Marrone can leave, but it’s still likely he’ll stay


Sunday night’s Football Night in America included first word of a new item that could potentially turn the Bills’ franchise upside down.  Coach Doug Marrone has a three-day out clause in his contract.  The window was triggered by the sale of the team to Terry and Kim Pegula, and it expires three days after the end of the season.

Marrone has not provided a definitive answer on whether he’ll stay; indeed, he hasn’t even acknowledged the existence of the term.  But he was, and still is, expected to remain with the team.

The smart play would be to use the three-day window to try to finagle an extension or greater authority.  Or, if ownership is contemplating front-office changes, to lobby for those changes to be made.

Of course, if Marrone makes demands there’s a chance the Bills will call his bluff.  Despite his ability to walk away from the Bills, Marrone’s name has not been mentioned in connection with any of the five current vacancies.

At a time when changes are anticipated for the franchise, it could be that ownership wants to know whether Marrone will indeed be staying before deciding who will, or won’t, be going.

49 responses to “Marrone can leave, but it’s still likely he’ll stay

  1. Not sure who is pushing this story line but Marrone is doing a hell of a job in Buffalo. That team is a QB away from contending in the AFC. Thinking he should be fired shows ignorance or a goal to cause trouble where there isn’t any.

  2. The smart play would be to use the three-day window to try to finagle an extension or greater authority. Or, if ownership is contemplating front-office changes, to lobby for those changes to be made.

    Wow, talk about the nuclear option. Marrone has no leverage here and Pegula is certainly not threatened with a potential resignation. He can find a replacement coach in about 10 minutes and two phone calls.

    Since they do not have a franchise QB, why not ditch the coach (keep the defensive coordinator) and start anew?

  3. Good riddance.

    The coach has one job, put players in position to win. Take the talent you have and taylor your system to the players. He’s a former offensive lineman and coach, yet the offensive line that worked before has all regressed substantially.

    His specialty is offense. Well his offense sucks. He should be gone.

    Us bills fans need to step our standards up, 9 and 7 is good for the bills, Best in ten years… But with the talent Doug has is that good enough? Hell no. Only four guys landed on injured reserve and just recently at the closing press conference he admitted they looked at chan Gaileys film on how Spiller was used.!?


    He’s ignorant.

    Flip side, the players are playing hard for him even if they don’t like him.

  4. If Marrone opts out, it would hardly “turn the franchise upside down.”

    Only then might the Bills be able to nab a coach that can produce a productive offense.

  5. As a Bills fan…….. I respect the overall season record.

    But good lord……. Punting on 4th and 1 from the Patriots 43 yard line…… I’d fire him just for that. He pulled stuff like that all season.

    For those who don’t follow the Bills, he is super conservative to an EXTREME x 100000000

  6. If he stays they still need a new offensive coordinator. If he goes make Jim Schwartz the new head coach and still get a new offensive coordinator. Either way get a new offensive coordinator and if he’s sticking with Can’t Hack Ett I hope he decides to go.

  7. The media loves putting out stories to create the appearance of drama and friction between coaches and ownership. See Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers.

  8. That is in no way “the smart move”. In fact, that is a fast way to be fired instead of being able to leave under your own volition. I would say the smart move would be to offer the Pegula’s any assistance they may want. Loyalty may not be high on your list of priorities but it is a big deal in Buffalo.

  9. They’re saying Frank Reich if Marrone leaves. That’s consistent with Bill Polian coming in (Polian drafted Reich and brought him along to Carolina). This would be too good to be true.

  10. Read an article that said Marrone would be among the most attractive candidates for one of the 5 NFL coaching jobs this yr. If that’s the case, and he could find that out pretty easily, I would get out of Dodge. If he gets another job, he’d probably have at least a few yrs. I can see the new ownership giving him one more yr and then dumping him if he doesn’t get the job done to bring in their own guy. The Bills have some nice pieces in place on their roster, but where are they gonna get a QB that can take them to the playoffs this yr? THe Raider job would even be better, IMO.

  11. Take it from a Packer fan who’s team lost to them…he is doing a heck of a job up there. To the fans of Buffalo, for the first time in several years, I think you guys should have optimism about the direction of your team. Good coaching, a star receiver, and a dominant defense.

  12. MArrone is not a good coach. Best season in years sure but 9-7 is not an accomplishment it’s mediocrity. Watching this team all year it was clear to see this guy is in over his head and not a good coach. With the talent they had they should have been able to be 10-6 or 11-5 , even when orton. He is a former linemena who coildnt coach his line. He had no clue how to run an offense. Yeah a lot of that is on Hackett too but he was the HC and it’s all under his watch. Get rid of him, now.

