Jets tell Rex Ryan to hit the road


As expected, the Jets have made a coaching change.

After six seasons and a pair of AFC title-game appearances, Rex Ryan officially has become the former coach of the Jets.  The team announced the move on Monday morning.

Four straight failures to qualify for the playoffs doomed Ryan, the son of former Eagles and Cardinals coach Buddy and twin brother of Saints defensive coordinator Rob.

Rex reportedly has no inclination to become an assistant coach again.  He’ll either take a job in TV or land elsewhere as a head coach.

It’s unclear whether Rex will be a viable candidate for other jobs.  However, he could get consideration for Raiders, Bears, and/or Falcons job.

Anyone who hires Rex will have to consider the negatives and the positives.  He knows how to make a defense aggressive and effective.  But he needs a viable quarterback and a competent offensive coaching staff.

Rex also has a habit of creating distractions, due in part to his habit of drawing fines for firing off a middle finger and dropping “F” bombs.  Just last month, Ryan was fined $100,000 for his latest on-field use of profanity.

Still, players love playing for him, and he has shown that he’s capable of winning big games.  Teams like Oakland, Chicago, and Atlanta could do a lot worse than Ryan, who’ll have even greater motivation in his second job to prove that he can compete at the highest levels of the NFL.

65 responses to “Jets tell Rex Ryan to hit the road

  1. Idzik was the real problem, he never got the cornerbacks that you need, and Geno Smith wasn’t the best QB choice .

  2. As a Jets season ticket holder this is a delightful development. I see Ryan as nothing more than a bloviating buffoon who took a good team and destroyed it. Next season John Idzik will be selling insurance and Rex Ryan will convince Oakland or Atlanta that they want to continue to suck and the best way to do that would be to “hire ME as head coach”.

  3. Not a very attractive record of 46-50 over 6 years. The first two were years he inherited the players that went to the play offs. What NFL team would want to hire a HC with theses stats. They’d be just as well off to keep who they have. Rex may be an OK OC, but HC isn’t his forte.

  4. Very true; Rex knows defense and with the right OC and a QB he will win. Regarding the F Bombs; Take a look many of the coaches in the NFL and some in college. Read the lips……. F Bombs are pervasive.

  5. I don’t see him anywhere that there’s isn’t a big, bright spotlight for him to step into and ham it up again.

    That means Oakland with the hopes the team moves to LA.

    But I think Reggie McKenzie is smarter than that. Would the 49ers be dumb enough to entertain the notion of hiring him?

  6. The biggest mistake the New York Jets have made since 1966 by firing Rex Ryan.

    I am no longer a New York Jets Fan

  7. The Skins should go all in and hire this guy immediately. We already have a circus atmosphere but we need a better ringleader.

    In all seriousness I hope he gets another chance somewhere. He is a good Coach and makes the game fun.

  8. And Bill is waiting in his Foxboro office waiting for you to swing by a kiss the rings. Maybe learn a little humility on the way out the door.

  9. I will miss him. His annual Super-Bowl prediction, his ridiculous comments, his votes of confidence followed by benchings. Tatoo’s and feet, the list goes on and on. He was as entertaining as the team some weekends. I hope he lands some place else. The NFL hasn’t had any real characters since Bum Philips retired. Rex was a character and love or hate him, we all had an opinion. Like a lot of folks, I am thinking Raiders for his next stop.

  10. I know this won’t be popular but I think he could win in Oakland and win soon…

    Khalil Mack and Sio Moore coming off the edge in his defense would cover up alot of depth issues. Get him a legit OC and QB coach to work with Carr + a legit WR and this team is closer than it looks with Rex at the helm.

    My first choice would be Harbaugh but that seems to be fading fast. I’d take Rex.

  11. The sweet music he made together with the Sanchize was one of the happiest times of my life. Please reunite them, the world needs laughter now more than ever.

  12. Good DC, but at this point is lacking the complete picture as a HC required to lead a team deep into the playoffs.

  13. Rex Ryan as the Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders makes so much sense it’s not even funny. He should hire his doofus brother to be his defensive coordinator, and for a day, the world wouldn’t seem so upside down.

  14. The long term effect of the Jests firing Ryan; five more years of failure for either the Raiders, Falcons or Bears – whichever one buys into the Ryan hype and hires him.

