Ndamukong Suh has a chance of winning appeal of suspension

It’s not a sure thing that Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will miss Sunday’s playoff game against the Cowboys.

Although winning an appeal of a suspension in the NFL isn’t easy, it isn’t impossible either. Suh will have his appeal heard by former NFL player and assistant coach Ted Cottrell, and Cottrell isn’t just a rubber stamp for suspensions. In 2012, Cottrell overturned a one-game suspension given to Ed Reed for repeated late hits. Cottrell will give Suh a fair hearing.

And a closer look at the NFL’s official statement on Suh’s suspension indicates that Cottrell will consider only the incident on Sunday, when Suh stepped on Aaron Rodgers’s leg, and not any other previous incidents, when determining whether to uphold or overturn the suspension. The league’s statement said nothing at all about Suh’s prior bad acts and focused only on the specific incident with Rodgers.

In other words, to win an appeal Suh wouldn’t have to defend all his prior personal fouls. He would just have to convince Cottrell that he wasn’t intentionally stepping on Rodgers. Or even if Suh can’t convince Cottrell that he did nothing wrong at all, Suh might convince Cottrell that what he did doesn’t warrant a suspension. When Cottrell overturned Reed’s suspension, he upheld a fine for Reed and said that Reed did deserve some punishment for his late hits. Cottrell just thought the punishment of a suspension was too severe. A fine of any more than $22,000 would actually hurt Suh financially more than a suspension, because players on wild card teams are only paid $22,000 for the first playoff game.

And while Suh hasn’t exactly earned the benefit of the doubt over the course of his penalty-plagued career, there are plenty of neutral observers who don’t think Suh was actually attempting to step on Rodgers. Rules experts including former head of officiating Mike Pereira and former NFL official Jim Daopoulos have said they don’t believe Suh was intentionally stepping on Rodgers and don’t believe a suspension is warranted.

Of course, those opinions are far from unanimous. In the letter informing Suh of his suspension, NFL vice president of football operations Merton Hanks wrote that it looked intentional.

“As Rodgers lay on the ground in a defenseless posture, you backed up and stepped on his left leg with your right foot,” Hanks wrote. “You then inexplicably stepped on Rodgers’ left leg again, this time with your left foot. The video then shows that you raised your right foot, applied pressure, and unnecessarily pushed off Rodgers’ unprotected leg with your left foot. Rodgers reacted to your actions by pushing you away with his right hand as he lay on the ground. You did not respond in the manner of someone who had lost his balance and accidentally contacted another player who was lying on the ground.”

The question, then, will be whether Cottrell joins with those like Pereira who believe Suh didn’t intend to step on Rodgers, or whether Cottrell thinks Suh did it intentionally. Cottrell’s decision will have major ramifications for the Lions and Cowboys as they prepare to meet on Sunday.

138 responses to “Ndamukong Suh has a chance of winning appeal of suspension

  1. Another case of oddball enforcement of the personal conduct policy. Every other fine and suspension took into account his previous acts.

    So why not now? Makes no sense but again, this is the NFL so yeah there’s that…….

  2. Bad actor as he is, it didn’t look to me like it was intentional on Suh’s part. Even if they don’t buy that, I would think the NFL would have to be sure of malicious intent in order to suspend him, especially if they don’t take Suh’s history into account. Unless they’re mind readers, I don’t see how they can do that. Not a fan of either team, just to qualify.

  3. Although I understand the many comments that insist it was intentional. If one were truly open minded just as strong a case could made that it was unintentional.

    There is certainly not enough evidence to convince me beyond a reasonable doubt, nor do I think there is enough to provide even a preponderance of the evidence.

    People are rushing to judgement because he is believed to be a $@#& bag by most people. A reputation he has earned fairly.

  4. Watching the videotape makes it clear – he stepped on something on the field and drove his foot into that something, which he HAD to know was another player. If he didn’t mean to do it, he’d look around to see what he stepped on. He knew he was stepping on something and didn’t check to see what that something was.

    No question it was on purpose.

    I am not a Packer fan (at all), but that was clearly an intentional act. After all, why didn’t he react when Rodgers pushed him away unless he knew what he was doing? Wouldn’t he react if it was unintentional?

