Bears fire Marc Trestman, too

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Moments after the first shoe dropped, the second shoe has dropped as well.

Just minutes after news first broke that the Bears have fired General Manager Phil Emery, news also broke that head coach Marc Trestman was fired. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports first broke the Trestman news.

Trestman was a surprising, outside-the-box choice as the Bears’ head coach, coming as he did from the Canadian Football League. But in his first season as the head coach of the Bears, he showed a lot of promise as an offensive innovator.

Unfortunately, Trestman’s second season was a disaster, as the Bears appeared to quit on the season. Few teams played worse down the stretch than Chicago.

Now the Bears will attempt to pick up the pieces, with a new coach and a new general manager inheriting the mess that Emery and Trestman have left behind.

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  1. Perfect scenario: Shanahan as HC, Rex Ryan as DC. (Even though Rex wants to be HC). Instant upgrade. Congrats, Bears fan on getting some good news today.

    A Niners fan

  2. Wait I thought Steve Young said this guy was a great hire and he’s gonna spread the field like he did in the CFL and revolutionize the game.

    As a casual observer of Chicago all I can tell you is it seemed like the players tuned him out somewhere along the way cuz even I could tell the team quit on this guy.

    That can’t happen and you get to keep your job.

  3. Good on George McCaskey for moving quickly. He’s the first guy in that entire family who seems to actually care how the Bears perform and is tuned in to the fans.

    Now please relegate Ted Phillips to strictly the business side of the organization, and enlist some real football minds to find these guys’ replacements.

  4. If Ted Phillips is in any way involved in hiring their replacements it won’t matter anyway. He’s the guy that hired these guys to begin with.

    Bears really need the McCaskeys to step up and relinquish control of the Bears. They are hurting the franchise because they don’t have the first idea how to run it.


  5. Yes,Yes ,Yes!!! Now get rid of that fake defensive coordinator Mel Tucker… Hire Mike Shannahan as HC. Bring in Mike Singletary or Rex Ryan as defensive coordinator!!!

  6. The question is, with Emery gone and Trestman gone, who is left to fire the coordinators and position coaches (none of whom did anything to warrant being spared from the purge either)?

    I believe the standard protocol is to first hire the HC and then let him make decisions regarding existing staff (which 99 times out of 100 means they are all replaced)… but the way the Bears do things, anything is possible.

  7. As a packers fan, I’m glad they made these moves. I love blowing out the little sister of the nfc north (vikequeens) but I want to see hard fought competitive games with the Bears our only true rival. I respect the Bears the Vikings not so much

  8. Too cerebral to be an NFL head coach. You have to be a jerk, a hole, and most importantly a baby sitter to be an NFL head coach now. Having a head case like moody Cutler leading the team doesn’t help either.

    I can see him end up as a coordinator somewhere with a young qb and young team.

  9. why ae they dragging this out? just announce that everyone from Phillips on down has been let go and get started on replacing them!

  10. I think they’re sending the right sort of message here. If you lose to the hapless and tasteless Vikings, then you’re getting fired the next day for extreme incompetence.

  11. @metalhead –

    They are announcing the firings from the top down. Emery is as high as the axe is cutting. Not to say Phillips might not be “reassigned” within the organization (which in itself would be a huge surprise), but Phillips is not paying for this year’s debacle with his job. I can virtually guarantee that.

  12. sell the bears??? to WHOM??? please don’t say Ditka or oprah like some idiot. The bears are worth almost a billion. who’s got that scratch? Plus you have the 2nd smallest NFL stadium with the worst playing surface which you have no control over since the park district and not the bears own the stadium. The way the Bears are right now, even if Virginia was to pass, the mcCaskeys wouldn’t be forced to sell. And if they did what would you do if the Bears were like the Cubs used to be owned by a faceless corporation that ownly cares about the stadium being full.

  13. Wow! Look at all the Shanny supporters. Do you think Lil Shanny will follow as OC? Time for all the firing and assembling of new staffs while disturbing all the other functional teams to start.

  14. Bears fans continue their delusion…Rex Ryan is not coming to save your D. He will get a shot, I think in either Oakland or ATL as the head coach.Think of how good the Falcons could be with Rex at the helm, and he gets that defense sewn up. He’ll have a good QB, and one of the best WR’s in the game to go with it. Especially in the dirty south, where the division is a train wreck.

