Ted Phillips, Chris Ballard team could be future of Bears

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Major changes could be coming for the Bears; it’s still unclear how high up the organization chart the pinks slips will fly.

At a time when even long-time team president Ted Phillips couldn’t escape the scuttlebutt of a potential termination, the current thinking is that Phillips won’t be fired — and that his Hail Mary pass will consist of bringing back Chiefs director of player personnel Chris Ballard as the team’s new General Manager.

Last year, the Chiefs denied Tampa Bay’s request for permission to interview Ballard for the G.M. job, at Ballard’s request. Ballard, as of a year ago, wanted to stay in Kansas City.

This time around, Ballard could choose to return to Chicago, where he spent 12 years under former G.M. Jerry Angelo and (for one year) current and apparently-soon-to-be-former G.M. Phil Emery.

The biggest question — and the greatest current unknown — will be the new coach in Chicago. If the team is determined to keep quarterback Jay Cutler, the guy that makes the most sense is former Raiders, Broncos, and Washington coach Mike Shanahan, who traded up in the 2006 draft to get Cutler.

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  1. for the love of god nobody that has a connection to angelo needs to be running the bears. hire shanahan and give him a defensive coordinator who knows what they are doing and there might be some hope. Cutler had his best years under shanny and even if he does not have the same results it will be nice not to see him dropping back to pass every play as a sitting target. he will run a offense that fits him and the guys around him skills not the you will run this one because we like it as they have since he came to the bears. even if you hate him you have to admit they have never used him like the broncos did. what was the point of trading for him if you were not going not going to let him do the things that he did best? it’s like lovie and angelo looked at the tape and said that’s nice but we don’t do that here. and face it lovie smith has no clue when it comes to offense which is why he is not the bears coach. if he did he would have won a superbowl with the defenses he had with the bears. fans did not want a run and shoot offense but we wanted one that actually that was capable of scoring, not the we have a field goal and the lead now we will run the ball the rest of the game and hope the defense holds it that lovie ran.

  2. How bout hiring somebody that didn’t work for Angelo or Emery? Both of those worked out so well with all of their misses on draft day.

  3. More of the same from the McCasketts, who are killing their franchise. Inexperienced GM who has worked for them before, just like Emery. I’m sure this will lead to another coach who has never been a head coach before. Nothing changes.

    One would think after winning one championship in the last 50 years they would wake up and try something different. They would apparently be wrong. Depressing to want to win more than those actually involved with the team.

  4. This would work for mee whether Cutler stays or goes, I’m curious to see who the next D-coordinator will be.

  5. Really?

    Hiring a coach strictly because he’s the guy who drafted the QB who wrecked your cap and destroyed your team “makes the most sense”?

    Hiring the coach that set his last franchise on fire on his way out the door “makes the most sense”?

    I’ll bet Bears fans are happy that you aren’t the one being hired to make the decisions.

  6. Why do the Bears need to pick GM “talent” off the Chiefs? First Emery now this bum? Can we maybe go after the director of player personnel from a SUCCESSFUL FRANCHISE??? There’s gotta be somebody on the Seahawks Packers or Patriots they can steal away…

  7. I think it’s the best idea I’ve heard. The coach is fine. I wouldn’t fire him. After all, Shanahan was just a “Marc Trestman” before he got to coach Steve Young and John Elway. How’d he do with RG3? And the fact that he’s the one that drafted Cutler is even more reason not to bring him in. Are we crazy here? Hire a guy that Drafted Cutler? Pure insanity. Philips is fine too. He just needs a competent personnel guy. Remember how brilliant Carmen Policy looked in SF where they had good personnel people? Remember how bad he looked in Cleveland without those same personnel people? Cleveland is still in recovery from the Policy era, yet people remember how brilliant he was in S.F. Ted Phillips is basically Carman Policy, you just have to get the right personnel guy. Jerry Angelo built the super bowl winning team in Tampa Bay that Gruden stood and watched from the sidelines. That thing fell apart in a hurry after Angelo left. However, Angelo has nothing to do with a guy that worked for him. They’re two different guys. After all, how many of Belichick’s assistant coaches made it on their own? How many of Belichick’s front office guys have made it on their own? The answer to both questions is NONE, and counting. Don’t worry about who a guy rubbed shoulders with. Worry about how good they are on their own. Green Bay hired a coach off a 1-15 49ers team and won a super bowl with him. Oh yeah they had Rodgers too.

  8. The only way he Bears organization moves forward with positive, winning results is with the hiring of Mike Holmgren.

    Anyone other than Holmgren is a lateral, descending move with disaster written all over it.

    Everyone talks about bringing in someone who can develop Jay Cutler….sorry, too late, Cutler’s in his 9th year and he is what he is. If they were foolish enough to keep Cutler, only due to no other team being brain dead and assuming his HUGE contract, Holmgren has worked wonders developing QB’s, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck.

    So, this Bear fan says Holmgren, Cleveland can do without him, and the Bears would be successful with him.

