Cards could get Warner, but only by cutting him

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It remains unlikely that former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner will return to the team after five years away.  And it wouldn’t be easy for them to get him, if he perhaps decided while under the influence of egg nog to expose his noggin to further physical contact.

But it wouldn’t be impossible.  Sure, it’s too late for the Cardinals to reinstate Warner from the reserve/retired list.  But there’s a way to make it happen.

Per a league source, the Cardinals could release Warner from the reserve/retired list and then re-sign him.  However, Warner would first pass through waivers, which would allow any other team to disrupt the arrangement by making a claim for his contract.

That’s precisely what happened 12 years ago, when Deion Sanders wanted to unretire and climb aboard the Oakland bandwagon.  After Washington released Sanders from the reserve/retired list, the Chargers (coached at the time by former Washington coach Marty Schottenheimer, whose arrival prompted Sanders to quit in the first place) claimed Sanders on waivers, short-circuiting Deion’s desire to help the Raiders win a Super Bowl.

Any other team could do the same thing to the Cardinals, if they were to release Warner’s rights.  The Rams and coach Jeff Fisher could be inclined to do it, especially after that 8-8 remark from Bruce Arians a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. The 2 teams in the NFCS that can still make the playoffs would probably block it. As would Detroit if they end up with the same record as the Cards(Ariz beat them).

  2. It’s crazy talk about Kurt Warner rescuing the Cards. He’s been out way too long. Its too bad but they have to work with what they’ve got.

  3. Could the Cards renegotiate his contract, adding language in that guarentees he is the starter if he is healthy, or some other kind of odd language that would be a poisoin pill for another team to swallow if they were to claim his contract on waivers?

  4. Why do you guys continue spend your time writing and speculating on something that isn’t going to happen? Do you really believe a 43 year old guaranteed Hall of Famer that is 5 years removed from football is going to unretire and risk his future health? Warner unretiring to play for the Cardinals is just about as likely as a team calling up Vince Young and offering him a megacontract with a large amount of guaranteed money for him to be the unquestioned starter and he takes them to the Super Bowl. Not going to happen. Please stop pushing this ridiculous fantasy story, Florio.

  5. What if harbaugh, as a parting shot to his soon to be former team, sent the gimmick quarterback to Arizona?
    Hey a running quarterback is slightly better than no quarterback right?

  6. Can’t give him a contract before he clears waivers. fissles is right anyway, not gonna happen. Superman couldn’t come off the street w/no camp/practices etc. and pull this off.

  7. If you cut someone you are canceling their contract so no negotiations would matter.

    As much as I’d love to see this from being a fan of the game and of him professionally and personally, if I were any team, (not just NFC) that had a shot at the playoffs still, I’d find a roster spot on my team to block him from beating me later.

  8. Best retired QBs that could help and not be subject to waivers, in no particular order.

    Jeff Garcia
    Donovan mcnabb
    Doug Flutie
    Drew Bledsoe
    Jake Plummer
    Daunte culpepper
    Vince Young
    (Who’s the other guy that played in the big bowl game against Vince Young?)

    You don’t need 400 yards from a bw with that defense. Just got to hand the ball off, pick up a few first downs every quarter, and don’t have any turnovers.

  9. Even though it’s just crazy, silly talk – don’t the Cards HAVE to try it? I think that Warner even at his age has enough in the arm to complete a few first downs and keep the team in the game. I don’t have a horse in it, but it would make for a cool story.

  10. Has anyone in the media asked what Tebows thoughts were? I haven’t seen anything…I know he’s probably the best quick option that’s better than anything we have now…

  11. Let’s be honest, Seattle put up 600 yards and 35 points IN AZ last game.

    And if not for three missed FGs it would have been 44.

    You could put Brady, Manning and Rogers in the backfield at the same time and it wouldn’t help that “vaunted” defense.

    And there’s no way ANYONE is scoring 35 on this Seattle D.

  12. Why no love for Ryan Leaf?

    And what about Leinart? He can’t be much worse can he?

    And why didn’t the genius Arians look at Freeman when all this started? Did he think the group he had was too good?

  13. I’m sure that the Bears would be HAPPY to drop jay Cutler on ’em if only they’d take that contract with him.

  14. You, know I get it that the Cards fans don’t want this season to end after the first playoff game, but they need to face that reality. There is no magic QB that is going to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It sure as hell isn’t gonna be Warner. No knock on Warner, he was a stud back in his playing days. 5 years ago.

    They have had a hell of a run, and if Palmer had managed to stay healthy they may have even won the division. Maybe even if Stanford had stayed healthy after he stepped in.

    But now? No way. As good as their defense has been, they can’t shut the other teams out through the playoffs, and Lindley is not going to get the job done.

    That said, good luck in the playoffs; you might be able to pull off a win against Carolina or Atlanta. After that, it’s going to get ugly.

