Report: Jets to “swiftly” fire Idzik, Ryan


To little (or no) surprise, a new regime is coming to the Jets.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Jets owner Woody Johnson will move “swiftly” on Monday to fire G.M. John Idzik and coach Rex Ryan.

Idzik, who has been on the job for only two years and never got to hire his own coach, has had a disastrous run at the team’s personnel chief.  But Johnson contributed to that by forbidding Idzik from firing Ryan in 2013, creating differing agendas with Ryan hoping to win now to save his job and Idzik trying to build for the future.

Ultimately, Idzik got two years and Ryan six.  The former will likely get little consideration for G.M. vacancies; the latter could be considered for coaching jobs in Oakland, Atlanta, and Chicago.

As Peter King of explained on Football Night in America, the first order of business will be to hire a new G.M., with Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta and Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton believed to be the early frontrunners.  Former Buccaneers G.M. Mark Dominik also could get some consideration, along with Falcons assistant G.M. Scott Pioli.

Then there’s Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff.  If owner Arthur Blank decides to clean house (and that would be a mistake), Dimitroff would surely rocket to the top of the list in New York.

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  1. This really is all so stupid. If the Jets were ever to fire Ryan, it was 2 years ago when they fired Tanenbaum and pretty much the entire assistant coaching staff. Rex is an excellent coach who has shortcomings as in his offensive expertise, but thats fine because so do coaches like John Fox and Pete Carroll, both of whom have been fired and thrived in second or third jobs and I figure he would make a great fit in Atlanta or whatever future job he chooses to pursue.

    As for Idzik, I get that his draft record was less than stellar. But he was brought in to clean up the mess that Tanenbaum had created in the first place and a large part of that was cleaning up the team’s cap situation, which he did. He wasn’t as active in free agency as fans hoped because he realized that without a legit QB, big name free agency signings are ultimately futile. Were some of the moves questionable? Absolutely but you could say that about any GM and 2 years is no appropriate length of time to give a proper judgement for a job as complicated as GM position is, let alone a GM who wasn’t even allowed to hire his own coach in that time.

  2. My prediction for 2015. Eagles hire Ryan as defensive coach. Foles and Sanchez are back with a better core defense. Sanchez wins out the starter job and this time he is teamed with Ryan, but not as head coach and they get into the NFC finals. Ryan is just not going to get it done as a head coach. With the Eagles up tempo offense they need a master defensive coach to be able to have the defense be effective out there for a 25-30 minutes a game.

  3. All Rex is going to excel at is DCing. He wants the power of the HC but he is simply too poor at whole team management. He will mortgage anything to have “his” guys on D, but at the same time he lets the O flounder.

    Let him run his empire as a defensive signal caller and don’t let him get any further in the kitchen.

  4. I never understood the hiring of idzik. he was the cap specialist for the seahawks. this reminded me of the waterboy movie when that team tried to use their towel boy, same results.

  5. This is the one team where I don’t have a single clue who could be the next coach, but they’d be wise to hire an offense-minded coach. Maybe Gary Kubiak or Hue Jackson?

  6. Eric DeCosta isn’t going anywhere.

    Steve Bisciotti gave him a big, fat raise and a title bump to keep him as the next in line behind Ozzie Newsome.

    DeCosta’s wife is from Maryland.

    DeCosta grew up a Patriots fan.

    That’s three strikes against the Jets…they’re out.

  7. No way Pioli or Dimitroff take a job with Jets. Their connection with New England is too strong, as former New England employees they hate everything Jets. Besides without Belicheck as a head coach they all have proven to be average.

  8. I agree with the commenter that the Eagles need to take steps to improve defensively. the DC they have is not NFL caliber and a guy like Rex Ryan or Wade Phillips would bring demonstrative NFL experience and success.

  9. Hiring Idzik in that capacity was just odd. He’s a cap guy as Bert1913 pointed out. Rex didn’t have a chance.

    Both Rex and Rob Ryan could be on the street later today.

  10. .
    the Jets owner doesnt care about winning…

    all he cars about is filling seats which takes no effort for a New York team…
    so he refuses to spend any money and cuts/trades dudes that want money… except for Mangold.
    But an awesome center doesnt win or lose games…

  11. Neither of these guys will be out of work for very long, especially Rex. Never hire someone from the Ryan family tree to be a head coach, but if you’re looking for a defensive coordinator, never hesitate to consider one of the Ryans.

