Jets interviewing a pair of in-house Rooney Rule candidates

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If the Jets want to make a quick strike in their coaching and General Manager searches, they first have to comply with the Rooney Rule.

They’re taking care of that with a pair of in-house candidates, who you wouldn’t think would otherwise have been on the lists.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, they’re interviewing assistant head coach/running backs coach Anthony Lynn for the head coaching vacancy, and Rod Graves for the G.M. job, describing that one as “a courtesy.”

The fact Lynn was on just-fired Rex Ryan’s staff would seem to be a negative for his candidacy. Graves has been with the team two years since being fired from his old G.M. job in Arizona.

The Jets are compiling long lists for both jobs, and will also interview Browns exec Bill Kuharich for the job.

22 responses to “Jets interviewing a pair of in-house Rooney Rule candidates

  1. Further proof the Rooney rule does nothing useful. Teams will hire whoever they want, but first they are forced to interview people they may otherwise have no interest in.

    The intent behind the rule is noble. But, in practice, the Rule is useless.

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t want anybody from the Browns organization!!! We have our own jinxes to fight off, but that place might just be doomed.

  3. Rooney Rule is racist! Let a man get a job based on his skill not his skin color. We are not living in 1963. It is 2014 the Rooney Rule is and always has been junk. Name me one coach who got the job because he had the Rooney Rule interview. No One unless that was the target from the get go. Team will hire who they want regardless of any racist rule.

  4. hjb99992013 says:
    Dec 30, 2014 4:06 PM
    When the NFL hired Goodell, did they also comply with the Rooney rule?


    Actually, yes. Lol.

    Condoleezza Rice finished runner-up.

    I still wish she would have gotten the job.

  5. Before I state my opinion I must announce I am a proud white man. But if I were a proud black man? I would find the Rooney Rule insulting and embarrassing. I think it comes down to being a proud man regardless of color. If the man is qualified, hire him. Don’t make a public spectacle about bringing him in just to placate the PC tar and feathering hordes. No, I don’t know what its like to be black, but I do know what its like to be a human being. Imagine there were a rule that you have to bring in a white Cornerback every time you need to sign one.

  6. Calling these men “Rooney Rule candidates” is offensive. They are *candidates*, plain and simple, and if interviewing them allows the team to satisfy an outdated rule, that’s one thing, but let’s not equate the men with the rule.

  7. @jetfan74

    Bill Kuharich isn’t exactly “from the browns” he just got added to the front office this season but he is also a good candidate he drafted for the saints in the 80’s-90’s and for the Chiefs in the 2000’s like Charles, Hali, etc.

  8. firerogergoodell says:
    Dec 30, 2014 4:18 PM
    hjb99992013 says:
    Dec 30, 2014 4:06 PM
    When the NFL hired Goodell, did they also comply with the Rooney rule?


    Actually, yes. Lol.

    Condoleezza Rice finished runner-up.

    I still wish she would have gotten the job.

    You’re right forgot about that.thanks

    just so used to the NFL preaching do as I say not do as I do

  9. The Rooney Rule is outdated and in my opinion perpetuates racism. Back when race was a much larger issue I can see the need for the rule, but in this day and age is beckons to an embarrassing time in history when people discriminated others because of their skin color.

    abolish the Rooney Rule and let the best candidates be the ones interviewed/chosen

  10. I love how upset people get about the Rooney Rule and how awful it is that someone actually gets an interview, but nobody questions the dozens of coaches’ and owner’s kids that get high profile jobs. The idea that the best guy should always get the job is nonsense in an atmosphere where everything has to do with what connections you have.

  11. I’ll bet Percy Harvin would be utterly “thrilled” to see Asst HC Tom Cable of the Seahawks get the job in NY !

    As for the Rooney rule, I’d prefer not to get an interview at all than to get one as a token. Insincere praise is worse than no praise at all.

  12. and Rod Graves for the G.M. job, describing that one as “a courtesy.”
    Of course because if they described it as what it was a “token” interview, that would just be wrong. Seriously, is it not more of a mockery and a slap in the face to interview someone who has no chance in hell of getting the job just to satisfy an affirmative action “rule” than to not interview them at all? Let people stand on their own merits, let them be judged by their qualifications, not their skin color. If you have good up and coming coordinators that are successful with their current team, they’ll garner consideration for HC jobs. Doesn’t matter if they’re white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Martian, or whatever. Maybe they should do coaching hires like “The Voice” have the owner/GM sit in a chair with their backs turned, listen to the interview, and then hit the button if its someone they want to bring in for a second look. Wouldn’t be any worse of an idea than the stupid Rooney Rule.

  13. I will guarantee, Rooney rule or not, the owners/GM’s are going to hire whomever they think gives them the best opportunity to win. They could care less if the coach is green, blue, red or polka dotted. Winning potential is all that matters

  14. I honestly feel bad for Rooney rule candidates. At this point, teams will hire whoever they feel is best for the job, regardless of color. As Jackie Robinson proved all those years ago, racial discrimination is ultimately bad for business.

    Unfortunately, in order to check a box they need to bring in some poor sap who they have no intention of hiring. It’s a waste of everybody’s time.

  15. “Most NFL teams make a mockery of the “Rooney Rule” and the Jets are no exception.”

    The Rooney Rule is a mockery of the Rooney Rule.

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