League office to review Suh step on Monday

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Last Monday, the NFL suspended Lions center Dominic Raiola for one game after he blatantly stomped on the leg of Bears defensive lineman Ego Ferguson.  This week, the NFL will be taking a closer look at another Lions-related incident involving a player with a more notorious history of on-field misconduct and discipline.

The incident involving Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be reviewed on Monday.  Per a league source, the NFL will strive for consistency and will adhere to its desire to remove certain types of play from the game.

Replays show Suh stepping twice on Rodgers’ leg.  The first, with the right foot, appears to be clearly accidental.  The second, when studied in slow motion, appears to be intentional, with Suh moving his left foot backward, pressing it into Rodgers’ lower leg, pushing down, and then lifting the right leg off the ground to increase the force applied.

Rodgers’ real-time reaction suggests a strong belief by the quarterback that it was no accident, even if Suh managed to convey nonchalance while doing it.  In some respects, the move resembled Suh’s application of a foot to the crotch of former Texans quarterback Matt Schaub during a 2012 Thanksgiving game.  Suh’s leg swung naturally in Schaub’s direction as Suh fell to the ground after being blocked.  But once Suh’s foot was in the vicinity of Schaub’s groin, Suh subtly pushed the shoe into Schaub.

Suh was fined $30,000 for the Schaub maneuver.

Suh’s history includes a two-game suspension for stomping on the arm of former Packers center Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving 2011 and a $100,000 fine for an illegal low block on Vikings center John Sullivan in September 2013.  Suh escaped punishment for a blow to the head of former Cardinals tackle Eric Winston that same month, possibly because the league failed to notice the move.

That history surely will be used against him, both in determining whether it was an accident and in assessing punishment.  Suspension for Sunday’s playoff game against the Cowboys would be surprising, but few players in the league would justify serious consideration of such an outcome.

Either way, more will be known, most likely by the end of the day.

109 responses to “League office to review Suh step on Monday

  1. After watching it in real time not slow motion. I believe the first step was clearly was unintentional as well as the second step at first but Suh realized he was stepping on a player and did not move as fast as he should of and kind of lingered. I don’t think a suspension is needed but at least another 100k fine.

  2. Suh is a dirty player. Make no mistake about it. There’s no room for this stuff in football. What better way to make a player learn than to suspend him in some of the most important games of the season?

    If he does it again, after a suspension possibly hurts the Lions’ playoff chances, ban him.

    He’ll clearly never learn.

  3. he was clearly stomping Rodgers… considering Suh never seems to learn his lesson, it’s time for the NFL to swing down hard: big fine and suspension

  4. Here’s the NFL’s chance to show if its serious about player safety.

    It’s all about the mssage they send. And if safety goes out the window when it’s a big game… then they cleary shown that money is the biggest priority.

    If he gets away with anythhing less than a suspension for such a cheap hit on RODGERS… all the guys who don’t sell jerseys better watch out because he’s going to have to end a career to get sat.

  5. When a team starts to show this kind of pattern you need to start punishing the team as well as the player. Start taking away draft choices and watch how quickly the Lions stop this crap.

  6. I can’t see how they DON’T suspend him at least one game. It was clearly intentional with the second foot, and taking into consideration his litany of past on-field issues? It should be a slam dunk, quick decision suspension of 1 game, possibly two.

    If they let him skate with just a fine, the league should be embarrassed. Again. For the umpteenth time this season.

    For those hockey fans (not many, I know), Goodell is starting to make Shanna-ban look like a fair judge when it comes to punishments. The only thing that is consistent is his inconsistency. The best metric to use is “well the last guy got THIS punishment, so I know I won’t get that because they never dish out the same punishment twice in a row…”

  7. If it weren’t intentional Suh would have moved more gingerly and reacted to the fact that he was steppijg on someone. The fact that he didn’t even act as if he were stepping on someone, suggests to me, it was intentional. Suh is a total douche bag.

