Justin Gilbert vows to be great after work ethic is questioned

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Browns rookie cornerback Justin Gilbert has taken criticism from coaches and teammates who question whether he has worked hard enough this year. And Gilbert, the eighth overall pick in the draft, promises he’s going to prove anyone who doubts him wrong.

I will be great,” Gilbert said, via ESPN.

Gilbert hasn’t been great so far this season, and veteran teammates including safety Donte Whitner and linebacker Karlos Dansby have complained that Gilbert doesn’t prepare like a pro. Gilbert didn’t seem to appreciate that, saying that Whitner is “the guy who’s always just talking” and that the public criticisms are things his teammates “could have been kept to themselves.”

Still, Gilbert acknowledges that his teammates may have had a point.

“I’m not mad at anyone about it,” Gilbert said. “I brought it upon myself. I can take that and roll with it. I messed up. But I can promise my teammates I’m going to make it right.”

It’s too late for Gilbert to make it right this year. But the Browns need Gilbert to play a lot better next year.

51 responses to “Justin Gilbert vows to be great after work ethic is questioned

  1. It’s not just one thing or person with this team. Pretty lengthy list. Lack of organization, lot of moving parts w/ no real commitment from leadership that has a trickle down effect. Poor insight and foresight.

  2. Browns had a big need at receiver.. This draft will go down as one of the best WR classes in NFL history.. Browns take zero WRs in the draft. LOL

  3. Donte Whitner might be the guy that talks, but he’s been a pretty damn good player for a long time. Until
    Gilbert does anything of importance on the field he should just keep his mouth shut about guys who have been there and done that.

  4. Somehow I think he’ll make it right for about 3 games, and then go back to what he’s used too.

    Unless there an inner drive, I doubt it happens. Those of you have been around awhile watching guys come into the league, eventually get accused by their teammates as being lazy…..in some rare cases do guys turn it around….in my experience most don’t, and find themselves out of the league a couple of seasons later.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  5. MDS – What position does the kid play? Please include this info in your posts… Thank you.


  6. What a horrible organization, who’s responsible for this? No leadership from coaching or veterans. Makes me appreciate organizations like the Seahawks even more.

  7. Saying it doesn’t make you great Justin, you have to prove it. You should be thanking Donte and Karlos, instead of saying a proven veteran is “just talking”. You need to just shut up and do what you are being paid to do, in a way that true professionals do.

    As a Browns fan for 50 plus years and a season ticket holder, you and Johnny are a complete embarrassment as first round picks.

  8. The Browns are just the worst. Him and Johnny are probably pro bowlers under any other franchise. The Browns are just sad. Turn gold into copper.

  9. In order to be great you have to be good and great takes a level of consistency and production. Not even average, but it must be bad if your team mates question your work ethic and s^&&**.

  10. Entitled rookie mindset, the Browns need to be drafting the hardest working guys they interview next year. No more drafting on potential!

  11. Its not good when somebody has to call you out to stir up your pride. The truly great are self motivated. But again, browns fans should take some consolation in the fact that rookie corners almost never perform very well—its one of the toughest positions to make the jump. NFL qbs and passing games are so much more precise. In Detroit Slay made huge improvements in his play from rookie to 2nd year… not that he is suddenly a pro bowler but 1st year to 2nd year is like hes a totally different player.

  12. Let’s not forget they moved up to the 22nd spot for manziel. Clearly a sixth round pick

  13. Him and Manziel have it lucky assuming they get to figuring it out this off season after their rookie year. Many flops go year after year without realizing their work ethic is the problem.

  14. Sounds like the kid wants to turn it around; perhaps he had that little epiphany that the successful older guys know how to become … successful older guys in the NFL. Ah ha!
    Sounds good, Justin, now show us, don’t talk about it but do it. Show us.

  15. I heard this was the guy that the Lions really had their heart set on. When he was no longer available, they panicked, and took an over-hyped TE at #10. I’m sure glad they didn’t get Odell Beckham Jr.

  16. Farmer did well with Bitonio and some other late round picks/UDFA’s, but it is very worrisome how bad he whiffed on the first round. Not necessarily from a talent standpoint, but the lack of professionalism from Gilbert and Manziel had to show up in predraft research, no?

    And I know, I know about Johnny and maturity, but this is on the organization for not holding him accountable for the whole season until he got thrust into the limelight. Same goes for Gilbert I suppose.

  17. @idpfantasyfootball…
    What position does he play? You obviously failed to read the first sentence of the article. It’s okay though… You are now qualified to play for the Browns as well!

  18. How many times are the Browns going to have 2 first round picks and blow them (Trent/Weeden, Gilbert/Manziel).

  19. Gilbert played with no technique in college and relied mainly on his athleticism which of course works in college. He now realizes he needs to learn technique so he can play with the big boys.

  20. I made a little research the other day. The Browns and the Texans top 2 picks, so 4 players, have combined a total of 8 starts.

    Your in position to make franchise changing type picks, and thats what you get. Thats a bummer.

  21. So when is everyone gonna call farmer out for this??? He ignored WR and took two guys who won’t work hard.

    Takes great skill to take two lazy people. Especially when you could have taken any corner.

    Farmer = a joke

  22. wow – just goes to show alot of these young guys now feel a sense of entitlement just like they did growing up

  23. So you have two first round picks in one given year, and in one week both have admitted to slacking their entire rookie seasons. Who should this reflect on?

  24. Don’t the Browns have a Sports Psychologist to enstill the drive or “hunger” in these guys?

    Someone with Gilbert’s physical tools should be able to hone them into Pro-bowl skills. Just lacking the “hunger,” I guess.

    Justin, action speaks louder than words!

  25. Wow, and to think the Browns could’ve had Sammy Watkins instead of him.

    It’s crazy how Gilbert is turning out to be the FIFTH best CB taken in that round (behind Fuller, Verrett, Dennard and Roby).

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