Jets line up five coaches, including Gary Kubiak

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The Jets are busy lining up interviews for a pair of jobs, and already have five candidates in mind for the coaching vacancy.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Jets have requested interviews with Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, Seattle assistant head coach Tom Cable, Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich and Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

Kubiak’s an interesting addition to the mix, as he has the most experience of the lot.

He was 61-64 in eight years with the Texans, making the playoffs two straight years before things fell apart in 2013.

His offensive skills would benefit the Jets in many ways, but then again, the same could be said for many candidates.

49 responses to “Jets line up five coaches, including Gary Kubiak

  1. It doesn’t matter how good an offensive mind the new coach has – if the Jets don’t have a quality quarterback, they are going nowhere.

  2. Why all of these retreads? Use a young coordinator who’s innovative and organized. One that has a plan! The Jets problem is Woody is too old to see this league for what it is now. He keeps picking these guys that do it “old school” and get blown out by innovators.

  3. I agree with I Teddy We Trust, go for the GM first, let him have his say in hiring the coach, they have to work together and if the coach isn’t his man then you are screwed. So much for the Jets doing it the smart way.

  4. Kubiak would be a good hire. I know people only think about him coaching the Texans to a 2-14 season, but he’s a better coach than that. He’s not a guy that is likely to win a Super Bowl, but he can get a team and organization to “good but not great” status which is the first step for the Jets. He can get them to a consistent 9-10 win team and that gives them time to find the guy who can take the next step. Don’t underestimate Kubiak, but don’t overestimate him either.

  5. Rex is a better HC than any of these guys. All he needed was a good OC. All I remember is Kubiak getting carried off from the sidelines when the stress got to him, and Cable punching a player in the locker room.

  6. How about Rob Ryan? 😉

    Seriously, Rex was a nightmare. Taking a fragile young talented QB and crushing his confidence while adding outrageous pressure in a high stakes media market (a SB guarantee – TWICE etc)

    Rex lost all credibility with his players and the NFL long ago – just not cut out to be a HC

  7. Kubiak is a coordinator period. He had his dream job here in Houston which is his home town. Time for the Jets to reach for a higher bar. There’s no reason the Jets can’t easily compete with the Pats.. but it starts at the top. Getting a job in NY isn’t some backwater job. If you actually hire Kubiak get ready for another 3 years of mediocrity. The guy never could beat Indy FGS.

  8. hboc01 says:
    Dec 30, 2014 9:45 AM
    Where’s the Rooney rule candidate, or are we done with that silliness?

    Ummmm…Todd Bowles?

  9. How about a younger head coach like Kyle Shanahan,now offensive coordinator with the Browns???..Stop with the retreads and coaches older than dirt…

  10. Bowles has to be on everyone’s short list, with Cable, Quinn, and Darrell Bevell on the next tier.

    These guys have to know that without a QB in NY worth a damn, they are already in trouble taking that job. A HC can only fix so much, and the Jets have some major holes.

    It may be a guy like Kubiak that ends up with it, because these other guys know it’s a no-win situation there with the offensive tools there.

  11. The only reason Houston had those 2 good years was hiring Wade Phillips as DC. Until then their defense was terrible. And they never did figure out special teams under Kubiak .

    He’s an Aggie, let him go to Cleveland and coach Johnny Snickers.

  12. (From a Texans fan point of View)
    After reading some of the posts in the tread I must say every owners goal is to win a championship not get backt to being an average team. With that said….
    Kubes is a good coach and is a better offensive mind than most. However he had an below average QB in shaub which he hand picked. He had a HOF reciver Andre Johnson, All pro RB in Arian Foster and a sick defense towards the latter part of his tenure and all he could do is 2 playoff wins. Obrien comes in with the same team (insert Fitzpatrick for most of the season) and makes it a 9-7 team. Learn off other peoples mistakes. But they are the jets and I heard they were interested in Casserly too.. Good luck with that!

  13. Oh that big, bad, mean and nasty ole Rex why he ruined that poor wonderful lil QB (WHAT? The turkey was and IS a BUST who thinks he’s a Pro Bowler because his homelies tell him so! Ryan got fired because he LACKED a GOOD QB, a couple of good CB’s and an Oline coach who could teach their Oline to PASS BLOCK! If the next guy can get THOSE the Jets will be in contention, if not they’ll be in the basement again, simple as that.

