Manziel questions fairness of Browns looking elsewhere for a quarterback

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The Browns reportedly will explore all options at quarterback for 2015.  Which could mean that 2014 rookie first-rounder Johnny Manziel will be supplanted.

Which would mean that Manziel won’t be happy.

“I don’t think it would be fair to give up on somebody after seven quarters of football,” Manziel told reporters on Tuesday.  “If that’s what they were in the business for and what they intended on me coming in here doing — just giving him seven quarters, giving him a couple of games and then looking somewhere else — I don’t think that’s a lot of commitment and sticking with somebody.  This league is a process and it takes a lot of time.  Nobody comes in this league right away, and I mean nobody comes in this league right away and just absolutely kills it.  That’s just not the way it works.  You can show signs.  You can show flashes, but at the same time, you need reps.  You need years of it.  You need time, and I think that’s what happens with a young quarterback.  I’m not going into this offseason, into this draft, having any concerns about that or any worries about that.  If you want to . . . it’s just something that I’m definitely not thinking about.”

Does he have concerns that what he did (or failed to do) with that seven quarters has created doubts about him?

“No, because I know when I’m in this building I’ve been doing the right things,” Manziel said.  “Like I said, I got one game against Cincinnati.  Obviously it was a rough day for us, and then a quarter and a half last week and one and a half drives in Buffalo.  If that’s what they think is enough to evaluate a quarterback, then that’s really up to them, but I’m going into this offseason working extremely hard and wanting to be the guy next year.  If that’s not the case, then obviously we’ll see down the road, but that’s my mindset going into it and I’m 100-percent sticking with it.”

While Manziel got only seven quarters of game action, he had plenty of opportunities in the offseason, training camp, and preseason to earn more playing time.  He failed to do so.

Plus, the fact that he got injured fairly early in his second game as the starter underscores concerns that he can’t stay healthy.  Which justifies the exploration of all options at quarterback.

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  1. Good for the Browns.
    It is not just the 7 quarters of football.
    It is the year long “meh” committment from the man who is supposed to be THE GUY.
    It is the realization that you know he really is not that fast or strong and he probably will not WORK at it to get stronger.

    This does not meant that you cut Johnny at this time, you keep him and hope, but you start working on your PLAN A or PLAN B depending on how you are viewing him.

  2. If JFF is upset about it there is something he can do.
    Don’t whine. Try to improve by working hard and becoming a student of the game.

  3. Uhhh actually Johnny. Ben rothlisberger,kaepernick,Wilson, luck Matt Ryan, flacco,Brees and many others came in to the league and had good success or better. Kap went to superbowl,flacco and Rothlesburger all went to playoffs there first year. Sooooo yeah Johnny “no” football. People have come right in and been successful

  4. like ESPN blowhard extraordinaire Stephen A. Smith says, “Fair is a place where they judge pigs.” Sack up you spoiled little b!tch boy.

  5. The NFL is supposed to be fair?

    My Advice is take every endorsement deal you can get this off-season Johnny. Do the money sign for the cameras as much as possible.

  6. “Nobody comes in this league right away, and I mean nobody comes in this league right away and just absolutely kills it.”

    RG3, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson all made the playoffs their first year.

    Wilson was the third-string QB during the pre-season, won the starting job by Week 1, and won a Super Bowl his second year.

    Or maybe Johnny Football’s definition of “absolutely kills it” is different from the rest of us…

  7. “nobody comes in this league right away and just absolutely kills it.”

    That might be true but not everyone stinks up the joint, admits they didn’t work hard enough, and then acts like they are entitled to the job next season.

  8. I think the Browns should give him more time, but I wouldn’t blame them if they decided to move on. In another article earlier today, he said he needed to take his job more seriously. In this one he says he’s done everything right. If he’s serious about being an NFL QB, he needs to disappear until training camp & just get ready for the season. If the Browns can get an upgrade, they should take it. A Trade for Cutler might not be too bad an idea if the Bears convert some $ to signing bonus. The more Manziel talks though, the more full of crap he sounds

  9. I think he might be mistaking his ‘flash the ca$h’ signature (which he does alot) with real actual ‘flashes’ (which he doesn’t do much of any … except for maybe that one magical first game/possession he came into unnanounced & wholly unstudied and/or prepared for by the opposition) of talent or ability?

