Bears bring Ernie Accorsi in to consult, squatting on staff

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While it’s easy to say the Bears cleaned house, it’s clear they used their broom strategically.

During a press conference unfolding now (which isn’t nearly as entertaining as the 49ers’), Bears CEO Ted Phillips said they were hanging onto all their coaches now, except head coach Marc Trestman and offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer.

Those two were fired earlier today, along with General Manager Phil Emery.

But Phillips said they’d hang onto the remaining coaches under contract, including embattled defensive coordinator Mel Tucker.

That’s not nearly the same as job security for those guys, as the new coach will have a chance to decide if he wants to keep them or not. But it’s interesting to note that with only two contracts terminated today, there’s a clear sense of where the problem was deemed to lie.

The fact they want to hire a G.M. first puts those assistants in limbo for weeks.

The Bears are also hiring Ernie Accorsi to consult during the G.M. search. He helped the Panthers two years ago when they hired his old assistant Dave Gettleman, so that might be a good sign for previous suggestions such as Marc Ross.

19 responses to “Bears bring Ernie Accorsi in to consult, squatting on staff

  1. I’ve forgotten more about football than Ernie Accorsi will ever know. Besides, Ernie once worked under George Halas, so he has the cooties.

  2. I still wanna know who Mel Tucker has incriminating photos of higher up in the Bears organization. He should have been fired today as well and yet still remains employed for now. When you blow it up and rebuild, you remove all the bad parts…

  3. The Bears on Lovie Smith firing. 10-6 is not good enough!

    Any time you have a football club that arrogant they deserve 10 years of misery. 8 more years of losing Bears fans.

  4. Good god idiots. The assistants are under contract it’s normal to leave them in place until the hire is made. None of them are coming back especially Mel Tucker. Once the GM and head coach are hired they will be bringing in their own people and these current assistants will be gone. Relax. Anyone that believes that Tucker is coming back I will make a very large wager with you.

  5. It makes sense. He engineered the greatest trade in NY Giants’ history getting a two time Superbowl MVP for that choker Rivers. Maybe he can send Cutler somewhere too.

  6. not to beat a dead horse but the bears really blew it firing lovie.. 49ers are about to enter the same cycle by letting harbaugh go. trust me i know these things because i’m a suffering browns fan.

  7. gerald1966 says:
    Dec 29, 2014 7:14 PM
    not to beat a dead horse but the bears really blew it firing lovie.. 49ers are about to enter the same cycle by letting harbaugh go. trust me i know these things because i’m a suffering browns fan.

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    What the hell are you talking about! The same lovie that went 2-14 in TB. He’s an awful coach too.

  8. The Bears didn’t blow it by firing Lovie. They blew it by not hiring Arians, which we now know would have also allowed them to keep Maeinelli at DC.

  9. I don’t think “hired Dave Gettleman in Carolina” is a positive for anyone’s resume’. That guy has been horrible for that franchise.

  10. bassplucker says:
    Dec 29, 2014 6:12 PM
    I know many, many Bears fans who would welcome the opportunity to take a squat over this staff.

    True Bears fans simply don’t make comments like this. You are a fraud.

  11. Lovie smith had no clue about how to run a offense. But the players played for lovie and respected him. You didn’t have all these leaks out of the locker room when lovie was the head coach , so this season when the offensive coach came out and admitted he was the one who leaked a story and he was not fired immediately the locker room was already a mess but this broke the camel’s back the team and head coach lost all of the players respect. All of that should of been all kept behind the locker room closed doors. We now need a top notched expierenced nfl head coach who can bring in top notch experienced position coachs. Mel tucker should of never got the job or even been brought back this last year after last years mess.

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