Rex Ryan thinks Aaron Donald can’t hold Sheldon Richardson’s jock

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Rex Ryan is going out in a blaze of glory.

The soon-to-be-former Jets head coach met with the media on Christmas Eve, one day after the NFL announced the players who qualified for the Pro Bowl.  And Ryan objected to the failure of defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson to make it by questioning the skills of a guy who did.

After saying Ryan was “kind of shocked” by the snub of Sheldon, Ryan took an indirect shot at Rams rookie defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

“If it kept him out of the Pro Bowl because some guy had ‘X’ amount of sacks, and that guy can’t hold his jock as a player, to be honest with you, I think that’s kind of strange to me,” Ryan said, via Dom Cosentino of

Ryan didn’t name names, but he said, “I guess you guys will figure out who I’m talking about.”  Cosentino, citing an unnamed source, explains that Ryan was indeed talking about Donald.

“Clearly, the guys missed on Sheldon Richardson,” Ryan said. “You’ve got to look at the big picture … I see the tapes. This guy deserves to be in there. There’s no doubt about it.”

A combined vote of players, coaches, and fans determines the Pro Bowlers.

While Donald and Richardson play in different conferences, the Pro Bowl players currently are compiled without regard to AFC or NFC.  So Donald took a spot that could have gone to Richardson.

While Richardson didn’t specifically call out anyone who made it instead of him, the second-year player admitted that his reaction to not making the team was “too explicit for TV.”

Apparently, he didn’t watch Hard Knocks when the Jets were the featured team and Ryan was the star.

50 responses to “Rex Ryan thinks Aaron Donald can’t hold Sheldon Richardson’s jock

  1. Few things come to mind that are more objectionable than to be holding Sheldon Richardson’s jock strap.

  2. Why does Rex “foot in mouth” Ryan need to personally attack another player while trying to make a case for one of his own? Why not just say that his guy was deserving and the voters missed it? Aaron “Should’ve been a Lion” Donald had an excellent rookie season independent of anything Richardson and did nothing to warrant a barb from the soon to be fired blowhard. And what’s with that phrase anyway? Why would any player want to carry another guy’s jock? Sounds like another fetish issue.

  3. Not sure I’m as interested as Rex is on who gets to carry who’s jockstrap. I guess Rex has given up on the foot fetish.

  4. Steelersaresuperior your correct. Cameron Heyward deserves to go before either of these 2. And Rex ryan is a complete moron. How he is still in the nfl escapes me. Him and his dog crap brother are complete idiots still living off the coat tails of their old man who is an even Bigger pile of diarrhea. Most overrated coach in nfl history.

    Jeez, with Otis wilson, Wilber marshall, Singletary, Hampton, dent, and fencik I cou have won 1 lousy super bowl.

    Hype × stupidity +the square root of human waste=the ryans

  5. Cameron Heyward is not pro bowl worthy steeler homer. Buffalo is sending both d-tackles along with Mario. Jerry Hughes has been a nightmare for offenses all season and should be going with double digit sacks. His payday is coming. The colts traded him for Kelvin Sheppard, lol!

  6. Lame duck coach comments hold a lot of water. Good luck next year as d.c. of the jaguars.

  7. As a Jet fan maybe if you would’ve won more games he would become more recognizable. This season’s team was nothing but a joke!

    You can’t even pop a cork in your mouth to learn to shut up!

    Good riddance Ryan!!!

  8. Comment as you may. Rex is correct. Sheldon is literally dominating as a 3-4 tackle. Dude had a 3 sack, safety, 8 tackle game a few weeks back. That was without Mo Wilkerson playing. He probably get more credit on a winning team.

  9. And there are many head coaches that Rex “The Buffoon” couldn’t carry their jockstraps. Will this a-hole ever learn to keep his mouth shut or at least think before speaking. Whatta joke.

  10. Rex is a blowhard, but exactly right when he brings up the “x amount of sacks.” It’s the ultimate team game, and maybe Donald did have one more sack and a few more tackles for loss. It’s too bad there isn’t a stat for Richardson absorbing double and triple teams to free up someone else on that defense to do their job. I hate the Jets, but that guy is an absolute beast. Just watch the last few games without Wilkerson and see how teams game planned against him. Donald never got that kind of respect.

