Justin Gilbert expected to be inactive after showing late to Saturday night meeting


We’re starting to wonder if anyone on the Browns made it to any team activities on time on Saturday.

Wide receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended for the final game of the season and quarterback Johnny Manziel has been disciplined after being tardy for work on Saturday morning and now cornerback Justin Gilbert is expected to miss Sunday’s regular season finale as well.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Gilbert was late to a team meeting on Saturday night and that the team will make him inactive as a result. Gilbert’s work ethic has been questioned by some of his veteran teammates recently, leading coach Mike Pettine to say that he didn’t think Gilbert was a bust. For his part, Gilbert said he brought such criticism upon himself and that he would make things right.

That effort got off to just as bad a start as Manziel’s plan to be more professional heading into his second NFL season. The two first-round picks hit Cleveland with a lot of hope about the better days they’d bring with them for the perpetually forlorn franchise, but their first years are ending with the feeling that it’s the same old song for the Browns.

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  1. 2014 draft not looking so great for the Browns. Not only did both 1st round picks stink it up on the field, they also have major character/work ethic red flags.

  2. Pettine has completely lost this team. Manziel throwing parties and guys like Gordon and Gilbert inviting themselves and then showing up last the next day.

    What a nightmare.

  3. Pettine has shown he wont tolerate this and has been consistent in deactivating any player who doesn’t work during the week. I won’t be surprised if someone is traded or cut ….

  4. Only in Cleveland can a franchise find a way to screw up their team by drafting two busts in one of the most talent rich first rounds of the last several decades.

    Weak at receiver? How about Sammy Watkins? Oh, the Bills are offering a bounty to move up several picks, okay, how about Odell Beckham Jr. or Mike Evans instead? Oh, you picked the overrated CB instead, I see…Well, the good news is that you poured a million dollars into analytics and the results are in: draft Teddy Bridgewater. It just makes sense, the team needs a QB and people are going overboard with the poor combine results, it’s clear that Teddy is the QB to get in this draft class…Oh, you’re going to pick the homeless man’s Jeff Garcia instead, minus the insane work ethic but full of entitlement? And you’re doing this because a homeless man said to pick the guy with the cool nickname from college? The guy who’ll be the face of your franchise and if he busts will set you back for years, even though you’ll have Buffalo’s first round pick next year? And remember how you thought that Buffalo pick would be top five? Well, it’s number 18 and the Bills at least got a stud receiver out of the deal, something you still need, but now I’m just rambling…

  5. It is a little late to try to instill some discipline to the team but better late than never.

    You know, this is just killing the guys who actually take their jobs seriously and are professionals.

  6. What can you expect when you give these chumps a ton of money? Manziel was already acting like a chump in college so who didn’t think it wouldn’t continue in college. Clowney was the same way (although he has been injured). These guys with questionable character/work ethic/star-mentality have all this money so for now they could care less about what people think. They are going to do what they want to do and they don’t care.

    It’ll be interesting to see how all these guys do in a contract year.

    For me, I’d go back to what George Allen did with the Redskins in the 70’s. They almost never had a first-round pick–they were always trading it for another proven player. The problem now is the salary cap. You could also do what the Steelers do and draft people then when they command big money, not resign them. That would require having a good scouting department which some teams don’t have. Still, I’d be happy getting people in the 2nd or 3rd round who don’t have all this baggage and want to play.

    Here’s the REAL problem. I was watching Howie Long talk to someone (can’t remember who) and he said he made something like $36k his rookie year. Wow. Most of these kids make that in about 5 minutes now.

  7. From NFL.com:

    CLEVELAND BROWNS: First-year general manager Ray Farmer wants to build a deep team capable of withstanding injuries and extended absences from key players. Heading into the draft, he wanted to stock the lineup with ultra-talented players who relish the opportunity to compete for playing time. Reviewing his initial draft class, it’s safe to say Farmer achieved this goal. Of course, the selection of quarterback Johnny Manziel has received the bulk of the attention. But to me, it was Farmer’s ability to maneuver up and down the draft board and acquire three top-tier talents (CB Justin Gilbert, OL Joel Bitonio and Manziel) that stood out the most. Gilbert should quickly establish himself as a starter, while Manziel and Bitonio will push hard to get on the field ASAP. Throw in Terrance West as a potential feature back, and it’s clear the Browns left Radio City Music Hall with a fine prospect haul — as well as a boatload of extra ammunition for the 2015 NFL Draft.

    GRADE: A-

  8. So Manziel gets fined on IR, Gilbert is made inactive with pay, and Josh Gordon is suspended without pay. I’m sure this inconsistency has absolutely nothing to do with keeping Gordon from accruing a year towards free agency.

  9. Pettine, your team was playing well with Hoyer at QB. Since Manziel took over, he admitted he isn’t taking the job seriously, and is sending a message to the team that partying is more important than winning or preparing for games, and now teammates are following the QB’s example by getting hungover and being late for meetings. Pettine, get your team under control and cut that clown Manziel.