    Jim Caldwell initially said it wasn’t intentional – before he saw it. After he saw it, he said he would “hope for the best” that Suh wouldn’t be suspended. Sounds like the tape changed his tune.

  5. Anyone other than Rodgers, Brady or Peyton Manning, this wouldn’t even get a fine; let alone a suspension.
    If it wasnt any of those guys, Suh doesn’t put on his act.

  6. The more I watch this video, the more I think that Rogers should be suspended for giving a grown man a spanking.

  7. So, the message that the NFL is sending is clear: If you’re going to step on another player, at least make it LOOK like you’re losing your balance.

  8. Probably just thought Rodgers’ little chicken leg was a torn up piece of turf. I applaud the guy for thinking of other players’ safety by trying to replace a divot and step it back into the field.

    Hats off to you, Mr. Suh.

  9. I know it sounds like “homerism” but if it was ben roethlisberger being stepped on, there wouldn’t even have been a replay. And you certainly wouldn’t have heard buck and Aikman crying about it.

    seriously, let him play. How is he supposed to avoid something he can’t see as his momentum is clearly going backwards. As much as I can not stand Suh, a suspension is not warranted

  10. How about this idea?

    Suspended 1 game, plus that single game check.


    3 game checks, and you still get to play in the game.

    Put it on the player to pay (lose) 3x more money for his own transgression to play in the game.

    At least that gives a player the opportunity to show his teammates where he stands when it comes to the overall concern for his teammates success, and less victimizing of Roger Goodell.

  11. My concern over this action by the NFL is that it was totally driven by television media. A foul was not called on the play. In fact it was reported that the referee saw Suh’s “moonstep” as a result of being pushed backward by Lang.

    Did other non calls get as much attention by the media or by the NFL?

    On the 55 yard punt return for touchdown by Packer returner Micah Hyde, Sam Shields blatantly blocks Cassius Vaughn in the back and Vaughn is pushed to the ground. The obvious foul is not called or replayed by the media coverage. Isn’t blocking in the back a safety foul? Vaughn was taken out of play and the Packers were awarded a touchdown on the play. No media frenzy there.

    Why does the media focus on one and not the other. Suh has become demonized by the media and of course Aaron Rogers is the media darling. While Suh’s action may have been opportunistic and devilish, as a result of the shove by Lang, Rodgers fully intentional swing at Suh gets no recognition and is “justified”. We all saw it.

    Was it Lang and Rogers really setting up Suh? The old Ill push him you trip him? Should Lang and Rogers be suspended for Suh’s player safety? Was this really a setup?

    Here is my issue with the NFL. Much worse acts have gone unpunished every game in the NFL. In every game there is a near fight, shove or slap that goes un called by the refs or not featured in the media. There is no suspension or foul called. When something gets featured on media, the NFL reacts, and of course, the film doesn’t lie. Ask Ray Rice. Ask any politician that gets quoted by partial snippets, how something can be twisted.

    Does the NFL review every game tape and give equal review to all non calls or just the highly publicized by media? So who is now calling the games and controlling the game day rosters? The announcers, the television camera crew, the ESPN Sports Center crew?

    The NFL should reverse this decision and let the teams play. Oh did Dallas losing its DL come into the decision.

    If Suh gets suspended for next week, then so should Lang for the push, Rogers for the near trip or his swing at Suh and Shields for the block in the back.

  12. Do players now have to help the opponent up off the ground after they tackle them and apologize? What does this mean; “You did not respond in the manner of someone who had lost his balance and accidentally contacted another player who was lying on the ground.” Media led suspension.

  13. If cottrell is neutral and not just the nfl’s puppet he will overturn it. Punishing an accident is too critical of a mistake to make, especially when the punishment is a playoff game. There is zero proof this was intended. He had a 300 lb human being yanking on his jersey collar. I would like to see anybody keep their feet still, let alone have the control to step on somebody they cant see. Ridiculous.

  14. It was probably intentional, but its not suspendable. Rodgers needs to R-E-L-A-X…and quit flopping on the ground like a sack of……

  15. It was the first time anyone has ever hit suh from behind that he didn’t turn around and push back. So yeah he knew he was standing in Rodgers. Not like he thought there was a curb on the field.

