Jed York: Hold me responsible if 49ers don’t win Super Bowls


San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York says after the departure of Jim Harbaugh that the franchise’s only focus is to win Super Bowls, and that York himself should be held accountable by the fans if the 49ers fall short.

“It’s up to us to make sure we compete for and win Super Bowls,” York said. “That’s our only goal. We don’t raise division championship banners, we don’t raise NFC Championship banners. We raise Super Bowl banners. And whenever we don’t deliver that, I hope that you will hold me directly responsible and accountable for it. And we look forward to getting this thing back on track.”

General Manager Trent Baalke echoed those sentiments.

“We accomplished a lot of good things,” Baalke said. “A lot of good things. The ultimate prize in this business is Super Bowls. We all know that, we all understand it, it’s what we sign up for going into it, and we didn’t reach that goal of a victory, but we got very close numerous times, and Jim was a huge part of that. He’s moved on and there’s no doubt he’s a heck of a football coach and he’s going to enjoy success at his next stop where ever that may be.”

Harbaugh didn’t win a Super Bowl during his tenure with the 49ers, but he came a lot closer than any other 49ers coach since York and his parents took over the 49ers from York’s uncle Eddie DeBartolo Jr. If York can’t find a coach who can win a Super Bowl, he absolutely should be held responsible.

But the reality is, there’s only so much fans can do to hold owners responsible. York will own the 49ers as long as he wants, and the fans can’t do anything about that. All fans can do is hope that the coach York and Baalke just ran off doesn’t turn out to be the best coach York and Baalke ever hire.

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  1. Let me get this straight: You fired Harbaugh because he wasn’t a good enough coach for you?


  2. Honest question: Once you’ve sold the PSLs, how exactly can you hold an owner accountable?

    This is a new problem for niners fans. I need guidance from Redskins, Raiders, Browns, Bengals, Jaguars, Lions, Vikings, and other teams’ fans.

  3. We do Jed. Now tell us what the plan is going forward. Who do you hire that greater than or equal to the coach you just pushed out the door? What a joke.

  4. You’re absolutely right Jed, the Niners won’t be holding up any divisional or conference banners as long as you’re head is so firmly implanted. . .

  5. How arrogant is this guy. You just got rid of the best coach to get you there! And for what, because you didn’t want to pay him? Enjoy the dark ages again!

  6. Actually, fans have a lot more power then you give them credit for.

    Fans can choose to not go to games, not buy concessions/team merchandise and other things related to the bottom line.

    If enough people felt this way, they could hurt the owner in the wallet.

  7. York you and Balke have turned a storied franchise filled with talent into a laughing stock in less than 1 season.

    And now you’re preaching accepting future responsibility? What about the season you ruined?

  8. Translation-“We got our $1.2 billion stadium from you guys since we won for a few years, now we want to focus on making more money again.”

  9. It’s fine to set Super Bowl wins as a standard. That’s as it should be. But to take a crap all over the effort put forth by players to go to three consecutive NFC Title games, and one Super Bowl, is disrespectful.

  10. OK….You’re fired! We expect to see a “for sale” sign on the teams facility by noon tomorrow.

    What a putz and coward. What are the fans to do? Force a sale to hold him accountable. He doesn’t scout, draft, or coach but he wants to be held accountable. Ego a little big?!

  11. A lot of teams haven’t won a SB in the last four years and a lot of teams have had worse records in the last four years.
    I’m not a Niners fan but he could have done a lot worse job of finding a coach than he did. So get back out there and find another one and try to give him what he needs. This is NFL football and it’s not a picnic.

  12. Reading this makes me wonder where he plans on finding a coach to get him near .725 ball ? I’d assume he figures that there’s multiple of them available, when he could of simply stepped up and paid Jim even more to stay years ago.

    His arrogance will get them back to the basement of the division, his silver spoon dripping drool.

  13. 0% chance this team holds up an NFC Championship banner in the next 5 years.

    But of course, your coach was HOLDING YOU BACK from everything you wanted.

  14. Jed York makes a good point. Only the Eagles are happy with division and conference champs banners.


    Harbaugh had to go. Didn’t get the job done.

  15. That being said, Harbaugh has never won a title at any level – player or coaching. He is someone who seems to move on every 4 years or so.

