Gordon may appeal suspension

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It’s known that Browns receiver Josh Gordon won’t play in Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Ravens.  It isn’t known whether Gordon will simply accept the suspension.

Per a league source, Gordon will explore all options — including the possibility of an appeal through the NFL Players Association.  According to the source, it’s not yet known whether Gordon’s suspension applies with or without pay.  If unpaid, it’s far more likely that Gordon will appeal.

The suspension, if unpaid, limits Gordon to five regular-season games in 2014.  Some league insiders believe that prevents him from adding an accrued season toward free agency; the plain language of Article 8 of the 2011 labor deal seems to suggest that Gordon will get a year of credit toward free agency, since Article 8 says nothing about losing a year of credit due to substance-abuse suspensions or team-imposed suspensions.

The question becomes whether Gordon will receive credit for the third year of his four-year contract by playing in only five games.  The Joey Galloway decision suggests that credit will be applied, despite the lingering language of paragraph 16 of the standard player contract, which suggests that any failure or refusal to perform a player’s duties results in a one-year extension of the deal.

None of it matters unless the Browns decide to suspend Gordon without pay and then take the position that he remains under contract through 2016.  If that happens, there apparently will be two separate squabbles to resolve between player and team.

23 responses to “Gordon may appeal suspension

  1. let me get this right……He was suspended for missing work so he is going to appeal his suspension on the grounds that he is either stupid
    or didn’t think that practice was part of the whole job thing

    Good Luck with that

  2. its a moot point

    gordon must assume someone would want to make a substantial financial commitment to him when it is obvious that commitment from gordon will not be reciprocated

  3. magnumpimustache says:

    In the history of smoking weed:

    Zero Deaths from overdose.

    In the history of taking prescribed pain medication :

    Millions of deaths and climbing.

    I take it you are not aware that one of his suspensions was due to a prescription pain medication (codeine)…

  4. National Freefall League. Sad he can’t even show up for practice and then hides behind the Union if needed because he’s an idiot and an overpaid athlete.

  5. The NFL Players Association? Just another hapless union; they’re even more pathetic than the Brownstripes, the perennial joke of the NFL.

    wahoo21 (above) said it best. This guy is absolute idiot.

  6. magnumpimustache says: Dec 27, 2014 6:33 PM

    In the history of smoking weed:

    Zero Deaths from overdose.

    In the history of taking prescribed pain medication :

    Millions of deaths and climbing.


    It’s pretty simple, follow the rules and make more money in a year than many people will see in a lifetime.
    Break the rules and you can kiss the cash good bye.
    It’s not complicated. What is complicated is understanding why someone would choose Option #2.

  7. If this isn’t typical of the NFL today. The players feel they run the league and maybe they do. I jerk as this doesn’t have the brains to even get to a meeting and you think he cares if they win as a team.

  8. Nice to see the Browns put the financial squeeze on Gordon.
    I’m not defending him not showing up; see the Seahawks ” benching ” Lynch for his ” upset stomach “.
    But what they are doing is controlling an asset at a fixed lower price.
    This will undoubtedly make Gordon want to stay when his time is up.
    If it wasn’t about money, they could have just benched him and kept him out of the game.

  9. Didn’t have much respect for him at the beginning of the season, have zero now. Doesn’t understand that he was already given a huge break this year with the reduced suspension, hasn’t been taking it seriously, now this. Done with idiots like this.

  10. The Browns have lost 4 of 5 games since Josh Gordon’s been back, and he’s got 24 receptions for a tad over 300 yards and no TDs. Looks to me like Josh and Johnny need to do a lot of soul searching in the offseason. Instead of appealing suspensions and fines, both guys should spend more time taking responsibility and learning to avoid them.

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