Browns suspend Josh Gordon for violating team rules

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Josh Gordon is suspended again.

Gordon, the wide receiver who began this season on a suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, has now been suspended by the Browns for violating team rules.

The Browns have not revealed what Gordon did, but PFT has confirmed the multiple reports that he missed today’s walk-through practice. Whatever the reasons, this suspension provides Gordon’s detractors with one more reason to think that he simply doesn’t get it. Gordon has phenomenal talent — as much talent as almost any wide receiver in football — but his history of off-field problems stretches back to college and may end up derailing his career.

If Gordon ever gets himself straightened out and dedicates himself to being a professional, he’ll be among the league’s elite players. If not, he’ll be remembered as a player who let his great talent go to waste.

51 responses to “Browns suspend Josh Gordon for violating team rules

  1. If he ever figures it out?… If he didn’t figure it out after being suspended for 12 games he’s never going to figure it out.

  2. Can’t wait for all of his fans (aka fantasy owners) to defend this joke again. He won’t be the first talented player to waste his career because he can’t grow up.

  3. ESPN is reporting that both Gordan and Manziel missed the team’s walk-through today… and neither could be located.

    Didn’t Manziel just talk about how he needed to be more of a pro and work harder and all that? Like maybe a day or two ago?

  4. The list is so long of players that think the NFL won’t make it without them, if this young man doesn’t get his act together, his name will be on it too.

  5. What an epic waste of talent.

    Could have been a star. Now one more puff and he’s gone.

    Funny thing is– somehow I don’t even blame the Browns.

  6. rickastleydancemoves says:

    What are y’all going to defend this weed head with now?

    This clown would melt a urinalysis bottle right now.

  7. Glad the Browns are enforcing a zero tolerance policy with this kid. A missed practice (and a walk-through, at that) is a pretty minor infraction to be getting a suspension. But he needs to learn boundaries. Give him an inch and he’ll take a mile… and end up suspended for an entire season, instead of one game.

  8. By suspending him today he doesn’t accrue another year towards free agency. He should be at 4 years but he’s only got 2. That means he won’t be a UFA for another 2 seasons.

  9. He’ll get a second chance somewhere else. Mike Irvin, Chris Carter, Randy Moss and so on…

    When you have a God given talent. Maturity will catch up with you eventually. Just hoping for the sooner and not the latter.

  10. Didn’t Manziel just talk about how he needed to be more of a pro and work harder and all that? Like maybe a day or two ago?


    That is next season! This one is a bust already so no need to grow up quite yet.

  11. Wow love immediate judgment on Gordon without knowing the situation. Not saying he didn’t do anything. However lets look at the Browns owners and organization. If Gordon plays one more game (6 games in a season) it serves as a credit year towards free agency. Suspending Gordon means he doesn’t pay the last game he needed. So he cant be a free agent for another year after he was originally expected. The Browns still keep another year thus his contract stays cheap and they can use him to trade. I suspect this was an shady move on the owners to screw over one of their players. Not to say that Gordon doesn’t owe the organization for his suspension. My feeling is there is more to this than a simple suspension. Sadly the truth will never come out because the Browns will have their side and Gordon his.

  12. if not knowing the playbook, causing INT’s by running the wrong route, not fighting or even trying for the ball, running half speed and being out of shape aren’t against the rules, then I’d hate to thing what he DID do to get suspended.

  13. Calm down with the self-righteous outrage and judgment. Just remember, he’s a football player. That means he’s not very bright to begin with. just accept him for what and who he is and roll with it.

  14. jjeagle says:
    Dec 27, 2014 1:58 PM
    Sad. Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson are role models kid should follow not trash like josh Gordon

    You’re right, and Josh Gordon himself should be trying to follow these same 3 receivers. Not Midget Manziel to clubs.

  15. The Browns now have him under contract for two years instead of one. He had to play (active) in 6 games to count as a full year, and he only played in 5. Strategic move by the Browns.

  16. Yeah I heard they had an assistant, pull Gordon aside after practice, and told him the Saturday walkthrough would be at 10:00 am, when actually it was at 9:00 am so that way they could suspend him for being late, and thus extend his contract an extra year by not playing in six games this season. Kinda dirty, but hey they get an extra year, at a discount. Now the real challenge is to keep this knucklehead from getting in trouble the entire offseason, and hope he comes back in 2015 and puts up some good numbers, with whomever is throwing him the football. What a mess

  17. It’s stupid to consider the last game as anything but the meaningless exhibition it is. 1950’s era Rah-rah team bullbleep aside, it smacks of insincerity. Phony Baloney nonsense.

  18. Browns should have taken the 2nd rounder plus picks and players the 49ers offered them last season. Now they’d be lucky to get anywhere near that.

  19. I know hindsight is 20/20, but imagine the browns with Odell Beckham and Derek Carr instead of the immature guys who can’t start that they wasted first round picks on.

  20. Wait, wait, wait…

    Back when he was suspended from his team and the league so many were saying that was bad because he needed to be around the team and the support that gave him to keep him on the straight and narrow.

    Uh, he’s BEEN with the team now for many weeks…

    Guess being around the team doesn’t provide him with enough support, structure etc…

    When folks said this many months ago it was just them making excuses for him.

    This is on Josh, not any team.

  21. Texans just waiting for Jamal Charles to be scratched to officially end any chance of the play-offs. Just forfeit Cleveland and get it over with.

