McCarthy calls Suh step on Rodgers “ridiculous”

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As Peter King of said on Football Night in America, the league will review on Monday the leg-step committed by Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh against Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy needs no time for contemplation or deliberation.

During his post-game press conference, McCarthy called the maneuver “ridiculous.”  McCarthy also said “there’s no place for that.”  Rodgers predicted that Suh will call it an accident.

The move wasn’t nearly as egregious as last Sunday’s blatant stomp by Lions center Dominic Raiola on the lower leg of Bears defensive lineman Ego Ferguson.  But Suh’s history could prompt the league to take a closer look at whether intent existed.  It also could make the NFL less inclined to give Suh the benefit of the doubt.

History or not, it would take a lot for Suh to be suspended for next weekend’s wild-card game at Dallas.

212 responses to “McCarthy calls Suh step on Rodgers “ridiculous”

  1. All the pieces are in place for us to win another Super Bowl!

    The Lions will eventually pack it up and go home.

    We are the greatest. We are the BEST.

    I LOL at every other franchise because you don’t own a part of your team like me.

    Go Pack GO!

  2. He went on to say ” I don’t know how the Vikings could be in the league so long and not win a Super Bowl. Even teams with no real talent have won it. Look at the Saints.”

    I have to agree.

  3. Somebody needs a year suspension. Ray rice got a year, Adrian Peterson also. There’s just nothing sportsmanlike about the continuous stomping on players, take your loss as a man and move on

  4. Repeat offender Suh should get suspended at least 8 games but Fidel Goodell has been defanged by his own malfeasance & incompetence.

  5. The Lions are the dirtiest team ever!!

    Ridiculous….how many times does Suh and Raiola get to play dirty before they get banned?

    Lions are scum!

    G@rbage football for G@rbage people (Hyzers, rlpft): Detroit Lions!

  6. Oh please he’s suspended!!! Easy won’t make a difference anyway because the Lions can’t cover anyone to save their lives.. Dallas will have a field day on that secondary

  7. I dunno, this one was pretty darn egregious, just like Raiola’s last week.

    I would buy, even from Suh, that the first step was an accident. Once he realized the “accident”, he apparently decided that what he had done wrong with miss any opportunity for a cheap shot. So he made up for that mistake.

  8. Big mike and erin need to unbunch their panties. Listen I thought the raiola stomp last week deserved more than a one week suspension but there is no way to determine intent on this. It was a step not a stomp, his momentum was carrying him that way, and he was looking in the other direction. There is zero proof of anything and the NFL would lose a lot of credibility suspending Suh for this.

  9. Somehow 31 other teams manage to go week after week without “accidentally” stepping on other people’s ankles. Lions must just be unlucky that way.

  10. I’m less interested in how these guys act in their private lives and more concerned about how they act on the field. This kind of stuff is garbage. It makes the game less enjoyable. Suh should be banned for a calendar year for this act, based on his league rap sheet.

  11. It didn’t look intentional but he didn’t try to get off quickly. If you step on something out on the field it has to be another player, or maybe a loose shoe.

  12. It shouldn’t take a lot. Is player safety important or not. Behind concussions this guy single-handedly poses the most danger to player safety. How many times are you supposed to be allowed to do this stuff before the league takes real action.

  13. I watched I’ve and on replay. After first backing onto him and his heel clipping Rodgers ankle, Suh then stepped back with his other foot directly in the ankle and then put all of his weight on it by raising his other foot.

    This is unacceptable in the NFL. While intent would be hard to prove, everyone knows what happened and Suh refused to face reporters after the game.

    Probably won’t get a suspension, but a fine.

    This is how careers and players livelihoods are ruined.

    He and Raiola are an embarrassment to their team and the leauge.

  14. Suh’s past conduct means he gets no benefit of the doubt.

    He made his bed and will now lie in it.

    I see a suspension coming.

  15. Wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. Dirty players resort to dirty actions when things don’t go their way. Suspension should be looming, no doubt.

  16. The league should indeed suspend him from the playoff game.

    Repeat offender who intentionally tries to seriously injure other players

    Disgusting and cowardly of Suh

  17. I would be surprised if Suh isn’t punished. The thing that will nail him is putting all his weight on Rodgers’s ankle. There was no need for him to lift his other leg off the ground. Back turned to Rodgers or not, Suh would have known he was stepping on someone before lifting his leg off the ground.

  18. If the roughing-the-passer rules are set up to protect the QB, how can you not suspend Suh for the wild-card game for that? He took a full step back and then stood on Rodgers ankle. There’s no doubt in my mind that was intentional.

