Oddsmaker: Betting public backing Steelers in AFC North championship


According to one of Nevada’s major sports book operators, the betting public is siding with the favorite in the AFC North title game.

As of late Saturday afternoon, 71 percent of the betting tickets written on Sunday’s Bengals-Steelers matchup at the William Hill U.S. books had been on host Pittsburgh, the company said. The Steelers are 3.5-point favorites at the William Hill books.

The Steelers will capture the AFC North with a victory. Cincinnati will repeat as division champs with a win or a tie on Sunday night (8:30 p.m. ET, NBC).

The loser of Steelers-Bengals will grab one of the AFC’s two wild-card spots. The Chargers, Ravens, Chiefs and Texans are competing for the other wild-card berth.

In Chargers-Chiefs, 79 percent of the tickets written have been on San Diego (+1). Bettors have also preferred the Ravens (59 percent) and Texans (58 percent) in their games. Baltimore (-9) hosts Cleveland, while Houston (-9.5) plays visiting Jacksonville.

Five NFC games have playoff ramifications: Lions-Packers (-7.5), Panthers-Falcons (-3.5), Cowboys-Washington (+6.5), Rams-Seahawks (-12.5) and 49ers-Cardinals (+4). William Hill bettors have fancied the Packers (74 percent), Falcons (65 percent), Cowboys (79 percent), Seahawks (66 percent) and 49ers (54 percent).

19 responses to “Oddsmaker: Betting public backing Steelers in AFC North championship

  1. 79% on San Diego?! There’s some ballsy bettors out there… I hope they win, obviously, but in Arrowhead? Ugh dang…

  2. Wow!!!

    Such risk takers.

    Picking the home team playing a night game.

    Not to mention… the only news leading up to this game has been about Cincinnati Bengals player sick with the flu (Dalton/gresham/two starting defensive secondary players) and A.J. Green injured.


  3. And since we know the books always seem to win (as this is why they stay in business), they must know that the Bengals will be winning this game. And since the line has been 3.5 all week, it begs the question as to why hasn’t the line moved to 4 or 5 since 71% of the action is one sided……..interesting thought.

  4. The betting public is taking the Steelers over the Bungles?

    Well, color me stunned.

  5. Big win last week and the flu going thru the team is working against the Bengals. Plus, ADalton is their QB and MLewis is the HC.

  6. Big win last week and the flu going thru the team is working against the Bengals. Plus, ADalton is their QB and MLewis is the HC.

    Someone has earn the title of Captain Obvious and you get the prize Ted. Wear your tin hat with pride.

  7. Sick and injured? Don’t start making excuses for the Bungals losing tonight. All those players were at recent practice.

    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your 2014 AFC North champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers!

  8. Wow this will be the second year in a row the ravens finish behind the steelers. All that yapping about how the steelers would finish last and would be doomed for years. Raven fans have suddenly disappeared. Who’s laughing now, not you. AFC division champions- Steelers.

  9. Steelers should crush the Bengals. Ravens roll as underdogs. Everything is coming up Ravens! I love it!


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