Report: Manziel’s Friday night party led to players’ Saturday tardies


Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel’s tardiness on Saturday morning was precipitated by a late night of partying on Friday.

Manziel was fined for being late for treatment on his injured hamstring on Saturday, and Jason La Canfora of CBS reports that Manziel’s tardiness came after he threw a big party on Friday night, attended by many members of the team. La Canfora reports that other players were tardy on Saturday as well, although those players’ names have not been revealed.

It’s not clear whether Josh Gordon, who was suspended by the Browns for missing Saturday’s walk-through practice, was one of the players who attended Manziel’s party. But La Canfora reports that the Browns had to send their security staff to Manziel’s house to track him down on Saturday.

Manziel is on injured reserve, so he wasn’t going to play today anyway, but the fact that he’s showing up late for work — and that his party is leading other players to be late to work — is extremely alarming behavior for a franchise quarterback. Have you ever heard of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson hosting a late-night party that resulted in themselves and teammates showing up late to work the next morning?

Manziel claims he’s taking his work seriously, but talk is cheap. Manziel’s actions suggest that he just doesn’t get it.

181 responses to “Report: Manziel’s Friday night party led to players’ Saturday tardies

  1. Taking his job seriously is a New Year’s resolution. So it doesn’t apply until Jan 1st. Per his agent/lawyer/publicist/advisor.

  2. They had to send people to his house to get him to work!!


    Um yeah, he’s ready to lead an NFL team alright

  3. This isn’t a shot at the CFL as I enjoy both the NFL & CFL, but this dude will be playing north of the border within 24 months!

  4. Has there ever been another QB taken in the first round that needed less playing time than Manziel has gotten to establish that he is a complete bust?

  5. After the way he handled his rookie training camp is anyone surprised by this? rolling bills in the bathroom and trips to Vegas and being hammered and drunk dialing on his money phone, are all things I’ve seen from great players… Another great first round pick by the Browns..

  6. Johnny had a typo on his text to the Browns.

    Instead of:

    “Let’s wreck this league”

    It should have been:

    “Let’s wreck this team”

  7. Party with a bunch of eager beautiful women, various friends and athletes, the day after Christmas or watching game tape for a game you won’t even be attending or a part of.

    Yeah I’m sure everyone posting on here would of picked watching game tape too.

  8. Manziels next big contract will be with the DISH network joining Lienhart, Bosworth, and Heath Shuler…….”College?……..I can go back to college????”

  9. I was really rooting for him to do well when he came into the league but wow is he really making it hard on himself. He just can’t seem to get out of his own way. I get it, he’s young but it’s not college anymore Johnny, it’s a job. There are many people his age starting their careers outside of sports and if they pulled this kind of stuff they would be gone months ago. Maybe it would be good for him to get cut, it could help him learn to grow up.

  10. Cleveland needs to hit on the next draft and bring in veteran leadership. Johnny Manziel, the rookie that was mostly a backup and finishing the season on I.R., should not be responsible for Josh Gordon or any teammate and has a ways to go before leading a group of men.

    It’s obvious that Gordon wants out of that pit and has done everything he can to force their hand to move on. His mistake was giving them a reason to suspend him, so now this season doesn’t count towards his contract for only playing 5 games when the minimum is 6.

    After a promising glimpse in first half of the season, things can only go up for this franchise. If worse comes to worse, they simply move on from more draft busts and into the next hopeful regime.

  11. I’ll never understand why some professional athletes, ho are essentially sitting on a winning lottery ticket, will blow away the chance to completely secure their financial future and have a very comfortable life.

    These guys have 4 plus months in the off season to party and whatnot.

  12. Manziel and Gilbert….wow.

    And people laugh at the Giants for having their prospective draftees take 500 question psyche exams before the draft. Guys like Manziel and Gilbert are the reason why.

  13. This approach worked pretty well for Bobby Layne, didn’t it? However, the ’50s are over and Johnny Manziel is no Bobby Layne, so maybe Manziel should start looking for a Plan B.

  14. the fact that he’s showing up late for work — and that his party is leading other players to be late to work — is extremely alarming behavior for a franchise quarterback.”

    Manziel is a franchise quarterback?

  15. For those saying “he’s just a kid”…he just got almost $5 million this year on his rookie contract ($4.3 million of that as signing bonus). When you are getting paid like that, that’s a man’s wage, not a kid’s, and you need to behave accordingly.

    He said he needed to take his job way more seriously. That’s pathetic. If he wanted to be judged like a kid, he shouldn’t have taken the millions he was paid. So I don’t have any sympathy for his age. If he wanted to be a great QB, he would act like it. He doesn’t.

