Kirk Cousins: I want to be traded if RG3 is named 2015 starter


Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins doesn’t want to spend 2015 as the backup to Robert Griffin III.

Cousins told Dianna Marie Russini of NBC 4 in D.C. that he would like to be traded if Griffin is named the starting quarterback for next season.

In Cousins’s opinion, if there is no quarterback competition, there’s no point to being in Washington. Cousins wants to play, and he doesn’t want to spend a year on the bench. Cousins added that if Griffin is anointed the starter, he would approach the 2015 season as 16 games until free agency.

It’s easy to understand why Cousins would want to have a chance to compete for a starting job. Every NFL player wants to be able to compete. And it’s not like Griffin (or Colt McCoy) has done enough to be viewed as an incumbent starter who deserves to have the job handed to him.

But it’s also hard to picture much of a trade market emerging for Cousins. Although there’s been talk that the Browns might have some interest, given Cousins’s connection to Cleveland offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan from their time together in Washington, the reality is Cousins hasn’t played well when given the opportunity. Cousins has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in his career, and of Cousins’s eight starts in the last two seasons, the only game Washington won was the game in which Cousins was benched and McCoy led the team to a comeback win.

So while Cousins may want to be traded, that can only happen if one of the 31 other teams wants to trade for him. And that’s no sure thing.

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  1. Obviously, he wants a more consistent backup job where he’s only responsible for holding the clip board as opposed to having to play a few games a year when the starter sucks or gets injured. Cousins hasn’t shown he’s a good QB or should be a starter despite multiple opportunities.

  2. I don’t think his market is going to be very hot but another year in that cesspool backing up RGIII will end his career completely.

    He needs a new start.

  3. QB in the NFL: score points, win games, don’t turn the ball over. That is how you EARN the starting job.

    Kirk showed promise but 2-4 turnovers a game isn’t going to get u a starting gig anywhere. Go work hard and earn it and your time will come.

  4. As bad as he’s played, I still think he has some potential to be a good quarterback. He had a couple good games, few bad ones, but was never given enough time.

  5. Buffalo should bring in him, Bradford (when he’s cut) and Foles (for like a 7th rounder) and then let them have a steel cage death-match to see who can be the starter.

    EJ Manuel can ring the bell.

  6. There is zero market for Cousins, but if Washington is keeping RG3 for his final year (which they should), they should cut Cousins – RG3 is too worried about him for some reason or another

  7. Cousins had his chance this season to show he was worthy of a trade and didn’t show much. His best bet is ask to be released.

  8. So he’ll leave one team to go to another team as a back up? He’s third string and has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns.

    Confused about his confidence. He may end up on no team.

  9. Okay Kirk— The hard part will be finding a team where you WON’T be a back-up. You had the opportunity to show Washington (and the league) you were starter material… and failed!

    Good Luck!

  10. Please no, Browns. If you’re going to take a flyer on Cousins you may as well just hold on to Hoyer. He already knows the system and has a rapport in the locker room. Put the team in a position where they’re just a QB away and get one instead of applying band-aid over band-aid.

  11. I understand his point, if there’s not a competition why should I stay?

    If he was backing up Peyton Manning he would not utter such comments but Robert Griffin III play has not warranted such solid footing.

    Kirk Cousins though should look in the mirror and understand he had the opportunity to dethrone RGIII but he failed.

  12. Remember when Skins fans thought drafting him right after taking Griffin, instead of, I don’t know, maybe an actual OL, was a brilliant front office move, and that he would fetch a 1st or second round draft choice after sitting on the bench a couple years?

  13. Dude looks like a 15-year old with those puny arms and shoulders standing next to Griffin. Might want to put down the Xbox controller and lift a weight every once in awhile.

  14. Baaaahahahahahaaaa.

    Whatever Kirk. The Skins should count themselves lucky if they could get a week old tuna sandwich & a pair of dirty socks after those abysmal performances earlier this year.

