Report: Tony Sparano “squarely in the mix” for Raiders job

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The Raiders reportedly took a shot at hiring Jim Harbaugh, but the former 49ers coach and Raiders assistant will be heading back to Ann Arbor for a hoped resurrection of the faltering football program at the University of Michigan.

That leaves the Raiders looking for a permanent successor to Dennis Allen, who was fired as the team’s head coach after the first four games of the 2014 season. Tony Sparano took over on an interim basis, leading the Raiders to a 3-9 record and earning support for an extended stay on the sideline from players like Charles Woodson and Derek Carr.

Whether because of those recommendations or other reasons, Jeff Darlington of NFL Media reports that Sparano heads into the offseason “squarely in the mix” to hold onto the job. The Raiders will be interviewing other candidates for the job, a process that owner Mark Davis is expected to involve himself with after sitting out the last time.

Handicapping Sparano’s chances is difficult since the scope of the search could still be impacted by a decision to part ways with General Manager Reggie McKenzie, but being in the mix is a lot better than the alternative when you’re trying to land a job.

42 responses to “Report: Tony Sparano “squarely in the mix” for Raiders job

  1. Only an idiot believes Reggie McKenzie is being fired, no way that happens. Look at all the good young players they have, SMH.

    As for Sparano, if they can get somebody better, like Rex Ryan, than fine.

    Otherwise, go with Tony again.

  2. I think we should bring back coach Hue Jackson. Not because he brought us our most exciting and productive season in the last 13 years, but because he is a really good coach. Go Raiders Nation the first and ONLY nation.

  3. Tragically this is not surprising. Sparano is NOT a good HC but he recognizes that Son-of-Al needs someone who has an ‘open line of communication’ with him which translates to someone who will kiss Son-of-Al’s feet. And of course Joe Bugel proved what a good decision it was for Al to promote someone to HC based on his popularity with the players.

    Please wake me from this nightmare when the Raiders are sold and out of the clutches of the Davis family. At that point a long-term return to respectability will be possible.

  4. I don’t think many Raider fans would be on board with this and he’s certainly not my first choice but this wouldn’t make me all that mad. It’s some continuity with a coach and players that did go .500, albeit all home wins, over the last 6 games of the year….

    That said…I’ve always believed that despite all the losing that this team was always dedicated to winning first. Bad coaching choices, poor drafting and all that but it was all done to win as fast as possible. If Olsen and Tarver return it will be the first sign for me that this thinking is/was wrong.

  5. McKenzie will at least offer the job to Holmgren and Bowles before Sparano gets a real chance.

    If Sparano gets it, those two said no.

  6. The new coach is Rex Ryan. He will return them to their glory days.

    I expect an announcement within a week

  7. he’s a good coach but the raiders need a “game changer” head coach to get them to the promise land.

  8. Im a packer fan but id love to see the raiders get back to winning i root for underdogs and get tired of same teams being in playoffs every year and i think derek carr is gonna be a good QB with some help at wr offensive line and defense

  9. When you go 3-9 you should be the top of everybody’s list.
    Mckenzie’s next QB free agent signing after Flynn and Schuab is Ryan Leaf.
    Raider fans can talk super bowl all offseason then go 3- 13 again.

  10. McKenzie’s done a good job, especially given what he inherited. He’s certainly drafted well, and that’s crucial. I’d keep him.

    For any organization to be successful, there’s got to be some stability. I think I’d try to sign Sparano to a three-year deal and see what happens.

  11. They are probably best with sticking with Sparano for the simple reason that I don’t think any A. lister will touch this job, and the guy they wanted is heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    They could do worse. Sparano is a decent coach. he has NFL experience and that means something in this league.

    Give him a two year contract and proceed.

  12. ESPN is reporting that the Raiders are in the final step of negotiations with Dennis Allen to return as head coach..

  13. Raider fans actually believed harbaugh and Gruden were going to coach them…idiots!NO RESPECTABLE COACH WILL EVER WANT THAT JOB AS LONG AS THEY ARE OWNED BY HOWDY DOODY AND THEY PLAY IN A TOILET!!!