  10. They have been evaluating you a lot longer than those 7 quarters Manziel. Like everything else you don’t get it and now you appear a bit nervous. I wouldn’t be caught in Las Vegas rolling up dollar bills in the bathroom this off season. That isn’t what a professional QB in the NFL does.

  11. Too bad the Cow pies didn’t grab him like that genius owner of theirs wanted too . But the Browns franchise never ceases to amaze me in their ineptitude … you couldn’t be that pathetic for that many years in a row if you tried .

  12. Should have never benched Hoyer.

    Note to Manziel (or any athlete): Never tell the media how you really feel, always be politically correct.

    The correct answer is to that question is: “I can only control what I can control. I respect the team’s decisions to do what is the in the best interests of the team at any position including my own.”

  13. Geez, you JF lovers are really looking more and more stupid all the time for having supported this nut. None of you apparently have a clue what sort of intelligence or playing ability it takes to make it in the NFL This guy had all year long to beat out a somewhat mediocre qb, and then gets himself seriously injured in less than a game and a half. His ego is as bad as Griffith’s, but with far less playing talent.

  14. The NFL is win now – they don’t care if it’s a quarter or a season – they will look – until – they find a win now player – ask the pros that got cut – you win and win big – it’s your gig – Per wiki: Big Ben
    As a rookie, he went 13–0 in the regular season (14–1 including playoffs) as a starting quarterback, helping the Steelers become the first AFC team to have 15 wins (2–1 under Maddox [first two and last game], 13–0 under Roethlisberger) in a single regular season, surpassing former Steeler Mike Kruczek for the record for the best start by a rookie (6–0) and exceeding the mark for total wins as a rookie, set by Chris Chandler and Joe Ferguson. On January 5, 2005, Roethlisberger was unanimously selected as the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year by the Associated Press, the first quarterback in 34 years to be so honored.

  15. The players who “Take things seriously” Don’t need worry about “fairness.”

    Russell Wilson is evidence of that. along with why there so much noise about QB’s like RG3 Geno Smith, or Jay Cutler

  16. Make him hold a clipboard for the rest of his contract and under no circumstances put him in a game.

  17. Just because I would rather talk about Wilson,
    watching him in a pre season game his rookie year and right from the second he walked on the field he had that same demeanour he has now. Amazing.

  18. The lack of commitment to Manziel after this season seems to reflect a lack of commitment by Manziel during this season.

  19. Aaron Rodgers was a guy who came into his NFL originally expected to be toward the top of the first round, much like Johnny Manziel.

    Like Johnny, he dropped – in his case to the 24th pick (2 spots after Manziel).

    In his first 3 seasons he only got to attempt 59 passes and didn’t start a single game.

    Instead of whining Rodgers worked and when his time came he was ready. Seems like it worked out alright for him.

  20. 7 Quarters?? Try 7 months since he was drafted where he did nothing off the field that would suggest he’s preparing like he should to be the quarterback of the future. In this league today it’s getting easier to access the talent level quicker. If the Browns did anything wrong it was they should of played you all 16 games so they could get a much higher pick to replace you……..once again, you can thank Hoyer for that.

  21. Living in Texas, I’ve followed this guy most of his “illustrious” career. From day one I’ve said that he was nothing more than a bag of hot air. He played on an Aggie team that was outstanding…behind one of the best offensive lines in the NCAA and threw to one of the best receivers in the NCAA (Mike Evans). Now, he is playing in the NFL at 5’11” and 190 lbs. I’m surprised he lasted 7 quarters honestly. I was extremely glad that Jerry Jones passed on him in the draft. He has “Ryan Leaf” written all over him. Total bust.

  22. Maybe this’ll motivate Johnny to grow up and start earning his pay. I don’t care if he’s just holding the clipboard. Be the best at it and learn from it.

    Like Wilson from the Seahawks….prove it.

  23. You don’t quite get it Johnny. Many of us including me unfortunately were rooting for your success but you blew it. You are one of the most scrutinized rookie quarterbacks ever and in many ways you brought it on yourself. You got the opportunity to prove yourself and quiet the doubters but you blew it. Nobody expected you to win the games as a rookie but your performance could not be defended

  24. I am truly impressed with the lack of intelligence from most of the posters here…all Manziel haters.

    To show just how much “he’s matured” for those that have never followed Manziel, he used the word “fair” instead of the word “stupid”. So I will. It would be completely STUPID to evaluate your QB after 7 quarters of football in an offense that got smoked by the Bengals who are clearly hitting their stride. 4 INT’s against the great Peyton Manning.