  11. But could he cradle and lovingly stroke his feet while cooing “My piggies, my precious little piggies” in a baby voice? THAT’S what we want to know Rex.

  12. Aren’t sacks a big part of that position? So a lot of sacks=a very good player? I know it’s not perfect, Wilfork rarely gets a sack, but he’s arguably the most valuable piece on the Pats D line. The Pro Bowl is a popularity contest and sacks = popularity. You’d think Rex would know that by now. Can’t wait to here him on a Sunday countdown show. TV gold!

  13. So as rex drives off into the sunset he has stooped so low as to insult a player on another team.

    This guy is nothing but trash how do you degrade another player

    What a pro it does not appear that being in the same stadium as one of the classist coaches in the game has taught you anything

    Didn’t momma ryan ever tell you if you don’t have something nice to say do not say anything at all?

  14. That’s it, Rex. Dump on a rookie on Christmas. Could have left it at “my guy is better” but no, you had to bring sweaty jockstraps into it. Shamey shamey you Grinch.

  15. Rex Ryan beat the Patriots in the playoffs and also went to two Afc championship games.

    All with mark Sanchez.

    He quite frankly is the best of the rest.

    Letting him go will set the Jets back 6 years.

    I say 6 because the next coach coming in is going to have no clear option at QB next year. Unless they get Mike Glennon. Other than that option they will have to draft which means losing seasons and a possible another coach change.

  16. Wrecks is trying to discuss professional football. I wish he would stick to his areas of expertise: fast food, fetish videos, and circus clowns.

  17. As a Pats fan I will miss playing against Rex’s Jets as they always played the Patriots hard and with very good scheming.

    However, I won’t miss his crazy rants and psychotic narcissistic statements that detracted from the achievements of Rex Ryan the coach.

  18. Top DTs based on our IDP scoring system:

    1. Richardson (NYJ)
    2. Liuget (SD)
    3. Suh (DET)
    4. Dareus (BUF)
    5. Marks (JAX)
    6. Donald (STL)

    Richardson should have been in, but Donald also had a great year.

  19. I’ve never heard a head coach proclaim so much, yet deliver so very little. How about letting your actions speak for you, Rex, because your words do nothing but make you look foolish !!

  20. It’s quite a stretch to just assume that’s who he is talking about, when he hates the Buffalo Bills, and two of them made it.

    Then again, Ridhardson and Donald couldn’t touch Dareus or Williams.

  21. Richardson is a beast and Ryan is a great defensive coach. This is not up for debate. I’m a Pats fan and recognize this. Of course, Jamie Collins should have been selected too. He’s better than Mayo and Hightower.

  22. Who cares what that loser Rex Ryan and his hapless Jets have to say????

    The good news is Ryan will be gone after this weekend. Hopefully, no team will be dumb enough to give him a job as a HC. Because he’s proven time after time, he’s not capable of doing the job.

    I would guess some team would give him a job as a DC, but he’s over-rated in that department too.

    Ryan is the son of an arrogant father who couldn’t be a head coach and he and his brother share their father’s arrogance, but at least the old man knew how to coach a defense. That’s more than you can say for his sons.

    I’m just glad Ryan won’t be coaching in NY any more. If they put a team in Europe they should send Ryan over there. Except he’d give Europeans another reason to hate Americans.

  23. IF, coulda, woulda, shouda. Who cares?? The vote is 1/3 fans the rest coaches and players. The coaches and players who saw both of these players play. Not fantasy geeks or stat crunchers. Maybe the fan voting worked in Donald’s favor but they should not if one player “can’t hold the others jock”. Get over it Rex and enjoy your retirement or DC position.

  24. I can’t see it myself, but I saw one person note that PFF has Donald rated as the NFL’s best true DT (and the “eye test” certainly agrees). I’d say there is a good argument for Richardson making it, but Donald making it isn’t an issue.

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