Everyone wants to talk to Todd Bowles

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The Cardinals have won 21 games over the last two seasons thanks in large part to one of the stingiest defenses in the league, which makes it little surprise that their defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is a popular head coaching candidate right now.

We have already heard about interest in interviewing Bowles from the Jets, 49ers and Falcons, but that list is growing. According to a report from Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, it’s grown as big as it possibly could right now.

Per Somers, all teams with head coaching vacancies have contacted the Cardinals about interviewing Bowles. That puts him in play for the Bears and Raiders jobs as well, although there’s no word on which teams Bowles will interview with and probably won’t be until at least next week as the Cardinals have a date with the Panthers in the Wild Card round.

If Bowles were to wind up in Oakland, it would give him the distinction of following Tony Sparano on both an interim and a full-time basis. Bowles was the interim coach for the Dolphins after Sparano was fired in 2011.

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  1. San Francisco would easily give him the most toys to play with.

    I sincerely hope he doesn’t end up coming up to the NFC North though, its the Bears turn to to be a complete and utter disaster for half a decade or so, its a lot of fun to watch and Todd Bowles would change that.

  2. “its the Bears turn to to be a complete and utter disaster for half a decade or so, its a lot of fun to watch and Todd Bowles would change that.”

    please .. the true North is Packers Vs Bears.. you two go to the CFL

  3. Bowles is an interesting possibility for the Bears. If he were strictly a 3-4 guy he would be a bad fit due to their personnel, but he has also run a 4-3 so the Bears might be able to ramp up to his scheme without completely blowing up their roster (though I suspect a fair amount of that will be happening regardless).

    The fact that the Bears are using Accorsi to vet candidates puts an interesting wrinkle in the works, though. It wouldn’t surprise me if he rules out some of the guys who seem like no-brainers, while bringing other candidates forward that don’t seem to make sense on the surface.

  4. Good for Todd Bowles.

    For those of you saying that he is only being interviewed because of the Rooney rule, you are morons.

    Bowles has taken a pretty rough Cardinals defense and turned it into a pretty good defense in a couple years AND he had to deal with alot of injuries this year as well.

    Will he be a good HC, who knows, BUT he HAS EARNED his interviews.

    For the doubters, this is why the Rooney rule no longer works. A good candidate has his value lowered because people think that he is only getting an interview because of race.

  5. I’m sure the Rooney rule is in play here as well. Bowles is a good coach and all but let’s not kid ourselves. Btw the Rooney rule is the most absurd reverse racist rule I’ve ever heard of.

  6. any D would be rough when the offense is going 3 and out every drive, for that team to do what it did this year with all the injuries is a testimony to that entire coaching staff

  7. Bowles was worse than Castillo with the terrible personnel in Philly in 2012. Now he has inherited a defense that Ray Horton built, and has them playing about as good as Horton did, and in support of a much better offense than Horton had: he’s worthy of an interview, but buyer, beware.

  8. I’m sure teams have legit interest but let’s face it he’s the most sought after candidate because teams can check off the Rooney rule from their list.

  9. I love it. I am a fellow Temple alumnus. Attended at the same time he did. Was incredulous that Temple didn’t give him the HC gig there given his significant NFL background, and that was before he went to Arizona to work under his HC from his playing days at Temple. He is very proud of his Temple roots.

    So I hope he gets a HC job in the NFL just to show!

    (I’s love to see him in Washington with the Redskins, where he played during his NFL days)

  10. While he still may be a HC somewhere sooner or later, Horton built up that ARI defense and Bowles maintained it.

    PC or not, given the absurd Rooney Rule, because of his team’s position in the standings, teams mildly interested in him can be more legit in their pretending to be more interested in him (and instead of interviewing Hue Jackson) to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

  11. The only way for the Cardinals to keep Bowles is to keep on winning and reach the NFC Championship game. He can’t be hired if AZ is still in the playoffs. GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Arians came to AZ with his credentials on offense and he knew enough quality coaches on defense to build a good staff, beginning with Todd Bowles.