  16. Suh did nothing wrong. Aaron Rodgers just did an acting job. Suh didn’t even know the sissy was behind him on the ground.
    A Whiner for a QB, with whiner fans

  17. Suh’s first step was accidental but it was obvious he went fishing on his next step.

    I think the NFL should stick to its suspension as missing this game may be the ONLY way they can get through to him.

  18. Merton Hanks pegged this one correctly judging from his write-up on the matter. Suh may have initially stepped on Rodgers by accident, but then he proceeds to take another step back and steps on him with his other leg. Then he puts all his weight on Rodgers leg and pushes off. You are basically a fool if you think this was 100 percent accident. The one game suspension will stand.

  19. Lion fans are just mad because they actually thought they might win the division this year. Unfortunately for them, Rodgers lit them up AGAIN. He owns this team. Lion fans wish Rodgers was critically hurt.

    In case you didn’t hear me, he OWNS you. Don’t get all high over a single win in Detroit this year. Look at his record against you. #OWN

  20. fissels says:
    Dec 29, 2014 6:04 PM
    He may not have intended to step on him, but it looked like he was glad he did, and made no effort to show he was sorry

    And this is the crux of the situation. Watching in real time you cannot say beyond a reasonable doubt it was intentional. Just because he wasn’t sorry for doing it on accident doesn’t warrant a suspension.

  21. Mr. Goodell; take Troy Vincent with you onto a football field. You lie on the ground & let Mr. Vincent back up over your leg with one foot & then with the other. Then tell us (w/a straight face) that Vincent couldn’t have felt your leg under his foot from the first moment. Suspend this felon-to-be Suh for a year!

  22. I love all the fake football fans that this site attracts.

    The tape is clear: he didn’t try to step on the guy, mostly because he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head AND he was being tugged on his jersey (aka held) by the offensive lineman.

    If anything, Green Bay should have gotten a flag for holding Suh and another flag for Rodgers pretending his ovaries were injured.

  23. It was a pretty frustrating day for Suh. The Packers gashed them in the run game worse than anyone had all season. They put out a QB that was incapable of any kind of mobility and the Lions pass rush barely touched him. The Lion d-line was completely handled by the Packer o-line. If the Packers hadn’t shot themselves in the foot so much, the score would have been more lopsided. It was just a beat-down.

    It’s no wonder he lashed out.

  24. I think it’s pretty obvious the first step was unintentional, but the second one was dirty. Too bad because I thought Suh had finally cleaned up his game.

  25. Suh knew exactly what he was doing. Any normal human being’s reaction when stepping on something would be to turn around and see what it is. The fact he went backwards again knowing full well who was behind him without reacting in anyway but to act as though nothing happened tells me he meant to do it. Then with Rodgers pushing him, why didn’t he react at all?

    Let’s be real here no matter what team you like and no matter how people try to rationalize this,. he most definitely knew what he was doing then added an extra step for the heck of it. Anyone that didn’t see that from the tape is not watching it as an unbiased spectator.

    1 game suspension is fair and in my opinion former disciplines should be taken into consideration. They take it into consideration for using substances. Why not for intentionally trying to injure another player?

  26. Suh has once again hurt his team–maybe one sack away (that won’t come) from winning a playoff game. Suh looks destined to go through life fat, stupid, and suspended. When I saw it real time that was pretty clear to me it was intentional.

  27. vavikingfan says:
    Dec 29, 2014 6:08 PM

    Ridiculous. He wasn’t penalized, and the princess wasn’t injured and pushed him.
    That’s part of the problem. Suh should’ve been penalized. Hopefully the suspension will stand.

  28. Ndamukong Suh has a chance of winning appeal of suspension. LOL

    That’s like saying every team in the playoffs have a shot at winning the Super Bowl….when the fact is EVERYBODY knows that the 13 Time World Champion, Green Bay Packers are the only team that’s going to win it.

  29. The play not being flagged is a completely meaningless point. The act happened behind the action in the play. Refs were looking at the actual play (as they should be) and cannot be expected to watch the actions of every player who is no longer involved in the play. Over the years the NFL has repeatedly reprimanded players who committed blatant rules violations that were not penalized in real time. This is a benefit of living in a technologically advanced time when games are filmed from multiple different angles.

    Suh knew what he was doing and made no effort to apologize immediately to Rodgers or act regretful about the act in the least (which is what most normal humans would/should do when they accidentally inflict harm on another person).

