Jets consultant touched base with UCLA’s Jim Mora


The Jets already have a long list of coaching candidates thanks to their consultants being at the ready.

But a new name is emerging that doesn’t fit the mold of up-and-coming assistants they’ve zeroed in on so far.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Jets consultant Charley Casserly touched base with UCLA coach Jim Mora about the details of his buyout with the school.

That’s not the same as adding him to the list of interviews, but Mora is intriguing in his own right.

He was 26-22 in three years with the Falcons, then 5-11 in his one season with the Seahawks before he was fired to make way for Pete Carroll.

He’s found success at the college level, and might not even be a candidate for the job. But the fact they’re checking into him is worth noting as part of a long search.

15 responses to “Jets consultant touched base with UCLA’s Jim Mora

  1. Mora had almost no talent with the Seahawks as evidenced by the hundreds of roster moves Pete and John made when they took over, so you can probably throw out that miserable year. Seems to be a much better college coach than NFL coach though.

  2. I’m seeing worse names bantered about for Head Coaching positions. Eric Mangini for one. Pat Shurmur for another.

  3. You’d have to be celebrating New Year’s Eve awfully early to even consider this clown…But, hey it’s the Jets, not really surprised..

  4. I like Mora and think he’s a great coach but he’s way too rah-rah for the nfl. I saw the Seahawks play the texans that season and I’ve never seen a team absolutely mail it in as bad as the Seahawks. They absolutely quit on him.
    He’s got a great gig at UCLA and would be nuts to go back to the league. ..he’s where he should be

  5. How do these owners expect to win if they continue to go back to the same well every time? If the coach is not a winner…how is moving to a different team going to change that? There are exceptions but for the most part..once a loser always a loser

  6. One of Mora’s latter decision of Seahawks 09 season. Release UDFA Micheal Bennett for a no named Tackle around week 6. He was picked up by TB, lucky they got him back.

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