    If the Browns decide to just cut Manziel then management will show just how inept they are and the pattern of a losing franchise will continue. With the exception of the secondary, the Browns football TEAM is horrible. The offense will take 3 years to hit its stride, the Shanahan offense is notoriously difficult to master.

    Nonetheless, if they cut Manziel then he will be in the same career pattern as QB Steve Young. Any of you dolts remember his story? BTW, how’s Tampa doing…still?

  25. What most people fail to realize is that Johnny has been benched since the beginning of the season mainly because the top guys in the heiarchy (such as the owner, coaches, etc) wanted to prove to Johnny that his college party-like behavior would not be tolerated (look at previous articles if you need to be reminded). Well, now that seniority-punishment decision to prove who’s in charge has come back to bite them in the a*$ because they have spent a decent amount of money on him, they have not given him enough time to get back into the heisman star level groove that he used to play at, and now he is hurt because he was trying so hard to live up to the pressure the organization created for him. The Browns should not have benched a Heisman trophy winner who has a unique (but proven effective in the past) style of football for numerous consecutive games the way they did… Cleveland Browns management wanted to prove something to Johnny and now they are screwed. On top of things all of this has basically decreased Johnny’s net worth, which is pretty messed up considering he seems like a cool guy.

  26. Dear Johnny “Football”,

    Check out Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie season, dummy. He had a a monster rookie year. Face it, You suck & that’s all there is to it. Anyone with an ounce of football knowledge, knew You would. At best, You’re Tim Tebow, version 2.0

  27. I liked his comment:

    “No, because I know when I’m in this building I’ve been doing the right things,”

    The emphasis is on “when”, which between the trips to Vegas, commercial shoots and parties, apparently wasn’t enough. He doesn’t seem to understand that he’s been evaluated by the Browns organization since the moment he was chosen, not just the “seven quarters” he’s played. RGIII, Kaepernick and Wilson have been mentioned in earlier comments as early successes, well guys like Montana and Marino came into this league, had success and went to Super Bowls early and had Hall of Fame careers. They didn’t do this by getting drafted and thinking they had already arrived. They put in the days, weeks, months and years of hard work to get to where they are, something Johnny doesn’t seem to grasp. With the way Johnny has behaved this year, the Browns can’t be blamed for having a back-up plan. That’s part of their job. He pulls out the old, “It isn’t fair” line, well, you know what, life isn’t always fair either. Its time to grow up. If not, Johnny Football may well end up being known as Johnny Flameout.

  28. I’ve been trying not to say anything because of my love for the Brownies, but it’s true, they never should have taken him.

    His attitude flat out stinks and it hasn’t changed at all. I’m sure there’s some teams out there that think he’s still worth having, I’d swing a deal for him and keep looking forward.

  29. The inconsistent Browns front office.
    I think Meril Hodge was right about suggesting whoever that drafted Menziel should be fired. The College Football World made him believe that he was going to tear this (NFL) League

    Offseason Prediction: Browns farewell Ray Farmer and Johnny Menziel because that’s what the Browns do almost every offseason

  30. “Fair” is irrelevant! It’s all about production! So, stick your nose in the play book and stop all the carousing! THEN we can see if you’re truly an NFL QB. You’re about the same size as Russell Wilson. The difference seems to be DEDICATION!

  31. What he doesn’t seem to understand is he had adv entire season to show what he could do. He was unable to wrestle to job away from Hoyer, who was serviceable, but not exactly lighting the world on fire. He had an entire season to put himself into a position where the Browns had no choice but to start him because he proved he was the best QB option on the team. Instead, he had to wait until Hoyer played himself onto the bench before getting his chance. These comments seem to be very immature and ooze with an air of entitlement. Doesn’t sound like someone who is going all in to be the best he can be this off season.

  32. The problem with treating your kid like he’s the golden child is he grows up thinking he’s the golden child. His dad gave him the confidence to get to the show but not the humbleness to stay.