  8. As a Husker fan, his style of play is unacceptable. He’s hurting himself every time he does stupid crap like this.

    And this was CLEARLY intentional.

  9. His history leaves no likelihood for his getting the benefit of the doubt.

    The guy should be a wrestler, not an NFL interior lineman.

  10. Agree that the 2nd time was intentional. What would you expect from a dirty player like Suh? League should suspend his ass along with the fine.

  11. This guy is a beast of a man who, within the laws of the game, can man handle and disrupt offenses.

    It doesn’t take a beast to stand on people, lash out and be generally dirty on the field.

    He’s wasting himself and his talent… and that’s from a Packers fan.

  12. Watch the replay again. But watch TJ Lang’s hand on the collar of Suh’s jersey. He was pulling Suh forward, and within a split second (literally instantly) after he lets go (Suh was leaning back) and Suh stumbles back and that is the “second” foot on Rodgers. Additionally Suh’s left arm moves out in a classic “off balance” natural reaction as soon as Lang lets go of the collar. If Suh is that good of an actor / spontaneous lets be dirty in this perfect opportunity while offensive lineman is pulling / letting me go—-I would be shocked. There is nothing to see here. There shouldn’t even be a fine.

  13. One game suspension not enough to get through to this knucklehead about his on field antics. Aggression on the field is expected, intentional intent to injure is unacceptable. First step accidental, second step on purpose.
    Should be minimum 4 game suspension, regardless of how they do in the playoffs, maybe then Suhpid would get a clue.

  14. Man I wish I had eyes in the back of my head like Suh, what a joke. He’s watching the play down the field after being blocked by the offensive lineman. By showing it in super slow motion it’s looks like he was on his leg for 5 minutes the way Fox was showing it over and over. I’m sure Joe Buck went and massaged it out for Rodgers after the game.

  15. Even a large fine won’t deter Suh from this type of ridiculous behavior. The only thing that will reign him in is if he’s suspended for a playoff game. Then, maybe, the organization and his teammates finally get through to him that his dirty play is affecting them, not just him.

  16. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but if the league feels there is enough video evidence to warrant a playoff game suspension, it will show just how two tiered the NFL’s justice system is.
    There is a BIG difference if Suh is facing Rodgers or if his back is turned to him. Maybe a fine, but a suspension would be overkill and an obvious attempt to make Romo’s life a little bit easier next weekend.

  17. Why can’t they suspend him for a playoff game? Just because it’s a playoff game? What’s to stop players from using the last game of the season as an opportunity to hurt star players that they might face in the playoffs?

  18. The fact that he didn’t look down after he first made contact and that he failed to look back after Rogers pushed him in the leg, tells me that it was intentional. Even if it wasn’t, Suh has lost all benefit if the doubt because of past offenses. He needs to be suspended for multiple games.

  19. I just watched a segment on NFL Network where the guys commenting on the game said it was clearly “incidental”. Incidentally, that is the view of a blind person or one that has not actually watched the replay.

    As was mentioned in the article, I could buy the initial step was incidental, although with Suh, that would be in doubt. The second step removed any doubt. You don’t “incidentally” put your entire weight on one leg for a count of two when you know that leg is not on the turf. There is purpose in that action. Only a blind person can “watch” the replay and miss that purpose.

    Ultimately, a suspension won’t matter. The Packers proved the vaunted Lion run defense is not as good as advertised. And Stafford continues his O fer against teams with winning records on the road. Dallas will chew them up– with or without Suh.

  20. Suh ranks right up there with old Ben Davidson from years gone by. He is truly a dirty player. I have no respect for him whatsoever. Watch the play again, he not only stepped on his ankle he then steps backwards to make sure he gets his full weight on the ankle as well. He should be kicked out of the league.

  21. Packers fan here, and I say don’t suspend him. Any Packers fan who does isn’t thinking big picture. We need the Lions at full strength for them to have any chance of beating the Cowboys and Seahawks (giving us home field for NFC Championship)!

  22. He should be suspended the entire post season & going into next season. And if there is 1 more incident of dirty behavior, he should be kicked out of the league.

