Bucs casting a wide net in search for offensive coordinator

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No one goes into a hiring process planning for a rush job, but the Buccaneers have to be particularly deliberate while filling their vacant offensive coordinator post.

With the top pick in the draft and a possible franchise quarterback like Marcus Mariota on the way, this is one coach Lovie Smith simply has to get right.

So that’s why they’re expected to conduct a thorough search, beginning with some of the staffs of the most recently fired coaches in the NFL.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs initial list is expected to include Dirk Koetter of the Falcons, Greg Roman of the 49ers and Marty Mornhinweg of the Jets, and possibly even fired Bears head coach Marc Trestman.

We mentioned their interest in Koetter yesterday, and it’s unlikely the Falcons would be opposed.

Trestman’s an intriguing possibility, though he could be on the Jaguars list as well. He was able to coach Bucs quarterback Josh McCown into free agent riches, so it’s clear he can work with what’s there.

Other coaches who could fall under the wide net the Bucs are planning to cast include former head coaches Rob Chudzinski and Brad Childress, the Chiefs’ senior offensive assistant.

The decision is important enough to make the Bucs pass on an invitation to coach the Senior Bowl, but its importance goes far beyond a week in Mobile.

23 responses to “Bucs casting a wide net in search for offensive coordinator

  1. Bills fans are hoping Nate Hackett will be given an opportunity to be interviewed by the Bucs

  2. Marc Trestman is working his way into becoming the modern day Norvell Turner. Awesome offensive coordinator however, you would not let him coach your Electric Football team.

  3. They should sign Chili. Then he and Lovie should hop on a tractor and head on over to Hattiesburg to see if they can get the ol’ gunslinger to come out of retirement.

  4. This is the key mistake Lovie made in Chicago, he didn’t pay enough attention to the offense, and in the later years, he became a lame-duck coach, and no OC worth spit would want to come coach for him, knowing it could be a one-year-and-done situation.

    This time Lovie has to find a good OC. I think he needs to find a down-to-earth “ground-and-pound” kind of OC. A OC with a relatively simple, straight forward system. A simpler scheme will be easier (and quicker) to coach and teach the new kids coming in. A scheme that relies on fundamentals and simplicity.

    The Bucs have the beginnings of a good defense, all they need is a “good” or “pretty good” offense to complement it, and they’ll do well. They don’t need “a great” offense.

    Maybe they should look in the college ranks…

  5. Unless they look for a new HC/DC, none of it will matter. The game has passed Lovie and Frazier.

  6. who is doing this search? that list of names leaves ALOT to be desired.
    Agreed, but then look at the situation. Other than the chance to work with a #1 draft pick at QB (which comes with its own risks), good weather, no state income tax and a weak division, there’s not much that makes working for the Bucs very attractive. They may have to take who they can get, which coincidentally was pretty much the case with the Bears when Lovie ran the show up there too.

  7. the buccaneer ship is leaking and listing badly…see a lot of postings that suggest the bucs are a offensive coordinator and qb away from being a good team: dream on…

  8. trestman would fit lovie perfectly. run the same we know what you are doing system he did in chicago except run it more with no complaints just the way lovie loves it. then act shocked when it does not work and hire somebody else in 2016 face it the only thing he knows about offense is that he does not like it!

  9. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but Trestman makes a lot of sense. McCown was obviously at his best in that offense, and gives you some time to groom Mariota (or whoever they draft for QB of the future). The skill positions are there, but offensive line needs a major overhaul. Try to shore that position up and let Lovie focus on defense. With New Orleans appearing to be on the downswing as Brees ages and with NO having barely any cap room, they have a chance to right the ship in the next couple of years if they focus on a draft-and-build philosphy (I think they spent too much in the offseason on free agents when they realistically are still a few years away from being a contender).

  10. I can’t believe people think Greg Roman is a NFL quality OC.. he’s not. As much as Niners’ fans hate seeing Harbaugh go, many think it was worth it if it means Greg Roman is unemployed.

    Roman’s only prior OC experience to the Niners’ job was as an OC of a HIGH SCHOOL team. The only time Roman’s offense ranked out of the bottom 1/3 of the league is in 2012 when Kap and the read option caught the league off guard.

    I don’t hate the Bucs enough to wish Greg Roman on them.

  11. (49ers fan here). Please, please take Greg Roman! In fact, I’ll buy Bucs season tickets for 5 years if you take Greg Roman. If that’s insufficient, I’ll throw in my first-born son if you take Greg Roman!!

  12. Unfortunately Lovie doesn’t want an OC, he wants a YES man. An OC that won’t take any chances and knows that Lovie’s preferred end of game score is in multiples of 3.

  13. Lovie Is the problem and in NO way a part of the solution…

    Waste all the time you must but in the end the results will show he should have been fired long ago…

    2015 Bucs season will be no different than this one with Lovie a HC!

  14. Bears fan here. Would love to see Trest head to Tampa. Trest Offense, Lovie defense, a QB that listens to his coach and goes thru his progressions, Wow!

    As for Chicago, trade Cutler, hope someone eats 10MM of his contract.

    We’re paying Peppers more to pay for the Pack this year, then they do!

  15. I posted on this site a few weeks ago Trestman to Tampa as a joke and now it’s picking up steam haha

    It would be so Lovie to hire him. Lovie wants a yes man who is no threat to Lovie’s job.

    Bucs fans you are in for a long and miserable ride.

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