49ers’ Anthony Davis seems to have a problem with Greg Roman

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As the 49ers’ season comes to a close and the team prepares for a big shakeup in the offseason, offensive tackle Anthony Davis sounds like he hopes he’s not coached by offensive coordinator Greg Roman next season.

Davis went on Twitter today and seemed to take a shot at Roman, recalling a time when Roman first became offensive coordinator that Roman said something that got under Davis’s skin.

“Greg Roman to me when I was 21: ‘You know we can get someone off the street to do what you do,'” Davis tweeted.

Davis then tweeted, “The irony.” Perhaps he was suggesting that the 49ers are about to get someone off the street to do what Roman does, although Davis later deleted that tweet, so it’s not quite clear what he was trying to say.

In any event, Davis seems to have some kind of a problem with Roman, the kind of problem that could fester on a team — except that Roman is probably only going to coach Davis for one more game before they go their separate ways.

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  1. Sounds like someone told the team the staff won’t be returning next year. A lot like Jimmy Johnson…without the championships, that is.

  2. Davis is always very vocal on Twitter. He did say what everyone else wanted to say though. You know the old saying though “Winning heals everything” now that the Niners missed the playoffs everything’s coming out

  3. Anyone that has ever followed Bam Davis on Twitter knows who the real problem is. He has a single digit IQ.

    and to quote Jimmy Johnson…

    “Hit me in the head with a hammer the next time I draft a dumb guy!”

  4. Of course these are coaches that challenged players to their core. When their players know that their job is in limbo and that they don’t have the full support of the front office they stop buying in. Same thing happened in Washington last year. That’s how the 49ers season was sabatoged by their front office.

    Their front office leaks smear campaign to made it easier for their fanbase to accept firing the great Jim Harbaugh, but they sabatoged their season in the process.

  5. With the year Anthony Davis has had, which has basically consisted of missing games due to injury and playing average to poorly when he’s been healthy enough to play, I don’t think he’s in a position to be saying much of anything to anyone right about now.

  6. Roman, the guy who was an offensive coordinator at a HIGH SCHOOL in New Jersey before Harbaugh pulled him off the scrap heap and brought him to Stanford.

    Now his loyalty to Roman which he seems to have put above the good of the team will cost both of them their jobs.

  7. What happen to that golden rule if you have an issue with someone you man up and say it to their face or don’t say it at all. Not defending Roman but this life of being a coward behind a keyboard is pathetic.

  8. Davis needs to close his twitter account. First, the crap about Manti Teo earlier this week that made him look stupid as they had just lost to the Chargers and now this tweet about his offensive coordinator. Hey Anthony, It is the Christmas season, not the time to take cheap shots at everybody else. #getaclue

  9. I haven’t looked up the the split stats in awhile but the 49ers were noticeably worse at running behind the right tackle spot in the past. Davis is a clown.

    Go Hawks!

  10. I tend to have a little more respect for the Niners than most Seahawks fans do, but they’re a hot mess right now. Whether Harbaugh stays or goes, it’s gonna take them a while to get back to where they were just last year.

  11. Has this guy ever had a coach he didn’t complain about?
    At least it’s not quite as bad as when he was crying about Greg Schiano being a big meanie to him.

  12. Roman is a stuff. Dead man walking.
    Anyone who paid attention knows his offense underachieved. Big time.

  13. Why do Niners fans pretend that Greg Roman is the problem with their team? Never heard them calling for his head when Alex Smith was the QB.

    I mean, it’s obvious to everyone but the Niners Defense Force, but Colin Kaepernick is garbage. Why is this Roman’s fault again? The poor guy is forced to design an offense around a gimmick QB who can’t pass, a totally done RB who hit the 30s wall, and a nonexistent WR corps due to Baalke and Harbaugh constantly wasting draft picks on complete busts like AJ Jenkins, Quinton Patton, LaMichael James, Vance McDonald, Jimmie Ward, Blaine Gabbert, Stevie Johnson, etc.

  14. The Niners players, coaches, fans and front office have got to have the biggest gap between ego and championships I’ve ever seen. And before you say “Hey, we have championships” 20 years is a long time. I remember watching your last super bowl, but barely. It was a long time ago.

  15. Different times. Entitled kids can’t take getting a fire pit unde them anymore. Parcells said something similar to LT once and instead of tweeting like a chick he went out and had 3 sacks a FF and INT.