  13. iloveagoodnap says:
    Dec 31, 2014 3:40 PM

    Marrone is not a good coach. Best season in years sure but 9-7 is not an accomplishment it’s mediocrity.


    For teams with a history of losing records, 9-7 is not mediocrity, it is progress. He just needs to grow a pair and take some risks (and find a QB).

  14. Raiders would be a great fit. A lot of guys probably don’t want that job. He’s an offensive guy with a QB prospect to work with. The guys being mentioned as HC candidates? Retreads like Shanahan. Guys that have failed elsewhere like McDaniel. Guys with warts like Ryan. A lot of coordinaters that are question marks. Some are hits, some are misses, especially on there 1rst hire. Marrone hasn’t done anything wrong in Buffalo. They’re better now than when he got there. Still, he has new ownership, no QB and doesn’t see eye to eye with his GM. There are no FA QBs out there. Who you gonna get, Hoyer?, Sanchez? Fischer says Bradford is staying put. Not much in the draft after the 1rst two, and they’ll be gone. I’d be out.

  15. Maronne is a remnant of the previous ownership (i.e. The miser from Detroit). He is nothing but another in the long succession of leftover, no other coaches available, scraping the bottom of the barrel, also ran -coaches that have lead this team for most of its history (Buffalo did have Lou Saban & Marv Levy both great coaches & Chuck Knox meh..). Maronne’s tenure in Buffalo mirrors his previous head coaching experience in college (he’s basically a .500 coach). He’s another Dick Juron, Mike Malarkey, Greg Williams, Hank Bullough, Kay Stephenson, Jim Ringo…..the list goes on and on. Mr Pegula needs to clean house and make this his team. keep Swartz at DC and get a real HC, OC, and new management….

  16. Conservative coach stuck in the 1980s and 90s who is not being fired because he was smart enough to hire 2 top defensive minds in Pettine and Schwartz and is living off of their accomplishments, terrible at game day decisions and is directly responsible for 4 out of 4 of the QBs he has had start for him to regress in their play.

    The Pegula’s are showing that they will simply be caretaker owners satisfied with another mediocre coach and waste yet another year of our lives while we endure another 7-9 – 8-8 season next year and fire him and start over anyway. What a waste of a fan base’s good will.

  17. The opt out clause was very smart idea; however in no way should he be allowed to change any of the terms of the original deal, you either OPT IN or you OPT OUT, one or the other, and if he does try to renegotiate the Pegula’s should OPT OUT. Marrone is some kind of arrogant, which will be nice when he is winning, but to me he hasn’t done much yet!

  18. Why would he leave a strong football market like Buffalo that has passion for the game? Now, if the franchise had moved to the non football market known as Toronto, he would quickly jump on the next bus outta town.

  19. “The smart play would be to use the three-day window to try to finagle an extension or greater authority.”

    You’re always the lawyer Florio.

    Fortunately, most people don’t think like you do.

  20. realnflmaster says:
    Dec 31, 2014 3:25 PM
    Buffalo is a 6 win team that fluked into 9 wins. You know your franchise is an embarrassment when fans are exciting for a 9-7 season!
    Yep, but they destroyed your Jets both times this year. I can’t even believe you have the gull to post such nonsense.

  21. Football fans? Ha. I’m not a Bills backer, but I love football. I don’t follow metrics and QBRs, I watch teams and see how they actually improve or falter game to game and year to year. I guess no one has watched this Buffalo team improve over his two year stint. His second year as a NFL coach, he has brought the struggling Bills to a competitive level WITH a journeyman QB. Give the man credit. The man lost his original D-coordinator and brought in another without missing a beat. And sorry Schwartz isn’t a miracle worker. He had talent in Detroit and didn’t get it done on the defensive side there. That means the HC has kept the continuity. Keep what you have and keep building.

  22. I heard that Marrone’s agent is also Adam Schefter’s agent. Schefter tweeted the news by saying Marrone would be a hot commodity if he was available which would be a surprise to just about everyone. If this is true and Schefter is promoting Marrone for his agent’s benefit then he should be called out on it.

  23. He deserves a crappy Jets job with no QB. Only differences are, Bills have more talent, a better defense and RB (Fred Jackson) and the Jets still have their higher number one pick(Thanks, Doug Whaley). They also are not paying their coach $4 million so he can quit and trash the team on his way out of town. He SHOULD be tarred and feathered on the way out, if not lynched.
    God riddance to bad garbage. Make sure you take Hackett with you, plus your line coach. Don’t forget Quanjio as well

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