    Remember, the 49ers agreed to release him. He could have signed with any NFL team, but no one is willing to pay him Super Bowl winning Coach money – because he hasn’t won a Super Bowl – so he’s going back to college.

    In addition – team don’t usually let good coaches just walk away – especially with no compensation. Maybe this is more telling information about Jim Harbaugh and what its like to work with him…..

  16. You canned the wrong guy, period. I wish he’d take The Raiders job, just to humiliate you. And for the record, I despise The Raiders, but I’d root for them in The Superbowl.

    Patriots fan

  17. Maybe the problem wasn’t the coach, as the media has led us to believe. Maybe SF didn’t win the big one under Harbaugh because the Seahawks and Ravens had better teams. SF’s loss is Michigan’s gain.

  18. Let operation Cook the Books for Connor Cook begin…hire a matching tool for Baalke at coach…play for #1 draft choice in ’16…don’t call it rebuilding…call it extended practice for fans to learn how to cheer…Santa Clara we love you…price increase for all seats starting in 2015, 15% per year.

  19. Stupid moronic decision. His parents did the SAME thing to Mooch, apparently winning isn’t the most important thing to this family or organization. You get rid of a guy who was 1 win away from best winning % in NFL history minimum of 50 wins for what? So you can satisfy your massive ego that you and your GM have? Get real, real 49ers know this is a stepback not a step forward…who are you going to hire to mature right handed Tebow into being a successful QB in this league? As a 49er fan for 20 years I am disgusted how this FO has embarrassed not only themselves but the entire 49er fanbase. Who are you going to bring in that’s going to have INSTANT credibility for that locker room? Whose got it better than us??? APPARENTLY EVERYONE!


  20. Good to know that the next head coach will have the utmost requisite skill needed: to get along with the GM and owner

    Ugggh. Here comes the Niners hiring Adam Gase to flourish with a 7-9 season in 2015.

    There are teams in this league that would liecheatstealkill for a winning coach. Instead we get York pulling a Jerrah Jones maneuver 20 years after

  21. Why not clean house (firing Trent)? So they didn’t get along why can just the coach? This move seems to be more about egos being hurt than what is best for the team.

  22. Yep cause when you’re going to interview Kyle Shanahan, Adam Gase (when has any of Mannings OCs panned out as HCs?) those are the offensive minds you’re bringing in to interview. McDaniels already said he didn’t like management structure and thank goodness.

    Bowles and Quinn while great DCs aren’t offensive minds and we already have Fangio…

    If anything I hope this brings the end of Kaepernick four years in the same offense and he’s regressed. Hate to see his one read in a new system… if they push him on the next HC its mediocrity for a while.

  23. Well, York fired one of the best coaches in the league, so yeah…he’s going to be held directly responsible and accountable for not winning Super Bowls.

    Although I get the distinct impression that he doesn’t actually expect to get that blame…

  24. “Took over” the 49ers from Eddie DeBartolo? more like stole them from him…Im no fan of Harbaugh (although he is a great coach), but that franchise has been a complete mess since Dr. York started signing the checks, until they fell into Jimbo…Did you really think you would have gotten your palace in Santa Clara built without him and the winning record he brought? I truly hope their arrogance gets them what they deserve, absolutely nothing

  25. I see a lot of unhappy Niners fans in here, I always wondered if your loyalties were with the front office or Harbaugh, it seems to be with Harbaugh.

    I’m not one of those Seattle fans that you hate, I genuinely feel bad for you. I personally love Harbaugh, he was the most entertaining coach in the league by far. What he did to that team in those four years was amazing. I don’t know if there’s another Harbaugh out there for you guys, but I hope there is. This San Fran vs Seattle rivalry has been so much fun, I don’t want it to go away.

  26. York is ridiculous. “Hold me responsible if we don’t win” is another way of saying “give me credit if we do win.” They pushed out a great coach who should have been extended 10 years because Jed wants this to be about him and his buddy Trent. The fans and players were always behind Harbaugh, and if you follow the media you’ll see they always were. York cost us the entire season, he tanked it….. Jed i hold YOU responsible for that.

    Harbaugh was a class act. Even as front office cronies ripped him leaking anonymous rumors, he stayed professional. He wanted to be remembered by what he did when he was in SF, not what he said when he left. The fan backlash and player support… His winning record…. It speaks volumes.

