Jeff Fisher thought Josh Brown should have been ejected for kick

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Kickers aren’t often ejected from games, but Rams coach Jeff Fisher thought Giants kicker Josh Brown should have been ejected on Sunday.

Brown had been pushed in a pile and responded by kicking behind him, right into the face of Rams safety Cody Davis. Fisher, a longtime member of the NFL Competition Committee, is wondering why the officials allowed Brown to stay in the game.

“People get ejected for kicking people in a game, and [Brown] was penalized,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But there’s some sentiment, I thought, he should’ve been ejected from the game. . . . Typically when that happens, they go. That could’ve been the difference in the game, going on and finishing the game without a kicker.”

There was dirty play all over the place in the Giants-Rams game, culminating in a brawl that Fisher blamed on Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., even though it appeared that it was Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree who touched things off with a hard hit on Beckham out of bounds.

“When you look at it really close, Odell has [Ogletree’s] facemask and he’s pulling him out of bounds, so it’s hard for [Ogletree] to let up,’’ Fisher said.

The league office will surely have something to say about who was to blame for Sunday’s brawl. Multiple fines are coming.

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  1. I do tend to lean toward agreeing with Fisher on this one. Though I am more concerned about his DBs launching themselves into a Superman dive at the opposing receivers. Almost got one of them killed (by his own teammate as they both went full on Superman dive at the receiver, and ultimately at each other)

  2. The RAMS are a substandard team, and know it. The only thing left for them to do is attempt to injure players on the other team during games, since they can’t win. This mind-set is cultivated by their coach. It is laughable that he thinks someone on the other team is playing dirty.

  3. WOW! This is hypocrisy at its finest. Jeff Fisher has coached some of the dirtiest players in the league. He encourages the the same kind of play he just disparaged.

    I read recently where Jeff Fisher has been a HC in the NFL for 19 years…..and has made the post season just 6 times. Maybe he should be asking the “competition committee” how the F he still has a job

    The Rams have a lot of talent. They deserve a better HC than that scumbag

  4. Jeff Fischer is the one who should have been ejected. Greg Williams needs to be re-investigated as well as there clearly was a bounty on Beckham Jr.

    They tried to push the GIANTS around, and the GIANTS showed them what it was all about.

  5. Not A fan of either team but we all know coach Fisher teams are chippy. He also brings in more than his share of punks… Britt, Ogletree, Janoris Jenkins & Finnegan to name a few.

  6. Jeff Fisher ?? The coach who has notoriously dirty plays and players (everywhere he’s coached) ?? The one who at the very least…stretches the rules… Yeah….right !!

  7. Gregg Williams probably had a “bounty” out for OBJ.
    Why is Fisher even on the compete ion committee?

  8. Someone has to be blamed for season after season of not meeting expectations. This time it is the other teams kicker……. for kicking…….. huh. Must be nice to be on the “punish your competition committee.”

  9. Jeff Fisher makes a reasonable point about ejecting Josh Brown. He makes a ridiculous point about Ogletree and Beckham.

    It undermines anyone’s credibility when that person says something absurd, obviously untrue, and highly biased. That sums up Fisher’s comments about Ogletree and Beckham.

    Fisher hired Gregg Williams. Assistant coaches are picked by head coaches (not by general managers). It’s a disgrace that Fisher hired a low class coach and person like Williams. It speaks volumes about Fisher’s character.

    Other coaches criticize their own players for dirty play. It’s a sign of Fisher’s bad character that he tries to cover for his players’ dirty play. Just compare Fisher to Tom Coughlin. While Coughlin was critical of the Rams in general, he was also critical of specific players on his own team too. Not Fisher though. What a bad guy.

  10. It was obvious early that Williams and Fishface put a nonbounty “bounty” on Beckham. Classy, to try to injure the other team’s star with cheap shots. Sure was fun to kick their ass in the end.

  11. Wow, sending his team out there to late hit Beckham every chance they got, refs backed him up by tossing 3 Giants to 1 Ram and he’s still complaining?

    Get some glasses, turd…

  12. As a die-hard Rams fan I wish Fisher would shut his trap. He complains WEEKLY about the refs. Have the Rams had some horrible calls go against them..yes but the Ram defenders were out of control against the Giants. Beckham literally won that game by himself with both his play and getting in the defenders heads by being arrogant.

