has a good defense for 2 years and thinks that’s a great accomplishment! Do it for a decade then get back to me. I hope its a steelers vs Seahawks Superbowl again. Would love to taste me some seahawk tears again!!

  10. They sure have taken on the elite QB’s lately. I mean Lindley wasn’t even in the league a few weeks ago. The greatest for sure bro. Don’t let all that smoke you’re blowing go to your head.

  11. With regard to “maintaining their edge,” they were 4 points *behind* Detroit going into Week 16. They took the top spot by throttling the Cardinals while the Lions gave up points to the Bears.

  12. I say best of the decade. It’s just impossible to compare to older teams since the rules have changed

  13. 6.6 points over the last five weeks….

    They played Kaep twice, Drew Stanton, Mark Sanchez, and Ryan Lindley over that “impressive” five week run.

    Buffalo Bills shutdown manning and rodgers to career lows with no offense like seahawks to keep them off the field. So I’m not really impressed with numbers against backup qbs and someone like kaep who isn’t a prolific passer.

  14. The best defense ever???? Bennett was born in 1985, which means he never saw the 85 Bears, to name one. This Seahawks defense couldn’t hold their jocks.

    Tell Bennett to go back and watch film of the late 50’s Giants, the early 60’s Lions, Packers, Rams, Raiders, Chiefs, the ’63 Bears, the 70’s/early 80’s Steelers, the late 80’s/90/s Giants, and the 2000 Ravens just to name some great defenses he obviously never saw. Well, maybe he saw the Ravens in 2000, but I’m sure he never saw those others.

    The Seahawks have the best defense in an era where defenses are weaker than ever because of rules changes and offensive philosophies. But let’s not get carried away, here. They have won just one SB so far.

  15. They aren’t the 85-86 Bears.

    During this streak, they have beaten up a bunch of offensively challenged teams in their division along with a Mark Sanchez led offense. After giving up 24 to KC, they got to play Arizona, SF, Philadelphia, SF, Arizona. Now, they get the Rams with Shaun Hill. They are playing better now than when they gave up 24 to Oakland and 28 to the Rams and 30 to the Cowboys, but let’s see how they make out against Dallas or Green Bay (also a different team on the road) before getting carried away.

  16. Not even close….you guys wouldn’t even be in the same conversation with the greatest ever!

    Hey Michael, watch some tape of the 85′ Bears !

    Now that was the ‘ greatest ever !’

  17. As a life-long Pats fan, I can tell you that NO defense is as good as the 85 Bears! Monsters!
    Most frustrating game I’ve ever watched.
    Seattle is nothing. They will find that out soon enough.

  18. They are very good, and they are playing well right now. They aren’t the 85 Bears,but considering how the game favors offense now, Bennet might be right.

    In any case, I hope that they blow a game and someone shuts their mouth. So annoying that they don’t have any respect for the history of the sport. One thing in this sport… No one get’s away with that for long. They will. Be humbled eventually.

  19. They haven’t been facing much competition. Kaepernick because of his athleticism and arm was probably the most dangerous. But Lindley, Stanton, and Sanchez aren’t starting caliber quarterbacks. Do it through the playoffs Bennett and you’ll bring home another trophy.

  20. As a Hawks fan all I can say is that this team turned the corner after Harvin was traded. It took a few weeks but even in the KC game when we got gashed by JC you could see a little bit of the passion had come back. By the following week it really showed and this team has been playing much like it did in the SB. It’s important for non Hawks fans to understand it was in the SB and only in the SB we played like this. This team is physically a juggernaut even more than the stats show. They can’t be stopped and I see Tom Brady having a rough day in SB49. Harvin must have truly been a cancer , I would love to hear the details on what really happened there. Must be a hell of a story.

  21. Hahahahah no….. You might, and it’s a big might, be the best today but that’s not even necessarily true. And you are no where near top 5 of all time. Steel Curtain, Purple People Eaters, Ravens first SB team… All light years better than the squak boxes.

  22. They are darn good and he may be right.

    BUT…you have to look at the competition over the past 5 weeks. Four of their five games have been against teams that are cratering offensively…near the worst in the league the second half of the year.

    They did have a good outing against a decent offense in the Eagles….but so have a lot of other teams lately.

    Seahawks are a great defense no doubt. They may want to check themselves a bit however before the have to play teams with real offenses in the playoffs.

  23. It seems pretty hard to compare defenses across eras when the rules of engagement keep changing. I do think this team is setting itself up for historical comparisons just based on the level of dominance they have displayed compared to other teams and how much they get into an opponents head. But we cannot compare them until we have more history to work with

  24. you have four losses…..