  27. That kid needs a good ole fashion belt spanking from his uncle Edward D.B.

    What a knuckle head. The front office leaked more garbage this season which caused issues in the locker room.

    Young Jeddie wanted him out at ALL cost. Sad day.

  28. Theses people will never learn owners involved look at Washington ,Miami ,Philadelphia so on and so forth let a coach be the coach if he sux after 4 years then go a differnt direction!

  29. “Honest question: Once you’ve sold the PSLs, how exactly can you hold an owner accountable?

    This is a new problem for niners fans. I need guidance from Redskins, Raiders, Browns, Bengals, Jaguars, Lions, Vikings, and other teams’ fans.”

    You know, even with all the lawyers and politicians in DC, we still haven’t figured out a way to hold the owner accountable. We’re still trying.

  30. Niners fans in Vegas are beyond upset. No one is wearing their gear lately. Blame is already set

  31. “Jed York: Hold me responsible if 49ers don’t win Super Bowls”

    Errr-my suggestion box is empty. Any ideas on how we do this Jed? Is this deal retro to 2014-2013-2012-2011 and??? well you get my point. Why make us wait?

  32. Amazing how many self serving rich pricks who never worked a day to earn their money there are in this country.
    You can’t fire the owner. Just ask Redskins fans.

  33. Seriously, what do you expect from this Jed guy?

    He only became an owner after his uncle Eddie had to relinquish the team because he got caught bribing politicians.

  34. The 49ers don’t raise any banners except for Superbowl banners???


    Look, I can respect the amount of banners that would be for a great team like the 49ers, but you have to own and respect all victories. Not putting up those divisional and conference championship banners is a big disrespect to the players who kill themselves for those wins. This is football and the only wins that don’t matter are preseason wins. Regular season wins get you to the playoffs. Playoff wins get you to the Superbowl. To say the ONLY thing that matters is Superbowl victories completely ignores all the hard work your players put into each and every game.

    I mean, you’re not going to spout those stats like Vikings fans do, but they are still important enough to commemorate with a frickin’ banner. And after looking through a bunch of picture of Levi’s stadium I don’t even know where they hang the Superbowl banners. Are they in the concourse or what?

  35. There are only so many Super Bowl’s to go around and the 49ers have their fair share. Changing coaches for the sake of problems with the boss (Baalke) does not always translate into Super Bowl victories. Good luck with that.

  36. It’s funny. Who is going to fire him? May be some Niners fans should reactivate the website dumpyork dot com again. That website caused the York headache until the departure of Singletary and arrival of Harbaugh.

  37. chiadam says: Dec 29, 2014 4:18 PM

    It’s fine to set Super Bowl wins as a standard. That’s as it should be. But to take a crap all over the effort put forth by players to go to three consecutive NFC Title games, and one Super Bowl, is disrespectful.

    I reposted this for two reasons:

    1) It bears repeating. The gall of this guy to dismiss the glory and struggle of achieving division and conference victories. The unmitigated gall and ungratefulness.


    2) It bears repeating. York crapped all over the place with these statements.

  38. I think Trent should be let go and replaced by Carmen Policy and Ted York should step down and let his uncle Eddie D resume leadership of the Team!

    Thank you,

  39. Mr. York,

    What you are really sayng is that the expectations of winning SBs will not be present and could take years from ever getting there again.

    What are lousy thing to say……That sort of comment would never come from The Steelers or even the Cowgirls for that matter and Jerry Jones is a creep, but he believes in winning!

    Good Luck Jim!

  40. #1 Jed doesn’t know crap about winning super bowls obviously.
    #2 the faithful have been holding the whole York family accountable since mommy York stole the franchise from uncle Eddie. That man knows Super Bowls and having winners all around him. Bring him back please!!!!!
    #3 Those division banners are extremely important. Those lead to those super bowl wins, think about it.
    #4 With Coach Harbaugh gone we are all going to see what exactly Trent and Jed are capable of……..nothing.

  41. The only way to hold him accountable is to not buy season tickets. Don’t show up in that disastrous stadium. Greed moved them out of Frisco. Shame on them.

  42. Twenty years in the wilderness!! Steve Young hoisted that trophy in 2015. This wannabe NFL executive has just doomed the 9ers to more misery and all he can say is “hold me responsible?” Whereas he could have been a REAL man and mediated disputes in his front office and lent an ear to Jim and Balke. Pathetic!!!

