Rex Ryan confident he’ll win a Super Bowl one day


With a 3-12 record and his boss convening committees, it’s become obvious that this time next week, Rex Ryan will be looking for a job.

But he told reporters he still believed in his abilities as a head coach, and said he’s confident he’ll lift a Lombardi Trophy one day.

“Yeah, that’s right. Yep, I’ve won three games,” he said, via Darryl Slater of “And that’s one year. Sure, it hadn’t gone well. I’m sure of myself. I always am a confident person, not just because of my abilities.

“I was given some gifts. Obviously, a lot less in other areas, but I can coach football. And I know that. It’s more based on the people that I’m around and people that I know. I think that’s what gives me the belief that one day, I’m going to win that thing. That’s how I feel. That’s it. I guess that’s just the way I’m wired. I don’t look at myself as a three-win coach. I know I’m better than that. Yet this is where we’re at right now.

I see myself winning it as a head coach. I definitely see it. If that happens, I guess we’ll find out down the road.”

He was tantalizingly close early in his run, with two straight AFC Championship Game appearances. But they haven’t made the playoffs in four straight seasons, so the confidence others had in him eroded.

Whether his next coaching job comes soon remains to be seen. He’d be great on television, and likely has offers in his pocket to do just that. If he chose, he could go back to being a defensive coordinator, and would be a hot property in that market as well.

In the interim, he needs to figure out how to find a quarterback and develop him, a task that falls on more than just the guy throwing passes. That inability kept him from fulfilling his goal with the Jets, and if he can solve it, he’ll have a chance some day with another team.

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  1. will forever be his downfall. look, the patriots HC wanted to win one too, he just didn’t go around talking about it CONSTANTLY, which then once he had a team good enough(rex with the jets) he starts telling his team how good they are, how they can win it all. these guys don’t need someone to boost their ego. ESPECIALLY not in New York.

    Rex needs a place like Oakland. where the fans will embrace him, and he has to deal with an attitude that comes by just putting on that uniform. as he is never going to be able to have full control over a team the way a HC should, because he spends far too much time guaranteeing wins and titles and telling people how good they are or getting tats of his QB on his body.

  2. He’s not a good coach- he buddies up to his players too much, is a poor disciplinarian and players see him as a peer rather than an authority figure. Good defensive coach but Baltimore was wise to move him on. He will never win a super bowl as a head coach.

  3. It wasn’t just one year Rex. You are 45 and 50 as a HC. And while it’s clear you can coach defense, it’s equally clear you can’t coach offence – nothing higher than the 13th ranked offence and you are normally in the bottom third.

    And yes, you had a nice two year run. Two whole years! Wow, you’re some kind of genius. It’s amazing they don’t rename the Lombardi Trophy as the Ryan Trophy given how glorious your coaching career has been.

  4. He’s grown on me over the past few years as a fan of another team in the other conference. He’s sort of the poster child for what happens to good coaches who can’t get their hands on a franchise QB. I could see him taking over Atlanta, which would be a very attractive coaching opportunity if they let Mike Smith go. They have most of the offensive pieces in place, but are in need of a defensive overhaul.

  5. Shocker, a guy is confident in his ability to do his job. Would the media be happier if the guy said that he sucked and that he’d never win anything? More expert reporting here especially the comment about the QB. He’s a defensive head coach, it isn’t his job to develop a QB. It’s his job to put an OC in place that can do that and I don’t think he’s been in charge of finding an OC.

  6. Only a terrible franchise would even consider hiring him as a head coach, and we all know terrible franchises don’t win many Super Bowls.

  7. I know this is crazy, but sometimes crazy happens.

    Rex Ryan, D Coordinator, New England Patriots

    3-5 years under BB and then succeeds him as Head Coach

  8. This was his first HC job. And not for nothing he did bring the dysfunctional organization that is the Jets that close TWICE. People need to acknowledge how impressive that is. Guy is a great game planner, that team won games nobody expected them to win. He will get another opportunity somewhere, hopefully with a better organizational structure in place and a smart OC/QB guru to control the other side of the ball. For those of you referencing the HC of the NE Patriots…. How did his first head coaching job in Cleveland fair…? Yeah…. Perspective people. Rex is a passionate and highly competitive guy. He truly believes in his guys and they play hard for him.. that’s what makes him a great motivator. And that is why he will get another shot elsewhere.

  9. Just like his old man great DC not a head coach

    And he also talks like his old man well all know what buddy did in Philly

  10. I just want IsDick fired more than anything. I can’t go through another draft with him in charge. As a Jets fan the draft is, in most seasons, all we have to look forward to. The pros of Rex as a coach is his players will play hard for him, he believes in his team and is a good team guy never throwing anyone under the bus, he’s a great defensive mind. The cons – not knowledgable enough on the offensive side of the ball, penalties on the team, some clock management issues. So do you take the good with the bad, does he try to eventually work on his weak points? BB as the coach of the Browns did not fair too well but that is where Rex has to do what BB did upon BB’s firing he improved his all around knowledge of the entire game. You can’t be a head coach if you don’t know the entire game of football including special teams. That’s what makes a successful head coach. They know when to motivate and be hard on players and they know every side of the game.

  11. Patricia is the D coordinator for the Pats, and is doing an outstanding job. I don’t think that there is an iota of a chance of him being let go for Rex. And I don’t think Rex would want to come to the Pats anyway.

  12. I think Rex will win a super bowl someday. I’m talking about fantasy football. QB is the most important position on the field and he goes to battle with Sanchez and Geno Smith.

  13. Perhaps if the Canadian Football League (CFL) adopts a Super Bowl to end their season. Then again I think our Canadian neighbors are smarter than hiring a mouth like Ryan.

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