  33. Johnny Football needs to focus on the really important things for next year like dating a Kardashian. All that publicity would be a match made in heaven….
    At what point are we allowed to consider that Johnny may be a Draft bust? Maybe Mike Evans catching all those balls at Texas A & M had something to do with his success in college football.

  34. He should be flapping his jaw back in college right now getting ready for his senior year with a pro draft opportunity on the horizon in 2016. Instead, he chose to flaunt his minimal skill and maximum ego for the quick paycheck. Now his career will probably be short lived.

    On that last run he learned two things that he had probably doubted up till that point — that pro-lineman and linebackers are really fast and that they hit really hard, too.

  35. Advice for Johnny (Almost out of ) Football:

    1. Shut up.

    2. Work hard.

    3. Take every day in the NFL for the fleeting gift that it is.

    4. Rinse, lather, repeat.

  36. So, when asked if Manziel had any concerns that his performance on the field created doubts, he said..

    “No, because I know when I’m in this building I’ve been doing the right things,”

    Manziel is one helluva Con-man…he knows how to say the right things…

    …but what he does not get, what he did on the field is a reflection upon what he did in the building.

    The Browns must explore all options..

  37. I thought he came in and absolutely killed it. If by killed it, he meant any chance of his team winning.

  38. He needs to look in the mirror. Maybe then, he will see the same image the Browns see:
    A slacker, who’s ego is bigger than both his brain and his desire to lead.

  39. Browns think it’s unfair that they spent a first round pick and millions of dollars on a young man who couldn’t bear out a career back up, played poorly and then admitted that he didn’t take his career seriously.

  40. Hey Johnny Fratboy this is part of life in the NFL in that they always will be looking for ways to win and get the best players available. Unless you are someone like Peyton, Brady, Brees, or Rodgers they will be constantly looking for someone else if you don’t perform. You are no longer in college where your job is completely secure coming off a Heisman trophy. Fratboy, what do you expect when you said it yourself that you didn’t take your job seriously? you do realize that your teammates and coaching staff aren’t dumb and they could see that as well?
    You have a responsibility to your franchise to take your job seriously. The players on that team are relying upon you getting better and the coaches jobs depend on you getting better.

  41. Johnny,
    Talk to Tim Couch.
    Talk to Brady Quinn
    Talk to Colt McCoy
    Talk to Brandon Weedon
    Talk to Jason Campbell
    Talk to Brian Hoyer……….

    Actually, just STOP TALKING

  42. Where the heck has this guy been?
    Short, light, not an elite class athlete, not especially bright,
    poor attitude, immature.

    Cut losses.
    Someone will cough up a pick for him.

  43. Andy Dalton, sure he tends to lose games for the Bengals but he’s still been to the playoffs in four straight years. But that’s OK Johnny, you keep living in your perfect Snicker bar world thinking it takes years in the league for QB’s to be any good.

  44. The Browns seem to finally realize what NFL fans have noticed for some time.

    Johnny boy has a lot of growing up to do – and I mean a lot.

    He’s too small and during the season he hasn’t demonstrated the necessary growth for the position and game.

    Poor rapport with teammates and his personal activities are unsettling with players, coaches and team execs.

    He’s ultra high maintenance and his lack of discipline and commitment to team and self are signs of a wayward person that isn’t suitable for a leadership role.

    And his materialistic arrogance and playa persona rubs people the wrong way and it isn’t good for the team and game.

  45. Time for Johnny Manziel to wake up and smell the coffee.( so to speak ) . The Browns aren’t going to “explore all options” because of 7 bad quarters late in the year. They are exploring all options because Johnny Manziel didn’t take his job as pro QB seriously enough ( his own admission in another article ) and that was one of the reasons he sucked on the field. That is not 7 quarters, that is an entire year’s of dogging it and expecting things to be handed to you. IF AND WHEN he understands and accepts that, he may have a chance to become a NFL QB.

  46. You reap what you sow. Johnny has acted like and undedicated snot nose kid and didn’t start working had until these last few weeks. He is one pathetic LOSER!

  47. As part of the once Manziel-faithful, I would take a 2nd round pick from Jerry right now for him. But not even Jerry is that stupid.

  48. Give this salesman his set of sreak knives, then advise him to stay away from Vegad this offseason and instead to join Kaepernick at QB camp.