    Fans vote with your feet!
    Fans can’t do anything about it!
    Watch and see!!

  43. They got a brand new stadium, all kinds of new PSL’s and are now cutting every major cost they have to retain profits.

    Let’s see how loyal all your fair weather fans are after a few years of realizing you ruined all forward progress so you wouldn’t have to pay your coach what he deserves.

    GM to Owner: I can save you millions by bringing in a “yes” man like Norv Turner!


    Fans to Owner: I can’t believe you were in this for the money!

    Reality to fans: GOOD JOB DUMMY

  44. I’m a 49ers fan that is grateful for everything Coach Harbaugh did for this team, and am saddened by this divorce.

    However, as one of the rare Niner fans that doesn’t hate Jed York, I’ll say this, when he honestly said “We had philospophical discussions, and couldn’t land on the same page” I respected that. Because, no matter what successes this team has enjoyed, there is no denying that this team has regressed offensively.

    Harbaugh was too attached to Greg Roman, and Partially carried by the strength of Vic Fangio and an Elite defense.

    York and Baalke provided the offense the tools needed for success and the offensive coaching staff couldn’t yield results, period.

    Were there injuries? Yes! Were there horrendously officiated games? Yes! Were there unlucky breaks? Yes! but this is a results business, and the 26th ranked offense is not an acceptable result, and the Defense (despite tremendous effort) couldn’t mask it this year.

  45. I love it, Jed says we only raise Super Bowl flags around here. Sorry Jed, you & your parents have never raised a Super Bowl flag. Eddie D raised 5 of them, you & your family on the other hand destroyed the tradition of winning them a long time ago!!

  46. Does the new coach get a couple years before he’s expected to be holding the Lombardi Trophy or will they just fire guys every season until they win it all? Baalke has essentially proclaimed himself the reason for their success. He’d better be able to prove that is the case.

  47. Departed GM Scot M drafted the core of the stars on this team. Baalke and York have huge egos and want all the credit. They couldn’t handle Harbaugh and his staff getting all the credit for the recent success. You are accountable Jed for just running your franchise back into the ground. Idiot.

  48. You don’t get to “bring Eddie back”…

    DeBartolo was involved in the corruption case of former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards. DeBartolo pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to report a felony, and received a $1 million fine and two years of probation in return for his testimony against Edwards. Edwards was on trial for extortion and other charges, among which were the $400,000 he demanded from DeBartolo to gain a river boat casino license.DeBartolo never received the license, was fined by the NFL, and barred from active control of the 49ers for one year.

    That legal battle led to another, and as part of a settlement, DeBartolo gave up control of the 49ers in 2000, ceding control of the team to his sister Marie Denise DeBartolo York. York had previously been the president of the DeBartolo family-owned Pittsburgh Penguins. In 1991 he arranged to sell the NHL franchise to assist the DeBartolo Corporation in the aftermath of the real estate collapse of 1987. Many shopping malls were sold to the Simon Property Group in 1996, which operated for a few years as the Simon DeBartolo Group.

  49. humb0lt says:
    Dec 29, 2014 4:24 PM
    The 49ers are becoming as big a joke as the Raiders.
    Nice try, but the 49ers & Raiders have both won numerous Super Bowls.

    The Chargers remain ringless and hopeless.

  50. People surprised by this must have forgotten how once upon a time, the 49ers under Debartlow wanted to push Walsh out before he won the ’88 Super Bowl and subsequently the ’89 one before riding off on his own terms. Also, they did the same thing to Sefert for Mariucci. When Baalke’s mediocre drafts keep eroding the franchise though, theyll be here doing the same song and dance in a couple of years. Harbaugh got out at the perfect time. I expect them to be good next year, and then fall off a cliff similar to that Raider team that traded Gruden 10 or so years ago and is still knee deep in the manure.

  51. The way i have help the cowboys accountable. I have not attended a cowboys game in nearly a decade and have not bought a single piece of cowboys merchandise in that time either. If the fans want to hold the owners accountable do what i have done..enough folks do that trust me..the owners will change their ways.

  52. Luck made Harbaugh! Why can’t people understand that. This team finished 25th in the league this year in total offense. Harbaugh is a cheerleader coach. It’s easy pumping up new incoming freshman than it is a six year nfl veteran. I’ve been a fan of this team for 26 years, and I want a coach that can have a solid game plan every week.

