32 games with no violations helped save Suh from suspension

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When the NFL imposed a one-game suspension on Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for stepping on the leg of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the league didn’t mention Suh’s history.  And for good reason.

As noted by Judy Battista of NFL Media, the league now provides a player with a clean slate if he goes 32 games without a violation.  While Suh was fined $100,000 for an illegal block on Vikings center John Sullivan during Week One of the 2013 regular season, Suh had no infractions in the next 15 2013 regular-season games, three 2014 preseason games, and 15 2014 regular-season games.

That’s 33 games of good behavior before Sunday’s incident of misbehavior.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press points out that Suh was saved in part by the reversal of a $31,500 fine imposed on Suh for striking former Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden in the helmet.

Given that Suh played in three preseason games, the NFL’s failure to spot a blow to the helmet from Suh against former Cardinals tackle Eric Winston in Week Two of the 2013 season didn’t matter.  Because Suh was facing a suspension for his next infraction after the $100,000 fine, a suspension should have been imposed for a Week Three game at Washington.  Ultimately, the NFL opted not to even fine Suh for the missed infraction.  Even if Suh had been fined or suspended, he would have made it 32 games without a player-safety infraction before stepping on Rodgers’ leg.

84 responses to “32 games with no violations helped save Suh from suspension

  1. By that logic, a past criminal who commits a murder as his first crime in 30 years should get a free pass.

  2. Uh-huh.

    “Your Honor, my client Bubba here never committed a crime during the first 30 years of his life, so we ask that the court ignore the current charges against him.”

    While the judge laughs his judicial ass off, I’ll just say this…Instead of 32 games, it should be two consecutive seasons, including pre-and-post season games.


  3. Pass the tissues. I think stock in Kleenex just went up. Who would of thought NFL fans would be the biggest cry babies? They need to start airing more WNBA games so I don’t have listen to all the whiners on here hahaha

  4. Suh is a great football player and he belongs in this league. And I don’t for a second believe that he feels like he has to step on a player with intent to injure them in order to win at football. If the appeals overseer doesn’t feel he did anything wrong to warrant a suspension, then it’s not fair for somebody else to assume the worst with respect to his mind’s intent.

    Let’s extend to him some benefit of the doubt and see what he does from this point forward. I have a hunch that he will set a good example of professional play and that will be evident or it won’t. You will see that whatever happens next will in fact be what happens.

  5. megatronownsyou says:
    Dec 30, 2014 8:56 PM
    There’s your explanation morons. Now quit whining
    Come back at 8:40 Sunday night and post. I guarantee you won’t.

    Cowboys win easily by 17 unless suh takes one for the team and is ejected for body slamming Romo.

    Redskins would give Detroit a game

  6. I am old school and have always been a proponent of “player justice” in these situations. Let one O lineman stand Suh up and the next guy roll into his knees. That’ what you do with a dirt bag like him.

  7. Really? So does that mean players who have gone most if not all of their careers without a violation get a free shot on whoever they want with limited consequences? Or perhaps even get a free retaliatory shot on Suh? If I’m Aaron Rodgers I’m liking those odds

  8. With no doubt this guy is such a huge no class jerk. He probably sleeps well at night with all you homers telling him he’s great but at least the old time hard ass players did their dirty work in the heat of the play.

    This clown has to do it when no one’s expecting it and it seems as though he always picks on guys smaller than him or who aren’t looking.

    What a gutless turd.

  9. So if you haven’t assaulted anyone in two years, you’ve got a clean slate. Good news for Ray Rice should he need to straighten out his wife in the future.

  10. So he can try to injure players with intentionally dirty plays as long as there is sufficient between said dirty plays? Makes sense. Guy should have been gone 3-6 games at least.

  11. When the NFL starts suspending EVERY OTHER PLAYER who week in and week out commits THE SAME OFFENSE but it isn’t caught on camera, then there will be something for people to whine about.

    The ONLY reason this is such a big thing is it because they had a camera focused on Rodgers in case he went down again.