  49. Dear Johnny: You want to play in the NFL? Here’s some advice that will guarantee you have many long years playing there, if you’ve got the talent. First: Shut up! Don’t tell us what you think you deserve or don’t deserve. Second: Enjoy your post-season hiatus from football and watch all the games of those who made the playoffs. Pay particular attention to the QBs. Third: The day after the SB, get your butt into training and start working diligently with your coaches. Study game films like you’ve never studied them before. Get to all the defenses and watch how Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Brees deal with them. In other words, don’t act like you want to be there. BE like you want to be there. Forth: Shut up! Just do it!

  50. The Browns have finally realized the NFL is a league of men and you Johnny are a child in body and mind it’s obvious after 7 quarters you will be absolutely destroyed ,when you get some time see if you can find the video of Pat White playing for the Fins…

  51. Perhaps this guy should look to his fellow draftee, Teddy Bridgewater as an example of how to be a pro. Teddy isn’t lighting up the league, but he’s playing well, doing what he’s supposed to do, and most of all keeping his mouth shut and being a professional.

  52. if i were them, i would look into signing or trading for Kirk Cousins, have him there and then sign a vet like Fitzpatrick or Flynn and have them as backups and if Manziel struggles, then Cousins (who Shanahan loves) can take over.

  53. Is it just me who thinks this is sounding a bit like the Brett Favre story? Hear me out here… college QB with a knack for making unconventional plays gets drafted reasonably high (22nd for Manziel, 33rd for Favre) by an organization that sits them on the bench to start with – they don’t exactly light it up when they make it onto the field (Favre’s rookie season he was 0/4 with 2 picks, and was sacked once, Manziel is 18/35 with 2 picks, thrice sacked), then between that and questions about their maturity, the organization that drafted them gives up on them…

    not that I’m saying that Johnny F. Football is necessarily Brett Favre 2.0, but I’m just saying that it’s not too late for him to turn it around.

  54. “I don’t think it would be fair to give up on somebody after seven quarters of football,”

    This isn’t college anymore, Johnny Bench. Nobody said they are giving up on you. You aren’t automatically on the 53 man roster for 2015. You have to EARN your position, whether it is as a starter or not. So, for you to start talking about “fair” is way to premature at this point. The Browns are going to do what is best for the Browns, NOT what is best for Johnny Bench.

    Secondly, you may want to think back and ask yourself if going to Vegas repeatedly and rolling up dollar bills in bathroooms, as well as being involved with a 2 am beatdown of a fan by your posse was being “fair” to the Browns.

    Time to grow the F up, Johnny.

  55. The thing that irks me about this whole Manziel situation is when people say something about decisions and how we all made bad decisions at that age.

    We all made bad decisions at that age? Well, kinda….

    1. Did you snort coke in the bathroom of a nightclub? I didn’t.
    2. Did you go out partying all hours of the night during your work week? I didn’t.
    3. Did you go out and have people that you run around with get in fights? I didn’t.
    4. Did we all have more to learn at that age? Heck yes.

    When I was 22, I took my job seriously. I didn’t go out, run around all hours of the night, and have my friends get in fights. I cut those people off in high school. I went to work, came home, and put in more hours on my job when I got home.

    Like a lot of us, I got responsibility. I just don’t think he gets it. If you take him out of the mix, find one other NFL QB who doesn’t take their job or their life away from football more seriously than him. The guy can throw a football, he can run like a deer, but I don’t think he can lead grown men because he isn’t grown.

  56. He’s so funny.
    Andy Dalton, average at best (and better than any QB Cleveland has had since Kosar), came in to the league during the lockout. No rookie camp, no OTA’s, limited preseason, and took a 4 win team to the playoffs. Then did it 3 more years.
    As a Bengals fan here is to hoping the Browns do stick with you J. Foosball. Guaranteed 2 wins a season.

  57. Manziel will never figure it out because he is too immature. You don’t have to be a dominate player immediately but you do have to show that you have the ability to learn and grow and he has shown none of that. Johnny should take a look at how Bridgewater conducted himself in his first season with the Vikings. He came to camp in great shape, was a student of the game, came ready to play when called upon and performed well enough to bring some stability to a Minnesota team that has lacked a QB for years.

  58. hugebloggs says: Dec 24, 2014 4:13 AM

    Manziel . . . seems like a cool guy.

