Harbaugh to Michigan all but official


He wanted to stay in the NFL, but with no viable options paying him at or near $8 million and Michigan ready to give him the keys to the financial kingdom, it appears that Jim Harbaugh will indeed become the next coach of the Wolverines.

“Michigan has told its biggest boosters a deal for Jim Harbaugh is done and a press conference is scheduled for Tuesday,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter (a Michigan man) reported Monday morning.

There’s still a sense of “it’s not done until it’s done” when it comes to Harbaugh and Michigan, in part because it has appeared for the past few weeks that Harbaugh is using the Michigan offer as leverage for a comparable NFL package.

Unlike Nick Saban, who seemed to be permanently leaving the NFL in the rear-view mirror when he bolted the Dolphins for Alabama after the 2006 season, many believe Harbaugh will eventually return to the NFL.  His Michigan contract surely will allow him to leave for the NFL whenever he wants, and his four-year maximum shelf life with other positions will create lingering speculation that Harbaugh eventually will come back to the pro game and chase the championship he came tantalizingly close to winning.

But he’ll be welcomed as a hero in Ann Arbor, and his history suggests he’ll turn things around quickly.  At some point, though, the lure of a Lombardi Trophy likely will bring him back to the NFL.

96 responses to “Harbaugh to Michigan all but official

  1. He can always ask his brother what’s it like to actually win a lombardi. Close enough and with his spare time this offseason maybe he can ride shotgun with big bro while he goes and gets another!

  2. If it meant all that much to him to stay in the NFL he would have done one of several things:

    1) Change the attitude and stay in Santa Clara
    2) Stop acting like he deserves SB-winning money when he’s never won a Super Bowl.

    He’s going back to be a (supposed) big fish in a much smaller pond.

  3. 1. You’re supposed to be the “QB Guru” and the “QB Whisperer”. You had a good QB who was playing really well and getting better. You dumped him for Colin Kaepernick. You were a Superbowl contender and you screwed it up with the most important position in sports. And for what? A QB that doesn’t have a clue what’s going on out there on the field. You begged your GM to draft him when no one else in the organisation wanted anything to do with him.

    2. You’re supposed to be an offense guy. You’ve admitted you have little, if not zero, input on the defense. Defense is the only reason you were successful. Offense is ranked 30th in the league. Your offense is just as pathetic as the Mike Singletary era.

    3. You inherited a super talented team with piss poor coaching. You should have won one, maybe two, Superbowls by now.

    4. You still can’t figure out the whole timeout thing and you lead the league in delay of game penalties, again.

    5. 13-3, 12-4, 11-3-1 and 8-8.

    6. You forced yourself out. It’s a good time to jump ship and save any credibility you have left.

  4. Tried to tell Niners fans. You were never going to get a pick for him. Why would he do that? Makes no sense to put your new team behind the 8 ball by giving up picks for you.

    He’ll spend 2 seasons in Michigan, then he’ll pop up in NFL job searches again. If he doesn’t like any of the jobs open that off-season, he may stay a 3rd. That way, he can choose the job he likes best, not the one where the awful team was willing to give up picks to get him in house

  5. The media runs him out of town and is already trying to run him out of town in Michigan by claiming he has a shelf live. On the contrary, all he has done is accepted promotions which should be applauded. Not sure why the media hates this guy so much but it is clear to anyone with eyse that they do.

  6. But, as is often not the case, we, the fans, are the winners. Unless we live in Michigan, we will not have to hear about him again any time soon and certainly not have to listen to his whining about this or that. Too bad it isn’t Moscow State or Tokyo U.

  7. He just couldn’t hang with the big boys. College games will be much easier for old Jimmy. Now let see if we can get rid of his brother next year. All of this is karma for that extremely shady Anquan Boldin trade a few years ago. Trading him for a 6th round draft pick indeed.

  8. The Niners will regret this. You do not fire a coach with 49 wins in 4 years! Jed York and Trent Baalke are two whiny, incompetent, undeserving chumps in management today. We deserve to go back into the basement again. Jed York and Trent Baalke, you two suck!!

    A Niners fan

  9. Great for the school. He will bring them a National Championship.

    Great for Harbaugh, as he gets to do something big for his school while making huge money.

