Browns make a flurry of roster moves


With the Browns preparing to finish out the season with a game that means nothing for Cleveland but plenty for the Ravens, the Browns have made several roster moves.

Specifically, the Browns signed long snapper Charley Hughlett from Kansas City’s practice squad, and activated defensive lineman John Hughes (knee) from injured reserve/designated for return, and placed defensive lineman Ishmaa’ily Kitchen (leg) and quarterback Johnny Manziel (hamstring) on injured reserve.  General Manager Ray Farmer made the announcement.

The decision to sign Hughlett comes a day after the Browns worked out, per a league source, long snappers Dax Dellenback, Brandon Hartson, and Luke Ingram.

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  1. 7-4 a month ago, now staring down the barrel of the 14th losing season in the 16 since rejoining the league…

  2. It’d be nice to see the Browns win against the Ravens and finish at .500. That’d be a step in the right direction for Cleveland. I find myself cheering for Conner Shaw for many of the reasons I kinda like Hoyer. I’d also find it eternally entertaining if Manziel turns out to be the second best qb from the Browns’ 2014 rookie class 🙂

  3. Browns fans should be happy. You have a real coach and your team improved significantly. You would have been pleasantly surprised in a year or two if both rookie QB’s had a chance to sit on the bench and learn rather than being thrown into the grease totally unprepared.

  4. Probably would have been nice to leave Hoyer in against Cincy since he did well against them and not listen to the talking heads and go with not ready for prime time johnny

  5. My opinion is to give Manziel more time. One game and 2 quarters is not enough time for any quarterback to get a real evaluation. All the injuries to the offensive line really hurt the Browns chances of making the play-offs. Everyone wants to point to the quarterback for each and every loss. Yes Johnny did have a real bad outing against the Bengals, but considering the Bengals did improve as a team. Just ask Peyton Manning…and who in there right mind would bench Peyton for having a bad game…

  6. mikesr48 says:
    Dec 24, 2014 1:27 PM

    My opinion is to give Manziel more time. One game and 2 quarters is not enough time for any quarterback to get a real evaluation. …………..Just ask Peyton Manning…and who in there right mind would bench Peyton for having a bad game…

    Nice try, but completely flawed thinking, and here’s why:

    For some reason, and in the face of undeniable reasoning and evidence, some folks just refuse to believe that Manziel’s playing style just will not work in the NFL- and to even compare him to Manning in any way is a complete joke- even Manning as a rookie. Manning actually had a bonafide skill set for the pros when he entered the league. It just took a minute to find it. Manziel has no such skill set.

    Here’s the reality (and it boggles my mind that the Browns FO refused to see this on draft day)- You have to look at a few things here. One- Manziel’s college career was only half the length it is for most NFL players. He had half the time to prepare for pro ball that 90% of other collegiate athletes do. He’s is NOT prepared. Two: He played sandlot/street style football in Texas- the complete antithesis of a pro style offense. Just a lot of running around and throwing jump balls to his 6’4″ WR. The vast majority of what he did in school would be considered “broken plays” in the NFL. Broken plays can work if you’re Ben Roethlisberger. But if you’re pipsqueak, undersized little Johnny, you’re just going to get killed… and surprise! That took exactly 1.5 games to happen.

    It’s also painfully obvious that the game is, and will always be, too fast for his skill set. He looks lost. Not lost like a rookie– lost like someone who had no clue whatsoever what the NFL was gonna be like when he got there. People fawned over him and kissed his butt at Texas and now he’s realizing that he ain’t what he thought he was after all the praise he got playing against 18-22 year olds.

    It should have been obvious to anyone with a brain (especially the Browns brass) that Manziel is far, far from pro-ready and, because of his particular QB-ing style, he’s *never* going to be ready.

    Bottom line: Manziel doesn’t need more time to adjust because, by all accounts, his past experience and how he performed in these 1.5 games tells us that he will *never* adjust. He will never be ready. He is not even playing like a rookie. He’s playing like a reasonably in-shape kid they grabbed off the street who normally plays football in a field with his friends. Just… lost. Maybe he can do ok in the Arena league or something.

    So… No. He doesn’t need more time. The one and only way Manziel can succeed in the NFL is to completely change his QB-ing style… and we all know that QBs don’t do a 180 degree reversal in style. It’s too ingrained.

  7. From Johnny College to Johnny Overdrafted, to Johnny Partaayy, to Johnny Clipboard, to Johnny Distraction, to Johnny Disaster, to Johnny IR.

    Next up, Johnny Trade Bait, then Johnny Waiver Wire, Johnny Sitting-in-an-announcers-booth-next-to-Tebow, and Johnny Who?

    We’ll probably get a Johnny Arrested and Johnny Rehab in there somewhere, too.

  8. Johnny Waiver Wire- I like the sound of that. They did not make the playoffs this year but at least Haslam will make some heads roll here.

  9. Please trade Manziel! These idiot Loser Browns fans have not a clue about the process of building a winner. Any one in their right mind knows 7 quarters of football does not make or break a player.I will admit JF has given the haters plenty of ammo to work with.But at the end of the day that’s all they are are haters. Probably jealous because they never amounted to crap.Losers hahaha.

  10. Now that they sold some extra tickets, hats and t-shirts by starting JF, and the luster has quickly worn off- maybe they will go back to starting only guys with at least a modicum of QB skillsets with a much stronger work ethic. NFL= not for long Johnny Football.

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