  30. The tape that focuses just on his feet looks worse than the one that shows his whole body and the lineman pulling his jersey and then letting go which put Suh off balance. Raiola deserved every bit of his suspension, first for doing it and then for lying about it. I don’t think this showed any intent to injure on Suh’s part and I hope he wins his appeal.

  31. Suh knew Rogers was behind him. It was intentional. And when Rogers pushed him away, a normal reaction would be for Suh to turn and look back. He continued looking straight ahead. He knew what he did and he meant to do it.

  32. Anyone who thinks this was purely accidental is as dumb as Suh is sociopathic. His actions have defined him as such over and over. He will end up hurting someone, hopefully not severely, before he is finally booted from the league.

  33. He definitely did this on purpose. His lack of losing balance or looking back and doing something that would show he had no idea what he was stepping on clearly shows that. In a way. I feel bad due to the stupidity of people saying it was an accident.

  34. He should win the appeal. A suspension is a joke. Either way, anybody but the packers in the playoffs…..please! Cannot stand them!!!!! The fans are way too arrogant, and erin gets special treatment.

  35. It was clearly intentional once he realized he had some leg under his cleat, then he took another step….big deal let the nut case play and suspension should be done in his next regular season game…..the fool was bad enough for him to miss a playoff game…..poor Caldwell has some cleaning up to do this offseason, time to get rid of dumb players who do dumb things and hurt the team….

  36. I have been a Bear fan my entire life and have watched both teams for a long time. You play the Packers and it is hard fought but not dirty. You play the lions and all you get is cheap shots and dirty play and it has been like that since I was a kid. Suh should be suspended a year for all of his transgressions and maybe it would finally sink in not to wreck a players career or maim him for life. The Packers are a first class organization and the lions are just the opposite, classless. I hope the Cowboys crush the lions and I hope the Packers go all the way.

  37. Joe Buck should be banned as an announcer, he is the WORST in the league.

    Green Bay should have been flagged for 12 men on the field every play while the offense was on the field…..Joe was all up in Aarons Jock strap so that qualifies as the 12th person on the field. No FLAGS thrown for that???

    Personally I don’t blame all the packer fans for wanting Suh suspended, they don’t wanna play the Lions and get an arse whippin after the Lions dismantle the Cowgirls.

  38. Green Bay only won because the Refs gave them the Punt Return when a Lions player was hit in the back, Rodgers TD was no good, his knee was down at the 1 yard line. 14 pts right there, Bell scored the 2 pts conversion, reversed by the refs. The fix was in for sure….very obvious.

    Clearly no flag was thrown on the “stomp” as Suh was pushed by Rodgers OWN lineman into Rodgers. COMPLETE JOKE the NFL has become!

    BEST DT IN THE NFL, Green Bay should be afraid of him.

  39. If Suh did not have NFL talent he would hear the slamming of his cell door every night before bed. Look at all the things he has done repeatedly in front of numerous cameras and hundreds of millions of viewers. Imagine what he would do if no one knew who he was and no one was watching.

  40. bringbackwayne says:
    Dec 29, 2014 9:50 PM

    He should win the appeal. A suspension is a joke. Either way, anybody but the packers in the playoffs…..please! Cannot stand them!!!!! The fans are way too arrogant, and erin gets special treatment.


    It was CLEARLY unintentional on SUH’s PART! The packers fans are CLUELESS.

  41. As an NFL fan, there’s a few players who need their heads examined, and Suh is one of them along with Raiola. They’ve got a real problem upstairs. It’s embarrassing and blackeye to the sport. It is a sport, isn’t it ??

  42. this last incident has made one thing abundantly clear .. that most football fans posting on this site are not even fit for jury duty.

  43. A new low – even for Suh. Let’s hope Cottrell does not wind up endorsing it, or The Shield will have another black eye. Anything less than a suspension would be a joke, with this coming from a Giants fan who would rather go to the electric chair than see the dreaded Cowboys win.

  44. Terrible officiating the whole game! Rogers definitely gets special treatment. Suspension is rediculas!!! Regardless, Things are looking up for the Lions. Don’t count them out just yet for the playoffs, but next year will be their year. That offense will come together!

  45. Kudos to the real Detroit fans here that are manning up for their city and franchise recognizing it was an intentional act not representative of what they want, which seems to be good, hard, tough, honest winners.