  15. There’s been a lot of guys with a lot less talent and a lot less experience given an opportunity. Some have panned out ( Brett Favre ). With ten or so teams needing a qb it wouldn’t be a surprise if he landed somewhere and was given every opportunity to be ‘the guy’

  16. Cousins was decent – no QB gets enough time to prove himself before the TMZ like sports media and moronic fan base take hold and pressure an unstable organization to play musical chairs at QB..

    Griffin was not good this year. I think what Cousins is saying is pretty fair – why not have a competition? It’s not like one QB is so far ahead of the other ones. Griffin did nothing to give any confidence to the coaching staff that he is the long term answer. The only one who believes that is the meddlesome jock-sniffing owner.

  17. well there was no competition when he was named the starter after the RG3 injury. he WAS the starter, they weren’t going back to RG3. one little issue though, Kirk sucked. he showed that enough that the coaching staff couldn’t even wait from RG3 to get back so started the third stringer. he was so bad that the coach who hates RG3 moved kirk the third string and inactive during game days…

    kirk, this is how bad you are. be happy you have a job paying very well

  18. Fact is, Jay Gruden asked Cousins to do too much.

    Cousins averaged 38 pass attempts per game over 5 of his 6 starts. Meanwhile Alfred Morris averaged 16 carries per game during that same span. A bit ridiculous.

    Why would you put a young QB in that kind of situation?

  19. The market might be good there are pleant of teams that need back ups & not too many good QB’s coming out of the draft either!!! Welcome the the junk jets Kirk!!!

  20. The clipboards will be the same wherever he goes but it’ll be more comfortable standing on the sidelines in a dome or a warmer climate city.

  21. Good lord dude only had a handful of starts and everyone expected Peyton Manning numbers from him. He had his ups and downs but we’ve seen worse qb’s get more opportunities than Kirk did. Obviously he needs to get out of DC #1, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a good career.

  22. Would his trade demand go away if McCoy was named starter with RG3 as the backup? That would satisfy his demand that RG3 not be the starter! LOL.

  23. Where have all the team-oriented players gone? Now, “It’s all about me” delusions of grandeur and self-branding. I agree that a fair competition should happen but to publicly declare he wants a trade is selfish and petty.

  24. Cousins wasted 2 separate opportunities to be the starter AND show that he had trade value.

    The kicker is he did it with 2 different coaches, both of which wanted him to beat RG3.

    Cousins, be careful what you wish for.

  25. Cousins was decent –
    Griffin was not good this year.
    Wow do i ever disagree with this!!! if Cousins was decent, then Griffin was more decent. sorry, but Cousins stunk up the joint to the point that McCoy came and took his place. Griffin is better than Cousins because while Griffin needs work, he also doesn’t throw interceptions at a high rate like Cousins does.

    as for Cousins, you want to be traded huh. after this statement, i think Snyder should just flat out CUT him. firstly, does he think he has much value??? his interceptions were just awful, i think he has a good arm and is real decisive, BUT he’s an interception machine like Grossman. if he wants out, Washington should let him go. if i were Washington, i cut bait with him and sign Sanchez to compete with RG3.

  26. Even Peyton Manning through more INTs that TDs in his first 16 games. I don’t think we really know if Cousins can be a starter yet.

  27. How about Manziel & Gordon for McCoy and the Redskins’ #1 pick for the next 3 yrs, plus their #2 pick for the next 2 yrs? Party time in DC with 2 former #1 draft picks at QB plus Gordon!

    At least for the Browns, McCoy played even when hurt and with literally no O- line, except Joe Thomas and Alex Mack. McCoy was always a “company man,” never speaking ill of the Browns despite how they treated him.

    Cousins = Hoyer 2.0

  28. The Skins gave him every chance to win the job when RGIII went down. It was kind of an open secret that Gruden thought he was a better fit for the offense and if he had performed well he would have never been taken out when Griffin was healthy.