  15. This is INSANE! Arizona should accept its fate and bow out with dignity. Bringing back any one who has been long out to pasture and suffering a massive defeat in the playoffs will make the Cardinals the laughingstock of pro sports going forward. Just take your medicine and move forward Arizona.

  16. No team would burn a roster spot to block a Warner comeback.

    I wish they would do it to prove me right.

  17. No team claiming Warner on waivers would lose a roster spot. He wouldn’t report, which is within his rights, and they know it. It would just stop the Cardinals from getting him.

  18. If he came back and led Arizona to a Super Bowl win, which won’t happen, he would be the GOAT in my mind.

  19. I am hoping they waive him and he clears……Then, does he come back? My guess; no……He has to see the teams he would be going up against and the fact that his chances of winning the SB would be small……He would have to start the 5 years all over again waiting to get into the Hall of Fame…….

    Not to mention it has been 5 years since playing and that is a very long time in the NFL…..

  20. In regard to Deion Sanders – “Tennessee, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and San Diego — all potential playoff rivals for the Raiders — put in a claim for Sanders.”

    It wasn’t just Schottenheimer… They’re all jerks though; it would have been awesome to watch Deion play for the Silver and Black in the playoffs/SB. I don’t think he could have overcome Gruden’s knowledge of the team and the dysfunction between Callahan and his team, but it would have been entertaining.

  21. Ok, its over. Cardinals will make the playoffs and at best win in the first round, but most likely one and done. They had a great year considering all the talent they loss on the field and in the locker room. Ellington done for the year, D-Wash done for the year, Dwyer done for the year, Dockett done for the year, John Abraham done for the year, Carson Palmer done for the year, Stanton most likely done for the year due to an infection he got from the knee surgery, Stinson done for the year, a lot of guys not at 100% like Calais, Cromartie and Honeybadger.

    Johnathon Cooper, their top offensive guard, has a broken wrist, Larry Fitzgerald can hardly move around after his knee injury and the list keeps going. They have practice squad players starting for them and they STILL won 11 games this year. This was going to be a special year, but too many injuries to overcome. I just hope they can continue this success going forward, because its hard to have continued success year in and year out.

  22. It sure would be fun to see him come back….Kurt is in really good shape and his arm is fine. He proved that on one of the NFL Network shows earlier this season with him throwing passes to several players….right on the money.
    He promised his wife he was retiring and unless she gives the ok it will never happen and she’s afraid of him getting hurt… dream on because it ain’t happening.
    Go Cards

  23. As long as the insanity has hit this new low, lets mention JaMarcus Russell, he might be available.

  24. ok, not like I’m a huge Tebow fan, but I still don’t understand why somebody wouldn’t take a chance on him? I mean..he was last with the Jets, and they were horrible. would it have killed them to let him play a few games and see what happens? it’s not like he didn’t win in Denver when they gave him the chance. he reminds me of Doug Flutie, he does everything that’s asked, wins games, doesn’t get into trouble, and yet because he doesn’t fit the prototype the system doesn’t want him. even if Warner was in great shape and ready to go, unless he’s been studying the playbook it would be hard to imagine it working, but it would make for a pretty interesting story.

  25. I think the only way it could happen is IF AZ were to make a deal with another team to claim him off waivers and then trade him back to AZ…is it possible??

  26. Warner Warner Warner Warner Warner Warner Warner Warner!!!!!!!!!! If not lets get Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer Plummer!!!!!!!!! If all u haters wanna know what insanity is insanity is giving up on a game before u played it!!!!! Kurt/jake ur the next man up!!!!!!!

  27. No team claiming Warner on waivers would lose a roster spot

    Well, you took all the fun out of that.

    Funnier yet is if the Chargers claim him and he shows up.

  28. “And there’s no way ANYONE is scoring 35 on this Seattle D”


    This is not the Jets D. Maybe not 35, but Brady would hang 30 on them.

  29. Fun Fact: The Jets defense ranks higher than the Patriots in the 2014/15 season.

    Jets can’t pass the ball though; dead last!

  30. higheriqthanyou – hope it’s higher than 165 cause that’s mine.

    I really enjoyed beating the Seahawks last year in Seattle 17-10. Did you?

    IF D-Wash had been playing and controlling Wilson like last year, different story. If Dockett and Palmer were playing, different story.

    Still with all the Cards on IR, it was 14-6 through three quarters. Blew us out in the 4th – our defense gave up with the no-hope Lyndley at QB.

    Let’s hope you’re playing us next year with your 2nd and 3rd team QBs.

  31. love Kurt Warner, but he has the great story. unless you come back and WIN, its a fail. why do that. just go into the Hall of Fame first ballot, we all respect you and that is that.

    if this was 2 years after retirement….I would LOVE to have seen that. but 5 years? seriously? cmon.

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