    I know losers when I see them. Haynesworth played for us (I’m a Titans fan). I wish Detroit a way through their tough times, and eventually a championship, without Suh and a couple of similar degenerates.

  46. Bigdaddy44. Crisp and insightful post as we all have our heads in the games and game day events, with lost perspective. I will look forward to reading more from you.

  47. Come on, some people are idiots….Sue steps on him the fist time..he knew there was not a pile of crap there… And he backed up again…….very very very obvious on purpose… With his record he should have been suspended for more than 1 game

  48. in every turn over scrum, probably 5 guys get stepped on.

  49. Remember when Suh “accidentally” kicked Matt Schaub in the balls? Or when he said he stomped on the Packers’ lineman because he “lost his balance”? Or when he lied to police about his car crash? Seems a little odd that the NFL thinks his history shouldn’t be relevant when he “accidentally” stepped on Rodgers’s leg… twice.

  50. If Cottrell overturns Suh’s suspension, then all the talk about making the game safer is a joke.
    When you do anything to purposely try to injure someone, as Suh did to Rodgers and has done before, you are violating the basic principle that all NFL players must abide by. That is they must play within the rules.
    Every player takes a certain amount of risk playing in the NFL. That risk is great enough without dirty players like Suh purposely trying to hurt someone.

    So this will tell us all what Goodell and the NFL really stand for. Suspending Suh is the right thing to do. He should not be allowed to play this weekend.

    If the NFL backs off from this supension, everything Goodell has said about making the game safer is just bull.

  51. Please notice all the ignorant Lions, Vikings, and Bears fans weighing in on this. Of course, because they are so jealous that the Packers have someone as great as Rodgers for their QB, they are happy Suh not only stepped on him twice, but wanted him to break his ankle in the process.

    There are good Lions, Vikings, and Bears fans. But it’s places like this where the ignorant ones love to post their trashy remarks which are borne out of pure jealousy.

    It’s okay, though. Packer fans can take solace in the fact that they have more championships than any team in NFL history, and once again finished above those other 3 teams in their division.

    And to you Lions fans who are defending Suh for this latest dirty play of his, his loyalty to the Lions and their fans will be paid back to you by playing for someone else next year. Because as dumb as he is, even he realizes that as long as he is in Detroit, he’ll never win a championship.

  52. Until I read these comments, I had no idea that the Lion fans blame the ref’s and make excuses for losing as much as your average Viking fan.

    Maybe its because they sucked for so long that they had to become relevant for us to even notice their crybaby tendencies.

    Good luck in Dallas next week, with or without Suh. Your inability to win in the clutch is another trait you share with the Vikings.

  53. After reading the posts I change my mind, if you don’t think it was intentional your ma be not an idiot but as these post go I think most are kids ( or idiots) you have to be someone 1french fry short of a happy meal
    To even try to defend such an obvious intentional act by Sue, a truly great player but a piece of garbage human

  54. Once again, if this were anybody but “cry baby” Rodgers, it would be a non issue.

    I’m not defending Suh in any way, but realistically players get stepped on virtually every play. The camera just happened to be on Rodgers ( cause of his early acting ) and caught the incident on camera.

    Not to mention that intent is virtually impossible to prove because Suh’s back was to Rodgers.

  55. nflfootballrefretired says:
    Dec 29, 2014 10:03 PM
    The Lions DESTROYED the PACKERS 19-7 in the 1st match up.

    Too bad the Lions couldn’t beat the Packers in the game that counted the most. Classic Detroit choke that surprised absolutely no one who has watched the pathetic Kittens for the last 57 years…

    It really must suck to be a Lions fan.

  56. nflfootballrefretired says:
    Dec 29, 2014 10:07 PM
    Green Bay only won because the Refs gave them the Punt Return when a Lions player was hit in the back, Rodgers TD was no good, his knee was down at the 1 yard line. 14 pts right there, Bell scored the 2 pts conversion, reversed by the refs. The fix was in for sure….very obvious.


    Stafford 0-16 vs. Winning teams on the road. Lions haven’t won at GB in over 20 years. It isn’t the Miracle you think it is.

    The Lions struggle under pressure late in the season, the reason is they aren’t use to the spotlight. they have won more than 7 games TWICE since 2001.