  53. Moronic. I sense a hefty dose of buyer’s remorse for the next coach. Is another coach even going to be willing with someone who’s so misinformed?

    It’s tough to win out in the NFL, much less a super bowl. It’s professional sports, highly competitive.

    This reminds me of Philly always crying about McNabb and ask a Philly fan how they feel about him now?

    Only difference here is everyone in SF knows what they have (well had actually) in Harbaugh – except those in the front office.

  54. This sure feels a lot like when the Chargers ownership chose AJ Smith over Marty Schottenheimer.

    What a brutal decision that was. Took years to recover…..

  55. Don’t worry 49er faithful…

    The days of Nolan and Singletary are soon back !!

    Pretty soon you will be fighting for the #1 overall pick in the draft…

    Of which Baalke will probably trade for a future 3rd rounder

  56. What realistically can fans do to affect ownership? Outside of not come to games or buy merchandise, your only other choice is to find another team to root for.

    What the NFL ought to do is establish some sort of competitiveness barometer for their franchises where if under a certain amount of time a certain winning percentage isn’t met, the league steps in and opens the team up to new ownership bids.

    Of course, the owners will never open themselves up to this kind of scrutiny. It would be liking asking Congress to cut their own pay. Right now these NFL franchises are just money printing machines, so if you think that’s all your team’s is interested in start voting with your feet.

  57. Lol, this owner obviously has no concept of what it takes to win the big show. The road to that is far more than you have a grasp of sonny. Given his cavalier attitude towards winning games and the Div & Conf championships, one step at a time, I’d say his stadium is going to be rather devoid of new banners – particularly new SB banners!


  58. Although I am not a 49er fan,I strongly feel that York is a idiot and ruined that team.And he will do it again.I really feel bad for them.You could tell in the last 5 games that the team was effected.

  59. York basically couldn’t handle Harbaugh, Harbaugh had a lot of control and York resented this. the media really gave great questions which York couldn’t answer. York wanted him out last year and he lied when he said it was within the past few weeks, This wasn’t a mutual decision, he wanted Harbaugh out because Harbaugh was too much for York, they could have worked it out but York was too much of a lap dog and need Trent’s help. Harbaugh was a winner, he was tough, he wanted things his way and York couldn’t handle it. York this is your mess, fix it. but don’t lie to us again as you have in the past. Keep Fangio, Go Niners

  60. The reason that York has made those crazy declarations about, “We don’t raise division championship banners, we don’t raise NFC Championship banners. We raise Super Bowl banners” is now that Harbaugh is officially out of the picture, York is really feeling the pressure now.

    York has really screwed up now. He literally tore down what Harbaugh built (only because of his ego) and to rebuild a culture like that takes years – not an overnight sensation.

    As a Cowboy fan, I have always admired Harbaugh except when the 49ers played my Cowboys, like when they beat us the first game of 2014 season, 28-17. But he was very good and tough and exactly what the 49ers needed, a well-disciplined coach to coach sometimes undisciplined players.

    Now the egotistical York has his way as the spokesman of the team. It was not good enough for him to just delegate leadership to his GM and coach. York should have learned lessons from Dan Snyder of the Redskins that autocratic and top-down management styles are a growing dinosaurs.

    Based upon the idiotic behavior of York, it demonstrates he is not interested in winning. I mean really. Unfortunately, he has created a drama that will help jerseys, but will reduce the number of “W”’s. Ask Dan Snyder.

  61. Short of resurrecting Bill Walsh from the dead, what coach out there can he hire that is going to improve upon what Harbaugh did?

    This is the most idiotic firing since the Jimmy Johnson debacl.

  62. Make York sell the team if he does not get them a Super Bowl victory next year. Hold him accountable.

  63. I watched the press conference and it’s rare to see two oily slimy oafs like that trying to slick talk their way out of the craphole they created. Arrogant and entitled, they tried to come off as humble and reasonable and it wasn’t happening. These two ran out of town the best coach they could have had or will have short of Zombie Bill Walsh coming out of the ground and taking over the team. Just like the 13-3 Chargers running Marty out of town years ago these guys, like the Chargers aren’t going to be anywhere close to a Super Bowl in the next ten years at least. That weasel ‘CEO’ entitled bratling will throw the other guy under the bus next year and after that he’ll go into his Al Davis blinders mode until they can oust him. It’ll be fun to watch the carnage.

