Cowboys, Panthers open as favorites in wild-card round


The lone postseason entrant with a losing record is favored in the wild-card round.

The Panthers (7-8-1) have been made home favorites of 4.5 or five points over the 11-5 Cardinals at Nevada sports books.

The line speaks volumes about the form of both clubs. The Panthers have won four straight games, while the Cardinals lost four of their final six contests, including both games with third-string quarterback Ryan Lindley in the lineup. If Drew Stanton (knee) cannot play in the wild-card round, Lindley would likely get another start.

In the other NFC wild-card game, the Cowboys (12-4) are favorites of 6.5 or seven points over the visiting Lions (11-5). Detroit hasn’t won a playoff game since January 5, 1992, when it defeated Dallas in the divisional round at the Pontiac Silverdome.

28 responses to “Cowboys, Panthers open as favorites in wild-card round

  1. As long as Cowboys prepare well, run plays like they’ve been doing with the same formula they shouldn’t have any problem with the Lions.

  2. The NFL’s conference tie-breaker rule is STUPID. When figuring CONFERENCE seedings, CONFERENCE record should be the FIRST tiebreaker! Makes sense, yes? That’s logical. Instead, the nitwits in the NFL office have made head-to-head the first conference tiebreaker, followed by conference record. That’s not logical.

  3. Head to head goes out when there is a three way tie…. Therefore Seattle out Dallas on the next tie breaker. Seems illogical but that’s what they do. A lot of seeding changes will likely occur when a 7th team is added probably next year.

  4. ❶❾❾❷ REVENGE ❶❾❾❷

  5. I can already see Ndomikun Suh
    Trying to Break Romo’s Back. ! >:[

    Hopefully, Kharma for him,
    comes before next Sunday…

  6. jackrabbitz says:
    Dec 28, 2014 9:43 PM
    Look out Dallas, here comes suh . the turd in the punch bowl.

    Maybe, maybe not. Just because he wasn’t penalized for blatantly stepping on Rodgers’ injured leg, it doesn’t mean the league can’t issue discipline.

  7. Trying to find a bright spot from Lions game today… and struggling to do so.

    That offense is not even remotely playoff caliber, and has gone backwards significantly.

    No D in the league would fear playing against it.

  8. Arizona cardinals will play intense football and suprise alot of ppl dosnt whos playing qb we kow they can when with stant and if lydley can play any better than he did against sf and can make better decisions were looking at next years qb cuz thats how much improvement he showed yeah pll will disagree cuz we didn’t win plus the ints and lack of production his first game but rember he started less games than half the rookie qbs in the nfl and theres thing that can only be taught in a live nfl game bsicly been practicing throwing the ball scene he was drafted so hopfully decision making skills and football iq gets better

  9. I don’t care who the Cards send out to be QB, our d-line is going to eat him up. Keep in mind that our revamped secondary has shut down the vaunted WR corps of New Orleans and Atlanta – 1 TD in 2 games. We do leave a lot to be desired on offense, but I am fully confident that our D is going to send the Cards back to the desert with their heads down.

  10. Suh, is mentally ill.

    NO player would do what HE does(habitually),potentially rining an ENTIRE career of another player ON purpose.
    He’s a demonic dude.

    He should be FORCED to sit out 2015, w/out pay.
    And warned IF he does ANYTHING remotely like this ever again, HE is Banned for life.

  11. Dallas defense and Detroit’s offense are evenly matched. But Dallas O completely outclasses Detroit’s defense. It will be like all other Dallas games seem to be – fast start by Dallas, a slow down in the middle, and then Dallas re-asserts themselves in the 4th. I see a 31-17 win by Dallas. Murray gets 110 yards. Romo gets 2 TDs.

    Could Detroit end up winning? Sure, stranger things have happened.

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