  12. my prediction for Ryan is he ends up in Atlanta as their head coach. they need a defensive coach.

  13. Rex Ryan -> Chicago Bears
    Todd Bowles -> Atlanta Falcons
    Dan Quinn -> New York Jets
    David Shaw -> Oakland Raiders
    Mike Shanahan -> San Francisco 49ers

  14. Only the Jets would consider hiring Mark Dominik, the same goofball who traded a first round pick for Darrelle Revis and then proceeded to pay Revis one million dollars per game. The only saving grace was the contract wasn’t guaranteed, but that resulted in Tampa having to straight up release the best corner in the NFL because the contract itself was so ridiculous.

    Let’s not even get into what Dominik did with his draft picks outside of Gerald McCoy…on second thought, he sounds like a perfect fit for NY.

  15. He brought some good laughs to the AFC East I will give him that.
    And he’s right they always did give Brady a headache. And one of the worst loses in history.
    Pats need to remember that year before they quit against Buffalo in week 17.

  16. Why would it be a big mistake for the Falcons to fire Dimitroff? Have you seen their personnel on defense? If anything, Mike Smith should be the one to stay.

  17. Not a Falcons fan, but why exactly cleaning house would be a mistake in Atlanta? The Falcons and the Bears are perennial disappointments (I give the Jets the benefit of the doubt, for their lack of a supposed franchise QB), particularly this year. There has to be some accountability, when things consistently go wrong. If not, firing Rex and Marc Trestman is a mistake too.

  18. This is purely on Woody Johnson. Rex’s shortcomings – and strengths – have been explained by many but as for Idzik, he was brought to NY specifically to get the Jets out of cap hell. Which he did. The one thing that makes no sense to me whatsoever is the fact that the Jets left so much money on the table this year in terms of being significantly under the cap while having numerous needs.

    I have to think the owner has some culpability there.

  19. Hello,,,hello…Rex has already indicted that in 2015 he’s not interested in a defensive coordinator job..

    Rex can go to tv as a football analyst, earn 3+ mil and get 4+ mil from old Woody Johnson..What would you folks take in year 2015{?????? Not a dc position for damn sure…

  20. Oh boy. If the Jets choose Scott Pioli or Mark Dominik for their soon-to-be-vacant GM spot, we’re all in for a couple more entertaining years.

  21. Not being allowed to fire Ryan led to Idzik’s demise.
    Also the next team that hires Rex as their HC will get exactly what they deserve…a DC who is not capable of being a HC!
    Good luck with the sideshow.

  22. I’m surprised how many people think Rex will ever be a DC again.

    He’ll have at least two HC offers (Atlanta and Oakland) THIS offseason or a cushy Studio Analyst position offer at CBS. Even if he sits this offseason out, his HC opportunities will grow even more next offseason, when other vacancies open and the stain of the 4-12 season washes away.

    I love all these people who think he’s going to go to a big name team and relegate himself to a DC. His days of ever being a DC again ended in 2009.

  23. It’s hard to believe that Scott Pioli’s name is still mentioned as a potential hire for a G.M. spot. Haven’t already been well established that the progeny of Bill Belechek CAN NOT endure without the presence of the king himself? From ball-boy to G.M. King Bill controls it all!

  24. Smart move by the Jets

    I guess Wrecks was prophetic when he said “by the end of the season the Jets will be far from an embarrassment”

    Getting rid of Ryan and Idzik alone just restored some credibility

    Now if I could just write the owner’s name without incurring an FCC fine we’d have the Jets truly on the road to respectability


  25. Jets havent won anything since they were caught tripping players, tampering and taping the Pats in Foxboro during the 2006 playoffs.

  26. I don’t want Dimitroff as Jets GM. He’s responsible for the worst defense in the NFL. A defense that wasn’t any good the last several years before this. A team in general that hasn’t scared anyone or really came close to being the best in the league. What about his great work with their O line? Bringing in ancient Steven Jackson to do nothing ? I’d rather skip him and go right to Scott Pioli.

