Trent Baalke hopes Sunday isn’t Frank Gore’s final game with the 49ers


There aren’t too many people who think Jim Harbaugh will coach another game with the 49ers after they face the Cardinals on Sunday and the coach won’t be the only person making his final appearance with the organization.

Turnover is a constant on NFL rosters and a fair number of current 49ers will be former 49ers when the 2015 season gets underway. Running back Frank Gore could be on that list.

His contract is up after the season and the team has made moves to stock their backfield with others by drafting Carlos Hyde and extending Kendall Hunter’s contract this year. General Manager Trent Baalke said Tuesday that those moves don’t mean that the team is ready to move on from Gore, however, and said he hopes that Gore returns to the team. Baalke said Gore would also like to return, although the realities of life in the NFL mean that it might not work out.

“You have to look at the situation,” Baalke said, via “Frank is going to want to discuss his role, and what that role is going to be moving forward. What is the contract itself going to look like? We can both want each other’s company, but to make that happen, there are hurdles that are going to have to be crossed. He knows we are interested. We know he is interested. And we’re going to see if we can come together at some point. Now isn’t the time. I know what’s on Frank’s mind, and that’s finishing this season with a ‘W,’ and potentially get that 1,000-yard barrier that he covets — his eighth 1,000-yard season. And that, in and of itself, is yeoman’s work.”

Gore has been as durable as he’s been productive for the 49ers over the years, but teams haven’t been clamoring to sign 32-year-old running backs in recent seasons. That might boost the chances that Gore remains with the team, although everything is likely to remain up in the air until the 49ers figure out who will be coaching them in 2015.

45 responses to “Trent Baalke hopes Sunday isn’t Frank Gore’s final game with the 49ers

  1. Hey Frank, you’ve been one heck of a ball player and deserve nothing but some serious respect. That said, look at what Baalke is doing to the best coach your team has had in years. You’re going to be disrepsectfully run out of town too.

  2. I wonder if Baalke has any bullets left in that gun he shot himself in foot with having to prove his ” I’m the boss thing” with Harbaugh. Not crazy about Harbaugh but he did turn that team around and for me (if team owner) would rather lose Baalke than Harbaugh.

  3. I would like Harbaugh coaching my Niners, and some moves made to get our pound the ground offensive line back. Also Frank Gore re-signed he deserves another shot at a championship. I would like Baalke gone, waste our 1st round pick year after year.

  4. I certainly wish that somehow, some way the 49ers could bring back personnel guru Scot McCloughan. He got Gore in the 3rd round, drafted Patrick Willis, picked up Justin Smith, and made all the right moves that led to the talent that Harbaugh eventually turned into winners on the field. When he left S.F. he went to Seattle and helped create that dynasty. He is surely missed. And I’ll bet he would love working with a coach like Harbaugh.

  5. Running, great blocking, and nice hands out of the backfield, Frank has been able to do it all.
    He’s been their most consistent offensive player since he was drafted out of the U in 2005.
    Curiously, in their most crucial moments, he has been AWOL in the team’s game planning in recent years.
    Roman/Harbaugh saw fit to not get the ball in his hands, or use his blocking skills, on that fateful goal line series of plays vs. the Ravens in the SB. It was all about Crabtree.
    Geez, if you lose a game like the SB, you go down with your best players’ hands on the ball at least.
    They abandoned the run (and Frank) too many times this season with disastrous results.
    It’s a shame that a selfless great player like Frank does not have at least one ring in the last 3 years when it was so close.
    Roman/Harbaugh fell in love with Kap and Crabtree in the last two years, ignoring the fact that No. 21 was their best and safest chance to win a ring.

  6. Oh yeah, Trent. It’ll be cool when you get a brand new shiny coach that is going to bend to your will, only to have that coach implement a pass-happy offense and reduce the aging Gore’s touches to the point of irrelevance. But it’ll be worth it to show that you’re the man, right?

  7. As a Seahawk fan, I love nothing more than when the Niners forget to include Frank in their gameplan: the guy brings his lunch to work every damn day, and he’s gashed us bad on more than one occasion over the years. Niners may have lost stupidly last week, but 32-year-old Gore ran through the Chargers like they were wet grass.

  8. I guess young Niner fans had a fleeting glimps of the glory days but with this Baalke dude in charge you’re heading back to the same old Niners quickly.

