Top 20 picks in 2015 NFL Draft now in order

With the 12 playoff teams settled and ready to embark on the tournament, the other 20 can get down to personnel business.

Specifically, the top 20 picks in the 2015 NFL Draft are now settled.

The Buccaneers earned the top spot with a stirring come-from-ahead loss yesterday, and the top of the draft will have a southern accent, with the Titans picking second and the Jaguars third.

The Browns have a pair of first-rounders after last year’s trade with the Bills, and they’ll pick 12th and 19th.

The rest of the draft order will be filled in as the playoffs go along, with the wild card weekend losers taking spots 21-24, and divisional round losers 25-28.

Here’s a look at the full order as we know it.

1. Tampa Bay (2-14)

2. Tennessee (2-14)

3. Jacksonville (3-13)

4. Oakland (3-13)

5. Washington (4-12)

6. N.Y. Jets (4-12)

7. Chicago (5-11)

8. Atlanta (6-10)

9. N.Y. Giants (6-10)

10. St. Louis (6-10)

11. Minnesota (7-9)

12. Cleveland (7-9)

13. New Orleans (7-9)

14. Miami (8-8)

15. San Francisco (8-8)

16. Houston (9-7)

17 Kansas City (9-7)

18. San Diego (9-7)

19. Cleveland (from Buffalo 9-7)

20. Philadelphia (10-6).

36 responses to “Top 20 picks in 2015 NFL Draft now in order

  1. 7 is a tough spot for my Bears and not just because of the failure of a season it represents. The Bears’ top 2 needs are S and MLB and 7 is higher than either of those positions typically go. Could be a chance to trade down a few spots or barring that, stay at 7 and find another stud CB to pair with Fuller. I wouldn’t even be averse to taking a LT if he was the #1 rated guy at that position and still on the board. Jermon Bushrod has struggled this year and it would be nice to have another option there if not for 2015, then the season afterward.

  2. Steelers fans always talking crap. I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl but the steelers and patriots. I rather the pats win than the steelers. Phinsup

  3. Strange year. More teams with poor records than usual. More teams with good records left out of the post season. Haves and have nots with a have not that did some haves that did not.

  4. SMH! Please REDSKINS trade down and stockpile more picks this year. Too many holes and the position you are in, potentially could do some much needed wheeling and dealing.


    RG3and……(pick the loses)

    Something has got to give- the REDSKINS are the armpit of the NFL! Why do we as fans put ourselves through this nonsense week and flipping week!!!!!

  5. The Bears need:

    1 a defense. Fire the entire bunch. Rookies straight out of college can’t do worse.

    2 an offensive line. See (1) above.

    3 a quarterback. Can Cutler be traded to the CFL? How about the arena league? I understand that Jamarcus Russell and Tim Tebow aren’t busy, and either would be a step up. Hell, Gino Smith would be a step up. Dog-killer Vick would be beautiful. Brady Quinn would be magnificent.

    4 a coaching staff. Just call Rex Ryan and give him the DC job. Getting a HC and a OC may be a little more difficult. (Make Cowher a really big offer?)

    5 a front office. Seriously, this bunch is making Oakland and the Jets look good, and are rapidly approaching Washington levels of disfunction.

    They should just pick the best guy available at #7. They’ll be able to use him. Especially if it’s a quarterback. Or an offensive linesman. Or pretty much anyone who plays defense.

  6. Just happy the Vikings aren’t looking for a QB. Teddy had a better record his first season starting than the likes of Brees, Rodgers, Aikman, and Manning. Without his best player. Just sayin’…

  7. # 11 is a perfect spot for Zimmer to add to his stable of young stars. The Vikings should be contending as early as next season and really good when the new stadium opens in 2016…

  8. whatjusthapped says:
    Dec 29, 2014 9:14 AM
    What good is a high draft pick if you don’t select a player that can perform at the NFL level?

    (see Spielman’s pick of Matt Kalil at #4 overall or Ponder at #12)

    Vikings 1st round draft picks since 2007;
    2.Anthony Barr
    3.Corderrelle Patterson
    4.Xavier Rhodes
    5.Sherrif Floyd
    6.Harrison Smith
    7.Matt Kalil
    8.Christin Ponder(bust)
    9.Percy Harvin
    10.Adrian Peterson(HOF)

    Packers 1st round draft picks since 2007;
    1.Ha ha
    2.Datone Jones(Bust)
    3.Nick Perry(Bust)
    4.Derek Sherrod(Out of NFL)
    5.Bryan Bulaga(Bust)
    6.B.J. Raji(Bust)
    7.Clay Mathews(Only really good player drafted since 2007)
    8.Justin Harrel(One of the biggest busts in history of nfl no one talks about)

  9. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jameis Winston will be a better pro than Mariota. He is a better pocket passer and he has proved that he can run an NFL style offense. Drafting Mariota fist is risky because he has not proven that he can succeed in an NFL style offense. Do you want to draft a guy first overall who needs to learn how to play what is really a different position?

  10. Poor Kansas City…..22 years without a playoff win….ownership there is ridiculous… do their fans stand for such?

    KC needs to clean house, their fans deserve better.

    22 years without a playoff win…

  11. Congrats St.Louis you wiggle all of those draft picks out of Washington and 3 years later you’re still drafting in the top 10. Washington will be ridiculed for decades for all the picks they gave up for Bob but the fact that the Rams are no better than they were before they made the trade and still haven’t found a way to win escapes me.

  12. How are the Giants picking ahead of the Rams? They beat the Rams!

    …Hey, if it works for Power Rankings, shouldn’t it work like this for draft picks? 😛

  13. Irony:

    Eagles finishes at 20 because they were 10-6 but missed the playoffs.

    Panthers will be no higher than 21 because they won their division at 7-8-1.

  14. im sick of people doggin on the vikes tgey looked better then a lit of teams this year our 1st roubd draft picks are the highlights of the last 3 drafts, 12’drafted 3 traded to 4 got kalil(not sayyin hes good but) traded back into the first to get the best safety in the nfl at 29 harry smith, 13 drafted 23 and got sharif floyd got 25th pick in the percy trade for xavier rhodes the made a draft trade with tge pats for the 29th pick and grabbed cordarrelle patterson, in 14 traded down on spot again with the same team from 8 to 9 drafted tony barr from ucla then traded to the last pick in round 1 pick 32 for teddy bridgewater best qb in the draft best drafts in three years quit talkin…

  15. stacked with talent now and got a coach taking them in the right direction in 2 years they’ll be like the seahawks from worst to first “believe the vikings hype”

  16. 49ers need this draft to be successful, they have the depth but they need a star player on the offensive side. I’m loving amari cooper at WR but they may need to move up to get him.

  17. ..the eagles are the cardinals of last year. 10-6 and OUT. We understand we lost the wrong teams. Sanchez played ok for a couple of games but then spiraled out of control. Chip and rosenberg are going to find a way to fleece the #1 pick from Tampa Bay.

  18. Prior to yesterday’s game I was hoping the Vikings would take a run a Suh in Free Agency. He’s the one DT that can truly impact the outcome of any game.

    I thought he had turned a corner, but sadly he not only despicably stepped on Rogers leg (twice), but cost his team a real shot at Dallas, who will destroy Detroit without him. I’m a Vikings fan and hate the Packers (mostly because of their fans), but that was ridiculous.

  19. And if you’re picking fourteenth like the DONE FINS, you are a COMMITMENT TO MEDIOCRITY! FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

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