Falcons, 49ers to interview Rex Ryan


Rex Ryan may not be out of work for long.

Ryan, the head coach who was fired by the Jets yesterday, has already lined up two interviews with teams that have coaching vacancies.

The 49ers and Falcons will both interview Ryan next week, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports.

Although things did not work out well in the end for Ryan in New York, he had some success early in his tenure there, and he’s a well regarded defensive coach. It’s not surprising that other teams are interested in his services.

If Ryan isn’t hired as a head coach, his fallback option is likely to be on television, where he reportedly has multi-million dollar offers awaiting him to work as an in-game commentator or a studio analyst.

111 responses to “Falcons, 49ers to interview Rex Ryan

  1. Good move – that will restore credibility

    Step 1 – hire Wrecks;
    Step 2 – have a young QB with confidence issues;
    Step 3 – Have Wrecks Guarantee a Super Bowl win;
    Step 4 – Do the same thing the next year after QB with confidence issues crumbles under the additional pressure
    Step 5 – Flirt with Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow, further destroying young QB’s confidence;
    Step 6 – Give fragile QB a $20 million extension in futile attempt to restore QB confidence;
    Step 7 – Watch ButtFumble;
    Step 8 – Guarantee said QB will always be QB;
    Step 9 – Fire QB;
    Step 10 – Fire Wrecks Ryan (credibility restored)

  2. Jed should hire him! Then he’d have the wet dog YES man he wanted all along to play with his toy daddy gave him for xmas

  3. If York fired Harbaugh to hire Ryan… oh man. He just sent a loud and clear message to Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder that they will NOT beat him at the incompetent moron owner game.

    Never thought I’d live to see something stupider than Jerry firing Jimmy Johnson. Oh, I mean their “mutual” decision to split ways. Yeah.

    At least Jerry is old and will die soon. Niner fans don’t even have that to look forward to with York.

  4. I would love to see him in San Francisco. It would be a blast to all Seahawk fans (and 49ers) to have Ryan and his mouth as part of the best rivalry in the NFL. While it would be hard to have a “Sports Hatred” with Rex like we do with Harblow, it would make for a lot of fun and great fan interest.

  5. It seems like York and Baalke already have someone they want from the start. With all the rumors it being DL coach Tomsula.

    All these people they are bring in are just to say “see what interviewed everyone possible”

  6. @Joesixpack……. that has got to be the best summary of Rex Ryan’s tenure in New York that I have ever read. Well played.

  7. The league office needs to do what they did for Michael Sam and make phone calls to all the teams to find a home for Sexy Rexy.

  8. Never thought about the Falcons. Now that I think about it, Atlanta might be an even better fit than Chicago. Fix the defense and let Matt Ryan / Julio Jones do their thing.

  9. Doesn’t look like he’s Bears bound. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if he was never even on their list. But actually as a Bears fan I’m OK with that. My team needs a break from all the drama for awhile.

  10. He’s really got a great record with the Jets of developing young QBs so I can see why the 49ers and falcons are so interested.

  11. Met Tomsula when he stepped in to coach the Shrine game in SF years ago. Great guy, intense, smart football guy. Don’t know if he has the skills to be HC cause the responsibilities are different from DLC. But he has the crazy football drive that players love.

  12. Don’t go the TV route, Rex. You may never get back to coaching. Look at Jimmy Johnson and Chucky. Both dropped out of coaching for a TV gig and never got back in. If a HC job does not turn up, take a DC job. You are too good of a coach to lose you altogether.

    I really feel badly seeing Chucky and Jimmy on TV rather than the sideline.

  13. Rex would be a great hire. He would look at the roster through the eyes of a defensive guru and realize that this team has absolutely no receiving weapons. He’d take a closer look at Kaepernick and realize this is a great young QB who has no weapons. He’d march right into Baalke’s office and start complaining. He’d realize that Harbaugh had worn out a path to Baalke’s office with the same complaint. Then maybe Rex and the 49ers would have a “mutual” parting of the ways.