  13. Not a fan of either team
    Now that being side, why is it considered offensive and taunting when OBJ spins the ball at his feet after scoring a TD. 95% of receivers do that every time they get a first down or make a nice play. Why is it ok in that case but not for OBJ? Jeff Fisher is one of the worst football coaches of all time. Fisher and Gregg Williams are trash and total scumbags to the level of Dom Raiola and Ndamukong Suh.
    OBJ is a stud. Plain and simple. If you don’t want a guy to celebrate, then don’t give him a reason to celebrate.

  14. And I think Fisher should be ejected from the competition committee. Its his position that probably why more Rams were not ejected in that game. Ogletree should have been ejected. The guy who punched Damontre Moore while Moore did not have a helmet on should have been ejected and TJ mcDonald should have been ejected for intent to injure…..even if he did only take out his own teammate by launching himself at Beckham.

  15. Yeah Beckham could have been a bit calmer but there was a price on his head in that game.

    Not sure if Fisher was aware but they were trying to hurt Beckham the whole game.

    The one idiot went flying and Odell ducked and the guy took out his own player.

    Fisher talking about dirty play is a JOKE

    Odell walked away unharmed as did Eli and the rams are now doing what the rams do moving to a new city back to LA.

  16. Rams were trying to hurt Beckham. Giants stuck up for themselves and fought back. Fisher is a dirtbag. Glad the Giants dropped 37 pts. and 500+ yards on the “rams d”

  17. Greg Williams… Bountygate….. Rams players called “dirty”.

    How does the Competition Committee handle it?

    Blame the other team!

  18. The architect of bounty gate is complaining of dirty play. this guy is not only the most over rated coach in the league he should have been thrown off the rules committee as soon as he rehired his partner in crime williams.

  19. belicheathater says:

    Fisher is the most overrated coach in NFL history.

    Vince Lombardi, who’s playbook consisted of only the power sweep, is the most overrated. If he tried to win like that today he would be fired after one season. The champions should be holding up the Landry Trophy.

  20. Totally lost any and all respect I had for Fisher. It was poetic justice when one of his players launched himself at OBJ, and just about killed his own teammate. Folks have been telling us for years about Fisher’s team and now I get it. Total loser!

  21. One thing I’ll say in Fisher’s defense…if they DID eject more players for fighting/dirty plays, maybe there would be better football played. The problem with coaches, especially Fisher (he has a long history of dirty players/plays on his teams), is that the NFL should eject more players. To top it off, forget the fines, suspend more players like Suh and Riola and I’ll bet their games will fall in line with the rules… If a player gets a flagrant (very flagrant) foul, he should be sent to the sideline for a quarter of play during a game…maybe that would make players understand the importance of playing within the rules…I understand that being able to do that type of punishment during the games would require some more thought than what I’ve given it, but you want to stop those guys, sit them…period.

  22. LOL. Luckily the refs are able to distinguish between who starts trouble and who finishes it. That’s why they only penalized him- it was the Rams who were starting trouble all over the field yesterday.

    Good to see the newly enlightened version of Gregg Williams lasted exactly one year, and now he is back in full shenanigans mode.

  23. Someone watching the replay wants to say that Brown should have been ejected for the kick, okay, there’s a reasonable argument there.

    Someone who watched that game and thinks the Giants were the dirty ones? Come on man, that’s ridiculous.

    Fisher wants to open his pie hole? Unbelievable (but fully expected).

  24. It should be very simple. Take a swing or a kick or a stomp and you should be gone every single time. Actually connecting should not matter as the intent behind the act should be enough. I do not buy the “caught up in the emotions” argument. I’d you are dumb enough to take a swing (even blindly) then you don’t deserve to finish the game. The NFL should have a rule similar to the NCAA targeting rule. The kick, Raiola stomp and the headshot to Cutler should result in automatic ejection unless the review shows it was inadvertent. No swing or kick should be considered inadvertent. This is a very easy way to make the game safer and penalize the hothead and the teams that employ them.

  25. @gmille23 Agreed!

    Most overrated coach in football! He coached the players to act like Ogletree and he should pay the price for it.

  26. lukedunphysscienceproject says:
    Dec 24, 2014 12:40 PM
    LOL. Luckily the refs are able to distinguish between who starts trouble and who finishes it. That’s why they only penalized him- it was the Rams who were starting trouble all over the field yesterday.

    Good to see the newly enlightened version of Gregg Williams lasted exactly one year, and now he is back in full shenanigans mode.


    Sunday. I meant to say Sunday.

  27. Fisher should be ejected from his coaching seat because teams with less talent have won more.

    Bill Parcells even feels that coaches have a shelf life.

    Why should a guy who can’t get an offense to develop, believes in Sam Bradford, and coaches players to misbehave the way they do stay?

