Steelers open as field goal favorites in wild-card round


Oddsmakers have made both home teams favorites in the AFC wild-card round.

Numerous Nevada sports books have installed the Steelers as three-point favorites over visiting Baltimore on Saturday night (8:15 p.m. Eastern, NBC). Multiple books are requiring bettors to lay $1.20 to win $1 on Pittsburgh as opposed to the standard $1.10, which can be a sign oddsmakers don’t want to move the line from three points.

The Ravens and Steelers played twice in the regular season. The Ravens captured the first meeting, pulling away to a 26-6 triumph in Baltimore on September 11. The Steelers would even the series in the rematch, winning 43-23 on November 2.

In the other AFC first-round game, the host Colts are consensus four-point favorites over Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon. The Colts shut out the Bengals 27-0 in Indianapolis on October 19.

The Ravens-Steelers total is 47, while the Bengals-Colts Over-Under sits at 49.

25 responses to “Steelers open as field goal favorites in wild-card round

  1. blacknorangestripes says:

    Would love a Steeler-Bengals rematch in the afc title game.


    No you don’t. Steelers have beaten Ravens and Browns three times in a season. Bengals don’t want to join that list.

  2. @ravenbiker says: Dec 29, 2014 4:31 PM

    So what they are really saying is the teams are even and only home field advantage is the difference.

    No, what they are saying is that even without Bell…the Steelers are obvious favorites!

  3. The Bengals played poorly so your secondary looked good, but Flacco will slice it up. Ravens 28 Steelers 14.

  4. It’s pretty simple, if Bell pays the Steelers win. If he doesn’t they will probably lose. There is nobody to fear in their RB stable outside of Bell.

  5. bonniebengal says:
    Dec 29, 2014 5:35 PM
    The Bengals played poorly so your secondary looked good, but Flacco will slice it up. Ravens 28 Steelers 14.


    That sounds nice and whatever. But let’s be realistic. Roethlisberger is playing out of his mind right now, as is Brown. The Ravens offered me a 1 year contract to fill in as a CB. I would have accepted, but my job wouldn’t give me time off. Flacco has the potential to make it happen, but he’s shaky at best on the road. Give him home field, and he can really tear it up. At Heinz Field, I’m nervous as hell. I want the Ravens to shut the Steelers up more than anyone, but I also live in the real world. The world where I don’t really talk trash until my team wins. Until then, Any Given Sunday.

  6. The Steeler offense has been held to 20 points for the last three games in a row. If the Steelers are going to win any playoff games the Steeler defense will have to carry Big Ben on its back per usual.

  7. The Ravens reworked O-line & secondary are beginning to gel. If Bell is out, it’s anybody’s game. Also, the weather report looks like a wintery mix on the way–pounding the rock will be even more important. With everything that’s happened this year in Baltimore, the Ravens are playing with the house’s money–this makes them very dangerous if taken lightly.

    Hey Pennsyltucky–“Here we go…”

  8. The Ravens come into Heinz Field with no real pressure or expectations. With all the injuries they are nursing, the pressure is off. What is scary is that they won the Super Bowl twice as underdogs that were low seeds. They ran the table by gelling at precisely the right time. There is hardly ever a blowout between these teams. It will become total smash mouth football between two teams that hate each other and between two fan bases that hate each other.
    There are many Steeler fans in the Baltimore and Maryland area because many people came from Pennsylvania seeking work in Maryland during tough economic times. There was also a cross pollination of fans during the 14 years that Baltimore did not have a football team, so many became Steeler fans or Washington football fans.
    I ,personally, could not ever become a Washington fan because of its history of racist policies. I did actually enjoy the Steel Curtain years, but not as a full fledged Steeler fan. I love good solid football and I respect the Steelers for always bringing it that way. Win or lose , I love the brand of football the Ravens and the Steelers bring when they play each other. THAT IS REAL FOOTBALL !

  9. If Bell is out. Don’t go to sleep on josh Harris. Mark my words that will be a huge mistake. guy is fast and strong: he broke a run for 50 yds against bungles that got called back because foster who was on other side of field was holding. It had nothing to do with the play! Beware!

  10. Glad my Ravens are in it, but this is a tough task for them. Too many injuries mounting up. Glad Ngata is back and that will help, but we need Monroe back too. And we need a CB or two as well.

  11. Ravens are outmanned. Plain and simple. They have been since early November. Given the injuries to the Secondary and OL, it was amazing that they even made the playoffs. And that’s coming from a Ravens fan. They will need a miracle to win at Heinz.

  12. guitar and sbchamps, your reverse psychology won’t work around here.

    Steelers in a rout 63-7

  13. Steelers absolutely in a route. I see them doubling up the Ravens. There’s no way the Ravens secondary can hang with Brown and Bryant. And the Steelers should be able to pressure Flacco all day with the banged up Ravens O line.

  14. Steelers fan here. I’m all for trash talk and what not, but let’s be reasonable. This will be a close game. Not only is it a game between 2 teams that play the same way and absolutely hate each other, but it’s ALSO the playoffs, the atmosphere will be electric no doubt. I can’t see the Ravens blowing out the Steelers but i can see the Steelers blow out the Ravens. Now do i honestly think the Steelers will blow out the Ravens? No. Not even a little bit. Don’t get it twisted though, I would LOVE to see the Steelers destroy the Ravens again, but I just don’t think it will go down that way. Steelers 24 Ravens 21. Black and Gold all day every day.

  15. How many times did Flacco get put on his Back-O vs Texans. It seemed like once per series.
    I guess you can call that “gellin” at the right time. They scored 20 on Cleveland last week ? Wow.

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