    I guess that’s a matter of opinion. To me, he’s always come across as a douche.

  59. Hey Johnny, I wished I would have listened to the coaches as I would probably played better, but cant quite put down my earphones… Colin Kapernick!!

  60. Maybe Johnny should have played better and they would be looking for a franchise QB. His start in Cincinnati opened a lot of eyes and not in a good way.

  61. Here’s some thoughts for you, Johnny:
    – get up early tomorrow, and go help serve a meal at one of Cleveland’s homeless shelters.
    – make some regular visits to local hospitals in the next few weeks. Visit some sick kids and cheer them up.
    – visit your local VA hospital, pay your respect to some of our veterans.
    – once you’ve done that, take a long, hard look in the mirror. Realize that life can be unfair, but not your life.
    – work hard this off season. Memorize the play book, hit the gym, talk to team mates, humble yourself. Do whatever it takes to prove to the organization you deserve another chance.
    – never, ever say life and football hasn’t been fair again.
    – keep your mouth shut and let your actions speak for you.

  62. “FAIRNESS”? Hey, you there, “Johnny Foosball” you did cash those checks, RIGHT? So, you tell us; what was “FAIR” about you taking their money and then spending your time PRETENDING to be a HOF QB INSTEAD of doing the WORK you should have to BECOME an NFL WORTHY QB? Did you think they were paying you TO pretend? NEWS FLASH, in the REAL WORLD, it’s all about RESULTS!

  63. 619sdfan4life says:
    Dec 24, 2014 12:20 AM
    Uhhh actually Johnny. Ben rothlisberger,kaepernick,Wilson, luck Matt Ryan, flacco,Brees and many others came in to the league and had good success or better. Kap went to superbowl,flacco and Rothlesburger all went to playoffs there first year. Sooooo yeah Johnny “no” football. People have come right in and been successful

    True but look at how long it took great quarterbacks to find success. Peyton Manning had a disastrous first year. Eli Manning had a disastrous two and a half years. Brees wasnt too hot with the Chargers. Tom Brady was relatively ignored until Bledsoe got hurt. Tony Romo was ignored until Bledsoe got hurt. Kurt Warner, a future HOF, didnt even make the cut to be in the NFL until he was taken out of the AFL by the Rams…

    Point is – no two quarterbacks are the same. Some show flashes and adapt quickly, others are a long term project. But continuously jumping around and wasting time and picks to get that flashy quarterback is a travesty to the franchise (See: RG3.)

  64. How would someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth know anything about what’s fair?
    Sounds spoiled and entitled. The critics were right

  65. I love this…I said since day one he sucks.

    Eric Crouch 2.0

    What a waste of a draft pick…at least Buffalo has somebody to show for theirs.

    Cleveland’s two first round picks this year would be much more valuable if they didn’t waste their two from last year. Lol.

  66. You got Thigpen because he’s buddy-Buddy with the owner and GM…
    The Browns need to go get Vince Young….
    For the price, — he’s the best quarterback out there….
    (NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    This game is all about winning and Vince Young can win…
    Next year he could be a big help….

  67. Connor Shaw is THE MAN! At Carolina we had the same spoiled BS QB situation with Steven Garcia. Once Connor took over, all he did was WIN! He will not only WIN his first start but also WIN the QB competition next year. New sheriff’s in town Johnny and your spoiled sense of entitlement ends now.Welcome to the future lucky Brown’s fans…Connor Shaw is a proven WINNER!!!!!

  68. “Fairness”….(sic)

    Manziel has less than zero credibility, and no right whatsoever to question ownership’s doubt that he’s a viable option as an NFL quarterback.

    Two starts, two awful performances…..I’d be in the hunt for a quarterback if I were the Browns.

    The scariest thing is in his first start, when Manziel got sacked, none of his team mates came to help him up.

    No NFL quarterback can be successful without his team’s support.

  69. That’s the way it has been in Cleveland ever since they resurrected the Browns. A few years for the Quarter Back in 1999, and just a few quarters now that’s the 2014 Browns.

    Maybe Johnny should try Oakland or New york jets.

    Or better yet become a priest, I hear pope Francis needs good men.