    In addition to a suspension, the league should fine him a game check for a trend of behavior that’s developing for him.

  19. Watch the replay. Suh knew who it was stepped on his ankle & lifted his foot off the ground then walked off. He’s a dirty rotten player who should be suspended for next weeks game

  20. When does McCarthy NOT whine?

    Stanton gets slapped intentionally and a penalty is correctly called while McCarthy stomps around like a little kid. If it was Rodgers that got hit EXACTLY the same, mccarthy would have been whining as well. That’s what happens when the league gives a team most every close call. As a coach, you start to believe you and your team deserve to get the calls. It’s just funny watching it play out and McCarthy doesn’t realize it.

  21. Suh kept stepping back till he found his target, once he felt Rodgers underneath him he switch his weight to the stomping leg. I watched it enough to know that was no accident.

  22. Everything Suh does is deliberate. There’s no heat of battle for this guy. What I’m wondering is whether this was a warning to the Lions not to franchise him. That’s the only way they could keep him next year.

  23. It was intentional. When does anyone step on a player and not even look their way. There was intent and Suh should be fined a large amount for his intentional misstep.

  24. Suh and he Lions have a history as a dirty team. They are classless losers and resort to this crap all the time.

    Suh should be suspended immediately, and not be available for next week’s game against the Cowboys.

    How many times is this creep going to do this before he seriously injures someone? He is the most over-rated “D” lineman in the game, and the dirtiest.

    I just hope one day someone gets a shot at his knees or his head and takes it. He deserves to get a shot like that.

  25. there are reports out that Sue will be suspended for the Dallas game. We will need to see for confirmation.

  26. I expect that Suh’s behavior and dirty play on the field will cost him some money on his new contract.

  27. That’s terrible what he did! Something must be done in defense of one of the true ambassadors of the NFL, MVP, Aaron Rodgers and his great storied franchise , the great Green Bay Packers! Don’t delay this dirty player must be suspended a minimum of one game immediately for the good of the game!
    A diehard Cowboys fan.

  28. Suh knew exactly what he was doing….. He steps a little forward and then a little backward. Right on Rodgers ankle. This guy is a piece of crap. He should be suspended for any and all playoff games this year. Although I think they are one and done anyhow.

    I am not a Packer fan (Bears fan) but I hate to see crap like this from any team. And the Lions, and Suh are well known around the league as cheap shot artists.

  29. Logically if you were on a football field stepping on something that is not grass…your first instinct would be to step off of it because you know you’re stepping on someone. Suh did no such thing, he even took a second step backwards. His action was therefore extremely flagrant no matter how comparable it was to the severity of the Raiola incident.

    If Raiola was suspended, Suh should be suspended. The intent was the same.

  30. The Packers are a one-man show. Mediocrity will soon descend on the Packers for decades to come just like it’s town where they have a bowling alley, a yoga studio and a bar on every corner. No culture there folks. Not a whole lot to do, except bowling.

  31. Love the “discipline” that Jim Caldwell is instilling in his team this year. Wasn’t that the excuse the Lions used to hire a cheap coach who had no business getting another head coaching job?

  32. I haven’t seen the play yet, but given Suh’s history and the fact it was against Aaron Rodgers who was playing hurt , I would be surprised if at the very least he would be heavily fined . A suspension would not be out of the question , due to his history. Sometimes , it pays to have a good reputation .

  33. The Detroit Lions are a “dirty” football team. Just look at the histories of Suh and Raiola. Caldwell and the coaching staff bear some responsibility for this travesty also by not trying to control it. Classless organization.

  34. Sus has been nothing but a horrible example of a Pro Athlete… As a person born and raised in Portland Oregon ( and grant you a Packer’s shareholder) Suh has been nothing but a problem to explain… this is not how our kids are taught or how they play on Friday night’s… I hope he gets his due… GO PACK GO!!!

  35. glac1 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 8:45 PM
    I wonder if the whole Ford family is as dirty as their organization???

    They are better people than you’ll ever be.

  36. I wish Reggie White was still around to sit down and have a chat with this young man, and let him know how to play the game with class.

  37. I am pretty sure the second stomp was on purpose. The first I can see as being unintentional but he would have known he was stepping on someone right then and instead of moving FORWARD like any normal person not looking to cheap shot someone would have done, he moved the other foot backwards where he knew Rodgers was laying.

    He should be suspended for that and the guy is a dirty sack of crap. Hopefully one day some dirty lineman chop blocks him and blows out his knees.