    Pretty sure there’s a team out there that finished with 0 losses….

    I would think your friend Sherman who is constantly spatting out statistics could have informed you on that one

    And it actually does matter whether or not the qb plays to his full potential bc if he’s making perfect throws you can’t defend them. In every sport the offense has some advantage, so it always matters….

  25. Bit grandiose but they do have something special there in Seattle. The NFL is built for parity and I think Seattle has one more year(this one) to be dominant. The Seahawks were fortunate to have a fourth round draft pick play at this level on a rookie salary. Normally, and next year, Russell Wilson would consume nearly a sixth of the team’s cap (20 million out of 133 million) instead of the 2.5 million he currently makes. Next year, they have to pay Russell and some of their other stars and it will be much harder to remain at this level. As a football fan however, they are fun to watch now.

  26. you have four losses…..

    Pretty sure there’s a team out there that finished with 0 losses….

    I would think your friend Sherman who is constantly spatting out statistics could have informed you on that one

    And it actually does matter whether or not the qb plays to his full potential bc if he’s making perfect throws you can’t defend them. In those situations you can only hope for a dropped pass. In every sport the offense has some advantage, so it always matters….

  27. First defense to lead the league in fewest points allowed in 3 straight seasons since the legendary Purple People Eaters defense of the 1969-1971 Minnesota Vikings.

  28. They have a great D, but have they played a team with its starting QB in those five weeks?

  29. Over the last five weeks, they’ve played against all-time greats Drew Stanton, Mark Sanchez, Colin Kaepernick twice, and Ryan Lindley. They lost to the offensive mastermind Alex Smith and squeaked by a juggernaut Raiders offense, who they gave up 24 points to.

    I’m so sick of hearing about how great this team thinks they are. Great teams never need to talk about how great they are because they go out and prove it on the field. Shut up and play the game. And they still haven’t been able to beat anyone good on the road. Get them outside of CenturyLink and they can be beaten by a lot of teams

  30. I’m sure by the time this posts, there will be plenty of comments from the haters, but those last 3 sentences fully (potentially) support MB’s claim.
    If the Seahawks can find a way to extend Bobby Wagner with the rest of the core guys they’ve already extended, that D should be Top 5 for several more years. They’re not going to be able to bring in prized free agents, especially after Russell Wilson is extended, but that hasn’t been their way anyhow. They’ve done it with great coaching, great scouting (Sherman & Kam with later-round picks), free agents willing to come here on cap-friendly “prove-it” deals (Bennett & Avril, both whose gamble paid off), and of course good fortune (e.g., the Eagles passing on Earl Thomas in favor of Brandon Graham in the 2010 draft).
    I get it, though. The great things that guys like Bennett & Sherman do in the community don’t make headlines like their brash outspoken comments do, so it makes them and this team easy to hate for outsiders. That’s okay; I’ll take this over the way so many of you saw them before this run (“soft”, Lovable Losers, etc.).

  31. This guy should go visit the HOF in Canton and see how Steelers from the 70’s defense are there, then revisit his opinion.

  32. They could become the best ever but they need to keep doing it for more than 5 games…settle down, shut up, and play the game.

  33. Michael….shhhh. We’re really good, and we’re peaking at the right time this year, but best ever? That’ll return to bite you right on your prodigious b’hind.

  34. So many people on here are uneducated on how special a team is really doing compared to those that came before.

    If Seattle is number 1 in points/ yards allowed for a back to back seasons look up which team was the last to do that! The NFL tried to implement rules to stop their physicality and it hasn’t slowed them down. If they get another Super Bowl, I would have no trouble saying they are as good or better than ’00 Ravens or ’02 Bucs.

  35. It’s impossible to objectively compare defenses today to defenses from 20-30 years ago. The offensive systems today are way more advanced and efficient. Hell, the West Coast Offense was designed to counter the great defenses of the past and it brought with it an evolution of the game as a whole.

    The Seahawks defense has proven to be one of the best defenses in the NFL since the transition to these high octane offenses. It’s impossible to say if those great defenses of the past would have success in today’s pass happy and penalty protected offenses, but my guess is that they wouldn’t be nearly as good if they weren’t allowed to hit the QB or hold receivers like they used to.

  36. Remember when Dallas whooped their @ss in Seattle? Yeah, me too. Can’t wait to see it again. Over-rated.

  37. It’s a question that can never be answered. Forget that defenses are incapable of playing each other directly…

    The only thing that matters is that they believe it, and still maintain focus heading into the post season. Re-pete!