  23. Problem is, Suh is still going backwards and the first step puts him off balance. Though I would love for the league to set the standard that all players are responsible for where they step when going backwards.

  24. As a team OWNER of the Green Bay PACKERS, I would vote to suspend Suh for the playoffs.

    I find it disgraceful that he would do this to a Packer! The Packers have more tradition and class than any other team in the league!

    We are easily the greatest of all time. I know that you wish you were a Packer fan if you aren’t.

    Go Pack Go!

  25. Suh is a smart guy, I just don’t get why he think these kind of actions at times are OK.

    The ONLY way I think t league would be able to get through to him would be a 5 games right now, teams courting him in FA may be more catious, but unfortunately his careless actions don’t merit that. He probably won’t be suspended one game, he will however add to his over 200K$ in career fines though.

    I just hope no one gets hurt by is antics.

  26. Just suspend him next week and let him watch his team lose. No wonder Lang and Suh got into it afterwards, Lang should have wacked him one. He’s just a big bully who has had more fines than
    anyone else.

  27. Not a fan of any NFC team but Suh should be banned. Such a shame too with all that talent. There is no room for that behavior, especially with kids watching.

  28. The sad thing about it is Suh is an excellent player who does not need to resort to dirty play, but does anyway. I don’t know if missing a playoff game will pound the message through his head but it’s obvious that fines have not.

    If the NFL suspends him, Caldwell should amplify the message by not allowing Suh to even travel with the team.

  29. Suspend him for life. It’s time to lay down the hammer on this clown before he really, really hurts someone.

  30. As the article said, he stopped on Rodgers TWICE. I think the first one was accidental, but not the second one. I don’t think the league will have the guts to suspend him for a playoff game.

  31. Given his history and trying to hurt a QB – which the league seems to value so highly – I would think there’s no choice but to suspend him for the Cowboys game. If that’s what the league would do for a regular season game, then it should be no different for a playoff game.

  32. The arrogance of this guy to continually do these types of things when he knows that the game is televised is unreal. The fact that he didn’t flinch or look back when Rodgers pushed his leg tells you that he knew what he was doing.

  33. And anyone that says “yeah but you’d take him on your team,” is wrong. He wiped out a pick six in a game they were losing last year when he took a cheap shot on a Vikings lineman. He kicked matt schaub in the nuts in a game they lost on T-giving in 2012. Stomped a packers lineman in another loss on T-giving.

    Guys that continually get 15 yards penalties in games they are losing can stay off the team I route for.

    Also, don’t need people that lie to the police on my team.

  34. So many unhinged posts on this topic:
    – “suspend and fine Suh, 3 games and 50k”
    – “he was clearly stomping Rodgers”
    – “Start taking away draft choices and watch how quickly the Lions stop this crap”

  35. Suh is a dirty player and a dirt bag. He should not be allowed to play next week against the Cowboys. This is not the first time he’s done dirty stuff and the league has to suspend him.
    The Lions are a dirty team. No one can argue with that. Their reputations are on film and everyone sees how they play.

    I just hope someone gets a shot at Suh’s knees at some point and gives him a little pay back.

  36. Say all you want, it was not intentional. When he gets his full weight on his leg it is because he is balancing himself after being held. Unfortunately Suh has brought this on himself bc of past dirty plays. The lynch mob has been waiting and they have found a crack in the door and are ready to kick it in. I am definetly torn on if I want him in a lions jersey next year. Regardless of all the great things he’s done, the media will make him a distraction.

  37. Also for all the people upset when he didn’t look down, I bet you could look at almost every play and find a lineman stepping on an opponent or teammate. It’s called the trenches for a reason.

  38. The first foot that hit Rodgers, that was unintentional. And if that’s the only one that he stepped on Sharon with, i’d say this is just whineing, and shouldn’t even be an issue. But that second foot, basically stepping on Sharon, and then putting his weight on it, that’s it… That one was intentional. I could see stepping back and as soon as he notices his foot isn’t touching the turf, lifting it, even stumbling back, or falling over backwards, so he doesn’t basically stand and put his weight on rogers leg… But, that second foot is what’s going to get him into trouble….