  38. Suh’s first connection with Aaron’s leg was just the heel and it was accidental. It encountered the leg enough for any foot-aware professional football player to know he had stepped on a player. So, then Suh had both feet on grass, well balanced, no-one pushing him.

    Suh knew for sure a player was immediately behind him. A first grader in flag football could have figured that out and a youngster that age would have had the poise and wisdom to just step forward to avoid any more contact with the obstacle behind his heel. A first grader would have also moved his head around to see what he had stepped on.

    Instead, Suh stepped back deliberately with his other foot …. just a little further back knowing that distance would be enough to get solid contact with the leg or arm for sure.

    Then the insanely dirty part …. Suh knew his back foot wasn’t on grass …. it was a 3-4 inches higher than grass level. He then moved his weight back to put 100% of his frame on the back foot and he lifted his front foot off the grass and intentionally balanced there with his other foot in the air before stepping forward again. It was a deliberate pose so as to sustain the punishment on the leg. He had to balance himself to accomplish it.

    That really hurt Aaron and anyone (either a biased Packer fan like myself or a youngster who normally cheers for some other team) easily concluded that it was a deliberate, disgraceful intent to injure.

    Please NFL —-> punish this repeat offender very severely.

    This attack by Suh simultaneously hurt Aaron physically while further increasing his reputation for character and leadership. MVP for Aaron for leading his team on, even including a QB sneak, while hurt. And he was leading the Pack with a broad smile even while his leg was still smarting from Suh’s deliberate injury. Hooooooooooraaaaaaay Aaron and hoooooooraaaaaaaaaay Green Bay Packers.

  39. that is really bad. that is twice in two weeks we had a player clearly stepping on another’s leg in an attempt to injure. not a fan of that at all.

    guys like poe or richardson are great DL without all the stupid stuff suh does.

  40. That was as blatant as it gets. He knew who was on the ground back there, and he deliberately put all his weight on that leg once he felt Rodgers leg under his foot. No excuse for it. I am not a lions hater and I am not a packers fan, but since Jim Schwartz, I always find myself hoping the lions will lose because of stuff just like this. Such is a repeat offender and should lose an entire season given his past. Completely uncalled for. Don’t think the league will sweep this under the rug either. This happened to a star player and a future hall of Famer. It was a QB he did this too.

  41. Look at the replay carefully. The initial step is OK and perhaps unavoidable, BUT the second one is an obvious violation.

    Given his history, Suh should be suspended.

  42. Rodgers needs to go get himself some waa burgers and French cries. Man up Erin, the refs can’t bail you out every time another player puts you on your butt (this is an actual contact sport). Suh is a dirty player but that step wasn’t a big deal.

  43. At this point you almost wish that Suh would be on the ground and some big stomping RB like Lacy or Lineman would “accidently” step on his ankle.

    not a packer fan – vikings fan but I hate consistantly cheap shot players.

    I say consistantly because I can think of loads of players who have had an occasional 1 or 2 over a career cause they got a little pissed or whatever. Like Jared A had a kick to someone’s treasures once but I don’t recall any other incident.

  44. there are people starving around the world, people without homes, animals getting abused and neglected. And what are the sports fans of the world worried about what happened to a millionaire who really doesn’t give a damn about you. I’ve never seen so much drama over where a guy placed his foot.

  45. So Suh was at a dead stop looking downfield away from Rogers. He was slightly bumped in follow through by the guard and stumbled a little onto Rogers ankle without ever looking down or back he not having full balance he stepped back on Rogers calf. Unless he has some sort of special power which allows him to know the exact location of Rogers leg there was no intent. I can see that he didn’t make any effort to avoid or take weight off when he knew he was on something but he didn’t initiate and there is absolutely no way he could have targeted Rogers in any way. Raiola was clear, intentional and dirty. This was accidental and ungentlemenly at worst. NFL may fine to appease the cheeseheads and Rogers but there is zero evidence of any intent upon watching the replay.

  46. So I’m a packers fan and have watched suh play for a while now. I feel like he is one of the best in the league and would love to have him on team. I just don’t understand why he puts himself in these situations all the time. He is way to good to act like that.

  47. From a football standpoint’ the only thing more embarrassing for the Lions other than Suh’s dirty play was the fact that their head coach doesnt understand the concept of “down by contact”. Rather than asking the official to explain the rule which was clearly confusing to him, he threw an inane flag wasting a timeout.