    Pretty darn bad for the Niners– dumbest move since Al got rid of Gruden. The 49ers will flounder for the next several years.

  10. Too bad for the 49ers – he turned them into winners. Now they’ll go back to being the bottom-feeders they were prior to Harbaugh. Arizona and St. Louis will continue to give Seattle a run for their money while the 9ers are looking up at them longing for the good ol’ Harbaugh days.

  11. Out of simple commonsense, every Michigan recruit would HAVE to understand that Harbaugh’s stint coaching college kids could have the plug pulled on it at any time, and at some not-too-distant point in the relatively near future, it will.

  12. RegisHawk, you spend wayyyy more time on 49er posts than Seattle posts. RegisHawk? More like KathyLeeHawk.

  13. More than anything this coaching search has taught me that the NFL reporting circle is actually really small and insular, and their reporters are as arrogant as the people in the front offices and agent they all use as sources.

    NFL reporters spent weeks talking about how Harbaugh would never want to go back to college. How it wouldn’t happen. They dismissed the Michigan sources who said it was a real possibility. There’s a good change Harbaugh’s NFL agent won’t see a dime of his Michigan contract, but when he tells reporters Harbaugh prefers the NFL that’s gospel. When Jack Harbaugh is telling Michigan people his son is interested it’s not accepted.

    For the fans of the next college team talking to an NFL coach, remember this. NFL reporters can’t imagine a world where anyone would want to do anything but work in the NFL. Their sources are all NFL people and NFL agents. Most of them have been trying to slowly backpedal their absolute “It will never happen, why would anyone want to leave the NFL?” comments for a week or two now.

  14. So if he leaves before his contract is over then there should be plenty of time between now and then for the university and himself to properly prepare a suitable succcessor. There is no good excuse for not having that as a piece of the plan given the profile and monetary investment involved with this deal.

    There is also no good excuse for Michigan to not contend to be the very best team in all of college football in each and every season from here on.

  15. Awesome! Next Halloween the Wolverines come to TCF Bank Stadium in MN….can’t wait to watch Jerry Kill and the Gophers spank Harbaugh!!

  16. Obviously, the best call. I’m not sure why people seem to think that coaches need “the challenge” of the NFL. Coaches want what all of us want — job security, and the ability to make your own decisions.

    Harbaugh goes to another NFL team, he’s got to win and win fast or he’s out of a job in three or four years, possibly with a big hit to his resume.

    Harbaugh goes to Michigan. Has control of the team, and has to restore pride to the program — an insanely low bar at this point, since UM is now just a dumpster fire. He gets UM back to 10-win seasons and he’ll be the King of Ann Arbor. He can write his ticket and he’ll have a job for life.

    Who wouldn’t prefer that to a life in the NFL of 90 hour works weeks and constantly looking over your shoulder?

  17. All this guy does is win. And he always seems to take a job that seems “impossible to win”. But he wins anyway. The Big Ten Network is loving life. Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh might be the two best coaches in the world right now. This is great.

  18. He’ll be back in the NFL within 3 years. Michigan is just dating the hot chick that will dump them for a better date as soon as it comes along.

  19. While I am no fan of Michigan I do think if this happens it is really good for the Big Ten. He may not win big for a year or 2 but getting Michigan back to being Michigan will help our conference tremendously.
    Meyer vs. Harbaugh does sound interesting and should spice that rivalry up some.

  20. What’s the deal with Harbaugh? Vic Fangio and that defense is why they were winning.
    Harbaugh assembled the(for lack of a better term) offense He tried to run Alex Smith out of town for Peyton Manning (and was being shady about it), and ultimately ran Smith out of town for Col-Kaep.
    How many players have come out and backed their now ex-coach?
    Harbaugh is a lesser Rex Ryan.

  21. $8M per year for a college coach? A Michigan grad will have to earn $177K per year for an entire 45 year career just to make what this clown will make in a year. Our priorities are messed up!

  22. I guess the Harbaugh is just going to leave right away is the new spin from the NFL clowns that insisted he would never leave the mighty NFL for a lowly college job? You people are embarrassing yourselves.