  15. I dont get why everyone thinks Rex is such a great coach who was “shackled” by bad QBs. He was the one that wanted Sanchez. He was the one that nick named him the Sanchize.

    He took over a team with decent talent, added a few players, and boom, back to back AFCCG appearances. He then managed to take a Super Bowl contender and drive it right into the ground… How exactly is that being a great coach??? Like every other coach that gets hired by an AFC East team, they focus all their energy on “overtaking the Patriots”, and while having some success against the Pats, the other 14 games on the schedule left much to be desired. And that is a big difference between the Patriots, and the other 3 teams. The Patriots do what they do, and dont make decisions based on the other 3 teams, but the other 3 teams base every move on how that will affect their match up with New England.

  16. He is a joke, ppl stop saying he was “stuck” with sanchez, geno and vick……..he CHOSE them. He refused to admit sanchez wasnt good. He was HANDED a very solid team and rode that two years to title games, after his changes kicked in he missed the playoffs 4 straight yrs. If he wasnt given a team with a great D and a solid run game he woulda went 6 seasons without a playoff appearance. At best he is a D coordinator

  17. He relies too much on player motivation gimmicks. Players should be breaking down film, not watching films in the locker room. And then there are the inspirational guest speakers. Pumping “Eye of the Tiger” over the stadium loud speakers during practices. Who knows what else (“Win today and I’ll take you all for soft ice cream cones and to an escort service that specializes in areas below the ankles”).

    Motivational tactics are nice but they max out at 2-3 weeks.

    When you look back, that first year was a fluke. He never should have made the playoffs. They finished 9-7 and only qualified with THAT record because the Colts rested Manning for their week 15 or 16 game against the Jets. Then the Jets got to play some perennial playoff chokers in Cincinnati (which was already slumping) and San Diego before being dispatched by the same Colts.

    That second year they laid some big eggs during the regular season but Ryan ended up making his mark with two signature playoff wins. A one point road upset of the Colts (17-16) and that 28-21 road upset of the Patriots. These are the two wins that make his career. Then the team was so emotionally spent, they failed to show up at Pittsburgh (where they’d beaten the Steelers just a few weeks ago). So he could get up to play the teams he lost to before, but he doesn’t know how to get his players up for teams they’ve beaten.

  18. I get it that he thinks he’s above being a DC, but he’s gonna have to ride the pine again and season a lil bit more. Well at least in a perfect world he would. He’s a helluva defensive minded coach, and his players truly “play for him”, but none of that makes a head coach. You have got to be willing to put the team first, and not by making yourself a bigger story than your players. You don’t want to kiss the rings? You couldn’t wipe Bills blackboard let alone his rings. Bill has his faults (yes fellow Pats homers he does) but they are well overcome by his strengths, Rex is the polar opposite.

  19. “Just give the man Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, John Elway, Joe Montana, or Dan Marino — and hell win.”


    Part of being a HC means knowing how to coach the side of the ball you didn’t specialize in. That means hiring the right OC, drafting the right players, coaching the right X and Os to make best use of your player’s talents and your opponent’s weaknesses, and practicing good situational football on the offensive side. Ryan couldn’t do this. He was winging in and trying to win games with half a team. You can’t coach every year like you’re coaching the 2000 Ravens. Trent Dilfer was a game manager who avoided turnovers and knew how to rally an offense around that whole “let’s not [REDACTED] up” game plan.

    Belichick came up through the defensive side of the ball too. But as good as Brady is, he executes Bill’s game plans. Some weeks that means turning someone like Jonas Gray into a rock star.

  20. If this guy ever had a decent QB and the GM didn’t crap the bed on bringing back Revis who wanted to return to the Jets, they would have contended.

    As a 35 yr. Jets fan I have thoroughly enjoyed Rex as our HC and we had 2 very exciting years, then 4 years of pure entertainment. Clearly its time to turn the page but I will always be a huge fan of Rex and of whatever team he ends up with.

  21. Hm. He earned this firing. Both as part of a housecleaning so that the next poor sap hired as GM can have his own man, and as a coach who just doesn’t have a complete game plan. I would add to all the above about his approach (or lack thereof) to offense that he was terrible with clock management.

    But I am going to miss him. He was fun, and not just in a “he said what?” way. In a town that likes its larger life than life figures but has very few top athletes or coaches who are that verbose, he was welcome a lot of the time. I can easily see him landing a job on TV and doing it very well.