  9. Gore is signing with the Hawks and will split carries with Beastmode next year to keep them both fresh.

  10. I believe :
    #1 . Frank will be back and play out his hall of fame career as a 49er as long as he accepts less $ and a reduced roll with less carries.
    #2. Balke will be the G.M.
    #3. Harbaugh is gone and has chosen to leave for greener pastures.
    #4.Roman is gone,gone ,gone!
    There is plenty of blame for the current drama but Frank Gore hasn’t been part of any of it. He is ,at the end of the day,a true football player and class act.His return is crucial for an offense and organization that has lost its way.

  11. What Trent could of said in a much more honest statement re Frank Gore coming back is, “I have near total control of the roster right now so if I decide I want him back it might happen. If Frank wants to come back at a much lower contract it might happen. If the new coach and I think Frank can & will fit in a smaller, reduced role it might happen. So when I say I hope Frank comes back what I mean is maybe he comes back and maybe he doesn’t. “

  12. It’s funny how the 49ers have to try to find their identity after 3 straight NFC Championships. However they decided to get away from that smash mouth football and start throwing more. If its not broken dont fix it. Stay with the occasional read option stuff, run the ball 55% of the time and control TOP. Injuries have cursed this team, coaching distraction, front office distraction and players holding out in the preseason. The front office is suppose to back up their coach but it seems like something is fishy. Why would another head coach want to come to the 49ers if the front office is going to let go a successful head coach.

  13. Niners need to get rid of all the guys who disappear against the Seahawks, which is pretty much their whole offense.

  14. Um, fellow Seattle fans: Gore hasn’t been good for awhile now. Sucking up to whiner fans is weak. The guy is washed up just like their team…coach…front office…fanbase…good riddance.

  15. What I haven’t seen any discussion about (yet) is, what sort of coach will sign up to work here with Baalke? A good coach? Maybe. A great coach? Not a chance.

  16. Seattle fans….. you know the pasty white dorks who wear the 12th man jersey and live in moms basement? You could win multiple Super Bowls and nobody outside of your dreary city would care. Frank Gore is all about heart and unlike that clown you have as a running back is loved in the Bay.

  17. 49ers = extreme makeover

    Players gone. Coaches gone. Old stadium gone.

    All you’re left with is a gimmick QB and publicly traded TE. Welcome to the basement of NFC West.

  18. Yeah it’s a business and Hyde is a bona fide stud but if anyone – ANYONE – has earned the right to continue/finish his career with one team, it’s Gore. Professional, consistent, reliable, all class all the time. Class should be treated with class. Oh, I almost forgot UNDERRATED!

  19. I think the problem with your 49ers season this year was

    1.The front office sabatoged the season. Nobody can be 100% focused and vested in their jobs when whispers of being fired are constantly being heard at the workplace.

    2.Baalke’s inability to evaluate and drafts TEs and WR talent crippled the development of the QB and the offense in general. Boldin and Crabtree are good, but neither can challenge the deep outside third if Seattle’s defense.

  20. As a Seattle fan I don’t know if there’s a player in the league that I respect more than Frank Gore. He does nothing but weave his way through the slightest cracks in the line always for gains that move the ball down the field. They’ve not used him enough. Who wouldn’t want Gore on their team?!

  21. I kinda think Gore might be a good fit in Indy. With Gore/Herron as a 1/2 I think that could be dangerous.
    I would like to see Gore get a ring before he retires.

  22. kyatropicfanforlife says:
    Dec 24, 2014 9:56 AM
    Can we get someone to check his daughter’s twitter, to see how she feels about Gore?


    This one is outright funny.
    Oh, the dysfunction that is the niners this season!!

    (niners fan here)

  23. This Seahawk fan says Gore is a damned good back. He’s given his heart & soul to the 9ers org and deserves a contract extension as there is still steam in his engine, and the 9ers are going to desperately need it next season. However it ends up, I wish him the best. Oh, and GO SEAHAWKS!

  24. Why bring Baalke back? Anyone paying attention has been watching him waste high draft picks for years–better GMs would have milked those for continued dominance.

    Maybe his daughter could tweet that her Dad should be fired long before the coach, a tool by anyone’s measure but a winning tool.

  25. Selfie Stadium looked half-empty all year this year. After the housecleaning coming on Monday, it will look like a ghost town next year. Expect many “fans” to put their overpriced PSLs on the market at fire sale prices, with few takers, a few lawsuits charging fraud, and a general hatred towards the team. Great job, Jed and crew. You’ve returned the once-proud franchise back to its dark days of the late ’70s.

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