  29. I’m surprised he wants to be traded. On any other team he would walk in as a sure bet as a backup. But, with the Redskins he has a much higher chance of starting games. He is the backup for RG3 and that means he will almost surely play a few games a season. That means his best chance to show other teams what he can do is when RG3 gets hurt again (it’s just a matter of time). Cousins didn’t show any tremendous skill in games this year, so he has no hope unless he waits until the next RGinjury to show that he does actually have the skills that pay the bills.

  30. I like Cousins and I think it’d be best for him and the Redskins if they traded him. He is not going to be a starter anywhere next season. However, starters get hurt, and he will get another chance. That’s how the NFL works.

    Look at Colt McCoy.

  31. I understand where he is coming from… just can’t go into the season giving RG3 the starting gig before training camp starts. The team will go into 2015 with an open competition, and Gruden will make Cousins the starter. Before training camp ends, they will trade RG3 to a team that thinks they can fix this guy for a 4th round pick. Copy this statement and paste it next year because this will happen.

  32. Someone should tell him that the draft was cut to 7 rounds in 1994.

    Maybe a team would be willing to trade a 10th or 12th rounder if it was 1990.

  33. Is he serious? He had a wide open shot be a starter and he blew it. He threw picks like he was Mark Sanchez. He should be happy he is getting an NFL paycheck, the next stop will be the CFL for him.

  34. When he imploded he imploded hard, did you see the look on his face when it always happened. The look of a petrified little kid.. Good one guy..

  35. At a minimum KC deserves a chance to compete for a starting position. He’s been nothing but a professional throughout all the dysfunction that is the Washington franchise.

    But then again, RG3 also deserves a chance to compete as a starter for a different team. Colt McCoy not so much, as he’s had several chances (even though Cleveland is almost is dysfunctional as the Washington franchise.)

    Frankly I hope they both get a chance to move on elsewhere. I’d love to see RG3 starting for the Texans or Buffalo or even the Jets, just not the Rams. He might actually make them a playoff team and the last thing the league needs is the NCF West with three playoff teams every years. :)_

  36. The interception machine is making demands. Really??? Get rid of him at the earliest possible opportunity. Sounds like a Manziel to me.

  37. NFL has reached a new craziness and fans are down right stupid. Please tell me you wouldn’t be interested in essentially what is a first time starting QB with the following stats in three of his first 6 starts as a QB.





  38. Wow, so many impatient uneducated football fans. These young QB’s almost have no shot to make it at all. It takes time to develop, most should sit and learn for a year or two before ever playing. Also they are usually drafted by bad teams, that need to build the offensive line up and add weapons to even give them a shot. It used to be you gave a guy at least three years as starter. Many guys that started out poorly turned out to be good and some great; see Peyton Manning.

  39. I think a lot of the players on the Redskins would like to be traded if RG III is named the starting QB, they just won’t say it.

  40. He might not have played too well for the Washington Footballers, but to be honest who would? The place is an utter trainwreck where careers go to die – with another team, he might wind up being Joe Montana. Or he might be Joe Montegna – he deserves a shot to find out.

  41. He just wants out of Washington. Most people, players and coaches, want out of Washington if given the opportunity. It’s just “different”.

  42. The Detroit team should try and get him from the Redskins for a late round draft pick. They could develop him and give Matty some actual competition for the starting job.

  43. I would love to see Cousins come to the Jets. He didn’t do as well as he should have with his opportunity, but I think it was a bad situation in Washington for him. Cousins has talent, and I think in the right system, with the right support, he’ll do well. Now, that isn’t necessarily there at the Jets right now, because they have a lot to rebuild, but there is a definite need at QB. I think Cousins could be a great player down the line, but he isn’t going to do much sitting behind a guy that the owner loves as much as Snyder does RGIII.

  44. I can’t say I blame Kirk Cousins for his attitude. I mean, He’s started only 8 games for heavens sake. RG??? has started how many?????? Given the opportunity to start and to work with and learn from his errors, Kirk can develop in to a good quarter back, that has already proven he is a pocket passer…. something RG will never be………… Sure he has interceptions, but I feel that is due to him trying too hard. Coach him through it, and he will be a good one.