  48. Suh is a “multiple repeat offender” & will pay a price with a suspension. Also, the DET linebacker who helmeted Lacey when he was on the ground will get an email from the league on Tuesday. Watching Detroit’s D hammer Packers, after players were down, I was amazed no penalties were called. Yet, a slap to Stafford & yep, a flag (correctly – but it was funny to see Stafford beg for it). Glad it was Rodgers good leg, but the spikes had to hurt – especially the 2nd time. Detroit’s rookie center had a solid game, good for him…

  49. “speicher145 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 8:45 PM
    Going for his injured calf. Classless. It’s okay Aaron can rest for a week now.”

    So Suh is strong enough with the force to just know, without looking, that he’s stepping on that leg? Really?

  50. dohpey28 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 8:39 PM
    Watch it in real time and it’s a non issue.
    10 seconds of just chilling atop a guy’s lower leg… total “non-issue”.

  51. The first one may have been an accident. However, the second step was intentional. He is on a flat football field – after he stepped on him the first time, he knew it was a player he was stepping on. If the NFL really cares about player safety, they suspend Suh for next week’s game. It shouldn’t matter that next week’s game is a playoff game.

  52. thepackerpoet says: Dec 28, 2014 8:41 PM

    All the pieces are in place for us to win another Super Bowl!

    The Lions will eventually pack it up and go home.

    We are the greatest. We are the BEST.

    I LOL at every other franchise because you don’t own a part of your team like me.

    Go Pack GO!


    You do realize that you don’t really own a piece of the Green Bay Packers, right? Hate to break it to you, but that piece of paper you paid over $200 is essentially worthless.

  53. Someone needs to take out this fools knees and blow out his ACL.. Maybe then he will start to play the game within the rules. He is too talented of a player to be playing so cheap and dirty. Classless fool

  54. Dallas players better watch it if they are playing with an injury against Lions, mainly Romo and Murray. This will not be an easy game, dogfight to the end.

  55. Who Remembers Conrad Dobler and Hacksaw Reynolds? Football has always been a rough tough game, it is only recently that it has gotten wussified. Mean Joe Greene wasn’t called that for not being nice to his mother…

  56. I’m afraid that no other team will want to take a chance on him, and he’ll remain a Lion. C’mon, there’s got to be some AFC team out there that likes Dirt.

  57. Let me put it this way, if you accidentally stepped on someone with cleats and the person you stepped on his you in the butt to get your attention, wouldn’t you turn around and maybe acknowledge it was accidental. The fact he didn’t turn around tells me it was intentional. He knew AR was on the ground when he backed up and stepped on his left leg.

    Suh is a neaderthal. The Lions have had this reputation for years. I’m sure Lion fans would be equally upset if Clay Matthews did the same to Stafford.

  58. luckyarmpit says:
    Dec 28, 2014 9:43 PM

    thepackerpoet says: Dec 28, 2014 8:41 PM

    All the pieces are in place for us to win another Super Bowl!

    The Lions will eventually pack it up and go home.

    We are the greatest. We are the BEST.

    I LOL at every other franchise because you don’t own a part of your team like me.

    Go Pack GO!


    You do realize that you don’t really own a piece of the Green Bay Packers, right? Hate to break it to you, but that piece of paper you paid over $200 is essentially worthless.

    You can’t be so stupid as to think she is a real Packer fan. But then again, you don’t seem all that bright.

  59. You peeps that hate Suh are the same type that are calling Greg Williams dirty? Meanwhile, bounty’s have been around since the start of pro football! Jeez! I saw a special about a player who used his shoulders like fist??? It was unbelievable how this guy used his shoulders!! Back when they wore leather helmets lol he broke a few jaws with his shoulders lol his buddy was playing on the opposite team that day. They made up flyers lol with his picture on it 500 dollar bounty lol so his buddy acted like he hurt him and took him out of the game lol and then they split the 500 bucks lol great story! NFL films, I’m sure someone has watched it? leave Suh alone! He’s playing the way the game was made to be played! Grow up people! The game wasn’t made for players allowed to talk trash and not pay a price! At least Suh backs up his trash talking! That’s a lot more then I can say for a lot of the other big mouths in the game today!

  60. I have read each and every comment on this topic.It is the general consensus that Suh is dirty and has a history of being so.Whether he gets suspended for the playoff game is anyone’s guess.
    What makes me laugh is he will probably get the largest free agent contract ever for a defensive player.Shame ,Shame!!

  61. No way Suh gets suspended – stop whining…

    Yes, he is a dirtbag – but this wasn’t a big deal.