    Otherwise this is a non issue. Get real people!

  12. It has become laughable what the NFL lets Suh get away with. He didn’t even have to fly to NY to beg forgiveness from Goodell this time. If this were regular season he might have gotten a 1 gm suspension but no way the NFL had the courage to suspend him for a playoff game, what a joke. No NFL player has gotten away with 1/2 of what Suh has.

  13. Lol, seriously?! You’re calling a dirty player an animal and wonder why a great defensive player still has a job? You must not follow NFL football. There are many worse characters and many less skilled players. Have a smarter comment than that.

  14. Sure, fine Lynch for not talking to the media but let this dirt bag, with a history, get away with another one. I’m sure the guy’s in the league who play the game are REAL impressed with the NFL’s policies!

  15. Suspension or not, it’s still bad behavior, but he’s an incredibly gifted , narcissistic, borderline sociopath that goes all out on the field that will sell himself out to the highest bidder and continue to dominate opponents and frustrate fans without caring about consequences.

  16. If you’re a star player, the NFL will find a loop hole in their own rules so you can play. What a load of crap.
    Suuuuuuuuh eeeeeeee

  17. The obvious attempt (and near success) at ending Rogers season by a documented repeat offender is punished by a dollar fine. Incredible! Had Rogers been injured and out for the remainder of the playoffs would the decision be the same? Punishment is for the act, not the result! I guess Suh will need to cripple another player to make the NFLPA look to right and wrong instead of the legal technicalities. I wonder if the membership of the NFLPA understands the travesty their union has become under its current litigious leadership. It is now up to the team, public and other players to discipline Suh. I hope the Detroit quarterback is not the recipient of retaliation.

  18. Nice photo … look at the size of that oaf! And to think they let him slide …

    Yet another example of why they should not be serving alcohol at NFL Headquarters …

    But of course, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – so when Matthew Stafford is on the ground after another of his lame duck passes … just one word sets the tone for the day: RIVERDANCE!

  19. I don’t care if he steps on someones neck. I’d want him on any team I root for. This is what you want in a football player. A cold-blooded sniper with no conscience.

  20. Just read Cottrell’s reasoning for lifting the suspension:

    “Several of your representatives, including personnel from the Lions, argued that the impact of your suspension would have a devastating effect on you, your teammates and coaches, as well as Lions fans.”

    Too Funny!

    Allow me to re-write this for you, Teddy: “The impact of your actions have a devastating effect on the player you injured, his teammates, as well as their fans.”

    In other words, Teddy got something nice in his Christmas stocking from the Lion front office – and it wasn’t a fruit cake.

    Alcohol SHOULD NOT be served at NFL Headquarters!

  21. There is more proof that Rodgers committed a personal foul by punching Suh in the butt than there is that Suh did the two-step on purpose. How much is Rodgers going to be fined for his very personal foul?

  22. 32 games! Wow, listening to comments on here I figured he couldnt go 32 seconds without maiming somebody or at least “jeopardizing their careers”. Drama queens. Football was never intended for this audience.

  23. So, Blandino (the guy caught on the Dallas party bus last Aug.) suspended Suh, when he only should have been fined. Any questions as to what the conversation was on that bus?

  24. Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!! Finally someone made s rationale decision!!!! This is football! Not flag or “Tag your it!” What wouldn’t you go after his sore calf?? This decision just made me want to root for the Lions on this playoff run! God for you Suh!

  25. The resolution is pretty clear….suspended “sentence” of an 8 game suspension without pay if he ever does something like this again and a fine of $250,000 to his current or future club when…I mean if…he does it again. Also, if a Lions player does something like this again within a 3 year period, a hefty fine to be levied against them. Something akin to loss of institutional control in the NCAA. This should not be able to be appealed. Done.

  26. Mixed emotions…

    If Dallas wins, “we” have IceBowl two.

    If Detroit beats Dallas, then either AZ or CAR will be coming to Lambeau.

    Suh’s game check this week is $22K, so he’s actually losing $48K by being allowed to play.
    It ain’t enough, but karma may make up difference.