    Now’s the time for Old Rog to grow a pair…. Suspend him for 2 games… 100k fine… And tell little suzie… look, it’s 2 games now.. Next incident, doesn’t matter if it’s a stomp, kick, punch, whatever… It’s a 1 year suspension… All of the kicks and stomps he’s done over the years, it’s getting old… Make him have to sit out of the playoff game next weekend, and first game of next season…Teams aren’t going to line up to sign him, trade for him, or pay him big money when he has a year long suspension looming over him with the next mess up… Not only will this be an immediate impact on him, but it will also be one that should affect his future, until he get’s his attitude adjusted.

  39. Rodgers and packer fans are the biggest whiners there are. It’s football – quit your crying and play the game. Sheesh.

  40. The whole issue of intentional is out the window considering his history. The only question for the league office is how to stop it so that it never happens again?

    I’m in favor of a selective suspension, suspend Suh for two games next year, both against the Packers. Deny him the right to attempt to injure the Packer’s qb.

    That’s sending a sign.

  41. Sometimes a reputation earns you the benefit of the doubt and sometimes people assume you’re a POS. As a packer fan I wasn’t terribly offended by this I think he did leave his foot there intentionally but I wasn’t like the Robison deal or previous suh tactics.

    Bottom line is this guy is a loser doesn’t get it — for all the off field stuff the league is bully players on how is this dbag allowed to constantly get away with crap? This stuff should be more of a concern than weed or hgh.

  42. He is going to be suspended for the playoff game.

    If this were a first time incident with a player with no history of bad behavior, maybe not. But Suh has a long and very well earned reputation as a dirty player, and now he gets to pay for it.

    The league has to do this. A fine only hurts the player, and not much at that. You have to do something that will hurt the team. It’s the only way to affect any change.

  43. America has gotten soft. I’m no fan of Suh or the Lions but anyone who has actually competed in higher levels of sports knows a little bit of cheap shotting is part of the game. The Suh stomp, yeah that was over the line.

    This is really a nothing ordeal.

  44. Suspension – Hell No.

    Fine – I guess.

    “Mommy, Mommy! Big bad Suh stepped on my footsy when we were playing football.”

    MOM: “Son, Suck it up or don’t play football!”

  45. Wow! Amazing how things have changes.

    15 years ago, this guy was a legendary player. Today he’s dirty and shouldn’t be allowed to play.

    Hmm…I think I stand somewhere in the middle. I’d vote for no fine/no suspension in the end.

    I think he’s destined for a suspension though since it was Golden Boy who got stepped on.

  46. The speculation funny but the answer is pretty easy actually. Suspending Suh for the Dallas game makes it much harder for Detroit to pull the upset. The league has shown all season that it’s just dying to make the Cowboys relevant again.

    A matchup of Dallas in Green Bay is exactly what the league wants. It does NOT want Detroit at Seattle or Carolina/Arizona at Green Bay.

    Follow the money and it will lead you to the answer more often than not in the fictional land of reality that is known as the NFL.

  47. I love all of the internet tough guys on here saying how soft today’s football have gotten. The first time any of you took a shot to the chops from a safety much less got your head nearly taken off by a rushing DE, you would go running to your mommies in a second.

    Yes, dirty plays happen all of the time in the NFL. And when the ref sees them, he is supposed to call them. That has always been the case. Most players have enough control of themselves not to do it out in the open. Suh doesn’t. Period.

  48. Any decent human being, once feeling their FIRST foot on the leg of a fellow player would immediately attempt to hop off. The SECOND foot step came with absolutely no reaction. This LACK of a response from SUH solidifies his intent to cause harm.