  28. Fisher is a good coach, he gets the best out his players. He’s a tough hard nosed coach and he plays by the rules.

    Some people in here need to grow up. Stop crying and whining about Fisher.

    He has an opinion like everyone else and you need to check yourself and respect it. You may disagree but respect it.

  29. I wonder if the Rams players who came out of the tunnel with their hands in the air a couple of games ago will do anything to show their support for the families of the two NY City cops who were ambushed by a black man and murdered in their car? Fortunately, the dirt bag blew himself away, too.

    Let’s see those concerned Rams players show some of that love toward the families of those two cops, who by the way were of Latin and Asian descent.

    Of course, those Rams players won’t give a damn about those cops or their families. Because they only see things one way.

  30. This is the team that walked out with there hands in the air a few weeks ago

    After watching them play I can see why that would be a natural way for them to walk

    Back to LA where you will not fill a stadium as LA is not a football town

  31. Why does Jeff Fisher get a pass? Same thing for Marvin Lewis, why do they get a pass?

    Asides from the Superbowl appearance, wtf has Fisher done to be anointed as this knowledgeable, elder statesmen of the game?

    Am I missing something here????

  32. Jeff Fisher coaches the dirtiest team in the league. Of course there was shenanigans going on.

  33. I cannot stand Jeff Fisher. I cannot stand the fact that he has gotten a pass his entire life for being a sore loser. That is what he is. A dirty, sore loser.

    He coaches his players to cheat. He mentors coaches who coach their players to play dirty.

    I am fine with him coaching the Rams tho. They will stuck in mediocrity with a sore loser at the helm.

  34. Jeff Fisher
    he learned from the biggest ego d-coordinator to ever live.(Buddy Ryan).
    This team Rams will hover around .500 with Fisher. That is proven track record.
    One more year of mediocrity coming in 2015.
    Then thankfully then a coach and a Ram decision on where they will be playing.

  35. fearsome4 says:
    Dec 24, 2014 3:36 PM
    Anyone who actually watched the game could clearly see the trash talking Giants started it and the Rams finished it.

    0 3

    As I recall in the end it was a ram carted off after a dirty shot from his team mate or fellow gang banger hard to tell with that team.

    Also as I recall it was the Giants who finished it with a win

    You must have been watching a different game or been in one of those states where smoking grass is legal.

    Eli had a great day they ran the ball Odell did what Odell seems to be able to do to everyone so what did rams win?

  36. Haters have to hate.
    Kickers have to kick.
    It’s common knowledge in the NFL that Fisher coaches his teams to play dirty football. Goes back to his days as a D-Coordinator. His defenses have always been like that.
    He hired a disgraced Greg “Kill the Head” Williams, for crying out loud.
    It’s on audiotape, folks.
    It’s a shame because that D in St. Louis is good enough (and will just get better) that they don’t need to play like cheap shots.
    So Fish, take some responsibility when things get out of hand, like they did on Sunday.
    A head coach talking crap about a kicker on Christmas Eve has to be the lamest.

  37. Ah yes….Jeff Fisher…aka the dirtiest coach in the league. So tired of this guys act.

    How many more hits is he gonna order on players before the league takes action.

  38. Jeff Fischer has finally become a bonafide crybaby! He is now a Head Coach in the NFL in his 3rd decade and has never won a Super Bowl and has typically been a coach of mediocre teams. He moans, complains about referees more than any coach in tv he NFL and has taken shots at other teams coaches, fans, stadiums, draft choices over the decades. It’s about time Fischer just shut up and coached. Either win or shut up!

  39. When is this clown going to get ejected from the league? He can’t win and he’s proven that consistently. I’m not a Rams fan, but they deserve better than this never-was.

  40. The guy was jerking on his leg, probably with the intent of doing Josh harm. He gets what he deserves.

  41. I am a die hard Giants fan and I agree with Fisher- Brown should have been thrown out. No doubt.
    No place in the game for a kicker (or any player) kicking at or towards other players in a crowd.

    Fisher and Greg Williams should also admit that they had a “bounty” or at least encouraged people to go after OBJ all day. Dirtiest display towards one single player that I have ever seen. Blatently, not even trying to hide it. For bringing up the Brown play without admitting the Rams dirty play makes his views invalid.

    Fisher has been the leader of the most dirty players in the NFL. His players and ex-players will tell you he is responsible for that. Just look at Courtland Finnegan- he was most penalized player in league for years under Fisher, tons of fights, then rarely gets a personal foul and no fights after leaving Jeffy. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

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