  38. If the current Seahawks roster could play in the rules of the 80’s, they would shatter every single defensive record in the books by a long-shot.

    That means that Bennett isn’t wrong.

  39. Remember when Dallas was relevent 20+ years ago? Yeah, me neither. I do remember Romo and the Jerrah Cowboys continually being 8-8 every year though. Good for them making the playoffs for the first time in how long?! I wouldn’t consider a one-score win in the last 2 mins of a game whooping @ss…but OK. And riiiight…Reigning World Champions about to lock up HFA throughout the playoffs after starting the season 3-3 is overrated.

  40. The reason the Seahawks defense is as good as they are is because they all have this same attitude, maybe they are not the best ever but if any of us were part of it we would feel the same way he does, it keeps them pumped up and it probably does feel like you are the best ever when you are in your 20’s and not constantly reading a football almanac about past defenses and you clobbered the most prolific offense in football history in a super bowl by holding them to 8 points and then the next year you lead in all the major defensive categories AGAIN. Sometimes if I beat my 10 year old son at a game of H.O.R.S.E. and I proclaim myself as the best shooter ever. So my point is that everyone that says what blowhards and egomaniacs the Hawks are could never comprehend what it would be like to be dominating at ANYTHING let alone something on such a huge scale. I doubt he means he has done his homework and is factually stating that the defense is technically the best ever, he’s just saying they are confident and believes no team can compete with them when they are healthy and playing at this level.

  41. Nope, sorry, not even close loudmouth. Look at stats of The “Steel Curtain”, esp in 1976. Five, count them, five shutouts, three in a row. Avg margin of victory 19 pts. They pitched 10 or 11 in a three season stretch that was the greatest team in history.

    Sure they have swagger. Sure they are tough, rough hitting. Big deal. Win a few more championships, a few more games, then let history decide. Till then shut up.

  42. billgramatica says:
    Dec 23, 2014 11:34 AM

    Remember when Dallas whooped their @ss in Seattle? Yeah, me too. Can’t wait to see it again. Over-rated.


    Calling the SB champs over-rated…. brilliant..

  43. Given the evolution of today’s modern athlete and the size and strength of players nowadays, and also taking into account the rules changes that favor offenses, Bennett is probably right.

    Also, the 85 Bears crushed the crappy wild card Patriots in the Super Bowl, led by the great Tony Eason and Steve Grogan.

    The 2001 Ravens shut down the crappy Giants and legendary QB Kerry Collins.

    Last year’s Seahawks, on the other hand, almost shut out the statistically greatest offense of all time.

    p.s. I’m a Bears fan

  44. No way. You don’t even have to mention old Bears teams because they’re not even close to that level.

    The Ravens D in 2000/2001 were better with Ray, McCallister, Rod Woodson, etc

    Not even close to Steelers D in 70s, maybe not even as good as Steelers D when they had Greene, Kirkland, Rod Woodson, Lake in the 90s.

  45. Pete Carroll has a great mind, he saw away to play around the rules and win.

    Sure, the best defenses of the past were monsters, but they lacked the speed and stamina the Seahawk defense has today.

    Seattle’s only weakness is the O-Line staying healthy

    Go Seahawks !!!!

  46. It was almost unheard of for qb’s to reach 3000 yds in the 70’s. In the 80’s, you had a good qb if they were reaching 3500.

    Rules allowed defenses to be much more physical prior to the 90 ‘ s and especially since 2000’s. The nfl recognized that scoring and high offensive output was popular among the average fan.

    The nfl is a smart marketing outfit. They passed a lot of rules that tipped the scale allowing offenses to go wild. That’s not speculation.

    Defenses use to mug receivers while the ball was in the air. D’s use to destroy qb’s even after they released the ball.

    nowadays you can only have incidental contact in going for the reception. You can’t even touch a qb in the head.

    Allow the ’13 & ’14 Hawks to be able to beat up the guy throwing the ball like Deacon Jones. Allow them free range to harass wr’s the way Mark Carrier did.

    The Hawks would destroy teams.

    they may have played some pine riders lately, but I remember early ’14 and Rodgers got shut down. I remember the greatest statistical offense of all time almost get shut down on a neutral field.

    The Hawks are the real deal.

  47. johnschatzan says:
    Dec 23, 2014 5:42 AM
    6.6 points over the last five weeks….