  10. Arun Krishnan says:
    Dec 28, 2014 11:42 AM
    So Manziel gets fined on IR, Gilbert is made inactive with pay, and Josh Gordon is suspended without pay. I’m sure this inconsistency has absolutely nothing to do with keeping Gordon from accruing a year towards free agency.
    And I’m sure that Gordon’s troubled past had absolutely no weight in the decision either…

  11. Another (there are so many) factor in this mess. These players have had an entourage since the 8th grade, a crew following them around and wiping their arses and cleaning up their messes. They tend to think they can throw their cleats out on the field and they’ll score a touchdown. In the pros are many who have had the same experiences growing up, and many of those who have been humbled. Johnny and gang, go get yourself humbled. You’ll be much better ballplayers and people for it.

  12. So they turned their backs on the guy (Hoyer) who won them 7 games so they can play the owner’s shiny new toy Johnny Cancer and the team falls apart. Not surprised. What goes around, comes around.

  13. What happened to all Halsem’s “high character players”? He must have low expectations. Also, trade Gordon while he still has some promise and you can get something. During his record 2013 season the Browns sucked. The Browns were better without him 2014.

  14. I’d hope the greater punishment for Gordon was because he was on a VERY short probationary leash due to his recent second suspension for drugs.

    After both Manziel and Gilbert admitted a lack of effort in their first year, a similar probation should be placed on them. Screw up again, lose huge $$$. Do it twice and you’re gone. That’s how every boss I’ve ever worked for has dealt with employees.

  15. Why were the Browns brought back into the league again?
    Oh yeah everyone needs a good laugh now and again.

  16. These kids, Manziel, Gilbert, and Gordon seem like front runners. When things matter, they try, but the season is pretty much over, and they do what they want.

    I feel for the Brown’s fans.

  17. Again, 15 quality first round picks in this past draft and the browns don’t get any of them with 2 picks. Fate? Coincidence? Curse?

    Mack, Watkins, Barr, Mosley, Evans, ODB, Shazier, Donald, Mathews, Fuller, Clinton-Dix, James, Martin, Carr in the second

  18. This is a major step forward for the Browns. It’s about time. Now install Connor Shaw as your starter for next season and cut the clowns. After witnessing Connors full career at USC (That’s THE USC, South Carolina) I know what this kid has, and it’s what the Browns need. He is a consummate pro, tremendous work ethic, he might not ever be an elite QB, but he will be perfect for while the team takes a few years to find and develop an elite one. He’s exactly what the team needs to turn the culture there from chumps, to possible champs. I’ve said it since the Browns picked him up, steal of the draft for the Browns, you couldn’t ask for a better person to rebuild your franchise around.

  19. Let’s cut these kids and move on. No point living in the past and moaning about how pathetic the franchise is. Take action. Cut Manziel so fast it would make his head spin. Cut Gilbert in a heartbeat. Demand accountability. Always lots of players around and every year there are more. Next man up.

  20. L’il Johnny sure hosed up the team – again. Of course those mental midgets who attended the party and then arrived late for team activities the next day were just about as smart as he was. Irresponsible little boys making big adult money.

  21. Funny, they don’t even have the space to mention the problems they are having with third round pick Terrence West and his sense of entitlement.

    This is just too good.

  22. What a joke this coaching staff is. All of a sudden guys are late to meetings and such at the END of the year? Doubtful. This has probably been going on all year and now Pettine realizes he may want to set some rules considering his team threw away a season in which they had a chance for the playoffs. Chud should still be coaching that team. Pettine is laughable and so is whomever is making draft decisions. #brutal

  23. At this point, if the Browns do just go ahead, cut their losses, and release Johnny Goodtimes – would ANY other team pick him up, even as a project?

  24. ray farmer is a genious remember his famous words we don’t need any recievers. im tired of having gm’s that think there smarter than anyone else. god how bad can we get with first round picks manziel, gilbert, mingo, weeden, I just wish we could hire anyone that knew anything about football. farmer is one giant moron

  25. whenwilliteverend says:

    For me, I’d go back to what George Allen did with the Redskins in the 70’s.

    He didn’t win a Super Bowl.

  26. I think that Manziel needs to go. He still thinks he’s the Big Man on Campus. Rich boy who can do whatever he wants with no repercussions ’cause of his daddy’s money. Now it’s his money. At one point, I was actually rooting for him, but now I think that he is toxic.

  27. Please don’t send Hoyer to QB hell like you have done the rest. He is a proven winner with a support cast. he is the answer and has proven it. Tired of hearing all this briggewater crap as there will be no colored qb in cleveland so give it a rest already

  28. Not only does this show Manziel’s complete lack of respect, but it’s an indictment on his decision making. I get it, you want to throw a party, we’ve all done it. Here’s a thought…wait a few friggin’ days until the season is over and blow it out. Hell, NYE is only days away. What a dip$hit!

  29. its second quarter… Browns with a rookie QB and those players missing are making it a game. Just had a great run to Ravens 39… KEEP GOING !…

    I like what the Coach is doing… yes.. definitely might have wrong picks…

    but even the STeelers have picked a few bad ones.. pot heads etc… let Homes go… after catching WINNING SB TD !!!

    Pettinte says GO

  30. Justin Gilbert need to stop acting like a kid and Man up. Hell, i’m sure his 1 year old kid act more mature then he is.

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