    The question Bowles will have to answer for owners is who can you bring in on offense while you fix our defense? Without a real good answer to that question he will have a tough time getting a HC job. That is just the way it is for defensive coaches in today’s NFL.

  13. Yeah this is a Rooney Rule interview. I’m sure all of these previous head coaches who have lost Big Time are more qualified and should be interviewed and considered before this guy.

    All of these relatives of coaches getting jobs are also always getting the job solely based on their merits. 🙂

  14. Arians would have taken the Bears job two years ago but they wouldnt let him bring in Bowles as the DC…. haha now they want to interview him as a head coach!!! Put a tent over that circus.

  15. “please .. the true North is Packers Vs Bears.. you two go to the CFL”

    I got a healthy belly laugh from that! Wisconsin without the Twin Cities is like Mexico without California. You are economically the lamprey to our shark. Hanging on for dear life filtering plankton.

  16. He was terrible in Philly….truly terrible so i agree: buyer beware. He had great personnel in AZ which helped…not saying he’s worth nothing and shouldnt be considered but that not a huge track record of success.

  17. OK… So let me get this straight….

    According to PFT the interview of assistance head coach/running backs coach Anthony Lynn and Rod Graves by the Jets are to comply with the Rooney Rule and are “a courtesy”.

    However, the interview of Todd Bowles by the Jets, 49ers, Falcons, Bears, and Raiders do comply with the Rooney Rule but its just coincidence and because its not a courtesy.

    The Rooney Rule is now just as convoluted as a touchdown, catch, pass interference, challenge, or any other time delay referee conference causing rule that the NFL has in place to make everyone happy.

  18. No, playing with your fourth string QB you signed from the SD practice squad with a week’s worth of reps gets you beat.

    Congrats on Seattle beating up on the 2014 AZ Cardinals practice squad: Kerwynn Williams, Ryan Lindley, Glenn Carson, Josh Mauro and all the other standouts.

  19. The Rooney Rule, by definition, is racist.

    Making any decision based on skin color is racism.

    Interviews & Hirings should always be based on merit.

    Injecting skin color preferences into the process is pure racism.

  20. Bears suffered through the Lovie Smith era – they should get a 50 yr Rooney Rule exemption. No need for any PC practices after you’ve already employed one unqualified diversity hireling.

  21. Oakland needs Rex or Darrell Beville or Todd B period not the retreads that have been mentioned Pat Shurmer Eric m jack del rio please ….how about pay Gruden five years 40 million and give him 5 years let him pay Rex 2 mill to be DC .

  22. Bottom line is they had talent in AZ on D before he got there… He maximized their talents to fit his scheme…you need talent to be a success…

    Good coaches with good talent = winners

  23. No, playing with your fourth string QB you signed from the SD practice squad with a week’s worth of reps gets you beat.
    Congrats on Seattle beating up on the 2014 AZ Cardinals practice squad: Kerwynn Williams, Ryan Lindley, Glenn Carson, Josh Mauro and all the other standouts.

    Plus you throw in a back up G, a third string TE, an injured Fitz, 2 OLB that are second and third string guys, a MLB named Carson(?) another kid Benard who’s been waived 3 times this year and a S who’s playing out of position as a rover…

    Yup pretty easy to beat up on these guys..
    Seahawks fans are brutal

  24. Jim Schwartz is a good defensive coach too so what? Doesn’t mean these guys can run a whole team

  25. Man imagine this guy in New York? He could really make that defense scary with some of them guys like Wilkerson, Richardson, copples etc.

  26. To all the morons that are saying the Cards defense is playing bad is due to Todd Bowles:
    #1 I do want him to stay in AZ because he is clearly the best defensive Coach right now. #2 Ssince most of you have no clue how good Bowles is due to losing two of the best defensive players on the team for the season and losing another 7 starters throughout the year for 1-4 games average of 3. So next time you want to comment people, please be current. The Seahawk game was the inly game a Cardinals Defensive player wasn’t lost. Do any of you ever actually look at other teams and not just while they are playing your team? And if the Cards are so bad then why are so many Seahawk fans in here and other AZ articles?