    You all sound like a bunch of 5 year old girls…


  62. Coaches always have their players backs…Last week Cadwell said he had to look at the Raoiia tape again….
    I understand that Suh doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, from McCarthy or many others. nor should he/

    I am ok with his Suh’s first step back, it could have been incidental, but on the “Follow though” makes it a classic trash Lions move. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. Especially since he has shown the ability to lose his composure especially against the Packers.

  63. Dobler did it between the whistles. I read his book 25 years ago and he was very up front about it.

    Suh is no Dobler.

  64. Let the haters keep hating Suh! Laugh yourself all the way to the Bank next year lol lol The rules being the way they are. The NFL is going implode ten years from now! I can’t wait

  65. Just the latest dirty move from a scumbag that doesn’t have any interest in “getting it”.

    The irony is that suspending Suh a game would potentially hurt GB further; they’ll be rooting for DET next week so they can get ARZ/CAR in Lambeau, as supposed to a DAL squad that is unbeaten on the road.

  66. The problem with this guy and people who act the same in general is the penalty does not fit thecrime. U make the penalty 10 times as harsh as the crime and these guys will start to think about their actions. Done!

  67. Suh is a sociopath. He’s gone so far as to “act” when he does these things so it appears as if it’s an accident. I’m not fooled. When you are stepping on someone’s leg, you know it. He clearly lifted his other leg to put his full weight down. It was no accident. Of course he will say that he wasn’t looking, didn’t know he was stepping on him, etc. because that’s his twisted little game.

    Caldwell needs to clean up the trash that Schwartz allowed to fester. Until then the Lions will be the Lions everyone has gotten used to.

    Suh will probably sign with some garbage organization that is willing to overpay him and get fat and lazy ala Albert Haynesworth.

  68. I love when fans throw out the “us” when speaking of the team they root for, newsflash fans you are just a necessity and no one in the organization actually cares what you think. IDC how long you or your family has supported the team, ur still nothing to them.

  69. 34defense2014 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 9:58 PM

    He’s playing the way the game was made to be played! Grow up people! ….
    When was stepping on a player when the play was over ever part of the game?

  70. 34defense2014 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 10:04 PM

    Talk about dirty! Lynch should be first inline! No place for grabbing his Jock in the NFL! Loser
    He’s just celebrating the way the game was made to be celebrated! Grow up person!

  71. Players Union needs to step up and back a hardline on Suh. They can’t continue to criticize the league about player safety when the players put their peers in jeopardy. Suh is a jerk and needs to be dealt with.

  72. Suh is a scumbag. Yes it was intentional. The 2nd step and lean back left no doubt. I fault McCarthy and the Packers players for being too classy and not going after his knees on every play or purposely taking out Stafford’s knees.

    Oh well……

  73. Packers can take the whole season off and still be one and done in the playoff, pathetic people will never win. The hawks will murder the Packers. Go backward Pack.

  74. Worried about Suh stepping on someone. Mean while ODBjr is back peddling into the end zone! Making a mockery of the sport, he should be fined 10k for making all of us look like fools! Yet, we still watch these knuckleheads dance around and grab their jock in the end zone?! It would be nice to see someone knock his head off while back peddling! Shut him up, real quick!!

  75. People act like they’ve never cheated on a test or done something wrong before.

    Win at any costs. That’s the game.

    Get over it and stop whining, it’s football.

  76. Obviously did that on purpose. He knew he was stepping on something – he did not look around to see what it was. So he knew it had to be a person. And he rocked back and put his weight on whatever it was he was stepping on.

    If it was inadvertent, why didn’t he look around?

  77. thepackerpoet says:
    Dec 28, 2014 8:41 PM

    All the pieces are in place for us to win another Super Bowl!

    The Lions will eventually pack it up and go home.

    We are the greatest. We are the BEST.

    I LOL at every other franchise because you don’t own a part of your team like me.

    Go Pack GO!
    A pathetically weak attempt by a sad Viking fan to recreate a Packer version of thepftpoet. Everyone sees right through it. Not even a good try.

  78. buffal0s0ldier says:
    Dec 28, 2014 10:35 PM

    People act like they’ve never cheated on a test or done something wrong before.

    Win at any costs. That’s the game.

    Get over it and stop whining, it’s football.
    ==================================Just because you have to cheat at things in order to win doesn’t mean everyone else has to stoop to that level. Your statement is more of a statement about your character than anybody else’s.

  79. I have to commend many of the Lion posters saying there is no room for this type of behavior regarding their own player.

    Then there are the classless viking posters who display why they are a laughinstock like their team. You would figure after 50+ years you could lose with dignity you had a lot of practice.