    They played Kaep twice, Drew Stanton, Mark Sanchez, and Ryan Lindley over that “impressive” five week run.

    Buffalo Bills shutdown manning and rodgers to career lows with no offense like seahawks to keep them off the field. So I’m not really impressed with numbers against backup qbs and someone like kaep who isn’t a prolific passer.

    You do know they held Aaron Rodgers and a completely healthy packer squad to less than 200 yards passing and 16 points this year, on the first day of the regular season, right?

    And Peyton didn’t do squat for the first 55+ minutes of that game either.

    Bills D is sick this year too, no doubt, but nobody has held ANY stretch of opponents to 33 or less in 5 consecutive games in the last 5 years or more.

  48. Best Offense in the history of football. In the HISTORY of the NFL. 8 points. When they were already losing by 30. Garbage time points. 43-8 against ‘The Greatest of All Time”.

    Keep hating. This defense is legendary.

  49. Fun fact about Bennett: PFF: Michael Bennett is tied for league lead with 49 QB hurries among ALL DE’s w/Charles Johnson and JJ Watt.

    There are a ton of stats and facts that people dont know as they sit and type “PSH! Seattle isnt anything compared to the ______ team!!”
    First off, have you watched all of our games this season? Last season? Every season since Russ took over as QB? Have you taken into account our players CANT play like the 85 Bears or 1954 Browns or w/e? You HAVE to weigh the differences in rules…Our guys could SMASH people with no hesitation and hand fight and hold and push all they want in coverage (Defense) if the rules were like what the past great defensive dynasty’s had.

    Fact is its really hard to compare things when there is so much time between them, so much “the good old days were better!” nostalgia regarding past Defensive dynasty’s, huge rule changes that impacted the way Defenses play in the modern age and a huge bias against the Seahawks by most NFL fans especially regarding our secondary.
    I mean how am i supposed to take a comment (“They arent even near the top 3!”) seriously when its followed by “Sherman is a cheating hack, all they do is hold, the Refs are told to let them do w/e they want and the “LOB” is a stupid name!” lol. The bias is so clear.

    I would love it if a show (internet or TV) put up our stats side by side the great Defensive Dynasty’s, tried to compensate (or at least acknowledge) for the modern rule changes, and let us decide as some of the greats (guests on the show, HOF’ers, SB winning players/coaches, etc) give their thoughts.
    Another stat you might not know: “The last 5 Seahawks opponents have had a total win % of .717, marking the most difficult 5+ game winning streak in NFL history (past 8 gms)”
    Did you read that right? The Seahawks just had the most difficult 5+ game win streak in NFL HISTORY! Why? Because even in this modern area with rules leaning so far in the Offenses favor they might as well have been written by Coaches and Peyton Manning (oh wait, they basically were weren’t they? lol) the Seahawks Defense is breaking all time NFL records…crazy.

    I think something very interesting to see is what if the Seahawks get to the SB again? What if they win it? That HAS to help the argument.

  50. Oh yeah, and never forget in the Superbowl, on the biggest stage of all, against the greatest Offense of all time (most scoring, most TD’s, most yards, QB and Offense broke almost all the records) the Seattle Seahawks did what to the Broncos? That is a HUGE valid point that must be considered heavily when debating where they stand in the history of great Defensive Dynasty’s. They made one of the best QB’s of all time, the best Offense of all time, look HORRIBLE.
    You can’t say “well the Broncos just didnt show up” because thats not it. The Seahawk players with their extra week of study knew the Receivers routes, Chancellor recognized Demaryius Thomas’s route, jumped it, and blew him up sending a message (and separating DT’s shoulder) to all of the Bronco receivers: you run across the middle and you’ll pay.
    He did it again when Wes Welker ran a route by him, dropping off his route (passing it on to a different DB) and jumping Wes’ route, breaking up the pass and slamming Wes into the ground. Another time Wes ran a underneath route and KJ Wright was ready, and hit him hard. Again Sherman and Maxwell and Thurmond all blanket covered and covered highly proficient in zone. They capitalized on QB mistakes (interceptions) and made the Broncos pay on every level. The Broncos offense is all about timing, and YAC…the Seahawks Defense is all about disrupting timing with physicality and Hawk Tackling (along with great coverage, man and zone) to prevent YAC. Thats what happened.
    What the Seahawks Defense does is extremely basic and simple, but its full of some of the best athletes and minds at each position in the game, which the best coaching (tackling, technique, preparation, study) so they can stop you. Scheme and tricky things help when you have players that are average or below par, scheme and complicated/tricky plays arent required when every single player on your Defensive is smarter and a better athlete than everyone on the opposing Offense. They line up and say “yeah this is a simple Defensive scheme…but you have to beat me to beat it, and then beat Earl Thomas (FS) to beat it for a TD….i dare you to try.” Notice how HORRIBLY TE’s (even the greats) play against the Seahawks? Because our LB’ers are so athletic and good in coverage, where as other teams CB’s/LB’s can’t keep up or cover such big men. Never is a personnel matchup not in the Seahawks favor when the starters are playing.