    It’s too bad he won’t go back to being a DC. He knows defense. It’s too bad I expect him to flounder as a head coach unless he accepts a system that is designed to keep him away from offense altogether. But I do look forward to seeing what comes next for him.

  22. deanvernonwormer says: Dec 29, 2014 8:42 AM

    I see Ryan as nothing more than a bloviating buffoon who took a good team and destroyed it.

    The Jets had their two best seasons since 1969 under Rex. He loves attention, but he can coach.

  23. Rexy’s headed for one of the many puke-inducing, back-slapping Yuckfests that used to be NFL pre-game shows.

    Rex is “guffaw ready” and will fit right in with the egotistical gas bags polluting the airwaves on Sundays. About the only serious pundits out there are Rodney and Dungy on Sunday nights.

  24. “Still, players love playing for him, and he has shown that he’s capable of winning big games. Teams like Oakland, Chicago, and Atlanta could do a lot worse than Ryan, who’ll have even greater motivation in his second job to prove that he can compete at the highest levels of the NFL.”

    The notable majority of players do love playing for Sexy Rexy, but Rex’s coaching failures were in no way a function of his lack of motivation, rendering that last clause irrelevant.

  25. Playing devil’s advocate with myself for just a moment …

    You’ve just fired Ryan. The idea is to bring in someone more offense-minded. Imagine for a moment you bring in the greatest offensive mind in the world and he hooks you up with the next Peyton Manning. Do you think you’re going to hang 40 points on the Patriots? Belichick will still find a way to neutralize your offense just enough to give Brady a chance to win games (let’s say 34-31 similar to some classic tilts between the Pats and Manning-led Colts). You can’t assume the defense will continue to perform as well once Ryan is out the door, though I understand Woody Johnson’s hope that maybe for a year — just one year — the defense will show some residual effect from the Ryan era while a new infusion of offense gives the Jets just enough — FOR ONE YEAR — to overtake the Patriots.

  26. the lord of the rings (BB) says ” you (sexy rexy or the lord of toes)….yes you can now kiss my rings”….and dont let the door hit ya on your way out too…. rex ryan was so pompus

  27. How many submarine films have I seen where you have a beloved executive officer (aptly named “XO”) and a pain-in-the-ass captain. The moral of these films seems to be that you’re not ready to lead unless you’re willing to risk making decisions that are unpopular with players. When the most radical thing you do following a 45-3 loss is hold a funeral for a football, maybe you’re not HC material. Ryan loves to show films in his locker room. Maybe someone should have shown him U-571.

  28. Only so much any coach can do without a good QB who can win games. Michael Vick? Ex-Jets Sanchez blew it for Philly this year. A no-win situation, but a change had to be made.

  29. At first I was thinking “don’t hire this guy”. But, Oakland makes sense to me. However, if I am the GM or owner, I pick the offensive coordinator and QB coach.

  30. Rex Ryan to atlanta makes a lot of sense. there he will have a QB and coordinator and offense in place, they just need defensive work and that’s Ryan’s forte. Rex Ryan’s issues with the Jets were his offenses and QB development, but in Atlanta, he already has a QB who can win. they just need a defense to help them win.

  31. I was hoping that the Phins could pick him up as DC. Sadly it sounds like he’s not taking anything but the big seat – shame, he would have been an excellent signing for the sad Dolphins.

  32. I am always amazed when people defend Rex by saying “his players love him!”.

    First, I don’t think this means squat when it comes to winning. The most successful coaches have been tough SOBs who get the most out of the guys without being their friend.

    Second, look at the guys that Belichik has coached hard who ended up getting big free agent contracts with other teams based on their production in NE. How many guys’ careers’ did Ryan actually help by being their bud and losing with them?

  33. Too much pride and ego to become a coordinator again. The Tv shows already have 12 guys sitting around fighting to get their 15 second sound bites in. He will look good in Silver and Black.

  34. Everywhere I look it seems that everyone(who never watches Jets games) has an opinion. “Rex can’t run an offense, poor clock management!!”. Anyone who actually did pay attention, and isn’t hopping on the hate bandwagon knows the kind of coach Rex is. Had Idzik not sabotaged him the team would be 8-8 at least, and that is WITH Geno playing as badly as he did. The grass always seems greener on the other side but NFL history tells us that teams have made these moves in the past and become the Oakland Raiders for years to come

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