  49. It does look a lot better in real time, but I still don’t see any reason Suh needed to lift his leg off the ground.

    Sure, he was off balance even for the second step so i don’t think the step itself was intentional, but you can clearly see he regained his balance before lifting his leg and putting all his weight on Aaron’s ankle. At most he would have needed to slightly press on Aaron’s ankle with his other foot on the ground to start moving forward again. Suh took full advantage of having accidentally stepped on someone.

    The league needs to start coming down hard on players that intentionally try to injure opponents. Even if they need more motivation than player safety…think of the PR nightmare that would happen if an intentional stomp took out one of the best QBs in the league right before playoffs. Actions like that have the chance to change who wins the super bowl. What is the point in watching if the team I cheer for can essentially be guaranteed a loss in the playoffs just because an opposing player is a sore loser who knows he’ll only be punished with a fine?

  50. They’re playing on a flat surface. There are only two things that could become underfoot……the ball (unlikely,) or an appendage/limb of a player or a referee.

    The first step Suh took backwards landed on Rodgers’ leg. OK. No big deal. Inadvertent. He should be thinking “This isn’t normal. It must be a player.” It does not require thought to let up if you feel something large and unexpected under your foot. It is instinctive …….UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND DO IT ON PURPOSE!

    The second step backwards was purposeful and deliberate. Did he think he had gum on his shoe? He didn’t feel a tree limb sized obstacle under his foot? Just a stroll in the park?

    He stepped down hard and lifted his entire body weight onto the ankle. He knew it.

    Shut up with any other explanation.

  51. I don’t get why they tolerate this kind of crap in Detroit. The team is too good to resort to bush league antics.

    Last week Raiola – this week Suh. This has been a long time pattern of behavior for the Lions. At some point their fans should expect the team’s leadership to address the issue themselves. Don’t pass the buck to the NFL.

  52. Ndamukong Sewage is the dirtiest player on the dirtiest team in the NFL.

    A fine means little to this oaf … only a game suspension will have any impact at all.

    But – will the NFL simply look the other way, since it’s the playoffs?

  53. To those who are saying it was unintentional, watch it again. Then consider Suh’s track record. Even in real time, it is obvious that Suh realizes he is stepping on something.

    He knows it is a part of Rodgers. He knows it is an arm, leg, hand or foot. He doesn’t need to look back to see, because he doesn’t care what he is stepping on, he just wants to do something in line with his dirty play personality.

    Suh knew what he was doing and his effort was directed at causing some pain. Maybe even knocking a player out of the game. I am sure Suh was disappointed that it wasn’t Rodgers right wrist or elbow. He was okay with it being the leg that had been bothering Rodgers.

    I bet Suh is watching the replay with pride today. He is not a team player, so he doesn’t care if he gets suspended for a game that only pays 20 grand.

  54. When the Lions feel they are getting outplayed, they stoop to low tactics to try to get an upper hand There isn’t anything tough or to be proud of about that.

    People want to say “If it was anyone, but Rodgers…it would be different” Did they forget people were just as upset with Suh when he kicked Schaub?

    So no, it isn’t just specific QB. Its that fans are sick of watching the same guy go out of his way to try to hurt someone, whether they are a Star QB, or a Rookie DL like it was 2 weeks ago.

  55. The NFL claims it is serious about player safety, but allow a repeat offender to intentionally hurt another player. It seems the Detroit Lions have established a definite pattern of this type of dirty play. If the league is truly serious, start taking action against the organization or the coaches. The Lions should be penalized for this repeated behavior like the Saints were.

  56. kickinpuppies says: Dec 29, 2014 8:25 AM

    This guy is a total sociopath. No place for people like this in the NFL.


    And yet, 31 teams will line up to get this guy for next season…

    I don’t like him and only hope that he lands in an AFC team.

    And if the Lions play against Dallas like they did yesterday, then they are (once again) one and done in the playoffs. With or without Mr. Stompypants.

    – Lions Fan

  57. The fact of the matter is, none of us can say for sure if this was accidental or intentional.

    But what we can say for sure is your reputation colors all your actions. If this was someone else who is not regarded as a dirty player, I don’t think anyone even questions this as an intentional act. But, Suh’s history and past actions automatically make it reasonable to question whether or not he did this on purpose.