  80. You guys are really dumb if you think anything is going to be done about this. The Ref saw nothing wrong with it and the only reason there is such an uproar is that it is Suh and the Media played it up for everything it was worth.
    If any of you had ever played the game you would know that with all the knocking around that happens people get stepped on all the time. Get over it and realize that players may not realize things you think they should.

  81. He should go ahead and sign his Lions Free Agent tender now. No other team will be stupid enough to pay big money to this mental-midget.

  82. McCarthy is such a blow hard, he should just be happy his team got all the call tonight. As a fan of neither team, the refs gift wrapped this one for the Packers. Suh steeped back not knowing that anyone was even behind him. Rodgers needs to stop crying.

  83. I called it last week. I said Suh would stomp rodgers calf. It’s beyond ridiculous. He needs to banned. The very fact that he is constantly resorting to dirty play is proof positive of his intent and guilt.

  84. Awwh honalulu you sound a little butt hurt after you assured everyone the kitties would win.

  85. Favre wouldn’t be crying like little Erin is. Hopefully Karma catches up with the Packers and their fans. They are first rate trash.

  86. Media Witchhunt, pure and simple. Watch it at normal speed, looking at the whole screen (not the zoomed in portion). If you think Suh, who is still being pushed by the Packers lineman, deliberately stepped (not stomped) on his ankle without seeing Rogers, then you are part of the mindless sheeple that the NFL is feeding off of.

    FOX and Buck went into a frenzy. We had to see it over and over and over again. Slow mo, why not super slow mo to exaggerate every move. Hey lets zoom in so you can’t see the lineman touching him or that he isn’t looking at Rogers. You would have thought Suh stomped on Buck’s grandmother the way he was going on about it.

    The more I see of the NFL and the media covering it, it seems they have their agenda set. #THEFIXISIN

  87. Steelers are Superior says:
    Dec 28, 2014 8:38 PM
    He should’ve stepped harder.

    Unlike you i am wishing Bell a speedy recovery, see what happens when you wish ill on someone..

  88. Ndamukong Sewage … the dirtiest player on the dirtiest team in the entire National Football League.

  89. He stepped on your QB. You’re upset I get that. He will be fined. He won’t be suspended. He will be the richest and most hated Defensive player of all time next year on probably the NY Giants. Let’s move on with our lives.

  90. Know what’s ridiculous?
    Erin’s pain show.
    Joebucklovestroy gushing about how amazing it is that a football player named Erin can play through a minor injury.
    That’s what’s ridiculous.
    Half the guys on the field are playing through worse injuries but aren’t milking it for all it’s worth.
    Can’t wait for GB Fakers season to end.

  91. Sorry, the Lions, especially Suh and Raiola, have lost any benefit of the doubt with their history of dirty play. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who is not a homer and blind Lions fan that the stomps were intentional.

  92. Develop a bad reputation and suddenly there is no benefit of the doubt. He has nobody to blame but himself for that happening. But how laughable is it to constantly read the same comments from Lions/Suh fans about how THIS time it was an accident. To hear some of them talk, bad luck just follows the guy around.

  93. I wonder if the Packers will be able to sell out the playoff game this year, because last year the team had to buy the remaining tickets. second rate…

  94. Because Suh’s back was to Rogers when he stepped the second time, he might have plausible deniability. But even if a players thinks they can get away with it its still a bad moral act.

    I agree with Troy Aikman, who thought it was intentional.

  95. It honestly doesn’t matter whether you call him Aaron or Erin, how many times does Suh have to do these things until you realize he’s (she’s, for you lion fans) a dirty player. The first step was probably accidental, but even you or I could have avoided that second stomp.

    Dirty player. Can’t blame Schwartz anymore.

  96. As a former football player I know that any player can tell the difference between stepping on a player and stepping on the ground. Suh clearly knew what he was doing and stayed planted on Rodger’s leg as long as he felt he could get away with. The league needs to take this very seriously and I believe a 6-8 game suspension without pay would be in order given this isn’t his first offense. Maybe then he might learn a little self discipline. To me it is more acceptable for a player to lose their cool and get in a fight than for a player to calmly and intentionally try to inflict injury on another person who is not even in a position. To defend themself.

  97. Ones stomp accidently? Remotely possible. Two accidental? Impossible.

    He has a great desire to stomp on Packers. Let him sit next week and think about it.

    The league does not need dirty players, and he qualifies as one.

  98. Suh is a dirty player… Should that play come as a surprise? It was totally intentional, like Raiola’s. He should get a hefty fine.