  15. Aside from that mystical year in which the Bears gifted Peyton Manning a Super Bowl, the franchise has been mediocre. Living off of the glory of the 85 team and legendary players of the past. It’s an organizational rot. No philosophy, no guidance,cheaped out on their best defensive player and let him retire, signed a injury prone QB to a lucrative contract. How can this guy work wonders with a career journeyman QB, yet struggle with a supposed talent? Rot. Poor management and ownership and now the team is light years behind GB, Detroit and apparently the Vikes as well. I hope Trestman gets a coordinator job and comes back to roast the Bears. Hire whatever big name(s) you want, without the personnel or vision, you’ll just be paying another guy to go 5-11.

  16. A great scenario that will never happen, a figure head HC with Rex as DC and Trestman as OC. All the HC has to do is keep the egos in check and let those two run the game

  17. How dear people on the Bears bandwagon compare the Bears to my Vikings as being bottom dwellers. Since 94′ Vikings made it to the playoffs 10 times while the Bears only 5. The SuperBowl Fail was the best if any for the Bears, but they have sucked and with all the “talent” they have they should have been the division champs but are being gutted for another 4-5 years of rebuilding.

  18. As a packers fan, I’m glad they made these moves. I love blowing out the little sister of the nfc north (vikequeens) but I want to see hard fought competitive games with the Bears our only true rival. I respect the Bears the Vikings not so much

    One lesson people who have actually played sports is is “another day- another field”, meaning your asinine comments will get rammed down your throat.

  19. Firing the right people is the first step. Now go hire the right people. Start with hiring a GM and head coach that have actually been a GM or a head coach (in the NFL) before. Stop cheaping out on important hires. No more of coordinators and Pro Player Personnel guys getting those positions.

  20. It was a terrible hire following up a guy who was an admitted players coach with a guy who wanted to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and respect everybody’s feelings. Combined with losing your veteran leadership (Tillman, Briggs, Urlacher the year before) and it leads to a poorly disciplined team. That said a lot of us thought the Bears could compete for a top spot in the NFC playoffs. It’s not the mess everyone makes it out to be and it’s a top market. Cutler will be a Bear next year because it’s pretty simple, you pay him $15 Million either way. If he was a $4 Million QB nobody would say boo, he is still better than half the league. What’s your plan B? Cut Cutler and sign……? So, next year you are in cap hell but in another 1-2 years you can shed……Allen, Cutler, Houston, Forte, Bushrod, Jennings plus Briggs this year at $5.8M and Alshon Jeffrey probably is a little cheaper this off-season than he was last.

  21. “A great scenario that will never happen, a figure head HC with Rex as DC and Trestman as OC. All the HC has to do is keep the egos in check and let those two run the game”

    Didn’t watch much of the Bears offense this year, I see.

  22. Bears fans might want to read Moon Mullin’s article that just posted about how badly Emery botched the coaching hire. If Moon’s assertions are true, Rod Marinelli likely would have stayed as the Bears DC if Emery had hired Bruce Arians, who he regarded much more highly than Trestman.

    Now granted the Bears still would have had big-time talent shortages but I have to believe an Arians HC/Marinelli DC combo would have done a lot more with the available players than Trestman/Tucker did.

    Not to mention – and this is huge – keeping Marinelli would have gone miles towards keeping the veteran defensive players engaged and in an active leadership role, which they clearly abdicated under Tucker.

  23. H O L M G R E N as GM !

    Holmgren will put the correct pieces together, coaching staff
    as well.

    Any other choice is a waste, like Emery and his draft picks.

  24. They should have kept Trestman and hired Rex Ryan to coach up the D. Cutler will never get better if he has to learn a new offense every year.

    Hopefully Lovie will bring Trestman to Tampa. That could be a good combo.

  25. …and they LEAVE “Family Guy”/Slimeball Phillips around?? Virginny McCaskey suck-up, period. That guy has to have one hell of a gag-reflex.

  26. It could be worse – you could be married to a head coach who’s going to eat his way into a coma and a diva QB with glass legs and collarbone.

