Raiders not giving up on Harbaugh yet

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The latest Yogi Berra/Dr. Seuss-style saying from 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh could be something like, “Nothing is done until it’s done.  And nothing is done, so nothing is done.”

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports echoes the report from Adam Schefter of ESPN that Harbaugh to Michigan is not a done deal.  Both also report that the Raiders have not given up on Harbaugh as the team’s next head coach.

Ultimately, the final decision will be influenced largely by money.  With the top of the NFL head-coaching market not growing much over the last 10 years, Harbaugh has a chance to push the bar higher.

Regardless, it will be impossible to know where Harbaugh is going next until he signs his name on the dotted line.

46 responses to “Raiders not giving up on Harbaugh yet

  1. Oh, please, take the Oakland job. Please. Please. Please. Watching you flail around because someone didn’t hand you a talent-stacked, but incredibly-poorly coached team, will highly enjoyable.

  2. Oh please send him to the Raiders , it’s the perfect marriage of fools ! And besides , the Hawks play the Raiders every year in preseason so we wouldn’t have to miss out on our yearly Harbaugh butt-kicking .

  3. @Moses and AZCards

    Yeah right… because Stanford and the 49ers were stacked and performing before he got there.

    Please, at least attempt to display intellect in posts.

  4. Hey I hear ya just got engaged ….can buy you drink . Uhhgg . Lets just keep Sparano then . We have been playing better .

    Go Raiders !

  5. I hope the Raiders can get Harbaugh in as head coach. Oakland has a good QB in place, just need to keep bringing in talent through the draft. If he was able to turn around Stanford and the Niners he should be able to do it in Oakland, Frisco was a mess.

  6. LOL. Raiders are even more of a dumpster fire than the Niners! The closest he’ll get to Oakland is looking down on the Coliseum as he flies to Ann Arbor

  7. Sadly… the Al Davis legacy has continued in Oakland.

    Will ANYONE decide to operate differently in that front office?

    Since ’02, guys who have taken the job are basically those that could not land others.

  8. Terry Pegula please hire this guy fast, we’ve had enough third rate, that’s all that is left, scraping the bottom of the barrel, coaches here in Buffalo!!

  9. Why would the Raiders want Harbaugh when we have the bottom of the AFC west locked up every year with GM McKenzie.
    Maybe after signing Flynn and Schaub he’ll sign Ryan leaf.

  10. Why the hell would Harbo even consider Oakland (except for his demanding wife who wants to stay in the Bay). Raiders don’t pay coaches (ask Jon Gruden) and they are the most dysfunctional organization in the history of professional sports.

    Being a Raider is going to the rock pile of broken dreams. It is the cemetery, land fill of the NFL!

  11. I find it interesting how people love ripping on Harbaugh but ultimately if given the chance most of them would love for him to coach their team.

  12. So the 49ers are a disappointment this year but the coach actually has suitors for his supposed great coaching abilities…….Mike Mularkey, Rat Shanahan, Jeff Fisher, Lovie Dovie Smith….the weird game just goes on & on…….

  13. I know this…if he would rather coach at Michigan than for “any” nfl head coaching job, I don’t want him…….every coach who has gone from college to the nfl back to college was because they were not good enough in the nfl, but can dominate t the college level……if he does not want the raiders job …so be it….i like saprano

  14. It’s far better for Mark Davis to hire Rex Ryan as DC and assistant HC immediately then look for an offensive minded HC. With Rex Ryan the Raiders can lure the likes of Nadamukong Suh JPP and Derelle Revis to LA. THE RAIDERS HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY THEM ALL ! Add Khalil Mack and Sio Moore and you having the makings of a lethal defense with Rex Ryan coaching it. All the Raider haters are jealous losers who play fantasy football have no GF’s and no personal lives so they get off seeing teams with a great history like the Raiders struggle and post idiotic remarks . Once the Raiders move to LA EVERY TOP NFL FREE AGENT WILL WANT TO PLAY IN HOLLYWOOD AND WEAR SILVER & BLACK . This is a fact ! The Raider resurrection from the dead is about to begin . BOOK IT !

  15. Something is fishy. If the Raiders want harbaugh this whole time, who do the miners want that’s better. If the Raider want to spend big money like they say, they might want to look at this mystery guy.

    Aside from that harbaugh should stay with Santa Clara Niners because who is better than him right now.

    And why would Raiders take the niners left overs. “This taste horrible… you want some?”

  16. Here coach Harbaugh this is our dump of a stadium with raw sewage seeping from the ground.Oh and notice the neighborhood is populated by drug addicts and gangbangers? Oh and you’ll notice the giant tarp over the 10,000’seats so we can still get sellouts even though our fans are the most passionate.Yup quite a fetching offer there.

  17. I’d take Rex Ryan over Harbaugh any day…..said no one ever and that my friend is why you’re not an NFL owner.

  18. @Moses and AZCards

    Yeah right… because Stanford and the 49ers were stacked and performing before he got there.

    Please, at least attempt to display intellect in posts.
    ———————————————————-Tell me, then, why his wife wants to stay in the Bay Area and why Harbaugh hasn’t left the state of California since forever (Chargers, Raiders QB Coach, San Diego, Stanford, San Francisco)???????

  19. Said it before.. When it comes to Jim Harbaugh and/or the University of Michigan, people like John U. Bacon, Gregg Henson and Jeff Moss are much, much more reliable than the NFL blowhards that have been living in denial and hiding behind their false pride.

  20. First off, if the Niners front office is so petty to get rid of Harbaugh, they are dumber than a box of dumb rocks. Did they forget that it was only a few short years ago that they SUCKED and hired Harbaugh. He turned them around the next year. Why they now decide they can no longer function with him is ridiculous. I think a lot of the problems have to do with not winning but what do you expect when you have that many injuries/suspensions. When you add in Kaepernick has played very poorly and you pretty much have no chance. Love him or hate him, I think he’s a good coach.

    All that being said, I can’t see him wanting to go to the Raiders. He’ll have no say over the roster and on top of that he’ll have a meddling owner. As someone said previously, the Raiders are a train wreck. I’d hate to see him go to Michigan but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him land with the Bears.

    If I were a coach, I think I’d take a job just about anywhere other than Oakland. Sorry Raiders fans…it’s not a slight on you but rather what the ownership has done to that franchise.

  21. I would love for the Raiders to sign JH. But if they don’t, they really need a big name coach to come in and help bring some respectability back. That would allow them to to bring some big time free agents with the $50 million in salary cap to help with the high draft picks.

    No more up and coming head coaches they’ve been giving the opportunity to. It just hasn’t worked! I hope Mark Davis can sell JH coming to Oakland and be the reason everything turns around. I have my doubts tho!

  22. Oakland would have to give up draft picks for JH and they need every pick they have; plus, the Whiners deserve NOTHING after treating JH so shabbily.

    By the way, college football is a lot better game: Go Wolverines!

  23. hawkfan50 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 12:30 PM
    Oh please send him to the Raiders , it’s the perfect marriage of fools ! And besides , the Hawks play the Raiders every year in preseason so we wouldn’t have to miss out on our yearly Harbaugh butt-kicking .

    Did you watch your Hawks lose this year to the Raiders in pre-season?

  24. NFL guys desperately putting these so called reports out while they still can. It’s been over for a while. They know they look bad.

  25. As much as I would like to sign Jim. If we win today in Denver, while the Broncos actually try to win, then I’m ok sticking with Sparano.

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