  14. Sporano is an excellent O-line coach. I just don’t think he is a great head coach, and game manager. And for the love of God do not get Rex Ryan. He’s too much of a headcase, and blowhard. We are just starting to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, (cap space, promising young players) we don’t need that circus brought to town.

  15. Go ahead and give the job to Sparano…you will just be setting the team up for failure going forward and mediocrity at best. He’s a good dude, the team likes him, but he’s not a championship caliber coach…and that’s what you have to be shooting for at ALL times. Championship caliber people..coaches and players.


  16. Why in the world would Raider fans say keep Sparano as line coach????????? Did you not see how atrocious our run game was this year? Did you not see how many 3rd and 1’s or 4th and 1’s we DID NOT convert? The line’s inability to run the ball strangled this team for most of the year and it lies directly on Sparano.

  17. I hope Reggie and Veronica keep Saparano around. I think Rex Ryan is a great coach but I’m not convinced he’s the right fit for this Raiders team. You shouldn’t be begging these coaches to come to Oakland. Go with the guy who wants the job and has a passion for winning.

  18. I’m not sold on Sparano as HC. Too many questionable decisions. Questionable game plans. No in-game adjustments. He waited too long to get Murray involved in the running game. Never got Marcel Reece involved. He’s a good position coach. but not a good HC. I hope they go after someone like Rex Ryan. Bring the swagger back.

  19. A 3-9 record including a 52-0 skunking vs the Rams shouldn’t constitute consideration for any HC gig.
    The way back to respectability starts with cleaning house and that includes Mumbles McKenzie. The firing of Hue & hiring of clueless Allen, the Saffold debacle, Schaub & Flynn, awful FA signings, questionable drafting (aside from Mack & Carr falling into his lap), the list goes on…

    There is nothing that this guy has done other than drafting Mack & Carr that would lead me to believe he is the right guy for the job and will be the guy to return the Silver & Black back to glory. McKenzie’s press conferences are even cringe inducing. Can’t even get a sentence out without muttering “umm” or “uhhh.” It’s just sad. As one of the best fan bases out there, we deserve better. If Mumbles is kept around, all we can only do is hope for a guy like Holmgren or Rex as HC.

  20. That’s deja-vu for Sparano if he does wind up getting the job. As Miami’s coach he was second fiddle until Harbaugh said no (one of worst moves by an owner/GM I have ever seen). Now as the Raiders interim HC, Harbaugh said no to them and Tony could keep the job.

    I like Sparano. He is a good guy and his players like him but there is something missing with him.

  21. i find it a bit peculiar, that only 2 weeks ago Mark Davis came out of hiding to announce he is going to make “sweeping changes.” Only to have a few days later to have Jon Gruden extend with BSPN, and now Harbaugh to leave for Michigan……Both of them used Mark “Charmin” Davis to create leverage to get more money…….

    I am just wondering if Saprano who was ‘swept” under the rug , is now his only option?

    I still like Art Briles at Baylor just because he is an offense minded coach. In the NFL Ranks you would have to think Pagano, Del Rio, Bowles, Gase….heck maybe even Ryan… reality Saprano is probably just as capable as any of those guys….Del Rio back home to the east bay could be the wild card.

  22. Not at all interested in getting Rex Ryan unless it is a temp job (~2 years) as DC and then let him shoot for HC elsewhere. Sparano would be ok but not the jolt of excitement this team could really use right about now.

    Going down the list, not interested in either Shanahan. Trestman would be ok as OC. Hue Jackson would be great as HC with minimal personnel input, but Reggie fired him once already.

    Sparano is looking better because Harbaugh was the only guy who seemed promising.

  23. Hats off to Sparano for keeping the team motivated, but that IS your job as a head coach, period.

    Do I think he deserves extra kudos for making that happen, sure.