    Lesson of the day kids, once you’ve built a reputation, its hard to change and it will follow you forever.

  58. eagle fan here. the second step back is definitely with intent. and to the lions homers, i wanted the lions to win yesterday so shut up.

    i would suspend him one game and as has been said, warn him upfront that the next episode would cost him and whoever signs him next a year of his services. that would serve to significantly reduce his next deal and finally make a point with an idiot who has not been affected by the previous penalties.

  59. At some point, it becomes an organization problem. The Lions changed coaches and still continue to be the dirtiest team in the league. When you have multiple players doing this, the organization itself needs to be punished. Hit them where it hurts – draft picks.

  60. Here is a message the NFL should send, “Due to the history of the player in question here, Mr. Suh has played his last with the Detroilet Lions this season and Mr. Suh will be suspended the first two games of the 2015 season for whomever he is playing for. This action is no longer tolerated. “

  61. The league has an opportunity to make a statement with this. The player’s union isn’t going to be happy, but they need to suspend Suh as a statement to others. I believe Suh timed this just before the postseason gambling he wouldn’t get suspended. The league needs to show intention and habitual offenders will be dealt with.

  62. Even if the first step was accidental, the second step was obviously intentional. Let’s be real, you know when you’re standing on something other than the ground, especially when wearing cleats. As soon as Suh felt a body under the first foot, he intentionally stepped on him with the other foot. He needs to be suspended and fined. If the NFL doesn’t send him a message, he’s gonna keep doing it.

  63. If Rodgers wasn’t so immobile and got his lazy can off the ground, none of this would’ve happened.

  64. Rodgers got what he deserved. if we are going to complain about this crap, then how about the missed helmet to helmet that stafford faced. Rodgers is such a baby.

  65. Rodgers should stop playing this game from his back and he wouldn’t have to worry about getting stepped on.

  66. Will somebody at the NFL PLEASE look at the pattern over time? And this is just what we have seen! This guy does not belong in professional sports.

  67. What we are losing sight of here is that the Lions have the best dirty hits coach in the league. They should release his name but also give a major raise for a great job done. Loved the stomp and hit to the helmet in the Bears game.

  68. Maybe Suh thought he was stepping on a baseball bat … you know, those things get thrown around when the batter starts sprinting to first base.

    Or maybe Suh thought it was an unopened soft drink can and he was doing a scientific experiment to see if his full weight would be enough to crush the can if he stayed on top of it long enough.

    If Suh is still on the Lions next year, I can envision that the Packers Offensive Line will be studying that leg assault video before each Lions game.

    And, if Suh ends up playing against Dallas, I think the Dallas team will incorporate that assault video into their motivation as well. You know, I’m sure no-one on the Dallas team buys #12 Aaron Rodgers jerseys, but you don’t have to love Aaron to detest Suh and to detest the organization that permits Suh to go back on the field.


  69. Suh new what he was doing plain and simple! When you step on something what is your reaction? I know mine is to lift my foot as fast as possible and look down to see what it was! Suh stepped back put his foot on Rodgers leg then proceeded to lift his other leg to put more pressure on it and he never even looked down or back as he walked away!!!! He knew what he did and he needs to be reprimanded HARD for it! This is a continuing saga with this guy he is dirty and should get some time off to reflect on his dirty ways!

  70. The intent is very obvious. Given the the undisputed fact that whenever Suh gets beat at football he starts resorting to injury tactics, he should be sent a message/punishment that will finally get his attention

  71. Bump that don’t suspend him till the offseason. I want no excuses when the Cowboys O line make short work of this chump. Hurt his next year paycheck for being a moron that just doesn’t learn.

  72. The first step was accidental. The second step was intentional. The fact that Suh DID NOT attend the post-game presser shows that he KNOWS he did it, KNEW he did it at the time and doesn’t freaking care. He doesn’t want reporters to get in his face about his dirty play, either. He had as guilty a conscience as he seems capable of having – sociopath that he is.