  27. Trestman lost the locker room, and couldn’t do anything with Marshall, Bennett, Forte, and Jeffrey. Who in their right mind would take him as an OC?

  28. Bring back Da Coach! Put some fire back into the Bears versus the droopiness epitomized by Jay Cutler.

    As it stands, I don’t know if the Bears are about football or hanging out at the mall, dressed in all black, while complaining about authority.

    Only Ditka can break this Morrissey soundtrack.

  29. Both Emery and Trestman probably got what they deserved, but it doesn’t seem like their well-paid QB will.

  30. Getting rid of a competent QB is just silly. How many competent (or better) QBs are there in the league? Certainly fewer than 20. And almost always better the devil you know – Tampa went 7-9 with Josh Freeman. Now look at them. Not even 7 wins put together since then. Slagging Cutler off is all well and good but the GM and HC just got fired, which surely says something.

    Cutler’s 31, still a teenager in QB terms, and he’s just had a season in which he threw a PB high number of TDs in a year, a PB completion % and 2nd PB number of yards. With a good coach, some confidence behind him and a better OL (sacked 38 times, joint-9th worst), Cutler can easily be one of the top 10 QBs in the league.

    I’d far rather be a Bear right now than a Buc, Jet, Brown, Skin, Ram, Bill, Titan, Texan, Jag or Raider.

  31. Had to be done. He simply didn’t have any control over anybody involved. You can’t have your OC get caught being an anonymous source badmouthing your QB and just let it totally slide.

  32. Perfect scenario: Shanahan as HC, Rex Ryan as DC
    sorry, but dream on there. Rex Ryan will either be a head coach or will be on tv. my best guess is Rex Ryan will end up in Atlanta to fix that defense. As for the Bears, i think (if they want him of course) Shanahan will be a Bear with Cutler and i could see them hiring a Ryan as the DC……Rob Ryan.

  33. The support here for a washed up Mike Shanahan surprises me. The guy was part of the scheme that deferred payments to Elway and Davis during the Broncos Super Bowl years and undermined the integrity of the league.

    He then brought his magic to the Redskins franchise and I don’t have to chronicle that debacle. Now you want him to do for Chicago what he did for Denver and Washington?

    The game has passed him by and the hiring of his son, an average OC by any measure, is just outright nepotism. As a fan, I want to see the Chicago Bears become the Monsters of the Midway again and I want to see that division once again be the rock ’em, sock ’em group it once was.

  34. Always thought Bear fans were more knowledgeable compared to the Bronco crowd out here in Colorado, but I hear all of this crap about Cutler and nothing about the defense (who went a stretch of 10 quarters without forcing a punt at one point). Also., we have THE WORST RB in Yards after contact and pass protection. Matt “Ole” Forte will not touch a blitzing linebacker. In fact, I’ve seen him hide behind lineman while Cutler gets killed. He’s also the reason we couldn’t score on 1st and goal from the one without passing. Forte built all of his stats on dump off passes and only gaining yards when there was a huge hole. Breathe on him and he goes down. Notice how he went the whole season without a knick on him. Trade him now while he is still overrated!

    I’m waiting for Tucker to get the boot too. Why was he hired in the first place. He came from friggin’ Jacksonville.

    The TEAM voted Cutler the captain before the season started but Trestman took it away from him, instead doing a bizarre rotating captain psychobabble thing. So you wonder why Cutler didn’t “act” like a captain.

    I agree with the dude who suggested getting in Rex Ryan as DC. We need to get the toughness with our Bears. Oh, and goodbye Lance Briggs and your half-assed out-of-shape effort. Seriously, did you make ONE PLAY this year?

    Rant over. Let’s be positive Bear fans and hope for the best moving forward. GO BEARSSS!!!!!!!!!

  35. Sorry Luciferm, accidentally gave you a thumbs down when I meant to give a thumbs up (fat fingers). Your comments are right on. Hell, the Ravens won a SB with TRENT DILFER at QB. I think some Bear fans have a short memory regarding our QB history. The last decent QB we had was. Jim McMahon who couldn’t stay healthy. We need to get back to Bear football – defense and running the ball with an RB who is not masquerading as wide receiver (Forte).