  70. Honestly. I think the browns and their fans should be happy with their progress this year compared to last year and consider EVERYTHING….new coaching staff, front office, players etc. Your record improved as well. I know your tired of losing but at least it seems they’re on the right track this time. I can see if things don’t get better from here to be livid, once again. You gotta build something from the ground up and with a solid foundation and it looks like they have that foundation. Okay, so they missed a first round draft pick in Mamziel, give em a break. Every team as done it and will continue to do it. I think you need to lift your heads up and breath, give them a chance to build from here. Good luck!

  71. @jwcamp Too bad for Johnny Foosball, they aren’t FAIR either they EXPECT you to, you know, actually WORK for your pay check… I mean WOW…WHATTA BUMMER!

  72. Johnny “Ratface” Manziel’s size has nothing to do with it. He’s a poor excuse for a QB in the NFL. He didn’t last 2 games to boot…imagine depending on him for a season.

  73. It’s not fair to Browns fans to invest any more in a player who can’t even learn the playbook by Week 15. The sense of entitlement of this kid is kind of amazing.

  74. I really wanted to see Johnny take the field this week. Now the Browns might actually have a shot at winning. Just kidding. It’s in Baltimore, and the Browns don’t have JJ Watt. I was right about the Browns draft. They looked to have a promising future. Now Farmer set them back. Trade down a top pick with so many talented players. Draft an average CB with plenty of better ones out there. And then move up to draft a no better than 3rd round pick bust QB in the 1st round with better QB’s out there. And the Ravens drafted CJ Mosley and Timmy Jernigan with the 1st two picks. 7-9 is the best the Browns are going to do in the next few years. Back to square one. They could have drafted an offensive player to supplement Hoyer. There were plenty of O-lineman and top-notch receivers. They liked their supplemental draft pick Gordon too much.

  75. The only draft pick I questioned about the Ravens was Taliafero in the 4th round. But the Ravens had Bernard Pierce, brought in Forsett, and didn’t cut Ray Rice yet. Now the Ravens need to draft a RB early. Have to keep up with the Steelers and Bengals. And have to be able to run the football in the playoffs. Even the Patriots find someone to run the ball effectively in crunch time.

  76. And whoever said THEY is correct. Ravens always say WE. It’s everybody’s fault, unless someone steps up and blames themselves. That’s how a team WORKS. Johnny doesn’t sound like a team player. Does that come as a surprise? Even RG3 cared about the team.

  77. Ravens might have missed a 1st round pick. Matt Elam. But I’m not bailing yet. Ravens secondary has been chaotic as ever. But he does look disinterested in playing football. And it’s not Arthur Brown’s faults the Ravens have four Pro-bowl LB’s including rookie CJ Mosley.

  78. Johnny Tebow is insulting. No, I’m not a Tebow fan. Nor do I think he has the skills to be an NFL QB. But Tebow was a way better athlete and a leader. It’s no surprise he took the Broncos with a good defense and an easy schedule to the playoffs. But it was still a fluke. Johnny is a bust PERIOD

  79. It’s not “fair” to fans that Johnny conn’d the Browns into trading and drafting for him, then he wasn’t ready to play after sitting for 14 games.

    He’s not an NFL QB.

  80. Cleveland is probably fortunate that they fell bass-ackwards into Connor Shaw, who for his entire college career looked like better pro prospect than Johnny Manziel. Never underestimate the power of hype. And the power of having a homeless man tell your GM how to run the draft, of course.

  81. Life is not fair, get over it Manziel, 5 year old have more of a understanding of that concept then he appears to. It’s not fair to the Browns that he didn’t take the job seriously.

  82. Yeah, no Manziel. The poster boy for the Millennial Generation/Post M-Gen whiny self entitlement defect. You were exposed son! Most definitely not the second coming of Russell Wilson like some delusional folks thought you could be.

    First, you admitted you didn’t work hard enough this season…lol! NFL QB is probably the toughest job in pro-sports, you do not want to hear that from your 1st round drafted QB.

    Second, you learned quickly the speed of the NFL game vs. college – the DB’s break faster, the LB’s close faster and you wwere never a 4.2 Mike Vick speed QB guy. Never. Despite of what stupid Madden video games rate your speed as. In fact Derek Carr’s (4.69) combine 40 time was only like 0.1 seconds slower than Manziel (4.68).