  14. “I work at the pleasure of the organization.”

    I’ll bet that’s exactly what he was told during a heated exchange, and Harbaugh decided he was never going to let them forget it…

  15. When will Atlanta realize that the WEAK link on that football team is one MATT RYAN, Go look at all the so call big games that this guy SOILS his DIAPER like a newborn.In the biggest games this GUY FOLDS faster than my Lawn chair.

    Its unlike anything you will see, Want to bet with all those weapons i can name a bunch of Qb’s you can put on that team and they would have had a BETTER winning RECORD this season. But this QB because he is this so call NICE guy gets a free pass that just BOGGLES your mind.
    When Mike Vick was there he could only dream to have a team LOADED like this yet he had them competitive and in the playoffs.

  16. he reportedly has multi-million dollar offers awaiting him to work as an in-game commentator or a studio analyst.

    Man, he sure has a rough life.

  17. The Duke of York and his court jester (Baalke) are setting up the Niners for certain failure if they hire Wrecks Ryanj and the Grand Old Duke of York will definitely be held responsible for being all kind of stupid for letting Harbaugh go and replacing him with Wrecks Ryan. It couldn’t happen to a nice guy.

  18. Hey angry frustrated troll viking fans – why waste all that energy on vitriol and despair? Look forward, be optimistic. There’s only 286 days until the Vikings are mathematically eliminated from next year’s playoffs.

  19. That he was able to have any success at all in NY while being consistently hamstrung with mediocre (at best) offensive talent speaks volumes to the man’s coaching ability. Dropping him in Atlanta with an established offense (retaining Koetter) could be huge!

  20. If I was Arthur Blank I’d get Rex on the the 1st thing smokin’ to Hartsfield Airport and I wouldn’t let him leave without a signed contract!!!(Heavily incentivized by the prospects of a LIFETIME PLATINUM KRISPY KREME Card, Personalized Sweet Tea Water Fountain, Unlimited ALL U CAN EAT @ The Varsity & last but certainly not least Unlimited Lap Dances at Club Cheetah or Pink Pony Coaches Decision of course!!!!

  21. All of Ryan’s success came early with an inherited team. Atlanta and Santa Clara, I weep for you.

  22. Isnt this the coach who was once questioned by the media after a loss and had absolutely no clue about what his offence did on the field that day? Yes, i think it is.

    He’s a DC, nothing more.

  23. I hope he lands in Atlanta – better situation for Rex. You have a capable QB and a talented group of players that’s just waiting to be inspired (not to mention a GM who hired him and likely has his back).

    I think he’s had enough of silver spoon dipsticks fiddling with his ability to do his job.

  24. I believe that Rex is a smart man ,their is no way he takes the 49ers job , 49ers already play great D , but they suck on offense , no real threat at WR, Bolden is old slow and getting older , Craptree the name says it all, then their is Kap , a real glorified Geno Smith , basically the 49ers are the Jets they’re just west coast. even their ownership as of late is shady , to let go of Harbaugh is beyond me, get rid of Baalke, Kap will have his worst season next year.

    NOW Atl would be perferct for him , a weaker division , Great weapons on offense , and a defense he can work with / it dont take Rex long to turnaround a D,

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. If my 9ers hire a buffoon like Rex Ryan, I will have to turn in my faithful card, loose the NFL Sunday ticket, and stop wasting time on football on sundays.

  26. donnymacjack says: Dec 30, 2014 8:37 PM

    I would love to see him in San Francisco. It would be a blast to all Seahawk fans (and 49ers) to have Ryan and his mouth as part of the best rivalry in the NFL.

    I love that Seahawks fans don’t understand that the NFL existed before 2012.

  27. Hey Jon Gruden knows offense , couldnt win in Oakland bad D, goes to Tampa where they have a defense in place wins a Super Bowl.