  16. He is what you thought he would be prior to the draft.

    It’s my understanding the OWNER wanted Manziel, not your GM. Who pays the ultimate price down the road when you figure out Manziel was a big mistake ?

    A wasted 1st round pick that could have been used for a top flight WR or skill player.

  17. This guy has Ryan Leaf written all over him. If he decides to grow up, he might be a credible back up/practice squad QB. It’s more likely that he will be another lifelong punch line to an endless procession of un-funny Cleveland Browns jokes.

  18. It’s not as if this clown portrayed himself to be anything more than what he’s been, all about the money and the fame… The Cleveland front office has no one else to blame but themselves for buying into the hype.

  19. Poor Johnny was just drowning his sorrows.

    Justin Bieber got a $60 million dollar private jet for Christmas. How is Johnny Football supposed to compete with that? Give the poor kid a break for once.

  20. Good Luck Cleveland… Be careful what you wish for come draft time…let’s see how you can screw up this years draft

    Johnny Trainwreck….

  21. The guy is on IR and he showed up late. So punish him accordingly. Anyone else at the party were responsible for themselves. Punish anyone who was late too.

    Don’t send security to the guys house. He’s not 5 years old. if he can’t show up to work on time it’s his problem.

  22. It would be one thing if this dude came in and lit it up when he got the chance, then he could say he’s going to do it his way, however, he was woefully unprepared and it showed…

  23. In my opinion…he has always been a spoiled rich kid so the possibility that money may be taken away because of his behavior is really no concern of his. And…knowing that has contributed to major character flaws. Can’t imagine the rest of the team wants to go to war with him.

  24. What a distraction! How long before he’s cut?

    Didn’t Peyton Manning snub him from his QB camp for this kind of thing?

    Maybe Peyton should run the Brown’s draft!?

  25. Remember when the Browns hired people to figure out the best quarterback in the draft? They paid them like $100k and they didn’t take their advice. They concluded that Teddy Bridgewater was the best. This franchise can’t get out of their own way.

  26. Yep, you’re a real model of maturity there, Johnny Boy!

    And they want this pinhead to be the face and future of the franchise? Man, I do pity the city of Cleveland.

  27. He’s a moron. He will never amount to anything. The thing is he wont care either. Once his career is over he will go back to Texas, work for his folks, party till he’s 40, then get married to some 21 yr old bimbo and live happily ever after. I have said it from the beginning he doesn’t need football to be rich and famous. While other guys play the game for the love and the money, no game no check, others like Manziel play it for the love and the popularity it brings him and it shows.

  28. Have you ever heard of … hosting a late-night party that resulted in themselves and teammates showing up late to work the next morning?

    No, but those players never showed that kind of irresponsible behavior even in college. All NFL teams knew what they were getting with Johnny Party Animal. The Browns (and almost the Cowboys) just happened to be dumb enough to fall for it.

  29. bosb88 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 10:21 AM
    I’ll never understand why some professional athletes, who are essentially sitting on a winning lottery ticket, will blow away the chance to completely secure their financial future and have a very comfortable life.

    Because football is just a fun hobby for Johnny, to enjoy until he goes back to his REAL job; being the spoiled son of an extremely wealthy Texas oil baron. His football salary is literal peanuts to him – but his cachet as ‘Johnny Football’ will be useful for lobbying and impressing politicians for business purposes, and eventually when he runs for the office of Governor of Texas; Governor ‘Bluto’ Manziel.

  30. patsfan18 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 10:19 AM
    Rob Gronkowski had the same attitude coming out of college. However look,who he plays for. A first class organization.

    Gronk still has the same attitude, but he has matured enough to not throw away his dream for some booze and coke. He also happens to be the most talented player at his position possibly ever. Plus he watched first hand how quickly your career could be over if you don’t stay focused on football and just start shooting people instead.

  31. It would be seriously appreciated it the Browns give him the starting job next year and see what he does in a complete season.

    Sincerely, every AFC North team not named the Browns.

  32. Thanks for hosting the Party Johnny! You just helped the Browns keep Gordon for an additional year, or got the Browns better trade value because he’s now a RFA after 2015, instead of a UFA. You on the other hand Johnny, can kiss your chances of starting in Cleveland, out the door.

  33. Don’t see the posters saying everyone is writing him off too quickly today. I would cut Johnny now. Take the cap hit because he isn’t worth the distractions. Other players will take his lead as that is what football players do with their QB and he decides to throw party on the Friday before a game? You might feel recovered by the next day but your body isn’t ready. This couldn’t have waited 3 days until the season is over.

