Falcons and 49ers ask for permission to talk to Adam Gase


Adam Gase has a week off, and a window to talk to teams if he wants to.

And like last year, he’ll have options.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Falcons and 49ers have already asked for permission to talk to Gase.

A year ago, the Browns asked for permission to interview the Broncos offensive coordinator, but he pulled a Rex Grossman and said no thanks.

With several teams looking at him and a diminished field of hot coordinator prospects, this could be his best chance to land a head coaching job.

And unlike the Browns job, both the 49ers and Falcons come with established front offices and quarterbacks who you might be able to go to the playoffs with.

49 responses to “Falcons and 49ers ask for permission to talk to Adam Gase

  1. As a Niners fan, the Falcons can have him. He looks good because of Peyton Manning. I also heard the Niners wanted to talk to Kyle Shanahan, Josh McDaniels and Jim Mora. That list is down right embarrassing. The Niners made a mistake. And please don’t mention Holmgren or Mike Shanahan. Today sucks haha.

  2. Seriously??? HELLO!!! Not an upgrade over Smith. He has Peyton Manning. He is not the genius behind Denver. If you have good players you are a good coach? Makes no sense. Smith has proved he can win. Sounds like he needs better players. And I by no means am a fan of him or Atlanta.

  3. Here we go again. Teams see Payton Manning rack up passing yards and touchdowns, then want to hire the Offensive Coordinator.
    FYI, 49ers and Falcons, if you want to hire Denver’s Offensive Coordinator, his name is Manning, not Gase………..and he is also the QB

  4. If they’re that interested in a figure-head/puppet, I know where they can get a cardboard cut-out of Doug Baldwin for much less.

  5. Peyton’s waterboy. Who in their right mind thinks he’s the brains behind the Broncos’ offense?

  6. The 49ers have been to 3 NFC championship games and a Super Bowl with there QB. I think saying they have a QB that might be able to get to the playoffs is an understatement.

  7. This is crap. Teams shouldn’t be allowed to speak with coaches who are still with a team who is still in contention. Its a distraction.

    Just because a team was terrible and couldn’t make the playoffs doesn’t mean they should be allowed to speak with coaches who’s team could; the Broncos season isn’t over, and Gase should be focused on his current job.

  8. Broncos have a 1st-round bye, which means Gase is off this week and can interview if he so chooses.

  9. Remember when Apple’s Board of Directors replaced Steve Jobs with John Sculley? Is that any different than York-Baalke replacing Harbaugh with Gase?

  10. Wow, apparently the entire nation has forgotten what happened in the Super Bowl last year and gone back to slobbering over Gase…

  11. SF already tried getting Denver’s OC a few years ago, after Indy released him….

    Atlanta would be far better off with Bowles . They’d be scary if they had any kind of defense

  12. Manning has made average coaches look greate his entire career; see Dungy and Caldwell. Neither were all that good without him in HC roles.

    That said, it is borderline criminal to suggest the 49ers have an established front office after they just ran a very successful HC out of town.

  13. Please don’t hire a Manning or Brady coat rider Jed. You already made one stupid move. Don’t add to it. Which of course means they will hire Gase, McDaniels or some butt kisser that won’t succeed.

  14. I suspect Gase’s resume got sweeter a month or so ago when Peyton Manning started struggling and Gase successfully implemented a more run-oriented offense.

    – Titans

  15. Both teams screwed up by firing their coach. The only question is, “who will screw up worse with their next hire?”

  16. Granted, Adam Gase has called plays for Denver……….Of course Manning audibles about three more time before a play is actually set.

  17. We are a disgrace to everyone. Lets go get Peytons Puppet. This would make since, because York and Baalke want sheep/yes man like jason garrett. I’am disgusted.

  18. dontblinkmedia says:

    This is crap. Teams shouldn’t be allowed to speak with coaches who are still with a team who is still in contention. Its a distraction.

    No one is forcing the prospects to talk.

  19. Coaches should be left alone either until the end of their seasons or until their teams are eliminated from the playoff picture. Otherwise, it is close to tampering and there are rules against that. Enough of the bottom feeding NFL teams jumping the gun the day after the season is over.

  20. well it’s simple then, if it’ll be a distraction….then the coaches have a choice to not talk to them til after the post season. No one is forcing them to take the interviews. I’ll throw this lil nugget in to, Adam Gase is not the answer to the falcons. He’ll be good for the 49ers. Shoood Dirk can keep calling the offense, We pick up Rex? Bam! That kind of defense that smacked us all over the Georgia Dome yesterday is the kind of defense we need to compliment the Offense and the “Brotherhood”WR’s. Like I said, that’s just my opinion….I think Rex would fit right in.

  21. No one knows how he’ll turn out as an HC if, indeed, he does become one.

    But he’s basically running the offense designed for Peyton Manning by Tom Moore and, to some extent, Bruce Arians.

    As others have said on here, if you want the Denver OC you get Manning, not Gase.

  22. To all those that said Gase had no game plan in the Super Bowl. He made some adjustments at half time and they scored 8-more points than they did in the first half.

  23. What exactly has McCoy done with that very talented Chargers team? That’s what I thought. Game will do even less.

  24. Alright all you “Peyton is the OC” parrots, answer one question as you TRY not to qoute the last guy. Who shuffled the o-line having the guts to move his center mid season to fix the run game KNOWING that QBs and centers crave continuity? Huh? Anyone? Hint: it WASN’T Peyton.

  25. Gase will get it. Why? The Broncos will be one and out with you know who under center and … Turn down Matt Ryan??? Why do that???

  26. Gase has been running the crap out of CJ Anderson lately. Who is the Falcons version of that guy? They don’t have an RB in ATL.

  27. Gase is not ready, he has done a good job, but I think any Broncos fan will tell you they wish that we still had Mike McCoy running the show. Gase and the rest of the Broncos coaching staff was completely out coached in the past Super Bowl. Broncos should fire Fox and hire Gase if he is the front runner for all these jobs.

  28. I also feel bad for anyone not named Harbaugh that will be coaching the 9ers, they are having a tough time letting him go and does not sound like they are open to anyone other than Harbaugh coaching the team based on the comments I have read. Going to be hard for the next guy when they fan base can’t let go.

  29. Three years from now Jed York is going to fire Trent Baalke and whoever the new head coach is after three bad seasons. Maybe then he’ll realize that he made the same mistake his dad did when he fired Steve Mariucci for the same reason and replaced him with Dennis Erickson.

    It sucks to be a Niner fan right now!

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