  36. Cleaning house does not solve the problem in this case. Trestman is a good coach, he is a good offensive mind. I liked him being hired as a HC, I thought he could “fix” Cutler. The problem in this case is Cutler. When you have a starting QB that is making a top end salary but has the body language of a 13 yo girl in the midst of a temper tantrum you have a problem. Cutler has shown he is not a leader, he is not a winner. He has the tools- good size, cannon arm- but he seems to lack the leadership needed to be a true winner in this league. Cutler makes to many bad choices, he tries to let his arm strength win every snap (very similar to Brett Favre), problem is a “gun-slinger” qb can get you in more trouble than he is worth. Trade Cutler to the Titans (since it sounds like they want him) and rebuild the team.

  37. Bears fans seem to be lost on the issue of who owns the Bears. These days you had better be owned by a billionaire or like the Packers owned by the fans and who don’t care about the bottom line. Anyone on the Bears staff who knew of the Cutler deal beforehand and didn’t think (based upon last year) that it was way too rich should get the can along with the 2 already sent packing. This next round of hires will again see economics play a greater role in hiring than ability to change the situation..

  38. This is what you get when you fire a 10-6 coach. The Bears will go through a few more before they get a coach as good as Lovie. See you compete in maybe 5 or 6 years..

  39. Tressman is a great coach with lots of knowledge and passion for the game, it’s once said a good workman never blames his tools but in this case it’s different cutler is the biggest tool in the nfl

  40. Gotta give some credit to Mel Tucker for bringing a brand new style of defense to the NFL – All eleven Bears looking at the sideline with their hands in the air after the ball was snapped.

    Lost a lot of respect for Trestman when he didn’t have the stones to demand that Tucker be let go at the start of the season and again during the season when it was obvious Tucker was in over his head.

  41. buckybadger how did Lovie do in Tampa this season? Yeah, that’s right his “coaching” earned them the 1st pick in next years draft…yup, we sure should have kept him…NOT! Don’t go telling me Lovie inherited bad players etc. as they went hog-wild in free agency scooping up every player that Lovie wanted and he also had control over the draft and got all of “his” players so there are just no excuses…he isn’t a very good head coach, he’s a good DC but simply not HC material. Trestman was the exact opposite of Lovie in that he knew all about the offensive side of the ball which Lovie ignored for years but he knew nothing about defense which was actually Lovie’s strongsuit. What we need is a complete HC, one who knows as much about offense as he does defense, one who is a strong personality and won’t tolerate the primadonna actions of the players that went on this year under Trestman’s watch. The way the hirings should go is to hire a GM first…get a real football guy like Holmgren, let him be in charge of hiring the coach because he’ll hire another real football guy who’s been a successful coach before, let that coach fire the remaining coaching staff and hire the guys that he wants on his staff. If they do this they might get back on track soon. The one thing the Bears MUST NOT do is let the hirings be based upon Jay Cutler’s say so…Cutler IS NOT a franchise QB, he has done nothing in his career close to the top tier QB’s (P. Manning, Brady, Brees etc.) to warrant ANY input whatsoever in the selection of the next coach/GM!!!

  42. As long as the McClasky family, descendants of George Halas, owns this team, it will be a mediocre team.

    And they won’t sell it – it’s a cash cow.

    Guaranteed sellouts, a lucrative TV deal, and the list goes on and on. Why spend more money than you have to?

    So they don’t.

    They should read “How to Build a Championship Team and Have It Last Year After Year” By Robert Kraft.

    It’s only one page

    1) Hire the RIGHT people
    2) Sign the checks
    3) Get the hell out of the way and let them do their job.

  43. They should read “How to Build a Championship Team and Have It Last Year After Year” By Robert Kraft.

    It’s only one page

    1) Hire the RIGHT people
    2) Sign the checks
    3) Get the hell out of the way and let them do their job.

    You forgot two…

    4) Cheat
    5) Suck up to the commissioner so you can get away with 4)

  44. 6) Fall into a Hall of Fame QB in the 6th round and keep him reasonably healthy for more than a decade.

  45. mmh2009 says:
    Dec 29, 2014 10:39 AM

    Man this organization is a joke! But I love it. Go GB!


    Kind of like the home field playoff advantage you had against the Giants…talk about a joke !

    Go Bears !

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