  99. What’s sad is that none of you wet naps mentioned how poor the officiating was. This game was handed to the Packers because the league and it’s benefactors get moist in the britches each time Rogers takes the field. Phantom false start on Bell in the end zone? Phantom touchdown for Rogers? Reversed 2 point conversion by Bell? It was a egregious and obvious display.

  100. Sit him for his first and last playoff game (at least if he stays in Detroit). But does the league have the guts? I think we all know that answer.

  101. The main thing here is that an injured and immobile Rodgers is still a lot better than a healthy but still dumb and Cutlerish Stafford.

    Suh deserves suspension for an obvious attempt to step on Rodgers with that 2nd step, but I hope he plays and they beat Dallas because the Lions are not a threat.

  102. Judging by many of the comments, I’d say Suh isn’t the only sociopath.

    You can also see the lack of progress in much of our species reading the comments on this site.

    Cheers to the intelligent, respectful commentors.

  103. The best part was a couple plays later when TJ Lang went up to Suh to “send a message” but you could tell Lang was deathly afraid of him and backed down once he saw Suh getting angry. Either be a man and do something about it or shut up. Don’t go in there like a coward and mumble a few words as you walk away.

  104. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If he could be suspended, I would be all for it, all though I feel in this scenario its hard to prove intent, wish they can they suspend him for being a clown though. Play as angry as you want, but keep those garbage, moves out of it.

    Whatever the league does it won’t be enough, to get him to stop his shenanigans. What will the league do when someone does get injured by the Lions taking cheap shots?

  105. What sold it for me that it was intentional was not merely Suh’s second step back onto Rodger’s leg and standing on it for awhile, but then after Rodger’s finally hit him in the back of his leg and yelled at him, even then Suh didn’t really look back. As a Pack fan though I’d rather play a weaker opponent at Lambeau then the rising Dallas team, still on principle I have to say I’d rather see Suh suspended for the good of the game even if it means it is more likely we face Dallas at home.

  106. Packer fans who say it would be funny if he were suspended his last game as a lion due to free agency ,yes it would but the funnier story is guess who your starting defense of lineman for 2015 is haha can u image SUH in green and yellow… Lol R E L A X…

  107. I’m a Packer fan, and even I will give Suh the benefit of the doubt on the first contact with the leg.
    But not the second one, where he clearly made a full step backwards with the left leg and planted it squarely on Rodger’s ankle — and then put his full weight on it as he picked up his right foot besides.

    C’mon, ref — you’ve got a flag; throw the dambed thing.  At the very least this is unsportsmanlike conduct.

  108. Suh is irresponsible and selfish with this kind of attitude .but Rodgers ???faking an injury,actor studio sort of,crying on the field Like he torn both acl..carted off the field ,for what???then come back in the third with a smille,faking an injury until the end of the game.the lions have been humiliated by this punk,there’s no surprise when a frustrated player trie to réally injure him.

  109. Im neither a Packers, nor Lions fan,,,but Suh stepped on Rodgers twice and it was defiantly on purpose and with intent to injure Rodgers ankle or lower leg. Suh should be suspended from the league for yr, before he really injures a player badly. This guy is a sociopath.

  110. Stepped back once, made sure he found the leg, stepped again with better positioning.

    The second time he actually held his other leg in the air for a bit….He should sit out the next game, but he won’t.

    I’m actually hoping he doesn’t sit, I hate the Cowboys……

  111. Some of you are ignorant morons. The entire Lions organization is not dirty, you can’t categorize an entire team for 2 idiot players. Next season when Suh and Raiola are both gone, you will all have to find different labels for the Lions! Too bad 2 idiots overshadow the rest of the team who are mostly classy and hard working players!!

  112. Time to bring back the old crack block. Out of the shotgun, have Suh’s guard let him through without any fight and have the other guard pull and earhole from the side him as soon as he gets past the center. Then, the very next play, have every single offensive lineman you have dive directly for Suh’s knees. Rodgers is smart enough to get the ball off before the line gets to him.

  113. Even amongst a losing season, a class player like Jared Allen wouldn’t do something so harmful to the game.

    The lions desperately need a player like him to teach the true way to conduct themselves to their other players.

    I’d rather have a 40 year old Jared Allen on his way to a well earned retirement on my team than a 25 year old version of Suh every day of the week.

  114. DETROILET at it finest.

    Just as disgusting and ridiculous are the comments on here from the arena league team in Minnesoooota.