    Now, let’s get past all the hype and talk about all that; let’s talk about what really matters, a teams record and week-to-week performances.

    After the Raiders beat the Bills in Oakland, they show up and continue the same pattern of winning and fighting to getting not just beat, but beat excessively.

    And that inconsistency shows that the coaches are NOT doing an effective job, at all. Impacting the players mentally and positively, is separate from getting them into a game where they can match a tempo and compete throughout four quarters of football.

    Especially when it’s a pattern following your first win of the season…that’s horrid.

    Back to the record, the Raiders won 3 games this season, which is worse than the previous year.

    Now let’s talk Sparano’s inability to address the obvious problems with OC Olson. The guy managed to put this team into many holes quickly and keep them buried with his horrible play-calling.

    Olson, is a MUST go. And the Raider Nation will chuckle at whatever team lands the poor guy because his OC coaching resume doesn’t lie…he’s NOT a OC that produces .500+ records or put together game strategies that often allow teams to win games or make it to post season.

    Olson, pack your bags, you’re one guy I definitely won’t miss. Nor will any Raider fan with the knowledge of football.

    Now back to Sparano. We keep hearing “this team is not far off”…blah blah blah. Honestly, that’s all it is. And yesterdays game against the Bronco’s, showed this team is REALLY far off and that starts with coaches.

    Your teams end of the season record is 3-13, .188, yet you aren’t that far off? I don’t know who would buy into this BS.

    And Sparano, you have a losing season, losing Sundays game and you had a chance to put the Raiders back into a game by going for it on 4th down or sending the FG unit out to give it a try. What does he do? He sets the Raiders up to punt!

    Not only that, but the Broncos turn that lack of any balls by the Raiders coaching staff, into 7 points.

    Going for it on that drive would of gave the team a huge boost in confidence whether you were successful or put 3 points on the board. And if you didn’t make it, who cares, it was the right thing to do…earn respect by making right choices.

    Last but not least, I forget exactly which quarter this was in, but the Raiders had the ball facing 3rd & 1 in a game when they have been struggling heavily to convert and what does Olson do that Sparano was okay with? He takes a shot down the field, play is no good, thus taking away all the confidence the players built up that drive.

    Not to mention, Murray ran it on 2nd down prior and had some good success. But Olson is unable to understand the last season of the game, that he is a HUGE factor for this teams once again, horrid season of football.

    Yeah, we won some games, great but our season ending record is 3-13. In that case, if they decide to keep Sparano, maybe they should of never fired Dennis Allen, cause his team went 4-12 last season.

    And, the fact that Sparano hasn’t limited or hinted once at any discomfort with Olson’s play calling, deems him with a hug, pat on the back, and swift kick in the you know what, out the door, along with his buddy, Greg Olson.

    Let’s not forget Raider Nation, this seasons deemed MANY stats all around along with record, that this is one of the WORST teams in Raiders history.

    Last but not least, a lot of young players to be happy about, especially: Carr, Mack, S. Moore, Watson, Jackson, Carrie, & Hayden.

    And veteran presence such as: Tuck, A. Smith, Penn and of course, Charles Woodson.

    A note to Mark Davis, spend some MONEY on a coaching staff in-order to bring the talent out of players.

    McKenzie, you put together a good draft, but you put together a laughing stock of coaches and your team has NOT shown improvement, they actually regressed this season, into winning one less game than last, putting up some of the worst stats in Raiders HISTORY, you sir don’t seem like someone we should keep around, either.

    Darren McFadden, I feel for you bro, this coaching staff has made you look real bad this year but not playing into your style of running.


    A Real Raiders Fan

  24. 4-12 .. 4-12 … 3-13 and if anyone thinks that’s a great record and you deserve to keep your job … tou need to get your head examined or stop posting as a Raider fan.

  25. Because nothing says we should keep you as coach like getting embarrassed by the Lambs 52-0.

    Really? And he thinks he did a good job?

    Fire this bum today.

    Get a real coach.

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