  27. Suh is dirty…..32 or 132 games he’s dirty……now what happens when he signs somewhere else and STOMPS on Stafford or “megatron”…..loins fans will be screaming foul….lol loins fans

  28. Stop being brainwashed by what the media says about a guy, and learn to look at things objectively.

    There was no way to determine intent on this, therefore the suspension was completely unwarranted.

    And for all the comments talking about how Suh has hurt so many players, not on a single one of the plays he’s been fined for has the other player been injured on. If someone his size and strength was really trying to injure opponents regularly, why doesn’t it ever happen?

    As a Lions fan that’s seen nearly every one of his games, his reputation is seriously 100x worse than what he actually does on a week to week basis. (as proven by 32 straight games without a single infraction that warranted a fine)

    If you listen to most of you talk, he’s out there trying to injure people on a week to week basis. It just isn’t true.

    But the media loves to create a narrative, and it’s been really easy to cast him as a bad guy ever since that stomp on Thanksgiving years ago. Look objectively at the course of his career and you’d see that was more of an isolated incident than anything else.

  29. So a felon should be able to start is record over after staying clean for a certain number of years…Got it.

  30. megatronownsyou: Explanation? No, that has nothing to do with it. Cotrell just doesn’t have any gonads. He said that he saw what Suh did but gave him a slap on the wrist. You quit whining and go polish your Super Bowl trophy case. I thought that the Bears and Vikings fans were obtuse, but I’m beginning to see the trend changing!

  31. If the NFL was smart, they would say ok suh… Here’s the deal… Your gonna get a 70k fine now… But this is it, your last warning… Your legs ever touch another player again, and your done.. Your gone.. You won’t pass go, you won’t collect 200…

    Then get rid of this bum!

    Although, it’s fine that he did it to rogers… I’m so sick of gb, their players, and their fans… Worst fan base in the NFL!

    Atleast DET made the playoffs… Det is headed in the right direction.. They have some good players, and atleast now they have a coach who actually holds himself and his players accountable.. That Schwartz was a maroon… Detroit fans deserve a shot in the playoffs.

  32. Why didn’t a single media outlet point this out about the new NFL player discipline policy until after the fact. This makes it clear that past history didn’t figure in to the decision. The decision was the proper one.

  33. Dallas fans shouldn’t even cry a peep about this with them having a guy that killed his own team mate and still got let back in the team. Now that’s crazy

  34. .
    Yeah just dumb this dirty rotten player did nothing bad for 33 games…
    which obviously cant be right cuz no dirty rotten player could do that…

    lot of whining goin round.
    coulda swore the majority were wholesome christians, sure doesnt look like it… but then again there is a huge difference between what Jesus taught and what fanatical americans think

  35. Had it not been a playoff game, he would have been suspended.
    Since Lions are not that often in the playoffs, they just didn’t want the rant of Lions fans, less TV ratings and moreover less money due to blowout.
    After all its a money league.

  36. Wow. 33 games of “good behavior.” From the way stories and comments have been running here, you’d think he would have been racking up flags and fines every game.. What happened to the witch hunt?

    He’s a fierce, talented player who has a couple isolated incidents. Anyone who follows the Lions knows this, and everyone who follows the NFL media doesn’t.

    If you had to choose between a player with a squeaky clean slate and one with his style of play and production, which would you take?

  37. megatronownsyou says:
    Dec 30, 2014 8:56 PM
    There’s your explanation morons. Now quit whining

    This dude sure has been popping off a lot on this subject. I can’t wait until Dallas beats the Lions sunday with Suh on the field. I bet we won’t hear anything from him after the game. I’m glad that Suh is playing.cause then he can blame the refs or someone else after their season is over!

  38. That’s kind of like a six-time drunk getting picked up for drunk driving and they decide to pretend he’s a first time offender.

    And to top it off, they tell him he didn’t look drunk, only acted drunk. So they give him “inattentive driving” instead, and let him go.