    This guy shows at every turn and has shown since college that he isn’t a leader of an NFL team. They should have cleared out his locker today.

  34. Some of the Farve rookie party stories in ATL are awesome. Y’all leave Manziel alone. Farve & Billy Joe Tolliver are legendary for some of their idiot rampages. One east TN redneck and a S. Miss redneck. Classic.

  35. I am a lifelong Browns fan, and despite the trolls here and on other sites who tend to focus more on the last 15 years (which have been clearly dysfunctional – I agree), I look at the history of what used to be a storied franchise and shake my head in disgust. Translated – that means that I don’t jump on a bandwagon of hating on someone else’s team just because they think it is funny, but rather really look at this franchise and ask what is going on in Cleveland.

    The modern NFL provides the opportunity for literally any team to make the jump from last to first in a few seasons, but the decisions the Browns make and have made befuddle me. We knew we were losing Gordon for the season, but refused to draft a WR. Look at Watkins, or Evans, or about 9 other R-WRs lighting up the league this year while we don’t. We clearly have no discipline in the locker room, when multiple veterans are calling out multiple veterans for thinking they are bigger than the game – who then don’t perform on the field. And then there is the Manziel question.

    I didn’t want to draft him in the first place. I think he is undersized (not too short, undersized), I think he has zero feel for how the real game of football is played, and I think his entitled attitude sucks. Once again, I wanted Derek Carr – who might not be winning a lot of games but despite it still has the words “future franchise QB” spoken in the same sentence with his name. Nonetheless, when we drafted him, as a loyal Browns fan, I said, “He’s my guy.”

    But Johnny Manziel is an arrogant, less than talented idiot. When the world realizes that college football and NFL football are just about as 180 degrees apart as you get, and that a successful college QB with all the records in the world is more a product of a slow game and poor matchups…ugh. Thank goodness for the rookie wage scale. My advice to the Browns? Cut this loser. Cut him now. Let some other team develop him (or more likely, cut him too) and don’t look back. He is a loser from a character and ethics standpoint, and that’s before you realize he can’t play this game at this level. Neither could Tebow – but at least he has character.

    Get rid of this guy. Don’t waste your time.

  36. gmen32 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 10:00 AM

    This isn’t a shot at the CFL as I enjoy both the NFL & CFL, but this dude will be playing north of the border within 24 months!


    Ahhhhh, how about 24 days, with Marc Treatman as his head coach and QB guru.

  37. Somewhere inside Browns’ headquarters, chairs, tables, and other office items are being needlessly abused by execs and members of the scouting department. Even others are being packed up, never to return.

  38. On Sunday he’s Johnny —-up
    On Monday thru Saturday he’s Johnny —-edup

    What is this, like ten incidents this year so far? From breaking his promises with the Browns organization/owner, to partying with idiot Beiber, to rolled up money in a bathroom, to fights at his place, to giving someone who has to be way better then him the finger, to being late and corrupting his teammates.

    You can’t make this crap up. He just had his weak acknowledgement that he needs to be more professional and follows it up with… a party that impacts the readiness and function of the team.

    Of course Johnny knew there would be no glory for him since he’s on IR and the Browns are going nowhere, so in his five year old mind the last professional game of the season didn’t matter.

    Way to lead your team with pure professionalism.

    Johnny will say anything to get what he wants. He tries to learn those ‘words’ that get him out of trouble, but they are just words to him. Too bad for him those days are pretty much over, and all the other teams are taking note of this circus.

    The funny/sad thing is he is acting like this and unlike other ‘different’ players, he doesn’t have any talent.

  39. Oh and I think he’s already had more crazy unprofessional moments this season as Leinart had his whole career. So he’s a bigger baby/spoiled brat then Leinart. That’s saying something.

  40. Reddzen….. Good comment and you are right on point …discipline starts at the top and that’s the biggest difference between winning and losing franchises!!!

  41. To the guy who posted comparing a football contract to a lottery ticket:

    Most lottery winners blow through their winnings.

  42. “godhatescleveland says:Dec 28, 2014 10:09 AM”

    “Manziels next big contract will be with the DISH network joining Lienhart, Bosworth, and Heath Shuler…….”College?……..I can go back to college????”


    I was going along with your list until you put “Shuler” on there. Not sure if you’re aware but Shuler is #20 on Forbes list of “most successful QBs of the NFL”…

    He didn’t make most of his money there but he’s worth millions on investments he made post NFL…

  43. SOB: son of the boss, empowered, untouchable, in other words, rich.

    He looks at the Heisman in his Cleveburgh apartment and thinks he’s still got all. The truth is, he won’t be in the league next year. No one is gonna pick him up. Why would they?