    Flush…and down the hole you go…lol lol

  115. The league needs to have a come to Jesus conversation with this kid.
    They should suspend him for the playoff game next week and the first 6 games next year. If he does it one more time he’s all done. Hopefully he saved his money. By his behavior he does not seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

  116. Mr Suh has had many off the field problems and this has become one of a laundry list out crys. He has been asked to seek mental help by the league and has refused and denied that he has problems. I figure he will be removed soon before he decides to bring gun on the field. Suh get help please!

  117. When you’re walking backwards and you step on something you’re unaware that was back there, you don’t continue stepping backwards as if you’re not stepping on anything. You correct your backpedal so that you don’t step on anything else.

    Suh was trying to act like it was an accident and should be punished accordingly.

  118. He CLEARLY put all of his weight on Rodgers ankle. I suppose you can say maybe he did not know it was Rodgers, BUT HE HAD TO KNOW IT WAS SOMEONE’s ANKLE. Like another poster said, he’s on a flat field. If the league is serious about this BS, Suh will be gone for Wildcard Weekend.

  119. That’s one of the dirtiest plays I’ve ever seen and specifically because he tries to act like it was an accident.

    That was no accident; nobody walks backwards like that unless they’re intending to step on something.

    Suspend him.

  120. Stepped on him not once, but twice. Never looked back, wasn’t off balance. He clearly put MORE weight on his back foot after it came down on Rodger’s calf. Suh never even turned around to see why Rodgers smacked him. Anyone who says it was unintentional is in denial. Suh is a turd. Always has been.

  121. If Erin’s legs were less soft, maybe Suh would have realized he stepped on something?

    The medical “doctors” on gbay staff leave little to be desired. The packer players would get better treatment at the minute clinic.

    Cmon, Erin….toughin’ up!!!!!

  122. You know something is wrong when even Lions fans get upset, as they should, because a player on their team is giving the whole team a bad reputation, especially when you pile on what happened the week before. Suh has a history of dirty and cheap shots, he has a history of stepping on other players intentionally or kicking another player in the groin, clean players don’t get 7 fines and a suspension in four years.

  123. Heck, the way I see it, the Packers should be penalized for Rogers beating on Suh. That’s how much sense this whole thing makes!

  124. Looks like Suh has been suspended for the game next week in Dallas. Does this mean Lions fans can now conceed that he did it on purpose, and the league made a good call. The first step was whatever, but the second could have been avoided, and putting all of his weight on it could have been avoided. I mean it when I say good luck next week, as I respect the Lions as a team, but I will never have any respect for a dirty player like Suh.

  125. Lots of people here are speaking like they think the NFL needs to prove his intent was malicious. No. They don’t need to prove anything. They need to say “I think it was malicious” and then suspend him. That’s all they “have” to do. His actual intent is irrelevant. His perceived intent is all that matters. If this was his first offense, it would’ve just been a fine or maybe nothing. But its not. Hes dirty and everyone knows it.

  126. If Suh didn’t play football, he probably would have ended up an enforcer for a drug gang.

  127. lionsgirl616 says:Dec 29, 2014 9:19 AM

    Some of you are ignorant morons. The entire Lions organization is not dirty, you can’t categorize an entire team for 2 idiot players. Next season when Suh and Raiola are both gone, you will all have to find different labels for the Lions! Too bad 2 idiots overshadow the rest of the team who are mostly classy and hard working players!!

    As a Packer fan, agreed. Jim Caldwell deserves better than dealing with these 2 idiots, and Lions fans could feel better about cheering for their team. It’s not the uniform, it’s the jerks wearing them, although it is leftovers from the Jijm Schwartz era.

  128. First of all, anybody who’s anybody can see that Rogers is at fault. Rogers and the linemen were trying the oldest trick in the book. “The I’ll kneel down behind him and you push him over me”. it just back fired and Roger’s squealed like the little girl he is…

    Second, if you think this or something worse doesn’t happen on every play in football, yes I said football, not the NFL, not College, not High School, but FOOTBALL in general, you’ve got another thing coming. Have any of you Football Hero’s ever heard of the war stories that are a pig pile or fumble recovery??

    And to all you Cheeseville cheeseheads….if you think Suh is dirty? I ask you to look at some old film on Reggie. The king of the head slap, an illegal move even in his day, he played how many games with a club on his hand and clubbed countless linemen in the head with it? Probably giving them concussions as it wasn’t as regulated as today’s game. And yet Reggie is a Saint…but I digress. hope you enjoyed!!

  129. It must be nice to have the commissioner in your hip pocket. And, so much for him being concerned about player safety. It appears, he’s more interested in TV ratings between the Lions and Cowboys… the bottom dollar.

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