Jay Cutler on Bears: “Everyone could get axed”


After what he’s been through the last year with the Bears, nothing will surprise quarterback Jay Cutler.

So if being benched and getting his job back a week later won’t do it, neither would a good housecleaning.

“I think you’ve just got to prepare yourself that anything can happen — that’s kind of what I’m prepared for,” Cutler said, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I mean, everyone could stay. Everyone could get axed. You just never know what direction it’s going to go. You have to stay open-minded and know that things happen for a reason.”

Whether Marc Trestman makes it to a third season seems dubious. General Manager Phil Emery’s future is also in doubt.

And Cutler’s own fate is directly tied to those two.

“Coaches could leave. Players could leave. I could leave,” Cutler said. “That’s part of it. . . .

“You’ve got to expect the least expected. Hopefully we make it through the next couple days without something else happening. You never know, though.”

“Yeah, it’s a different season. It’s a weird season. A lot of things have happened. A lot of things haven’t gone our way for numerous reasons.”

Of course, whoever’s sorting out those reasons might decide Cuter’s one of the reasons. And he’s seen enough lately to know he can’t really control that.

22 responses to “Jay Cutler on Bears: “Everyone could get axed”

  1. I hope they all get axed…Not sure on Cutler, but only ’cause they have no one solid to replace him with, unless Fales ends up being that guy.

  2. Cutler is a back up at best. Plain and simple.

    Denver knew it. Chicago spent 100 mil to figure it out.

    Chicago is in full rebuilding mode. Forte is one of only a few keepers on that offense.

  3. Come on everyone knows this whole staff is getting axed the players just can’t say it right now but they know. I hope they can trade Cutler and just move in a different direction with a better head coach!!

  4. What do:
    Steve Young (HOF),
    John Elway (HOF),
    Jay Cutler (pro bowl second year),
    have in common?

    Answer: Mike Shanahan was their coach at the time of their best seasons. He seems to be able to design an offense for their talents and get the best out of them.

  5. Cutler is in his prime, the best player on the roster, the team’s all-time leading passer and just had one of the best statistical seasons of his career. Plus he’s the best qb in Bears history. If that’s not good enough for the Chi-town fans maybe they deserve to have Ponder/Sanchez/Hoyer under center next year.

  6. There are 32 NFL teams, there are more teams that don’t have a qb than do. Manning, Brady, Rogers, Brees, Luck, Wilson, Stafford, Ryan, Roethlisberger, Flacco and Rivers are the only teams that are MOSTLY comfortable with their situation.

    For those saying Cutler HAS to go, who else is available that you’d actually want? Blaine Gabbert? Ryan Fitzpatrick? Zach Mettenberger? Jake Locker? Ryan Mallet? Kyle Orton? EJ Manuel? Mark Sanchez? Kirk Cousins? Derek Anderson? Shaun Hill? Sam Bradford? Mike Vick? Geno Smith? Brian Hoyer? Chad Henne? Jimmy Clausen? Josh McCown? Matt Schaub? Chase Daniel? Matt Moore? Christian Ponder? Matt Cassell? Matt Flynn?

    It’s not Cutler’s fault that the Bears defense has allowed the most points in the league this year. Plenty of blame to go around.

  7. Agree with dfeltz — who the heck will the Bears replace Cutler with anyhow? Like it or not, unless a rookie is drafted, there aren’t really any better options. Probably easier to reset expectations to this frustrating reality: Cutler is an average NFL QB, prone to 3-4 lousy games interspersed with 1-2 great ones that will create unrealistic expectations — and apparently at least one outrageous long-term cap-killing contract. I bet he looks good against my team this weekend since they only have 3 healthy LBs.

  8. @cuda1234 YES, EXACTLY.
    Cutler IS in his prime… and THIS is what they get… for 100 MIL… in HIS PRIME? 89.5 rating and league leading 18 INTs. Mark Sanchez and Kyle Orton are nipping at his heals, at half the INTs… and then there is the points they’ve given up because of them… almost 100… 100… 100 points given away off turnovers.

    @ purpleguy… thats precisely the second point… they need to find THAT guy this offseason. Banking on Cutler? See Denver. This is as good as it gets.

  9. Cutler’s gotta go. Who replaces him? Well, as the Bears need prayer more than anything else, I give you… Tim Tebow. The boy can pray. Can’t throw, but he can pray. Maybe he can pray up a defense. And an offensive line. And resurrect Walter Payton. That way, he won’t _need_ to throw, Sweetness will put the Bears on his back, just like old times.

    But, mostly, and I really hate to say this, the Bears need a defense. I can’t believe that the Bears, of all teams, are so completely useless at defense. Even if Jay Cutler was helping the other team as much as he was.

    Tebow. We need Tebow. Or at least Tebow’s prayers. Given how bad the Bears are, Tebow might pray hard so that someone else gets stuck with the job and he doesn’t have to go out there and get killed due to the lack of a proper offensive line. (I have this vision of the first Chicago-Detriot game. Feeding time at the zoo when Mr. Suh gets released from his chain. Won’t be the first time that the Christians get thrown to the lions…)

    Pray for us, Tebow. Pray hard.

  10. Not a leader, okay. Not elite at his job, okay. But a loser? No.

    He is married to a gorgeous woman, has two kids (I think it’s two), and he’s one of only 32 people currently good enough to hold the job of NFL QB, a job which has made him a millionaire.

    Damn, I’d like to lose like that.

  11. With Cutlers contract he won’t get cut and no one is going to give much in a trade specially with that contract. Like it or not Bear fans he will be back with the Bears next season.

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