  44. Well Brown fans your team will be ready to play today as if the players care including your poster child.

  45. partying is fine.. unfortunately, in the no fun league – the public image is most important. This will just make the paparazzi media that much worse.

  46. Remember the story about the lifelong browns fan who died and asked the browns to send pallbearers so they could let him down for one last time? And that was before this season started!

  47. He looks so tiny on the field, remember pat white trying to play in the NFL? The Steelers ended him with one shot in Miami. Manziel might look good on a preseason roster, but he is not an n NFL QB.

  48. Notice how Michael Smith did NOT list the Best QB’s of ALL Time that did party? Then please explain Joe Namath, Terry Branshaw, Brett Favre, John Elway and yes even Joe Montanna (occasionally) Stop being so sanctimonious as if EVERY QB never goes to parites. Who is the Brown’s snitch in the locker room these days? What’s next? Tell on players that swear? didn’t wipe their shoes before coming in the door? danced with a girl? Oh MY! The Horror!

  49. Well Mansmell enjoy your rookie contract, at the rate you’re going the ONLY thing an NFL team might want you for will be to bring Gatorade to the PLAYERS! Ryan Leaf the second.

  50. Cleveland is going to have to end this experiment quickly. I said this when the first incidents happened; he’s not going to listen to Jimmy Haslem or Ray Farmer even because he’s a unique case as a son of a billionaire who’s probably met most of the NFL owners at some point during his younger years. If his father was concerned about his drinking and partying, saying he had to make deals with him like buy him cars and stuff in high school to try to get him to slow down the behavior, nothing now is going to stop him obviously. It’s why Pettine said they don’t need to see anymore from him. He currently can’t play because of the system he comes out of and is a party animal who doesn’t listen to anyone. He’ll be cut sometime after the draft if they think they can get a better QB in this one. They really blew it by passing on Bridgewater who still fell into their lap at 22.

  51. The next step on this downward spiral is rehab. This “kid” as he is often referred to when you want to dismiss his antics, has an alcohol dependency (and perhaps substance abuse).

    There were all the red flags to begin with so the Browns’ organization will attempt to play the denial game – they are becoming masters at that game.

    So I feel sad and disappointed because trashing Manziel might make me feel better for a minute or two but I also know how angry I am going to be when they tell me, “Don’t give up on this guy”.

    Sorry Cleveland, I’m just not buying what you are selling anymore.

  52. Not one of those other players told him it was a bad idea and a few of them even went to the party. Not only is this kid bad for himself but he is corruption teammates too. I think the GM has seen enough to know he isn’t good for the team. At first the publicity they got was good because they were in the national conversation but now the publicity is all bad. They should cut him and eat the money loss. Waiting just wastes more money.

  53. they are out of the playoffs and Johnnys on IR, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m sure no players from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s every partied on a friday night in their heyday either. If he can play ball we will find out next year. If he can and thats a big IF then he will be able to get away with this type of stuff. If not then he’ll be washed up and outta the league in 2 years. They knew what they were getting when the drafted him. Just hope he can produce next year.

  54. I’m tired of Manziel stories. The kid is already rich so its obvious that he doesn’t really care about football or his team. He just wants to be famous for being famous, like the Kardashian lowlifes. He’ll most likely never make out regardless.

  55. Do us all a favor and STOP referring to this guy as a “Franchise” QB, doing so is an insult to QB’s who have proven thier worth & degrades your credibility! As a Steelers fan, I was THRILLED to see the Browns waste a 1st rounder on this fool! He will go down in history as worse than Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russel. He more closely resembles the Franchise Idiot. But we shouldn’t hold his lack of skill, size, knowledge or work ethic against him, he is after all just a punk a$$ kid. But we should hold it against all the so called “experts” who fail to see what is SOOOOO obvious to everyone else (us non-experts), the kid is simply an over-hyped college kid who will fail miserably at the pro level.

  56. They just need to let johhny football wear his beats headphones and run around tossin Josh the ol’ pigskin that’s all… Johnny come to Philly! You and Josh! Chip will get them boys into shape and some Qcarbo32 for Josh.

  57. Maybe Johnny can clean the restrooms at Pilot Flying J.
    Since Haslam wanted this over rated back yard quarterback.
    “I’m going to take things more seriously.” What a Joke. And just think, Mike Pettine has to deal with these spoiled brats.
    At least Josh Gordon may have had a good reason for not showing up. The car dealership may have had a mandatory meeting!! Lol

  58. Priceless – Manziel is a spoiled brat, who has always been privileged resulting in an entitlement attitude. He has no work ethic and is one of the more selfish players that has come into the NFL in recent years.