  9. I like Mike Shanahan somewhat, my favorite AFC team has always been the Broncos, but like 2difshoe mentions above, I too prefer Mike Holmgen. A no-nonsense guy who knew the NFC north’s inner workings.
    As for Cutler, I supported him up until this past season, now I couldn’t care less. Cut him, trade him, find him a job at NBC sports, because now he’ll have to learn a NEW playbook and offense all over again and have more excuses next year as to why he turns over the football. Dude has more issues than Playboy.

  10. I don’t understand why everyone wants to run Emery out of town. The McClellin pick hasn’t worked out, but the undersized DE reeks of a Lovie pick, he’s hit home runs on his last two first rounders which is something Angelo ever did. Yeah the Cutler contract is bad, but he isn’t playing any worse than Flacco last year and they didn’t run Newsome out of town. His 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks have all shown flashes of being good players in the future, Jeffrey was a great pick, Christian Jones looks like a keeper, getting Ratliff of the scrap heap has been a great pick up, the offensive line is greatly improved since when he took over, he got Brandon Marshall for next to nothing, Willie Young was a greta signing and nobody was complaining when he signed Jared Allen and Lamar Houston. The Bears can do a lot worse than Phil Emery

  11. mantastic54 says:
    Dec 28, 2014 11:11 AM

    “I don’t understand why everyone wants to run Emery out of town, he got Brandon Marshall for next to nothing.”


    Not exactly correct, Mantastic, Marshall was part of the 2 , 1st round and a 3rd round pick the Bears gave Denver for Cutler. Marshall was the 3rd round pick to Chicago.

  12. “I don’t understand why everyone wants to run Emery out of town…Yeah the Cutler contract is bad…”

    You answered your own question. That is why Bears fans want to run him out of town. Flacco v. Cutler is apples to oranges. Flacco won a SB. Cutler has yet to win more than one playoff game…

    Player GS W L T
    Jay Cutler 120 62 58 0
    Joe Flacco 124 80 44 0

    Both options not great, but if I am paying a QB and I have to pick those two, Im picking Flacco.

  13. Shanahan was over the hill 15 years ago, why do people keep dragging his name out every time there’s any coaching job open? Is it just nostalgia for the lost days of their youth? Why not pine for the hiring of Don Shula, Mike Ditka, or John Madden too?

  14. The Bears win NEVER win anything as long as Cutler is their QB……..why do you think the Broncos were so eager to ditch this guy

    The GM, Coach and QB need to go and start this thing over

  15. wallyspo says:
    Dec 28, 2014 11:24 AM

    Both options not great, but if I am paying a QB and I have to pick those two, Im picking Flacco.


    The Bears only option was Cutler of McCown, and McCown is doing even worse than Cutler. Cutler still falls somewhere right around the middle of the pack of starting QBs in the league, they definitely overpaid, but finding somebody better than Cutler is not going to be easy to do. If it was, teams like Buffalo and St Louis would be in the playoffs

  16. “The Bears only option was Cutler of McCown”

    For one year, yes, but after that? How about drafting a QB that you can groom for the long term?

    I personally thought there were two reasonable options for Emery
    a) sign Jay to a franchise tag deal and let him prove his worth or b) sign McCown to a short term deal (1-2 yrs) while drafting a QB to learn the system. Emery did neither when he signed Cutler long term, while completely ignoring the fact that if Jay was terrible, this deal would backfire and hinder the Bears for seasons.

    That, in a nutshell, along with passing on Arians for Trestman, and bad drafts his first 2 years (Shea McClellin, Brandon Hardin, Evan Rodriguez, Jon Bostic, Khaseem Greene, etc…), is why Bears fans want to see Phil Emery gone.

  17. Moses could be hired, and he couldn’t lead “Da Bears” into Da Promised Land as long as the McCaskeys own the franchise. It all starts at the top and works its way down.

  18. Of all the people, why would they hire Shanahan? Unless he’s bringing Elway in his prime, what has he done?

    Ballard seems to be a wanted man, but are they ever going to look outside the Bear’s bloodlines? This is the definition of insanity.

  19. How can the word “future” be used in the same sentence with Ted Phillips?? There’s no future with his past. How does an organization allow their CEO/President to keep his position after putting products like the Bears out there, year after year? I’ll tell you how; He’s the “McCaskey Family Pet” and never been held accountable. Wannstedt, Jauron, Angelo, Lovie, Terry Shea, Emery, the Dave McGinnis hiring debacle, Trestman…… all of this has happened on Ted Phillips’ watch !! There is no future for the Bears with him in it. We can’t fire the owners (they need to give up their toy) It has to start with Teddy!

  20. So the Bears are trying to replace a one time Chiefs executive who had a stint with the Bears with another guy that was a one time Chiefs executive who had a stint with the Bears?

    So does that mean two bad contracts for Cutler?

  21. Bears gave the miami dolphins two second round draft picks for marshall. Some should look up the facts before making post. Marshall was not part of any deal from denver . 2difshoe said marshall was the 3rd round pick to the bears ?

  22. redhawk1960 says: Dec 30, 2014 9:45 AM

    Bears gave the miami dolphins two second round draft picks for marshall. Some should look up the facts before making post. Marshall was not part of any deal from denver . 2difshoe said marshall was the 3rd round pick to the bears ?

    Haha. It was 2 thirds, not 2 seconds. Oops!

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