  27. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Rex, your legacy is 1) a pair of AFC Championship Game LOSSES that you and your fan base cling to as if they were wins, 2) the Buttfumble, and 3) Gatorade showers for non winning seasons. My God, the bar you set was so low it’s amazing you could see the underside of people’s shoes.

  28. Everyone that says Rex is a great DC are sadly mistaken. On occasion, he does come up with some great gameplans, but he is not anywhere consisyent enough. There are too many games where his D is a no show. It’s all his bragging that make people think he is a great D, when he really isn’t.

  29. I disagree that not being able to fire Ryan had anything to do with Idzik’s failures. Just look at the roster…he hasn’t built the team for now OR later and has depleted their draft picks with the Harvin trade.

    Rarely do we suck a complete and utter failure as we did with Idzik.

  30. Woody Johnson probably isn’t going to land a coach or GM that has any other offers on the table. Who’s idea was it to draft Geno Smith or to sign Michael Vick? In case anybody doesn’t understand this by now, you need a good QB to win in the NFL. Johnson hired a cap guy to do personnel work. Amazing. Rex is a good enough coach to lead his team to two straight championship games. Ryan is a good coach and Idzik is a good front office guy. They just need a personnel guy. I don’t know why owners think they have to fire someone. They just need to hire someone to fill the empty chair in the personnel department.

  31. Pioli? I don’t see him working for the jets, call me crazy. Rex had more than his fair share of chances, he should have been fired two years ago when idzik was brought in. As for Idzik, how can you blame him when you won’t allow him to do his job ie fire Rex? Both had differing needs and goals. I’m just glad they are in the Pats division, will be able to count on them being terrible for a long time.

  32. All this talk of Ryan is actually an excellent HC has to be coming from people that do not actually watch Jet games.

    He has quite a few faults for a HC with 6 years under his belt.

    It is not only his stubbornness to not be involved in the offensive game management, it is clock management, personnel decisions ( this can not be just blamed on Idzik and Tannebaum), draft decisions ( surely no one believes taking a defensive player every year with the first pick does not have Rex written all over it), etc.

    Then move on to media and being the face of the organization. Fair or not he has represented himself far too many times as a buffoon in the public forum. Foot fetish…Sanchez tattoo….etc.

    If he was winning he gets away with all this and is considered a lovable eccentric character.

    But he is losing…with his own roster and ‘his guys’….not Mangini’s guys who the roster was primarily stocked with when he took over.

    All together he is not HC material at this point in his carreer.

  33. I don’t particularly care one way or the other about the Jets, but it seems Idzik never got the chance to bring in “his guy”…something even Emery got to do in Chicago.

  34. ” there’s Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff. If owner Arthur Blank decides to clean house (and that would be a mistake),”

    Hello PFT, when Tommy took over they were pretty good. Now, not so good. With the turnover on operations side, Tommy did not replace or promote good evaluators. That is why he is where he is now.

    Basic GM 101, surround yourself with great evaluators. Not just your friends, and your friends friends. That’s where he went wrong.

  35. It would be a mistake for Blank to clean house? What has Dimitroff done in Atlanta to justify another year of neglecting the defense and trading 4 picks for another first round receiver for a mediocre QB?

  36. Mixed feelings, everyone likes Rex but you need to win football games not just get along with everyone. Clean house – Idzik also gone and start over its time. Too bad NYG don’t feel the same way they are kidding themselves if they think firing DC and drafting an OL is all they need.

  37. Dolphin fan here. I would rather have Ryan and Philbin. That guy has passion. I remember when he started with he Jets. They had more talent than the Fins and he did well. The talent level has severely dropped off.

    In a perfect world, we would fire Philbin, hire Ryan and he would keep Lazor as his OC.

  38. How do ppl say rex is good? He came into a team that was developed by someone else that had a great run game and great d-fense. He won his first two yrs with a team someone else put together, and after that all his changes kicked in……and the last 4 years have been nothing but downhill. Dont say he was “stuck” with certain players, he is the one who chose them. Terrible coach that came into a solid team and only brought them down

  39. Keep REX!!! Give him real control for once, you are so lame Johnson. You lost Belichick, and the Tuna … You have a great man to lead… Get the hell out of the way. and stop hiring morons like IDZIK to rule over him

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