League still silent on Jets tampering situation


On Monday, Jets owner Woody Johnson committed a fairly obvious violation of the tampering rules by saying, “I’d love for Darrelle [Revis] to come back.”  Johnson then said he didn’t mean to say what he said.

The league still isn’t saying anything about the situation, although the Patriots expect something to be said (and done) about it.

It’s not the first time Johnson has commented publicly about a player under contract with another team.  This year.  In March, he acknowledged that the Jets were interested in receiver DeSean Jackson, who at the time was still a member of the Eagles.

The tampering rules are pretty clear, even if the NFL is reluctant to enforce them.  Perhaps the league thinks it’s no big deal.  (If so, why have the rule in the first place?)  Perhaps the league doesn’t want to admit to the world that teams are cheating.

Regardless, it’s odd that an owner would talk about any player under contract with another team, ever.  It’s a fairly bright line that should be easy to avoid.  And if an owner can’t avoid it when speaking publicly, then maybe the owner should refrain from speaking publicly, on any topic relating to the football operations.

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  1. And they will be… The Jets are Goodell’s former employer. He brought Favre there – and refused to review the video tapes that the Jets personnel were filming of the Patriots signal calling during Spygate when he took a draft pick for what so many other coaches admitted was commonplace

    If the media lets Goodell ignore blatant tampering with the excuse of “I didn’t mean to” then shame on them

  2. Of course the league is silent- Ex Jet employee Goodell has always looked the other way concerning their transgressions, especially as it relates to the Patriots.

  3. If it were the Patriots tampering, league would take away a number 1 draft pick. No big deal though when Jets cheat!

  4. If Hue Jackson’s comments about DMC didn’t get the bengals in trouble no way one of Roger’s boss gets in trouble for a comment just tryin to appease the part of the fan base that wanted him back.

    The reality is Revis didn’t want to come back and Woody didn’t want him. End of story.

  5. If the league doesn’t issue some sort of penalty they might as well delete the infraction and language about it from the CBA.

    What he did is a 100% match to what the league states in the rule. Whether or not you think the rule is a good one, he blatantly broke it and even if its a slap on the wrist fine they NFL has to do something about it.

  6. As a Pats fan, I’d generally be inclined to say that the Jets should have a draft pick taken away from them… but then I think about how terrible it would be to go through life with a name like Woody Johnson, and realize that he’s suffered enough.

  7. “Perhaps the league doesn’t want to admit to the world that teams are cheating.”

    Cheating? Well then, havent we established that the fine for “cheating” is a first round draft pick, and half a million dollars…

  8. It may be a clear violation of the rule but it isn’t like he went out and contacted Revis. The rule should be adjusted a bit since all he did was respond to a question about a player.

  9. The guy is an unrestricted free agent in a couple weeks. It’s not like he’s under contract for 4 more years…

  10. I’m not an apologist for Woody Johnson but what happened here is fairly obvious.

    The local media has been highly critical of the Jets’ decision not to sign Revis before this season. Some have blamed Johnson, claiming that he wouldn’t go near Revis because of prior contentious contractual/money issues.

    In his tampering comments, Johnson tried to deflect the blame by saying he is open to a reunion with Revis. It sounds as if Johnson was more concerned with trying to absolve himself of blame than with the tampering rules. According to media accounts, the Jets’ PR guy tried to deflect the Revis question before Johnson answered it but Johnson barged ahead.

  11. mrbgood315 says:
    Dec 31, 2014 10:33 AM

    The guy is an unrestricted free agent in a couple weeks. It’s not like he’s under contract for 4 more years…

    Revis is technically under contract for 2015, this is textbook tampering. I don’t expect anything to happen but he did break the rule.

  12. Goodell a former jets employee….overreacting and blowing spygate out of proportion ignoring the fact that the jets were spying as well as other teams in the leaugue ( why did he burn the tapes? because other teams were involved) making the pats scapegoats…

  13. mrbgood315 says:
    Dec 31, 2014 10:33 AM
    The guy is an unrestricted free agent in a couple weeks. It’s not like he’s under contract for 4 more years…

    Ummm, thats exactly the point. If he were locked up for 4 years this would be no big deal, since he is a free agent in “a couple of weeks”, that means that the “tampering” is an even bigger problem. A player with a long term deal isnt just going to walk out the door on his current team, but a player who is at the end of his contract can now demand more money for his services. That is exactly why teams commonly use the “we are only commenting on our players” line, just so they dont violate the rules.

  14. I think what Woody was saying was that he would have loved to have Revis back last offseason, but due to the history with his agents and previous holdouts the Jets did not pursue him. Not that he was planning to sign Revis this offseason.

  15. His best defense at this point is senility, which can be proven through his track record as owner of the Jets.

    I don’t really believe that Johnson’s tampering will have any impact on Revis’ decision. Revis will be a free agent because that was the purpose of the poison pill in his contract. Maybe he’ll give the Patriots a discount, but this is his last chance to really hit it big. The Jets need to invest in offense and not defense. Ryan is no longer there and Revis won’t be going there.

  16. Woody “Thanks Dad” Johnson, noted trustafarian from NYC proves the only qualification for ownership of an NFL team is the ability to breath.. and of course have a couple of billion dollar handed to you.

  17. And either way the forfeited pick IS NOT going to the Patriots! The best Pats fans can hope for is a swap of a late round pick. Woody Johnson committed tampering. It’s serious, but it’s not “1st-round-pick” serious. Woody will prob be fined and the Jets may lose a late rounder and may (if past precedent is any indicator) be forced to swap maybe a 7th rounder for a Pats’ 7th rounder of lesser value.

  18. And finally, for the people saying Woody should be punished because he’s a “right-winger” or he’s “too rich”…get a life…what does any of that have to do with anything? If you think someone is too rich, or they don’t share your political point of view, take a good long look in the mirror, because you are the problem.

  19. Woody Johnson is a smart guy and knows what he says will be written down and discussed. NFL is Big business, NYC is biggest stage, etc.

    He does not care about the “rule” because if he can get an edge it may cost him a fine, but the money is more easily found than great players.

    If the tampering penalties against teams affected the salary cap of those teams, then these type of clear violations would be reduced.

  20. .
    the Owners choose the Commissioner.
    So we expect the Commissioner to punish owners?

    feeding hand etc etc

  21. Hmm. Jerrah talked to Peterson, nothing, Johnson talks about Revis (patriots) and the world blows up with tampering charges. Yup sounds about right for the pats jock sniffers to get upset.

  22. Anyone who thinks he was actually tampering may actually be dumber than Johnson himself. He is not sharp enough to even know what he is doing.

  23. Not for nothing, Mike, but you are the only person talking about the Jets’ tampering situation. Talking about a guy in passing is not the same as trying to sign him.


  24. “Of course the league won’t penalize Emperor Goodell’s favorite team!”

    Sativa or indica?

  25. mrbgood315 says:
    Dec 31, 2014 10:33 AM
    The guy is an unrestricted free agent in a couple weeks. It’s not like he’s under contract for 4 more years…

    He is under contract for another year. The Pats need to restructure his contract. Woody saying want he said makes doing that harder and more expensive. Clear cut case of tampering, take the pick.

  26. The Pats have until the last day of the league yr(3/10/15) to exercise his 20 mil option for next yr. Which they won’t do. They have until then to work an extension or he becomes a free agent. By contract, they can’t franchise him.

  27. It’s sad that people don’t even understand why tampering is illegal.

    If you did you wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it.

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