Koetter catching interest within the division

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The Falcons have not yet released offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter from his contract.  If/when they do, he’ll likely find interest in his services elsewhere.

Per a league source, the Buccaneers have interest in hiring Koetter to fill the void created when Jeff Tedford developed a heart ailment just before the start of the season.

The Falcons understandably have retained the staff in the event the new coach prefers continuity.  While the Falcons were 6-10, the offense has been productive.  A defensive-minded head coach may want to keep Koetter and others in place.

Meanwhile, Bucs quarterback Josh McCown has chimed in regarding the vacancy that doomed Tampa Bay’s season, lobbying (sort of) for former Bears coach Marc Trestman, via JoeBucsFan.com.

“I think Marc’s an outstanding coach and a great offensive mind,” McCown said.  “In regards to here?  Yeah, I would keep that conversation between Lovie and I, but I just think Marc is an outstanding coach and an outstanding person, and has a great sense of offensive football, especially quarterback play.  I just know, for me personally, I played the best football of my career under him.

“Just as I’ve been around, like you said, a bunch of different [offensive coordinators] in my career, He’s probably one of the most detailed, as just with our gameplan and stuff like that, I really felt like was on top of it.”

McCown had a great run in 2013 while Jay Cutler was injured, throwing 13 touchdown passes and one interception, and ultimately winning NFC offensive player of the week recognition for a Monday night thrashing of the Cowboys — before being sent back to the bench.

Koetter spent five seasons with the Jaguars before joining the Falcons in 2012.  He could also generate some interest from the Raiders, if Jack Del Rio ends up getting the coaching job there.  Del Rio brought Koetter to the NFL in 2007, and in their first year together they earned Jacksonville’s most recent playoff berth.

19 responses to “Koetter catching interest within the division

  1. Anything’s better than the Tedford experiment. I’m just glad they’re looking into experienced coordinators rather than going the cheap route and promoting the in way over his head Arroyo to OC.

  2. Look, people are so hasty to think that you need this fiery personality all the time 24/7/365. Marc Trestman had his flaws, but Jay Cutler, the cancer, ruined his career. Mike McCoy, Chuck Noll, and other successful coaches were quiet guys.

    Are they considered bad head coaches? No.

    Why? Because they won. Who killed any chance of the Bears winning because he was paid and felt he got it made? Cutler.

  3. He should be considered for a head coaching job.

    He’s been one before and was a great asset instead of mike mularkey.

    Chicago, New York, or Oakland should hire him.

  4. Ha ha. Lovie Smith and Marc Trestman on the same team. That’s a good one. Every game would be like a mausoleum on the sidelines every game and no one would ever know who was in charge.

  5. They handed McCown a two year deal and he rewarded them with the first overall pick in the draft. His replacement will be coming in next year never mind his preferred coordinator.

    Although if they decide to pass on the top QB talent might as well bring the guy in who made a 35 year old journeyman worthy of a final shot at a starter.

  6. Man, I really wanted to see Jimmy Clausen get a 2nd game in, vs the Vikings this last week. If Clausen had come out and looked sharp again (he played better than his stats vs Detroit, since his receivers dropped about 6-7 balls), then we’d know Trestman knows what he’s doing, offensively at least, and that the problem was Cutler.

  7. I understand that they are under contract, but I still don’t think it’s necessarily fair that assistants are required to stick around to see if a new head coach wants them.

    First off, 90% of the time the new HC wants a fresh start and these guys wind up unemployed anyway. And making these guys hang around while job openings around the league fill up seems wrong.

    If the head coach is fired, assistants should be allowed to interview for other jobs, period.

  8. Ha ha. Lovie Smith and Marc Trestman on the same team. That’s a good one. Every game would be like a mausoleum on the sidelines every game and no one would ever know who was in charge.
    Having said that: after the mess he made of the Bears, Marc Trestman will never hold an NFL HC position again. If he is offered the OC gig in Tampa – knowing it will mean the chance to work with (presumably) Mariota and McCown as his wingman – he should grab that opportunity with both hands and not look back.

  9. bassplucker says:
    Dec 30, 2014 10:03 AM
    Ha ha. Lovie Smith and Marc Trestman on the same team. That’s a good one. Every game would be like a mausoleum on the sidelines every game and no one would ever know who was in charge.

    I’ve never understood this line of thinking. Players don’t need their coach jumping around like an animal to know that he’s in charge. He’s the head coach. Get some old game tape of Chuck Noll or Don Shula or Tom Landry and tell me how many times they acted like a 12 year old on the sidelines. Or for that matter Bill Belichick.

    There have been plenty of coaches who acted like crazy people on the sidelines that failed and plenty who’ve succeeded and there have been plenty of coaches who were stoic on the sidelines and been successful and plenty who’ve succeeded.

    Demeanor is not a predictor of coaching ability.

  10. I would imagine that, if he doesn’t find another job, the Falcons would gladly Welcome Back Koetter.

  11. I realize I screwed up the second to last line. I think everyone knew what I meant but just in case, change to:

    “plenty of coaches who were stoic on the sidelines and failed and plenty who’ve succeeded”

  12. I’d like us to go after Chudzinski, especially if Mariota is on our radar. We need a guy that thinks outside the box and understands the concepts of misdirections and continuously adapting as the game goes on, particularly with this awful offensive line.

    Seattle is a great example of how a poor offensive line(and in their case, receiving corps as well) can be overcome with innovative play calling and a smart, mobile QB who still thinks pass first. Chudzinski may not be on that level but he’s closer than most.

  13. Dirk Koetter?? He couldn’t even hack it as h/c of ASU.
    That said I hope he gets the Niner job.

  14. Trestman was out of football for a few years and was in the CFL. There wasn’t a whole lot of demand for his services in the NFL prior to the Bear’s job. It’s easy to blame Cutler but ask yourself why McCown wants him? Perhaps to have another opportunity after this year’s disaster.

  15. The problem is that the Bucs won’t be able to hire a good OC because what good OC would want to be Lovie’s YES man. All Lovie wants the offense to do is not lose the game…If Lovie has his way Gregory will be the 1st pick and the games will be decided in multiples of 3.

  16. The problem with Lovie getting a good OC, is who in their right mind would want to come here without assurances that Lovie won’t interfere in the offense. Everyone knows that ain’t happening. Lovie’s idea of an OC is run on 1st down…run on 2nd down…throw a swing pass on 3rd down…punt on 4th and then expect his defense to get a take away! No Trestman please…If Trestman comes here as the OC Lovie will draft defense and keep McClown expecting Trestman to duplicate what they did in Chicago. I have nightmares just thinking about it.

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