    You’re also learning that running around like a chicken and throwing jump balls up to Mike Evans at College Station isn’t as effective on an NFL football field. With NFL players coming in fast and hard like a missile, just waiting smash “money fingers”. You have A LOT of work ahead of ya to just being a solid NFL Pro (still far too immature), let alone an effective passing QB in this league.

  83. The browns can win. I see three attributes necessary for winning. They need talent, heart, and luck. Many great leaders and coaches alike say heart is worth 90%.

  84. Johnny Johnny Johnny??? You’re The Browns Top Draft Pick and you just now figured it out that you need to be more Serious & You’ve Suddenly figured it out that this is your Career? I couldn’t believe my ears that you actually just figured this out than had the audacity to share it with the NFL sports world in your interview? what you were really saying; is that you’re just now figuring this part of it out+ you never took it serious before now!! Wow Wow Wow OMG Browns get rid of this guy quick!!! He’s not a serious QB……….He should go Hang out with Russell Wilson and bring your Clip Board for taking notes on what championship mindset and behavior looks like;-)

  85. Cleveland Browns QBs taken in 1st round (since 1999):

    1999 – Tim Couch – #1 pick
    2007 – Brady Quinn – #22 pick
    2012 – Brandon Weeden – #22 pick
    2014 – Johnny “Foosball” Manziel – #22 pick

    My advice to the Browns… Don’t pick a QB in the 1st round. Especially at the #22 spot. Don’t do it.

  86. After watching Our QB (Russell Wilson) dominate the field from the moment he set foot on it, and how he won over this team with his unbelievable maturity and work ethic, while still finding time for kids hospital visits and charity events and, by the way, WINNING IT ALL, I realize just how lucky I am as a Hawk fan, and how screwed the Brownies are for drafting this Immature, undisiplined, selfish, loudmouthed IDIOT.

  87. vikingsftw says:
    Dec 24, 2014 1:20 AM

    Mini Me? Where are you? Could someone put a fricken bell on him or something?


    Funniest line I read today!

    TY for the laugh but you owe me a beer! lol

  88. isn’t this coming from the guy who said he was going to tear up the league if browns took him? what a turd

  89. pretty obvious in his first year he can’t adjust to NFL game speed. on the other hand, watching Bridgewater.. he can make a good number of throws and will be interesting if he can get to the next level.
    I don’t understand how these people who draft can be so far off from one guy to the next. You would think during the draft workout that they would run him through some sets and be able to ell whether the guy can make some adjustments and hit the open guy. Whoever made this call needs to be sent to the curb.

  90. amazing how many folks watch football and cannot see real talent. winston and luck are nfl talent tebow and johnny football are not, 44 yrs of watching nfl qb’s tells me that

  91. Most people agree that nothing is exactly fair in this life. Only in the next life do we get fair treatment. God sends us to heaven or hell, no butts about it!

  92. If you can pick an athlete with the right attitude they can oft times overcome a perceived lack of talent.

    If you pick an athlete with the wrong attitude they will never get it right no matter how much God-given talent they have.

    The NFL’s history is full of guys who had tons of talent but no heart. They had bad attitudes towards the game.

    In college a player on a good Division I team can get an inflated sense of their talent. The 10-1 season in college doesn’t always translate to a
    15-1 season in the NFL. The game in the NFL is so much faster, and more complex. It is especially difficult at the QB level. Unfortunately there are only so many great QB’s out there. But if a QB doesn’t learn to lead and learn, they have no chance at all.

    He was a 1st round draft pick. Many lesser draft picks started in their first year and did okay. He didn’t even last 2-full games before he got injured. After getting injured he missed therapy, supposedly due to a late night of partying????

    This kid has to gow up.

  93. He never cracked open the playbook so it doesn’t surprise me that he doesn’t know much else about the NFL. He doesn’t even have to look outside of the current state he lives in to see someone who can prove him wrong. Andy Dalton, has playoff appearances in ALL FOUR of his years in the league.

  94. Maybe there was a reason the homeless man was homeless. Why would you take free advise from a man in a urine covered trench coat and 8 pairs of gloves? Johnny is the worst QB drafted in the last 10 yrs.

  95. It seems that everyone doubted Manziel’s ability to make it in the pros… except those who made the decision to draft him.

    This suggests that the problem with the Browns is bigger than the QB position.

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