  45. yeah because you should ask for a trade after your great performances. Cousins is decisive, but that also gets him into too much trouble as it leads to interceptions. i think Washington should just cut him.

  46. the Washington R words couldn’t win with Andy Luck at QB, the team is awful. I think Cousins is starting caliber QB and should get the shot he deserves. A full off season of prep and training camp knowing he’s the guy would make all the difference in the world.

    Jets, Tennessee, Bucs, Bills?

  47. Cousins has a legitimate beef that RG3 is not clearly better than him. That’s for sure… Maybe he’s not a clear starter, but neither of them are.

  48. Cousins is better than at least 5 current starting QBs (JAX, TEN, BUF, TB, NYJ).

    All 3 Redskins QBs were terrible behind a terrible O-line. Brady and Manning would struggle in the Redskin’s offense.

  49. One reason why it is so hard to have a decent QB these days is because everyone wants instant results. Peyton Manning was 3-13 with TWENTY-EIGHT interceptions in his first full season. If he was a rookie these days, I doubt he would have become the QB he is. I’m not saying Cousins has Manning’s potential, but he does have tools. Tampa Bay started Josh McCown this year and won two games. If you’re going to do that with a 35-year old QB, why not at least give a guy like Cousins a chance.

  50. I would keep Cousins before RGIII. Trade RGIII and get what you can for him. There is no need to look back in the past and see what you gave up to get RGIII. Those days and draft picks are gone…forever. All you can do is move forward… that being said Cousins has the highest upside of the current Redskins QB’s mainly because he can run the offense and throw the ball with accuracy on all throws. His problem, in a short career so far has been forcing passes when the team needed to make plays. Cousins was willing to at least throw the ball more than 10 yards down the field. It reminds me of what John Madden used to always say… which was he loved to throw the ball deep once or twice early in a game to help stretch the field. Then the other passing plays under neath would be open. The opponent had to respect the deep pass and play their safety’s back (hence they could not cheat on the short stuff). Cousins will do this where as RGIII does not.

    Eight starts in the NFL is not a lot of starts and if that is what you go by to judge whether a QB is going to be successful then I can name other QB’s who are in the Hall Of Fame that never would have made it. Think about this… QB’s named Bradshaw, Staubach, Stabler, Blanda, Unitas, Dawson all in the Hall of Fame. All either cut or benched (numerous times) by teams early in their careers. Look at other great QB’s on past Redskins teams who were benched then came back to play in or win a Super Bowl. One made the Hall of Fame… Jurgenson, Kilmer, Theisman, Williams, Rypien, B. Johnson. The point is a QB can be benched, sometimes during a game two or three different times, but it doesn’t mean the QB has to lose his confidence or that he is not a winning/ successful QB either. It just means the coach didn’t like what he saw that game. Today’s media either forgets or just doesn’t get it when a QB is pulled from a game.

    Cousins deserves a chance to win the starting gig in Washington. He has always been a team player and has always said the right things to support not only the coach but RGIII. He is a natural leader as well.

    If the Redskins were smart they would cut bait with RGIII and move to Cousins. Then they could focus on acquiring 3 new offensive linemen, 2 new safety’s, 2 new linebackers, a cornerback and perhaps one or two more defensive linemen.

    The Redskins should get a new GM to make the personnel decisions (keep Bruce Allen as a Salary Cap guru). Get rid of their Scouting director (Campbell) as well as other scouts (just bring in a whole new crew for the scouting department). Fire Haslett and his defensive coaches. The offensive line coach needs to get the boot as well.

    That is a long list of Pink Slips but it’s necessary. The Redskins have to change the losing culture top to bottom in their Organization. It’s the only way things will change for the better.

    Leadership isn’t given, it’s earned, through hard work and sacrifice to the coaches and your teammates. I bet Cousins already has that in the Redskins locker room.