    So now when crunch time comes around and some of the players inexperienced to these situations, are looking for a team leader like Brady, Urlacher, Rodgers or Woodson.

    Instead they have guys like Raiola and Suh, who have meltdowns when the pressure becomes too much. lack of leadership is part of the reason why they got blown out vs the Saints in the Playoffs, that’s why they struggled vs. Bal on MNF when they had a chance to win the division last season, and part of the reason they lost the dvision yesterday. That is also why might be over their head vs. Dallas next week, and I really want the classic Romo choke too…

  57. Come on people. He’s on a flat surface and steps on something and doesn’t bother looking down or quickly shift his weight off of it? He instead lifts all his weight onto that foot and then walks off, not looking back, even after getting a butt smack. He knew exactly. 100%.

  58. “Cottrell will give Suh a fair hearing”

    That implied that others do not give fair hearings; which, should be (or will be) a huge problem for the NFL.

  59. Funny, funny, funny reading all the comments by the Lion fans blaming the refs for the Lion loss. YOU LOST BECAUSE Stafford missed his recievers a lot, the Lions couldn’t stop the run, and the Packers defense outplayed Detroit’s offense. So shut your cry baby mouths, your team is not that good as you want them to be.

  60. I think Suh has damaged his marketability for free agency? After this latest incident why would anyone pay him JJ Watt money?

    I say Lions should cut ties with him and bring in 2-3 players for the price of Suh. Get rid of Raiola too. Both are embarrassments to this team.

  61. All you guys who think this wouldn’t be a fine if it wasn’t Rodgers, Brady or Manning are off your rocker! This guy is a disgrace to the Lions, the position, and the NFL! He has repeatedly done stupid selfish crap his whole career. He can’t just dominate the guys he playing against without stopping on someone or something. There is NO ROOM for this kind of garbage cheep shot crap in this game!

    Oh, and you other people who think that the NFL wants a Dallas vs. Green Bay playoff game, you’re wrong…. Dallas would beat Detroit with the boy named Sue or without. Dallas is on a mission!! And playing the best football right now. Nuff said

  62. Love the suspension, but a playoff game?? An NFL player gets only $23,000 to play in the Wildcard game so that doesnt hurt him, He probably wont be back with the Loins so that doesnt hurt him. I would like to see him play ( mostly because I hate Dallas more than I hate the Loins. I would hope that the result of the appeal substitutes a fine of at least one regular season game check – for Sue it would be way too much so lets just make it an even $400 K which is what he has been fined to date approximately ( with lost wages).

  63. Perhaps SUh want to help rodgers after he unsuccesfully try to fake his “quad”injury in the first half.i hope the next time primadonna16 will be carted off the field,it will be on a stretcher…faking an injury belong to the soccer,but there’s no place for this in football…

  64. Suh is ready for his sit-down with Cottrell. He was seen wearing a t-shirt that read: “I Can’t Walk.”

  65. Funny thing is that Suh has already convinced himself it was an accident. He is an obvious sociopath. Same guy that crashed a car into a tree with 2 women in the car, then kicked them out and told the police it was only him in the car.

  66. Anyone other than Rodgers, Brady or Peyton Manning, this wouldn’t even get a fine; let alone a suspension.
    If it wasnt any of those guys, Suh doesn’t put on his act.

    he already did against E.D.Smith and other players over the years,he targets anybody, not just the best players in the NFL. he came into the NFL looking to put on his dirty act and he has.

  67. Odell beckham Jr KICKED a rams player out of bounds and that play was all over sportscenter. Yet no media outcry and not even a fine. Suh is pushed backwards and steps on erins leg and the media is freaking out. Media driven suspension. Lack of consistency is stripping the NFL of what little credibility they had left. All about the $$ at this point they just want GB Dallas matchup. Cuban was right the end is near, and I for one wont be sad. The NFL will have made their bed.

  68. “Green Bay only won because the Refs gave them the Punt Return when a Lions player was hit in the back, Rodgers TD was no good, his knee was down at the 1 yard line. 14 pts right there, Bell scored the 2 pts conversion, reversed by the refs. The fix was in for sure….very obvious.”

    please stop it,you make all us Lions fans look like crybabies and you are embarrasing us all.the Lions had the number two rush defense yet the Packers ran for 155 yards on the ground,Lacy the guy they vowed to stop cold ran for 100 himself. Stafford missed open recievers all day.funny you could see a block in the back on the td return when the ref was standing right there and didnt see one at all and they are always looking close by the amount of return penalties they call every game. the Lions lost because the Packers played better,far,far better.