  14. “I hate New York and everything about it, I hope you get Kubiak so you can suffer for electing Obama and Clinton.”

    Apparently, you’re already suffering from some type of brain damage.

  15. I’m surprised Woody he didn’t step in front of the camera and say he was interested in Belichick, Tomlin, Payton and Mike McCarthy…..

    He’s that stupid…..

  16. BTW…the guy Woody Johnson has advising him on the coaching search? Charley Casserly, the same guy who advised Bob McNair to hire Kubiak in Houston. Good luck, Gary!

  17. Also, if anybody can make Geno an NFL QB, it’s Kubiak.

    In his illustrious career, four of John Elway’s five best years were as an aging veteran in his four years under Kubiak. Steve Young’s best years were under Kubiak. He took Jake Plummer from disappointing untapped talent to Pro Bowler. He made Matt Schaub a Pro Bowler. He turned Brian Griese into a NFL winner and Pro Bowler. You heard that right…Brian Griese! Hell, he had people believing Sage Rosenfels was an NFL starter! Joe Flacco this year under Kubiak? Best year of his career.

    If you want a quarterback guru — for Geno or whoever you may draft — Kubiak is the HC for you. Nobody — and I mean nobody — is better at it.

    Kubiak’s biggest problem — that he eventually learned from — was that he only trusted coaches he knew well and that hurt him on the defensive side of the ball. Once he finally hired a big name DC who he had never worked with — or was forced to hire him — Houston was a winner. He will be in New York too.

  18. They need to hire a GM first, and let the GM handle the hiring of a coach. Otherwise they are just asking for more problems.

  19. Don’t do it Dan, the team sucks and you’ll end up on the losing end of NY’s media no matter what you do!!

  20. I think if any guy deserved a second chance it is Kubiak. The criticism on this guy is unfair his last year in Houston he had Matt Schaub who set a pick 6 record, Arian Foster went down early with an injury, Ben Tate injured, DeAndre Hopkins was just a developing rookie and all he had on that offense was Schaub and Andre Johnson to go along with a bad defense that featured an old Ed Reed in a terrible secondary getting burnt like toast.

    Once the speculation of the texans firing Kubiak started the whole team gave up. He still brought five .500 seasons to the Texans in an eight year career that saw them improve every single year 2007-2012 (excluding the 2010 season) until 2013. This guy could make something out of Geno Smith.

  21. How about Wade Phillips?


    Coach Kub problem in Houston was having a limited QB. After Shuab broke his foot, he didn’t seem like the same player. Not that he was all that good anyway! Then it was just downhill from there!

    I think Kub has to have the best situation to be a HC. Give him just the title with sole responsibility relegated to calling plays and handling the QB, and he is a good coach. Don’t think NYJ is going to have that.

    What they should do is move the Jets to San Antonio, TX!

    Just Kidding Again…Maybe!

  22. I’m betting Bowles stays put bc all the current openings are bleep sandwich teams.

    The only difference might be if the Redskins job open up since he played there.

  23. Kubs may be the best option on this list. The Jets biggest problem is the fact that they haven’t had a head coach who can develop and work with a QB. Kubiak can do it but he needs a strong DC beside him to make it work. Maybe he can bring Wade along….

  24. Kubiak would have been a great OC for Rex. Bowles perhaps, if he can bring a great OC. Todd Haley would be fun to watch get in Geno’s face, and then cut him. Parcell’s probably ready to GM again, let him pick the coach.

  25. Last time I checked, attacking a Cover 2 Man Under or other defensive scheme involved the same passing tree on Fox, CBS,NBC and ESPN so what do politics have to do with Kubiak’s coaching ?

  26. I don’t see an offensive guy like Kubiak going to the Jets. They have one quality offensive player, and it’s a center. If Kubiak had a heart attack after the QB debacle in Houston, they’re going to need an AED after the 1st series.

  27. Gary Kubiak is in the midst of developing Joe Flacco to his full potential. Just leave him alone. He’ll want to stick around in Baltimore in order to collect a couple of Super Bowl rings once he gets Flacco to settle down and be more consistent.

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