  23. As an Ohio State fan, Harbaugh to Michigan is a little scary. But boy, those games will be fun to watch again!

  24. Be afraid suckeye nation, be very afraid. Your little run is over. It’s time for college’s most winningest football team, University of Michigan, to spread that gap over the rest of the pack. Go Blue!!!!

  25. tinbender2000 says:
    Dec 29, 2014 10:34 AM
    RegisHawk, you spend wayyyy more time on 49er posts than Seattle posts. RegisHawk? More like KathyLeeHawk.


    It’s called the Jan Brady Syndrome. Seattle will always be SF’s little ugly sister. I mean c’mon, who visits Seattle anyway? Plus let them gloat, it’s not like they’re a storied franchise anyway. 5 (without PEDs) >>>>> 1.

    Kind of feels like the Warriors/Lakers. We all know the Lakers are a storied franchise, and now that the Dubs are winning, it’s easy for me to gloat. I’ve been wanting to trash their fans when the day comes when the Dubs are better than the Lakers. But for some reason, I’m just enjoying this ride without trolling Lakers fans.


    York and Baalke, your ego’s are bigger than your bank accounts…….you two have no business being in SF.

  27. Harbaugh is a leaving a sinking ship.


    The 49ers were on the way down before he decided to jump ship. They won’t be able to compete in that division for years….with Gregg Williams and Jeff Fischer in St. Louis now, the 49ers are 4th out of 4 in that division.


    He’s leaving that team in worse shape than before he showed up.

  28. Funny all the niners fans who were all about CK when he was running them to a Super Bowl, all of a sudden think he’s awful, and they should have stayed with Alex Smith. And yeah, Jim should have just became the company man, and how dare he want super bowl money. Idiots. If your coach is not McCarthy, Bellicheck, Carroll, Tomlin, Reid, Lewis…you probably would sign up for Jim Harbaugh in a heartbeat. A lot of franchises would love to have that kind of record in 4 seasons.

  29. 49ers just got a lot less interesting for the next few years.

    How does he get to a SB just two years past and now he is let go?

    As a Hawks fan this guy was our nemesis. He had the 49ers and they were a great team. To beat that team during his tenure was really something special. They were a very good team.

    I don’t know what happens to the 49ers now? Can they recover and come back next year? They still got a talented roster of players.

  30. I know this will be an unpopular choice amongst Niners fans but Trestman sounds intriguing to me. He has ties to SF and knows a thing or two about offense. If we can keep Fangio on the defensive side of the ball, with all the starters healthy (plus what are the chances of another injury-riddled year?), there’s a good chance they can go back to the playoffs.

  31. When harbaugh tries to shake Jerry Kills hand like a spoiled baby (anyone remember the Jim Schwartz handshake?) I hope Kill takes his head off. Its good to know Michigan will be in the toilet for the next few years!!!

    Is Krapernick going with him to Michigan? He plays at the college level as well.

  32. Good luck, Jim Harbaugh ala Oliver North – you brought the 49ers franchise back to relavancy. I’m sure Baby Jed and Baalke had their say in the Kaepernick pick and jettisoning Alex Smith.

    Harbaugh is like a good captain going down with his ship.

    I hope the 49ers’ brain trust higher a better coach than Harbaugh, but is one to be had? Moreover, can a strong coaching candidate work with the egos of York and Baalke?

  33. I don’t think Harbaugh is overrated, but he is full of himself and it sounds like his act wore very thin the past couple of years. His shelf life had expired. Maybe he is smart getting out of SF and the NFL while he still has somewhat of a reputation left.

  34. philyeagles5 says:
    Dec 29, 2014 10:27 AM
    Good. He’s a good coach and id rather him be coaching in the crap amateur league.
    Well Eagles fan, I agree with you. In the NFL, coaching is more important than recruiting and it’s where the very best coaches want to be to ply their trade. Nick Saban is a great recruiter, but not so smart in the NFL going up against the very best. Your Chip Kelly, on the other hand, gets it. He could have stayed at Oregon with all of that Nike money and had been set up for years with 10 and 11 win seasons, but he’s in Philly because he knows that’s where the big boys play.

  35. He will most likely have a successful career as a college coach. But as a player and coach, his ego has always been bigger than his actual accomplishments.

