If Rob Ryan’s going out, he’s going out his way

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Much like his brother, if Rob Ryan was going out yesterday, he was going out guns blazing.

The Saints defensive coordinator fired up his guys and led the Saints to a comeback win over a sort-of trying Buccaneers team yesterday.

Ryan’s impassioned halftime speech was cited by some as the reason for his comeback, as he lit into players, telling them: “Act like you want to be here,” Ryan yelled.

Rob came in and chewed us out,” Galette said, via Katherine Terrell of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “It’s like ‘Hey, this guy really cares.’ You know he cares. You know how passionate it is. And we started playing as a team and just played with our technique, we were gap-sound and they couldn’t do anything.”

While it might not make much of a difference as to his job security, he at least has players on his side, which is a trick his brother has mastered as well.

“I’d be shocked,” Galette said, when asked about the possibility of Ryan being fired.

Perhaps, but enough happened over the previous 15 games to mean few others would be.

24 responses to “If Rob Ryan’s going out, he’s going out his way

  1. I really don’t care if he’s fired or not but if he stays I just hope he scales down all that blitzing because we don’t have the personnel in the secondary to cover. We had better be drafting defense heavy also in the upcoming draft……

  2. Whoever hires him for his next job should include in the contract that he gives one of those impassioned speeches for every game at the start of each half.

    Hey, if it works every time then I don’t think the players would mind hearing something like… “yeah I realize we are 15-0 but you have all proven NOTHING about wanting to be 16-0, so show me you care about THAT!”

    Bring the inspiration action!

  3. Rob may care but I’m not thinking anyone besides him cares if he stays or goes, let alone whether it’s his way or he’s just shown the route to the highway

  4. So he waited until the last, meaningless game of the season to finally do some coaching. Yup, he deserves to keep his job.

  5. Rob Ryan has an overwhelmingly pedestrian track record as a DC. And this defense continually put the offense in bad situations.

    One effective halftime speech later, we’re supposed to be “shocked” if he doesn’t return?

    No…I’d be shocked if Sean Payton isn’t on Priceline right now finding Ryan the cheapest flight out of town.

  6. Rob Ryan can care and yell and use all the f-bombs he wants, but if he can’t coach defense, he’s just another fat member of the overrated and over-appreciated Ryan coaching failure family. I know that king gasbag Jim Rome likes to say that saying that something sucks and calling fat isn’t a take…but Rob Ryan is fat and he sucks….that’s my take. Rack me, I’m out.

  7. Do you people really think your “fat” comments rate a thumbs up or are funny?

    Small minds always revert to name calling when they have nothing to say.

    How about talking about his record or his style or his coaching?

    Small minds…

  8. Rob Ryan may or may not be a good NFL coach, but he is a very likeable guy and all the ugly words toward him are undeserved…

  9. I would be shocked as well, Ryan is a great coach, and if we did fire him, I would be worried that the Saints still don’t understand the problems and are just looking for scapegoats

  10. Fans are stupid. The Saints gained nothing by winning that game but dropping 5 spots in the draft and giving Tampa Mariotta in the draft. There was no reason to try to win that game.

  11. The Ryan Brothers comedy duo may even cause vaudeville to make a comeback. Those Ryans are a laugh every minute.

  12. Well it happens when the GM and HC jettison all the vets on the defensive side. The ride is over for the team. We’re about to hit 6 years since that magical Super Bowl and they’ve priced themselves out of contention. Blame the personnel guy, not the coach.

  13. Rob Ryan is the worst DC/coach in NFL….. His Dallas Cowboys last in defense then Dallas gets rid of it’s defensive stars(or they left actually) and lose Sean Lee in training camp. No Scandrick. Obviously they are going to repeat as last place defense but the most important thing- Rob Ryan – a last place defense that lost ALL it’s stars jumps the ranks and helps them get nfc east??? Rob Ryan kills defenses. Saints were #5 defense and then sign pro bowl safety Byrd become #31???!!! How? Oh yeah Rob Ryan. I don’t understand why anyone would give him a job as a DC after watching what he has done to 2 teams

  14. It always surprises me how many “system” coaches there are in the NFL. The Ryan brothers need their type of guys to run their system, or it struggles. Lovie Smith, on the other end of Ryan’s speech, is the same way with his Cover 2 principles. You would think that at the NFL level guys would figure out how to coach the best out of their talent. As much as I hate him, that’s one of the things about Belichick that makes him great. He may change schemes from game to game, or even half to half, to put pressure on the other team to adjust, and most coaches can’t.

    Perfect example of this was Mike Martz in Chicago. Had to coach his system, even though the Bears had a bad OL, no receivers, and convinced the GM to trade away the only target Cutler had in Greg Olsen (who just made the Pro Bowl in Carolina) because he couldn’t use a tight end. But he’s an offensive genius, just like the Ryan brothers are defensive genii…Amazing how HOF grade talent makes a coach look better, and a HOF coach can make any team look better.

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