  69. It amazes me, in all this, that no one has mentioned the hit on Stafford, when he was picked up, drove into the ground, and piled on top of, when he had already thrown the ball. Not a mention of it, the announcers never said anything about it after the initial replay. When Suh stepped on Rodgers, they called the AP from the announcers both to make sure it was on the wire!

  70. “SUH will play, jerry house will crumble and back to stinktown to stomp on the cheese heads”

    If the Lions win they will go to Seattle if they are seeded lower than a victorious Carolina. the Packers get the highest seed left and Seattle the lowest seed left.

  71. Most Lions fans are realists and see the truth as it really is,others who deny the truth in favor of protecting the guilty and say stupid things such as the refs were biased against them or opposing players get special treatment by the refs instead of having the guts to admit those players are indeed special by the excellence of their play are a real embarrassment to the rest of the fans who support their team and should just shut the hell up and save themselves from looking very bad.

  72. If this had been game 17 vs. the Jets and he stepped on Geno Smith or vs. Texas and stepped on Case Keenum, Suh would not be facing suspension.

  73. wth51 says:
    Dec 29, 2014 10:00 PM
    “Suh should be suspended a year for all of his transgressions and maybe it would finally sink in not to wreck a players career or maim him for life.”
    Whose career has Suh wrecked? Whom has he maimed for life?

  74. Do professional athletes ever get punished for anything that’s not smoking a joint or giving abrupt answers at news conferences?

  75. Suh was just frustrated and bitter because the Packers were able to ram the ball down his throat on a consistent basis – 152 yards on the ground against the #1 rushing defense in the NFL.

    So much for the Packers not being able to run the football.

  76. It is an interesting case because in suspending Suh, the league would be getting into the question of intent. I don’t think it’s fair for them to decide what a player was thinking after the fact. Suh was walking backwards, and unless he has a rear view camera in his helmet, I don’t see how he’d be able to locate Rodgers and purposely step on his calf. On the other hand, he didn’t exactly register the kind of surprise someone would express when stepping on something they didn’t expect to be there.

    I know he has a long, long history with the league office, and I think that’s what got him the suspension here, but I’m not sure it’s entirely fair to suspend him for a playoff game. If it were just a regular season game, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal, but that suspension would cripple the defense of a team that has the personnel to shut down what the Cowboys do best: run the ball. Without Suh in the middle, I don’t see how they do that

  77. I think it should and will get reversed. Obviously Suh’s ridiculous behavior needs to stop, but knocking the Lions out of the playoffs over this is far to severe of a penalty.

  78. I have to laugh at the comments defending Suh, and calling him the best DT in the NFL.

    Tell me exactly — what did Suh do in that game, other than step on Rodgers on purpose and get his fat butt suspended?

    The answer is nothing. The Packers guard, T.J. Lang, who’s been playing on a bad ankle for weeks, handled him one-on-one throughout the game and virtually neutralized him.

    Suh is the modern day Conrad Dobler — who was the dirtiest player in the NFL in the 60’s. Dobler was so dirty, that former Rams “D” lineman Merlin Olsen, who became an actor after his playing days were over, talked a tv show director into putting a headstone with Dobler’s name on it in one cemetery scene.

    Suh is an over-rated player, period. He talks a much better game than he delivers, and the Lions will be better off in the long run without him.

  79. By the way, Lions fans. It won’t matter if Suh plays this weekend or not. The Cowboys “O” line is even better than the Packers’ “O” line.

    Even if he plays, Suh won’t get near Romo, other than 2 or 3 seconds after the ball has been thrown or handed off.

    But Cowboys fans — tell Romo to be wary, because if Suh gets a chance to step on Romo’s back, he’ll take it.

    It’s ironic. I never root for the Cowboys, because I just don’t like Jerry Jones. But Suh and Raiola have changed that for me. I hope the Cowboys beat the Lions by a hundred points!!

    But if the Lions somehow win, that’ll be fine. Because then the Packers can whip their butts again in Lambeau!!!!!