    This is the second dirty move in a WEEK from the Lions. It’s time to hold the coaching staff responsible and the owner as well. Fine the heck out of the coaching staff and also let the owner know that the Lions are a FRANCHISE and are part of and essentially owned by the NFL. If the coaching staff is not held responsible by the owner to cut the dirty moves, then the owner should not be allowed to have an NFL team. I’ve heard Los Angeles is looking for an NFL franchise. Maybe the LA Lions would be a good move.

    Suh does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. He has had at LEAST one dirty move per year. He needs to be suspended for life/banned from the league. Fines and one to three game suspensions don’t seem to register on him. If they had, he wouldn’t still be dirty. It’s time for him to go.

    Oh, and this fan would NOT want Suh on any team in the NFL. I sometimes root for the Packers, I sometimes root for the Skins, I sometimes root for the Seahawks, I sometimes root for the Panthers. I like GOOD football (which my hometown team doesn’t seem to be providing lately, but with our owner, there’s no wonder why since he can’t seem to find a good GM or a good head coach or a good defensive coordinator or even HIRING a QB coach for some freaking reason). I am not a rabid ANY TEAM fan. I am a FOOTBALL fan in the general consideration. Do dirty plays happen? In the give and take of the game while the game is going on, yes. But dirty stuff after the play has been whistled “dead” has no place in this fine game. Oh, and I’m 45 and have been watching football since I was 11. I also happen to be a woman married to a former HS DE who is now a truck driver. I understand that it is a violent game… Some of my best friends growing up were guys who played football in HS. We would play Frisbee Football on the blacktop of our cul de sac during the summer and I got many a skinned knuckle from it.

  73. wrm1230 says: Dec 29, 2014 9:40 AM

    The speculation funny but the answer is pretty easy actually. Suspending Suh for the Dallas game makes it much harder for Detroit to pull the upset. The league has shown all season that it’s just dying to make the Cowboys relevant again.

    A matchup of Dallas in Green Bay is exactly what the league wants. It does NOT want Detroit at Seattle or Carolina/Arizona at Green Bay.

    Follow the money and it will lead you to the answer more often than not in the fictional land of reality that is known as the NFL.
    “The league has shown all season that it’s just dying to make the Cowboys relevant again.”

    Proof? What has the league done to favor the Cowboys? This makes no sense.

    If anything I believe the league will do what they can to KEEP him in and not suspend him for a playoff game…a move that I would disagree with. This dirtbag should be suspended for a game and fined, just liked Raiola. But at least if he plays Martin and Frederick get a chance to blow him up.

  74. Folks that facts about this maggot are obvious to the naked eye. IF the league is SERIOUS about player safety then garbage like THIS cheating cheap shot artist need to be suspended WITHOUT PAY for progressively MORE games with EACH and EVERY incident. In game injuries are going to happen, it’s the nature of the sport. BUT, attempting to injure other players when the play is dead is the act of a coward and SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED!

  75. The real damning evidence is Rodgers pushes Suh after the two alleged missteps and there is no reaction at all by Suh. So we are supposed to believe this hotheaded juvenile delinquent would nonchalantly walk away from a blatant push by a QB? No way!!! He is guilty!

  76. ALL fans, no matter the team, should care about whether ANY player ends up paralyzed because of an injury caused INTENTIONALLY by another player.

    Suh facemasks Jake Delhomme, jerked him to his knees by his helmet, then threw him head first into the ground using all his strength. That could have paralized Delhomme it was so nasty, and he did a nasty headsmash and stomp to Dietrich-Smith, and Cutler, that double forearm hit to the back of his helmet, then slamming him to the ground, are you kidding?? These are just a FEW of the things he’s done.

    Any of those could have caused permanent damage. And these fans who say “oh it’s just football” or crap like that, no, that’s intentional VIOLENCE, that’s NOT football, in any sense of the word.

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