  16. “After the 49ers had a franchise-record 621 yards in a 45-3 drubbing of the Bills on Oct. 7, 2012, offensive coordinator Greg Roman was showered with praise.

    Right guard Alex Boone termed him an “evil genius,” left tackle Joe Staley dubbed him a “mad scientist” and running back Frank Gore said “you’ve got to give it to the coordinator — give it to Coach G-Ro, he did a great job.” (…)

    Head coach Jim Harbaugh has strongly backed Roman, who offered reasons for the season-long struggles Thursday.

    In the offseason, Roman said the offensive staff streamlined its voluminous playbook, a process he termed “cleaning out the garage.” (…) “I do think we’ve simplified things quite a bit. That can be an advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage as well.” (…)

    Sound totally unfamiliar? It should. Since Roman and Harbaugh arrived in 2011, the 49ers’ complex, high-volume offense has been marked by a creative running attack that effectively sets up play-action passes.

    Travel back to that 2012 win over the Bills, for example. At the time, Staley said Buffalo and other opponents couldn’t keep up with the 49ers’ multi-faceted attack.

    “They have to prepare for so much,” Staley said.”

    I mean, isn’t it obvious? Roman was doing a great job until he got handcuffed to a total joke quarterback who is such a liability between the ears that he literally had to scale back his playbook to accommodate him.

  17. The same idiot who thought joking with teo about something funny years ago instead of winning has a problem with roman. Pathetic! No wonder the fans sympathize with their worst players like kaepernick and Anthony Davis while they scapegoat roman who was a genius two years ago! If I’m a good coach, I say there’s no way I coach a team that has bandwagon fans of this magnitude.

  18. Jim Harbaugh is an excellent coach with one HUGE weakness……. Greg Roman.

    Roman is one-dimensional and has destroyed a potentially great team. The man doesn’t even seem to know what a screen pass is. He never used them even though Kaepernick was getting crushed with the rush.

    Roman IS THE PROBLEM. Unfortunately, Harbaugh is joined at the hip with Roman, so they both have to go.

  19. Kaepernick reminds me of the running QB from ESPN’s “Playmakers” that no one could stop…when he ran the ball. He couldn’t throw to save his life. Total enigma…just like Kaepernick.

  20. I love seeing the Whiners going down in flames; perfect fate for that arrogant fan base. All of Harbaugh’s “success” and he couldn’t win the Lombardi. Santa Clara’s rings will stay in dusty history books. Never going to win anything with Kaepernick at QB, and you know it. He is not cerebral enough…. I love how the Seahawks have dominated them the last few seasons – and actually, since they joined the NFC West. Ownership!

  21. vancouversportsbro says:
    Dec 24, 2014 8:14 PM
    The same idiot who thought joking with teo about something funny years ago instead of winning has a problem with roman. Pathetic! No wonder the fans sympathize with their worst players like kaepernick and Anthony Davis while they scapegoat roman who was a genius two years ago! If I’m a good coach, I say there’s no way I coach a team that has bandwagon fans of this magnitude.
    Please try to have a clue as to what you’re spewing. Roman has been loathed since day one and his ability to game plan and call plays that actually work in critical times has always been second guessed, even when Alex Smith was in SF.



  23. Just another high character 49er player. They might be better off hiring a group of prison guards instead of a coaching staff.

  24. Anthony Davis is a great example of why the 9ers have had an up and down year. They draft up and down people. Their GM can’t control his own household let alone their team. Anthony Davis took a dive on his team and his teammates for the better part of the season. He isn’t smart enough to actually consider his opinion. Look at his history. Someone told him he is smart enough to have a reliable perspective. Roman tried to save him from becoming a bust which he and the entire franchise were when Harbaugh arrived. That’s called COACHING. Hello? It has all become clear to me now why the once premier 49ers have taken the third seat in the NFC west. Quitters like Davis were made relevant by highly regarded coaches like Roman and he tries to take a cheap shot on social media to help disguise the fact he is the poster child of underachievement. If I were Roman I couldn’t get away from this joke of a franchise fast enough. And the Packers and Seahawks sit back, scratch their heads and chuckle at the once kings of the NFC.

  25. I hope like hell they are keeping Fangio as the HC or at least DC. Losing Harbaugh and Fangio would be fatal.

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