    Tony Dungy great D coach , couldnt win one in Tampa , goes to Indy with Peyton n company and wins a Super Bowl

  28. Rexy is a good DC but has did nothing to prove that he is headcoaching material. If not a DC, then I would love to see him replace Jon Gruden on MNF as I’m confident that Rexy would call the game as it should be and not think every player from every team is the greatest at his position.

  29. Maybe he should be like his bro and be a DC somewhere, prove himself and then be a head coach again.
    I dunno. He just doesn’t seem like head coaching material.
    Now let’s go get a gosh darn snack!

  30. This Seahawks fan will miss hating Harbaugh. Nobody is going to do a better job. I’m as mad at York as the niners fans because Harbaugh made the rivalry fun.

    I’ll be rooting for Harbaugh at Michigan unless they play my alma mater. He should be coaching in the NFL though.

    Harbaugh was a real NFL coach, one of the top 3 in the league. York is a snot nosed punk idiot that has no business “running” a team. What a mockable, despicable, pathetic excuse for a CEO. And he actually believes he belongs in that role. That’s probably the worst part of all for the suffering fans. What a joke. Sad, not funny, inexcusable joke

  31. Jeb York will eat his words letting Harbaugh go. Being born a Silver spooner and having his Family own the team, does not make him a Football expert. Looking forward to cheering against this idiot for years to come.

  32. I think its a smoke screen so no one catches wind of who they really want…however if they do hire him, it will be close to firing Jimmy Johnson and replacing him with Barry Switzer. Will history repeat itself?

  33. PriorKnowledge says:
    Dec 30, 2014 8:54 PM
    Don’t go the TV route, Rex. You may never get back to coaching. Look at Jimmy Johnson and Chucky. Both dropped out of coaching for a TV gig and never got back in. If a HC job does not turn up, take a DC job. You are too good of a coach to lose you altogether.

    I really feel badly seeing Chucky and Jimmy on TV rather than the sideline.


    Jesus, you people never cease to amaze me with making these deductions, making up a story and running with it. Johnson was pushing 60 when the Dolphins got blown by Jacksonville in 2000 and retired. The dude has never once been mentioned as a head coaching candidate since solely by his choosing. Gruden has been sought after before and has only mildly entertained offers to siphon more money from ESPN. Again, his choosing. Jesus Christ.

  34. You have to admit, a foot fetish won’t raise much of an eyebrow in SF. In fact, he would fit right in.

    But the idea that he will do better than Harbaugh is ludicrous.

  35. Joe6, from a jet fan, pretty good but a few mistakes. Tebow was all Woody, Rex wanted no part of him, and Peyton as well and Tannenbaum have Sanchez the money. Can’t put those on Rex, but otherwise pretty good. One more thing about Rex, asides from the Butt game, always played the Pats tough, look at this year, they were terrible but both losses to Pats were by a combined 3 points.

  36. Is Rex totally uninterested in a coordinator position ? Because I as a GM personally wouldn’t touch him. He had one good year as HC. His first year he was only 8-8 but they just made a nice run after sneaking into the playoffs with a 500 record. Current playoff teams with weak defenses would benefit greatly from his presence as DC- namely Green Bay, Denver, Pittsburgh and Cinci.

  37. Let me guess. Rex will build a Niners team that will challenge their top divisional opponent, but fail to realize going 2-14 doesn’t get you into the playoffs.

  38. He did such a fine job with the Jets! Amazed all NFL and NCAA open positions aren’t clammoring for his services.

  39. “At least Jerry is old and will die soon. Niner fans don’t even have that to look forward to with York.

    But isn’t Jerry the guy with the 40-year old brain?

  40. Ryan is a great defensive coach; he’s not a great head coach.

    Because of Matt Ryan, the Falcon head coaching job is the best one available. Love to see Todd Bowles get that job.

    The 49ers have a lot of money and cap space tied up in Colin Kaepernick, so whoever takes that job is going have to be an offensive minded coach who can somehow get Kaepernick to seriously up his game. Oh yeah, the new coach will also have to find a way for Kaepernick to beat the Seahawks.