  36. good job bay area media, who never appreciated what Harbaugh accomplished, and always threw him under the bus because he didnt make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. have fun covering a losing coach/franchise. i’m sure he will be so warm and fuzzy for you guys. maybe this next coach will become tim kawakami’s best friend, and they can eat ice cream together and go for bicycle rides down by the beach. what a great coach that will be.

  37. As a 49ers fan, as long as Van Gio stays as defensive coordinator, and a offensive minded coach who gets the most out of his talent, I believe this team will be fine or even better off than with Harbaugh. As good as his record was, that was mainly to do with defense, his job was to get the most out of Alex Smith, in which he did, then traded him away. The last two years of him and Kap has wasted Gore, Davis, and Crabtree talent. Justin Smith retiring is a bigger loss than Harbaugh.

  38. If I live to be 100 I will never understand my fellowman’s need to tear down people who work hard and have exhibited admirable achievement. Harbaugh might be a jerk (I don’t really know) but I do know he works hard and has been a success. I find that admirable.

  39. I’d like to see him coach my Colts one day, reunite with Andrew Luck, Pep Hamilton, Coby Fleener, and Griff Whalen if we ever part ways with Pagano.

  40. hess97 says:
    Dec 29, 2014 11:41 AM
    Yorks are the dumbest owners in pro sports.


    “We agree!”
    – Joshua Harris, Adam Aron
    – Mark Walter, Guggenheim Baseball Management

  41. Never had the most enjoyable personality, but he’s one helluva football coach. Michigan is lucky to have him—the Niners, on the other hand…

  42. Harbaugh was the agent of his own demise. Trying to affix the blame on the GM, owner or media is merely making excuses. He wears out his welcome. It’s just that it was easier to hide it in the college circuit.

    You can continue to deny and/or excuse it…I believe there’s a saying about repeating behavior and expecting different results that covers that situation.

  43. I’d still wait and see if the Bears don’t make a run at Harbaugh. If he wants to stay in the NFL he will. NFL HC and College HC are totally different worlds. College you have to deal with recruiting, boosters and the NCAA. So it really isn’t a done deal at Michigan until it’s a done deal.

  44. Settle down. Mike Holmgren and Brian Billick could take this team to the SB, with what talent they have.

    JH lost a SB. He will do great things at Michigan, but not with the 49ers.

  45. Sorry for you SF……..I think this is a bad move…….Should have kept one of the best coaches in the NFL……..Sorry for Seahawks as they just lost a cog in the rivalry between teams…….

  46. The NFC West was recently heard saying this:

    “This one’s on us Jim…Maybe we shouldn’t have kicked your team in the mouth so much this season. There was so much expectation from you, and now you’re bolting before you become exposed. The 49ers are going to end up 4th in the division next year….whether you’re coaching the team or not…..Now you’re bolting…we played you too hard…This one’s on us.”

  47. for what it’s worth – Larry Foote just tweeted “I just picked Harbaugh up at the airport”

    He should have stayed in the NFL. Those boosters that are clamoring for him to come to Michigan will be the same ones calling for his head if he doesn’t turn around the program and beat OSU immediately. It’s going to take quite a few years to turn around that program.

    And as for San Fran – there’s a dumpster fire waiting to happen. Not sure of another coach out there that could improve on what Harbaugh did with that team. The 49ers could be looking at yet another lost decade

  48. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 29, 2014 10:22 AM

    Vastly overrated coach. Thank God the Redskins didn’t hire him.

    gone from week 7 to after the regular season ends. time flies.

  49. You’re embarrassing yourself, Florio. You were wrong on this from the get-go. Your “sources” had no clue what Harbaugh wanted, were just trying to gin up a bidding war, and you regurgitated their BS without any real investigation or analysis.

    You got this dead wrong. Be a man and admit it. You’re better than this.

  50. Maybe the Bears are making a frantic last-minute run at him? It would explain why the McCaskeys moved faster than they ever have in history to cut ties with Trestman this morning.

  51. Its Michigan, who cares? All they care about is their recruits. Theyre overrated every year and have an arrogant organization and fans. Good luck UofM, you will still suck. You all thought Hoke was the answer too, because “He’s a Michigan guy”. Haha, love the excuses!

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