  51. Kirk has gotten a fair chance he had 3 games last year and 5 games this year to win the job and he epically failed.He is not fulltime NFL starting QB he is just a good backup there is no shame in that.

  52. This team has won 7 games the last 2 years . This team needs to keep all its options open for a Quaterback. They should have an open tryout for Qb. Send notices to all the local high School, Colleges and they “Y” if you can run and throw come to camp

  53. I believe Cousins’ problems with int’s are more easily rectified by the right coach than RG3’s issues with command and pocket presence, and leading the offense and managing the game….

    Someone else said it, not me, but if Cousins was coached up by someone like Jimmy Johnson Bill Belichick, or Jim Harbaugh they could fix his problems and make him a winner. I believe it’s true.

  54. Wow, a backup QB demands to be traded! The first time we ever heard that one. What happened to earning the starting job?

  55. Cousins and Michigan State played Wisconsin and Russell Wilson even for 2 straight years. Look where Wilson is now. SB winning QB and Pro Bowler.

    The difference is the players around Wilson and, most importantly, the OC and QB coach in Seattle, Darrell Bevel.

    Someone just needs to coach him. Other than a Shanahan.

  56. Obviously he thinks he’s good enough for a starting job. Sorry Kirk, you’re a career backup at best.

  57. PFT will report anything. This isn’t really what happened. Kind of leaving out the key details

  58. I see that most of the bashing of Cousins is coming from Washington fans. These are the same fans who still do not realize how bad their entire organization is from top to bottom. Washington has popcorn vendors that can’t get picked up by other stadiums.

    Your O-Line is a disaster. Your running game is over rated and your defense is non-existent. Let’s see we can continue, you have no tight end to speak of and your WR corp is HIGHLY overrated.

    So yeah, Kirk Cousins is obviously the problem.

    Until this year he was not given a chance to start. So when he got his chance he completed 62% of his passes (126 of 204) for 1700yds (8.4 yds per att) and had a TD:INT ratio of 10:9.

    His QBR of 86.4 is higher than Kaepernick, Stafford, Dalton and Newton 3 of the 4 are in the playoffs.

    Point is no one is going to succeed in football hell (aka. Washington) until they get a real coach, system and front office.

    Cousins will go somewhere else and thrive. If only because he gets a breath of fresh “football air”.

  59. This is nothing different from all the other back-ups or second string QBs out there. The only difference, and in my opinion, of course, is he’s blatantly stating that if griffin is actually chosen as next season’s starting QB, he’d rather be traded now.

    If Washington is insisting on sticking with griffin as their franchise QB, the least thing they can do is cut Cousins, I know he does have aspirations of being a starter somewhere else but at this point, he has not proven that he can be one. And if he, for some reason, did, guess what Kirk, I don’t think you’d have any issues, as there would not only be a lot of interest in you from other teams but Washington would likely seriously entertain the idea of keeping you.

  60. Just where does he think he will start? He made very little of the opportunity he was given when RGIII went down. I see him maybe as a backup, but not really a starter. Good luck with that request, Kirk.

  61. It would be the stupidest thing in the world for Washington to name RGIII the starter without him earning the job in the upcoming preseason. So, naturally, in a few days I’m sure we’ll be hearing how RGIII has been named the starter for 2015.

  62. The Bills should see if they could get Cousins for a 6th or 7th round draft pick. I wouldn’t give up anything higher than a 5th.
    Just be up front with him the guy and tell him he wouldn’t be handed the starting job. Tell him you plan on bringing in 3 or 4 more quarterbacks and everyone gets an equal chance in training camp. Best man gets the job.

  63. Cousins is a talented passer–talented enough to be a starting QB in the league, IMO–and he’s certainly a better pocket passer than RGIII. But he’s got to mature and learn to make better decisions. If he does, he could be good. If I were him, I’d want to be traded to. There is too much drama in washington with RGIII–it’s constant–and who needs that.

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