  80. It’s important that Suh plays this week. It’ll make the difference between Detroit losing by 14 or losing by 21

  81. eddielionhead says:
    Dec 30, 2014 6:20 AM
    SUH will play, jerry house will crumble and back to stinktown to stomp on the cheese heads

    That would be great. Beat Dallas, beat Seattle in Seattle, come back to Green Bay. Good plan.

  82. It’s human nature and instinctive to look down when something the size of a tree branch is under your foot. The only choices for something underfoot on a flat football field is A) the football, B) an appendage or limb of a player or referee.

    Any normal person would be inclined to lesson any possible injury to a fellow player by raising your leg and releasing any pressure. Normal stuff.

    He did not “stomp,” but he sure as hell knew what he was doing. His previous infractions demonstrate his mindset. He’s a trashbag, plain and simple.

    I personally don’t care if he is suspended or not, just don’t defend this idiot.

  83. i would have loved to see rogers get body slammed but no joking i was laughing when rogers went down it is true such a diluted team

  84. nflfootballrefretired says:
    Dec 29, 2014 10:03 PM

    “The Lions DESTROYED the PACKERS 19-7 in the 1st match up. Rodgers was healthy and admitted the Lions are a better team.”

    Only Lions fans would think 19-7 is “DESTROYING” another team. Didn’t the Packers have 2 games in a row where they scored over 50 points?? As far as Rogers admitting the Lions were a better team after their loss means they played better that day and the Packers could use some work, its called CLASS & RESPECT something no Lion knows anything about!

  85. twisteditoff says:
    Dec 30, 2014 11:08 AM
    i would have loved to see rogers get body slammed but no joking i was laughing when rogers went down it is true such a diluted team ???????????? Once again, and in English this time.

  86. He has become very talented at being dirty and looking as if he’s paying attention to something else. It’s a skill, being a dirty player, and getting away with it.

  87. The first step may have been accidental. If it was then that should have told him that he is not stepping on a flat field and to move forward.
    When he felt that he was stepping on a leg, he went ahead and stepped again trying to cause injury.
    Maybe he didn’t know who he was stepping on but the suspension is justified and shouldn’t be defended. You are an idiot if you do.

  88. For those who think it was an accident you can stop reading now. For the rest of you I would like to ask if you think Suh should be suspended. A friend of mine who is a big Dallas fan and thinks Suh stepped on Rogers intentionally still wants Suh in the game against his team because he doesn’t want Detroit to have any excuses when they get beat. I on the other hand say suspend him. When does it dawn on the league that there doesn’t seem to be a learning curve here.

  89. There seems to be an air of condoning and support of dirty play on the Lions team. Back to back suspensions for after whistle dirty play by two different players on two different squads needs to be addressed in this age of protecting defenseless players.

    If suspending Suh for the playoffs punishes the Lions team maybe that is a good thing. They need to do a better job of policing their own. The Saints team was punished for the actions of a few just a few years ago. Was it fair to the offensive players? No, but a message had to be sent to the team to correct actions that were obviously supported and condoned by the team.

  90. First of all, anybody who’s anybody can see that Rogers is at fault. Rogers and the linemen were trying the oldest trick in the book. “The I’ll kneel down behind him and you push him over me”. it just back fired and Roger’s squealed like the little girl he is…

    Second, if you think this or something worse doesn’t happen on every play in football, yes I said football, not the NFL, not College, not High School, but FOOTBALL in general, you’ve got another thing coming. Have any of you Football Hero’s ever heard of the war stories that are a pig pile or fumble recovery??

    And to all you Cheeseville cheeseheads….if you think Suh is dirty? I ask you to look at some old film on Reggie. The king of the head slap, an illegal move even in his day, he played how many games with a club on his hand and clubbed countless linemen in the head with it? Probably giving them concussions as it wasn’t as regulated as today’s game. And yet Reggie is a Saint…but I digress. hope you enjoyed!!

  91. The claim that this kind of thing goes on all the time is unsubstantiated. Show me. The media would love to have more to report on I’m sure. Suh’s actions were unprovoked and so obviously intentional. There are rules to protect players from sociopaths. I hope Cottrell judges in favor of suspension

  92. Overturned. Unbelievable. Anyone could see it was intentional.

    Geez, how does this fit all the whackadoodle conspiracy theories Lions fans have been inventing?

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