  64. Redskins fans would like to know how to hold Snyder responsible. We don’t attend games, there’s no wait list for season tickets anymore. Haven’t bought a jersey in years, and now cheer for the Ravens. Yet, the Redskins still suck and Dan still owns the team.

    As long as owners get television $$$$, there’s no way boycotts by regular folks can be effective.

    Good luck 49er fans!

  65. I’ll tell you this Jeddy-boy. You and Baalke have singlehandedly lost many 49ers Faithful fans. Personality conflicts ARE a part of life!! If I were Harbaugh I’d want out of the toxic environment you two have created too!! I’ve been a 49ers fan for over 40 years and I’m telling you the fans ARE NOT HAPPY!!

  66. The arrogance and cluelessness of these young owners is beyond belief… York reminds me of the new, young Denver Nuggets owner who wanted a younger coach he could relate to after taking over the team… so he fired the coach of the year and GM of the year following a record breaking 57 win season. 2nd year losing record since then. 49’ers will go the same way. I would say what an idiot York is but that’s not polite. So I won’t.

  67. I’ll hold him to that now. He’s an idiot. My mom would so chew me out for calling someone an idiot….but hey…you got to call it like it is. I could so pick out the other teams……Jets, Raiders, Browns (should win the SB just for being so stupid for so long), Bucs……I could go on, but you get the idea. Hey Jed….just admit now how BAD an owner you are and save us the year of knowing, and then calling you on it.

  68. Jed,
    We saw this same thing back in Dallas when Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones couldn’t put their egos aside to enjoy the prosperity. After Jimmy left they won 1 SB due to their talent alone. They should have competed for 2-3 more SB’s and the fans and players had to suffer for their differences. This looks very similar, and the results will be similar….Several years before returning to Dominance.
    This is also similar to when Eddie D. stepped on Bill Walsh’s feet and forced Bill to retire earlier than he wanted. Seifert was no Walsh, although the talent did win a SB.
    You had a great coach, now you only hope to hire another one.
    Learn from the past and put your ego aside long enough to keep your 49er faithful!

  69. Total Seahawk fan here. I can tell you that this snot nosed puke Jed has no clue about football and what the fans require. As big a pain in the butt as Harbaugh was with his silly antics on the side lines and his constant complaining, he made the game fun and he and Pete made for the best rivalry in recent memory. I can only imagine that this little man (and he is small both in stature and image) was unable to deal with Harbaugh in a game of wits so he did the only thing a spoiled child can do, he took his ball and went home. I wonder how that will work out for him. It worked really well for Danny Boy in Washington.

  70. The 49ers getting rid of Harbaugh reminds of when Al Davis sold off Jon Gruden just so he wouldn’t have to share the credit of the Raiders’ renaissance with Gruden. And it worked! Al Davis never had to share credit with his former coach. Okay, well, there was no longer any credit to share, but that was beside the point. Whatever happened to, “just win, baby?”

    Maybe it’s the fog, or the smog, or something in the water that seems to compell owners of Northern California football franchises to cut off their noses to spite their face. I don’t get it. Aaron Rodgers had a five-letter words for the fans of the Packers, well I have a five-letter word for coaches in the NFL: U N I O N.

  71. I don’t even like the 49ers but would be offended as a fan of them with what York said here.

    Harbaugh gave them their best years in a while. Instead of appreciating it and moving on, does he really have to say the goal here is to win a Super Bowl?

    I hate to say it, but they could have won three in a row. They faced a hot giants team who took out the patriots and ultimately lost off a dropped punt return. They faced a hot ravens team and harbaugh never can beat his older brother. And then the Seahawks in a very close game decided on turnovers.

    This pretty much comes off as a “were better off without harbaugh” kind of dialogue where they think they can achieve better success with or without him.

    A tad bit arrogant and ignorant.

  72. Wonderful….just another spoiled brat who was given a toy by his family…..

    As a kid I would receive a couple of toys on Christmas morning and they usually were in pieces by noon…..but only I suffered…..

    Nowadays kids get really expensive toys all year round that take a season or two to break……and all the fans suffer……

    It’s not limited to San Francisco fans….Knicks and Rangers fans have been going through the same thing for years….

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