  51. There are two types of commenters on this board: shill fans for some team other than Seattle and real football fans.

    Shill fans hate every team that is enjoying greater success than their team and tirelessly troll any story that proclaims said success.

    True football fans love their team but also love the game. Being offended by the braggadocio of a player on another team does not nullify their respect for the greatness of that team. I despised Dion Sanders back in the day but grudgingly acknowledged the historical genius of his skill and accomplishments.

    Anyone that refuses to see that this Seahawk team is on the verge of “all-time” greatness is petulant child with no insight…only noise.

  52. Eagles fans talking? Wake us when you win a Super Bowl. 1986 Giants defense was better than any defense the Eagles have ever put on the field. Stay out of grown folks and winners conversations.

  53. I suppose there are many ways to assess all time greatness. One way would be the number of rings earned…the current Seahawks have one….shoot me a text when they hit 4…the number earned by the Steel Curtain Steelers of the 70s. Another way might be by the number of players who get to wear the yellow blazer and have a bust in Canton..so when Sherman, Bennett, Wagner, and Chancellor or others get inducted, take some video and post it on youtube. Until then, just play the game and let others more qualified to make such assessments do it.

  54. Does it really matter who the best all time defense is? The Seahawks are clearly the best defense in 2014 and that’s all that matters. There is clearly no team in the NFL right now that matches up well against Seattle and that is the only important thing here… the steel curtain is a has been football team that has no relevance. Who cares about who’s the best all time… it’s all about who’s the best this year and it’s hands down Seattle.

  55. He should have said the best defense not to be juiced. That would have ruled out all Pittsburgh’s defenses.

  56. And BTW, when you talk about the great Steel Curtain defenses…

    Bradshaw, the QB who won those SB, had the most yards EVER in his career passing at 326.

    Yes, the rules are a bit different now and the Hawks are certainly right there with any defense ever.

    Speaking of which;

    In 1977 leading QB had 2800 yards, about half of what Manning had last year.

    In 1985 it was better at 4100, but Manning put up almost 1/3 more last year.

    Heck in 1977 teams averaged 17 points a flipping game.

  57. axespray says:Dec 23, 2014 5:02 PM

    “Must be awesome to go up against the cardinals third string QB twice a season.”

    – 70s steelers.
    The Steelers of the 70’s wouldn’t be what they were in this free agency world the NFL is in now. It’s tough to keep, financially, solid pro bowl/all pro players who can make more money in one contract than a teams yearly salary from that era.

    As for the QB’s the Seahawks have faced recently, not their fault. You play who is in front of you. I’m pretty certain those Steeler’s teams faced 3rd string QB’s on more than one occasion. Guess that would make them less dominate now eh?

    What the Seahawks have done this, and the past few years defensively, is impressive in this offensive rules driven league.

    People need to stop being defensive when modern teams are stacked up statistically with teams of the past, and are at least in the discussion of being great.

  58. Jealousy doesn’t look good on y’all.

    Last year we were going to see Brees light us up, then we weren’t going to able to score on SF, then “the best offense in NFL history” was going to teach us a lesson…

    Then this year we were exposed and would miss the playoffs.

    Maybe the problem is that you don’t recognize greatness.

    And that’s a YOU problem.

  59. 2013 Seahawks: 8 points allowed to Peyton Manning.
    1985 Bears: 10 points allowed to Tony Eason.

  60. As a Seattle fan, the best? Maybe the best today. But it’s the only defense to slam dunk the NFL’s BEST offensive team in the SB enroute to a SB Championship.

    It’s an unfair comparison to compare the Seattle to teams of old. Those former great defenses had DB’s that could tackle wideouts without even being flagged! The BEST today? The stats speak for themselves.

    And spare me the comparison how Seattle D played earlier in the year when Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagoner were both out for 4 weeks. It’s not the same team. I’d love nothing than Dallas to play us in the NFC Championship game! C’mon back Dallas…play Seattle at full strength this time. The welcome mat is open at C-Link!

    Go HAWKS!!

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