  39. It’s racist decision maybe Rodgers should start a chant ” not while defenseless and on the ground”

  40. The NFLPA is a joke. When do they start representing the guys getting injured and stop representing the guys who are a disgrace to football. If I was a QB or anyone else subject to being abused by someone like Suh and then have MY union get him off, I would get out of that union. At some point in time if the NFLPA doesnt start representing the good guys, they are going to lose their ability to represent at all. Now wasnt Brees a big advocate of the NFLPA during the concussion stuff and the last holdout. When does he man up and start ripping the NFLPA for working to get off dirty players.

  41. I guess we’ll see how it works out, stupid is as stupid does. So I would imagine that one day it’s going to happen to him, a cheap shot is coming and as he lays on the field with a career in the balance he needs to shut & go set down & the league needs to turn their collected head.
    The leagues dirtiest player has it coming.

  42. Are people actually worried about the Lions winning? Jesus!! and I am confused about the word “stomp”. Yes… Suh has “stomped” players before which was completely terrible and poor sportsmanship. He deserved the fines/suspensions then…but this time, if it were anyone else, no one would have even noticed. In fact, if it was any other quarterback who hit a player after, they would have thrown a flag. Maybe if they replayed it in real time and you can see both steps occur in under 1.2 seconds, it wouldn’t be such a controversy. But notice the word “step”? Get over it, they wont beat Dallas…and also, if Rodgers was ACTUALLY injured, he wouldn’t have been conveniently fine after scoring a touchdown that he NEEDED TO USE HIS LEFT CALF TO PUSH OFF OF TO DRIVE INTO THE ENDZONE!! He should have limped after to make it more believable…but the adrenaline made him forget that he was acting lol. ALSO, if he was ACTUALLY injured, Green Bay already secured the playoffs…why would they risk losing Rodgers and not let him heal by sitting him after he was carried off the field?

  43. So what you’re saying is there have been infractions but the official on the field or NFL management didn’t see it. This guy has some serious issues but as long as the NFL and NFLPA keep enabling him he will never even try to change his behavior. It’s hilarious how any representative from either organization can go on TV and claim how important player safety is.

  44. Does it strike anyone else as contradictory for Suh’s past similar offenses to be ignored as not relevant, but the 32 games without an offense is a major factor in the decision? Aren’t both issues his history? So the NFL will selectively determine what is relevant and what isn’t based on what?

  45. Yeah but then you have to look at every hit… if he slams someone to the ground who has the ball do you call it a dirty play because of his past? What he did wasn’t classy, but, at the same time, its not like he looked at Rodgers, stepped on him, then looked and stepped again. It was more just convenient landing and he didn’t stop it. He didn’t stomp, he didn’t stop and just stand there. Watch it in real speed. No one else would have been fined, suspended, or even noticed if they did the same thing… His past is the ONLY thing that makes this relevant.. And ALL sports talk about safety first…yeah? So in the NHL, they wait for someone to win a fight before they break it up…player safety is key… Lets switch to two hand touch or flag football if they cant handle it. It would be the same relevance if this… every game, players get built up emotion and someone shoves their opposing player out of frustration, or does something that would indicate “poor sportsmanship” We all see it, it happens..people are passionate and games get intense. Rarely are people fined for the altercation, and NEVER are they fined.. Suh has a past, so if even as little as shoves someone out of frustration, you would be BLOWING social media about “Dirty player at it again” ….etc etc etc… No one else would have been looked at like this twice if it were anyone else. He didn’t look down or behind him once, and in REAL SPEED it was less than a second long.

  46. “There’s your explanation morons. Now quit whining”

    Yep, this explains it all. Suh is way to important to suspend next week. The league agrees he broke the rules, but because he is Suh and he is important to the Lions and the NFL, he then can side step the rules.

  47. usdcoyotesfan says: Dec 30, 2014 9:07 PM

    By that logic, a past criminal who commits a murder as his first crime in 30 years should get a free pass.


    Exactly. And oh, I thought it was because he couldn’t feel Rogers leg? Anyone who believes that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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