  41. the 49ers should get him, but likely won’t. atlanta is a great fit for him and they also need to get him.

  42. the niners? that would be horrible, harbaugh couldn’t fix kaperbum. Wrecks is a notorious QB-killer, that would be a disaster. At least with atlanta they have a good QB and offense. They could keep their same OC and all rex would need to do is coach the Defense. The OC would only talk to rex after they punt and he would tell rex the D is on the field so he can wake and pay attention.

  43. Remember when everyone thought Rex would come to their teams to be a Defensive Coordinator?

    He’ll be the first Head Coach hired this offseason.

  44. Rex Ryan should stick to defense. His teams are harder to watch than the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials. I will say however, as a D coordinator, I thought he was one of the best.

  45. My response as a 49ers fan:

    God Dammit, Jed!!!

    Three years from now Jed York is going to have to fire Trent Baalke and whoever this next coach is after three bad seasons. And maybe then he’ll realize that he made the same mistake his dad did when he fired Steve Mariucci for the same egotistical reasons. What am I saying? Of course he won’t realize that he just killed the franchise

  46. Is this the new McDonald’s rule? Teams have to interview fat guys now? Ryan knows defense, but the man is just not a head coach.

    Are the 9ers even serious? Fire Harbaugh because he’s not classy enough and then interview the foul-mouthed foot fetish guy? LOL!!!

  47. As a Falcons fan, I liked Smitty, and still think they fired the wrong guy (Dimitroff should have been canned- He was picking the groceries). That’s history now, so Blank needs to get this right. The track record says that Ryan is a good defensive coach/coordinator. He has a losing record overall as a head coach unlike the last Smitty. Just sayin’

  48. As a Saints fan all I can say is….


    And please no lame jokes about how the Saints got knocked out of the playoffs by the Falcons…you guys are actually contemplating hiring Rex Ryan…


  49. Please someone hire him. I really don’t want ESPN to shove his opinions down my throat all week.

    Unless he replaces Skip Bayless opposite Steven A. Smith. That could be worth it to get Skip off my TV.

  50. Fire Jim Harbaugh, because he’s hard to get along with, then you want to interview Rex Ryan?
    Are you kidding me, what a bunch of idiots!

  51. Why on Earth would the Falcons interview this guy? He comes from the same coaching tree as Smith, yet his record is not nearly as good. Smith wasn’t given enough talent on the offensive line or defense the last couple of years. Yet he had the respect of his locker room. That was evident from the standing ovation he received from the players after his final address to the team. One source said they never say anything like it before. Very emotional. I guys there must be a buffoonery rule in addition to the Rooney Rule in the NFL.

  52. Yes, Rex the “Quarterback Whisperer” is exactly what Kaep needs to take it to the “next level.”
    The entire NFC West

  53. He’s a better defensive coordinator then a coach, but Atl might be a great fit for him. They have an established offense with legit stars and zero defense. He could toughen them up and get them back to winning. He will eventually screw up the offense, but it might be a good call to try and win the division and compete defensively with Seattle for the NFC in the next 2 or 3 years. Once Matt Ryan is done then send Ryan packing too.

  54. ATL would be a nice fit for Rex….as long as they find the right offensive coordinator. Which has been a bit of an Achilles heel for Rex. The combo of Brian Schottenheimer, Tony Sparano, & Marty Morningweg was not a good one.

  55. Oh wonderful. The Niners just got rid of an excellent head coach who was a whack job, and now they want to interview a lousy head coach who is a whack job.

    Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? If they think Harbaugh was nuts, wait til they sign Ryan.

    They better watch their feet. We all know how Ryan has a foot fetish.

  56. Earth to York and Balke, you already have a Defensive coach in Fangio who might be the best D Coordinator in the game. Please hire a offensive minded coach.


    all 49er fans.

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