  59. He may stink on ice as a QB and leader, but he and Kraperpick sure look boss in those Beats headphones.

  60. This is why you avoid drafting Heisman winning QBs. They’re overrated divas who benefited from superior talent on their team and can’t overcome their inability to work hard.

  61. It is only fitting during the holiday season that the ‘Factory of Sadness’ is the gift that keeps on giving.

  62. Who says you have to be a saint to be an NFL qb? Just because Manning and luck are nerds…. Ever hear of Kenny Stabler, Joe namath, or Terry Bradshaw? When did NFL qbs become political figures? Granted manziel will not amount to anything because he is 5’10” and no arm, not because he party’s on Fri nights. It is a game they play, not nuclear science.

  63. Can’t stand Dion Sanders, but he was correct. Johnny has a little Ghetto in him. It’s all about the party.
    Soon to be aboot the party in the CFL.

  64. As an A&M student, this is extremely disappointing and I’m starting to realize he won’t last long in the NFL. He doesn’t like football. He just likes having money and being famous.

  65. Maybe he knows he’s a bust and figures he’s going to party and collect checks until the coaches figure it out.

  66. He’s actually only 16, and as parents know, 16 year olds know everything. The Browns would be wise not to wait for this one to grow up.

  67. I’m an A&M grad and even I can’t condone Manziel’s actions.

    Johnny had three areas of concern as he entered the NFL: (1) off the field partying, (2) ability to adapt to the NFL based on his style of play & the offense he ran in college, and (3) being prone to injuries to due to his size. He has failed in all three areas.

    I don’t think the Browns will cut Johnny after just one season (primarily because he was a 1st rounder) but they should take steps to prepare for a future without him.

  68. This is Johnny doing what he does and being who he is. I’m glad he is standing his ground and not conforming to what everyone else expects of him. Don’t let them break you Johnny. Don’t let them change you. Your legacy will be “I did it MY way”.

  69. Each and every day, I’m happier the Vikings drafted Bridgewater instead of Manziel. Sad to see Vikings fans and alumni like Fran Tarkenton wanted the kid because of the excitement he brings to teams. He’s not going to last in this league long if he doesn’t wake up soon and start doing some actual work.

  70. Johnny had 14 weeks to prepare to be a starter and Connor Shaw outperformed him with only 1 week of preparation. Cut him now, resign Hoyer and draft best available WR in round 1.

  71. Man so glad the Vikings “missed” out on drafting this guy. Teddy’s not great, but he showed improvement all year with an average receiving corps and leaky o-line

  72. Earlier in the year I thought he would only make to the end of his second year, but now I am wondering if he will make it to the beginning of his second.

    If the Browns draft a QB in round # 1 – # 2 of the draft it is over because Johnny will not work to compete.

    Every team has it’s BUSTS through the years.

  73. Ever hear of Kenny Stabler, Joe namath, or Terry Bradshaw?

    That was 40 years ago. Drunk driving was frequent and you could smoke indoors just about anywhere.

    That world is gone, and sports has evolved to the point where to even be a successful high school wrestler you have to begin at age 5.

  74. I love to throw it down as much as anyone else, but at the first employee party I ever attended, my manager gave me some advice that I have lived by “You can party like a Rock Star, but there still has to be a show.”

  75. He looks hysterical in that pic… might as well throw on a huge flat brim hat to complete the costume.

  76. He still doesn’t understand just how easily he can be replaced, and that being professional means being on-time – preferably early, as a bare minimum – to show your employer that you’re committed to being the most productive player/employee that you can be.

    He likely won’t get it until after he gets cut and his football career is done – and he won’t know where to go next without making some personal changes.

  77. Amazing….not even through your first season and they’re preparing a “bust” for you in Cleveland…way to go Johnny Football!

  78. What these other players don’t realize is that Manziels family is worth tens of millions. When he gets cut he’ll just keep on jet setting around the world. Football is a hobby for him – if he does well great – if not- oh well. For the other guys – josh Gordon gets cut or suspended again it’s back to selling cars.

  79. Thanks again Frowns for Teddy Bridgewater, you must really love us! It was a great Christmas present.

    I see you draft 12th next year, any interest in a pro bowl caliber running back?

  80. Remember when Jimmy Haslam said that a homeless guy told him to draft Manziel? I’ll bet he’ll never listen to that Flying J employee again.

  81. It seems that everyone doubted Manziel’s ability to make it in the pros… except those who made the decision to draft him.

    This suggests that the main problem with the Browns is higher up the food chain than at the QB position.

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