  22. Whatever team picks him up BETTER NOT BE SURPRISED OR SHOCKED by his antics. All I want to hear the GM say is, “We expected this! It wasn’t a matter of if…it was a matter of what and how soon.”

  23. Go ahead and cut him. Something tells me his is a much about management and coaching as it is him. They’ve been throwing under the bus since he got back from suspension.

    Browns are garbage all around

  24. I have NEVER in my life been exposed to so much blatant ignorance, guilty until proven innocent opinion (one of the worst & most prevalent forms of cowardly prejudice reprehensibly alive & well in America today), spiteful racism transparently disguised as morality, typically grammatically-inept religious fundamentalism disguised as “talent-wasting” and overall unfounded, unsupported, reactionary comments by a group of narrow-minded, self-important lack-wits with evidently sub-room temperature I.Q.’s who, like so many of their fascist kind, can’t WAIT for an opportunity to post their stupid remarks and to publicly expose their hatred, cowardice and archaic mentalities from behind an electronic curtain of anonymity.

    With the exception of “bigpoppahawk”, “bensstinkyfingers” and “mackcarrington” (at the time of this writing), not ONE of you has a single piece of viable, factual or relevant analysis to support your ludicrous, poisonous, half-baked prejudicial remarks! This sort of behavior is tantamount to the discrimination-before-the-fact which took place outside the premiere of “The Passion of the Christ” in Montreal, Canada by a large group of protesters who picketed and physically blocked the entrance of the theater before any of them could possibly have even SEEN the film; the timing of the preponderance of your posts indisputably exposes your culpability as you didn’t even know why Josh Gordon was suspended for Game 17 when you preemptively spit your poison with it’s suspect motives all over this article.

    But to call Josh Gordon “trash” a “weedhead” and self-righteously claiming that he “needs to grow up” is not only evidence of your abhorrent discrimination; this is precisely how the current administration wants you to think. If this had been say J.J. Watt, Aaron Rodgers or Wes Welker, I doubt very much that ANY of you would be making the same hateful, reactionary, vicious remarks. And before any of you jump on this perceived opportunity to jump on one of my assertions with some shallow retort like “those players have already proven themselves”, save yourselves the self-imposed humiliation. Josh Gordon has not only proven himself in a remarkably short period of time, arguably sooner in his young career than any of the aforementioned NFL stars, he has done so in record-setting form. last season, he led the entire NFL in receiving, both in touchdowns and total yards from scrimmage with 1600 on the season, over 200 yards above his nearest counterpart (Antonio Brown) and he accomplished this remarkable feat in just 14 of 16 games (following the ridiculous 2-game “cough syrup” suspension to start the 2013 season) and without the inherent advantage of having a marquis quarterback like Ben Roethlesberger, Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning throwing him the ball. Josh Gordon, therefore, managed to blow away his competition not only in 2 fewer games, but with Brandon Weeden throwing him the ball!

    Josh Gordon has been misrepresented, scapegoated, abused and is on the threshold of being run out of the league on a rail after being followed around with a urine-sample cup, subsequently relinquishing 74 consecutive clean samples and suspended for the ENTIRE 2014 season (later oh so magnanimously reduced to 10 games by a fascist, corrupt, racist buffoon of a league commissioner) for an “inconclusive B-Sample” on the 75th test! Meanwhile, Wes Welker (a white wide receiver from the squeaky-clean, high-profile Denver Broncos in squeaky-clean, snowy-white Colorado where good-‘ol folks only get high from gazing at & skiing down the snowy-white rocky mountains) serves only 2 games for testing positives for AMPHETAMINES? In case you are harboring any misconceptions, that’s SPEED! And Welker gets re-instated with barely any mention whatsoever by the reactionary, heavily league-influenced national sports media & his drug-abuse never gets mentioned again, conveniently swept under the carpet by the powers that be. Josh Gordon’s plight in the aftermath of his eventual re-instatement. Somehow neither quarterback on the Cleveland Browns’ starting roster manages to throw him a single touchdown pass over the course of FIVE GAMES, despite the fact that he was flagrantly WIDE-OPEN on a multitude of passing downs (despite the vision mixer’s best attempts to hide Brown in the mix on nearly every replay). And finally the Browns (who have everything to gain by suspending Gordon for Week 17) evidently oblige the commissioner’s aspirations (directives?) by announcing his suspension 2 days before the game, effectively tying his (and the NFLPA’s) hands with regard to any possible recourse. Interestingly, the Browns won the toss in the game against the ravens yet elect to defer, despite being on the road, which allowed the CBS game commentators to avoid even mentioning his name for the first half of the opening quarter. Furthermore, there was no mention of Gordon’s name or suspension in the opening sideline remarks with the CBS/NFL electing instead to focus on the promotion of a practice squad quarterback, Connor Shaw. Josh Gordon’s name wasn’t mentioned until 8:22 remaining in the 1st quarter following an overthrow on 2nd down to Taylor Gabriel “replacing the sus-suspended Josh Gordon”…and not another word about it!

    Who cares, right? after all, Josh Gordon is just a black kid from Cleveland, right?

    Now all of you little lack-witted fascists; post your “conspiracy theorist” accusations…I need a good laugh! Then go grab your hoods out of the closet, fly up to Cleveland & get your cross-burning over with!

    You all make me SICK!!

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