  27. I hope the Raiders hire offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur of the Eagles. Raiders have some history signing Philly OC’s having signed Jon Gruden many years ago. The fast paced Eagles offense in Oakland would be awesome!

  28. The Rooney Rule is stupid and archaic…but what’s to say that Bowles is getting these calls just because teams want a fresh face or think he’s qualified for the job? It’s only a coincidence that he’s black. If the man is what you’re looking for in a coach, then you hire him and don’t look back.

    Honestly, this is a catch 22. If he gets the job, a few on here will claim it’s because of some dumb rule, if he doesn’t, a few will claim he didn’t get hired because of it.

    Bowles, Jackson and any other minority who wants to be a HC are in a lose-lose situation in the court of public opinion it seems.

    Oy vey!

  29. They used to do this with Lesile Frazier every year and before that it was Dennis Green. The Rooney rule needs a facelift. Have two coaches of color ever been hired in same offseason?

  30. Rooney Rule, schmooney rule..This guy can coach. I’m still pissed the Dolphins didn’t give him the gig 3 years ago. He would have brought a completely different attitude. Granted the Fins wanted offense but I just think this guy is going to surprise some folks.

  31. Why is this even a black or white thing…..if somebody is qualified to be a head coach and the team wants him who the hell cares what color he is?

    Hell if the guy was green and from Mars but knew how to develop a QB, run a offense and scheme a defense…..interview over

  32. For the uneducated people (would use a harsher term but don’t want PFT to delete my comment) who are saying that Todd Bowles inherited talent from Ray Horton and just maintained it, let’s go ahead and break it down. The following players were on the roster when Ray Horton was in Arizona and played this year
    Patrick Peterson
    Dan Williams
    Calais Campbell
    Rashad Johnson
    Sam Acho
    Daryl Washington- Suspended
    Darnell Docket- Torn ACL in preseason IR

    Here are the rest, added since Todd Bowles arrival
    Antonio Cromartie
    Larry Foote
    Tommy Kelly
    Tony Jefferson
    Tyrann Mathieu
    Daone Buccanon
    Jerraud Powers
    Kevin Minter
    Alameda Ta’Amu
    And a few other depth players sprinkled in. With the injuries this team have endured this season it’s a miracle they are 11-5. So as much as I would hate to see him go, Todd Bowles is absolutely deserving of a HC job. And the people saying otherwise need to have their heads examined

  33. This is why the world is in such a mess,just re-read these coments.I will never understand this.People just can not get passed color or race in this world.Even when many of their fav players are black……..??????TB has earned his interviews simple as that.I hope he stays.But I will say this,many coaches leave their respected spots to try to be a head coach,and it does not work out.Not because of color or race.But because the spot they were in ,be it HEAD COACH,QB COACH ECT,is their strength.Remember Offensive coach [MIKE MARTZ]…..RAMS greatest show on turf????He was a great OC but when he went to try to be a head coach it did not work.So maybie TB is where he should be.Sometimes we all think the grass is greener on the other side,but it is not.Sometimes we need to stay in the place we are at for LONG TERM succsess.You can not blame him for checking out his options and or salary options,or possible moving options.But maybie he should stay a defensive coach no matter what.We all live only so many years on this planet,and sooner or later we should settle in a spot we are happy with and can make a god living with.I think he is clearly happy where he is.These days players and coaches seem to leave after a year or two under their belt.Staying with a team doesn’t men anything anymore,and even SB’s do not mean anything anymore,not when their saleries are so high.Players had a bonus to get to before with the SB,not it is nothing when they make 40 million a year.So they do not have that drive to be the best anymore ,or stay someplace.Even BR said he will get fired someday.So should TB stay or go?…That’s up to him and what is offered,but it is my hope ,he thinks about what got him here,where he came from,what he is earning,his family,and friends,and if he is happy or not.Alot of them just go for the money.money is not everything.ask ELVIS.

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