Report: 49ers have talked to Mike Shanahan

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Mike Shanahan said recently that he’s interested in coaching again, and the 49ers may be willing to give him that opportunity.

San Francisco General Manager Trent Baalke spoke with Shanahan on Tuesday, a source told It’s not clear whether that conversation constituted an interview, but it appears that Shanahan is on the 49ers’ radar.

Shanahan has said that if he gets back into coaching, he wants it to be with a team that could win right away. The 49ers, who were in the NFC Championship Game three straight years before slipping to 8-8 this year, would seem to qualify.

A complicating factor could be that Shanahan’s son, Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, is also reportedly a candidate for the 49ers job.

Mike Shanahan won two Super Bowls with the Broncos but was largely unsuccessful during his two other head-coaching stints, going 8-12 early in his career as the coach of the Raiders and then going 24-40 in four seasons in Washington.

98 responses to “Report: 49ers have talked to Mike Shanahan

  1. Please God, for all things holy, get Shanahan out of Cleveland!

    Let lil Kyle deal with RGme, Johnny Football, and now the cowneck Capper. Let him completely destroy any passing game the 49er’s may have.

  2. Please no! If the players were rebelling (supposedly) because of Harbaugh being too rough on them, wait till they get into training camp with Mike and his military style conduct code.

    Mike is washed up and doesn’t seem to have his head in the game anymore, while Kyle is nothing more than a 2nd rate OC in this league.

  3. Jed, your best bet is to hire Rex Ryan immediately. Why?

    His guys always played their asses off for him. It didn’t matter how bad they were, what their record was, or how meaningless the game was. They never quit on him.

    How do you think the guys in that locker room are going to feel next year without the best coach your organization ever had not named Bill Walsh? There are serious motivation icebergs that ship is going to have to navigate. The fact that they’re paid professionals is irrelevant. They know you screwed Harbaugh, and I doubt they like it any more than your fans do (except for the ones in Santa Clara, who don’t really give a rip about football anyway).

    Mike Shanahan was only good when he had John Elway. Admittedly, the Redskins organization is completely dysfunctional (you know, like yours is on the threshold of becoming). Then again, the Jets aren’t exactly models of organizational acumen. Put it this way: If Ryan had coached the Redskins instead of the Jets, would the team have quit on him?

    The real question for you is, does Ryan want you? The Falcons are interested too (as they should be), and Arthur Blank is a better owner than you. You have a better roster, and on paper yours is the better job. But that doesn’t mean Ryan might not just say “screw you” and head to Atlanta.

    But then again, you do know it all…

  4. After Shanahan’s antics in DC, he should never be considered for a coaching job again. And I say this as a Dallas fan. Besides, what’s he ever done without a quarterback named Elway under center? One of the most overrated coaches ever.

  5. Enough with these retread coaches! Shanahan has done zero since he left Denver and rode Elways coat tail! Plus, with his ego he is a QB killer!

  6. jayhawk6 says: Dec 31, 2014 6:40 AM

    Swapping Jim Harbaugh or either Shanahan sounds like a giant step backward, Jed

    Yeah, back to back SBs behind a 2000+ yrd 7th round RB is done every day these days. And we all know that 1st time coaches always thrive working for a Davis and coaching is definitely the problem with RG3. But sure, Harbaugh was a guru. The real step backwards already happened bro, and his name is Jed.

  7. Winning would have been tough with the Raiders and Redskins. They both have or had meddling owners. Shanahan got to run the show in Denver. You actually get the same coach with Gary Kubiak, why not him? He wouldn’t demand complete control. He’s actually been a more hands on QB coach than Mike has. But still, anybody they hire is going to need WRs. The quick fix for Kaepernick is to get him some WRs. He’s an Indy racer driving a Ford Pinto.

  8. I hope they plan on luring Elway out of his front office job to play QB. Because that’s the only way they’ll win anything with the Mastermind on the sidelines. If they had ego/personality conflicts with Harbaugh, they’re gonna LOVE this overrated jerk.

  9. “Mike Shanahan won two Super Bowls with the Broncos but was largely unsuccessful during his two other head-coaching stints,”

    Funny how having an all time great at QB makes a coach a genius. Seriously, Shanny owes every dollar earned since the mid 90’s to Elway.

  10. Why would a coach want to work with Kapernick or Geno Smith when they could work with Jay Cutler or Matt Ryan? I think its going to take a while to fill the SF job.

  11. As a Hawks fan I would cherish the Santa Clara trainwreck that either Shanahan or Ryan would continue us to develop. I’m so glad Harbaugh is comfortably in MI and Smith is in KC… Thanks, Jed! Closet Hawks fan?

  12. If he’s only gonna join a team that can win right away, that eliminates the Bears. They’re a 7-9 team at best until they fix their QB situation and get some good young players for their defense and special teams.

  13. Shanny did a lot of good things in DC, Attempting to build a family business out of it was the wrong approach…. Take one or the other I think preferably the father but not both…. A coach needs to have strangers working under him so he has no hard feelings when things are not going well….. Not to mention the in balance and how much money you invest in Kyle’s offense versus someone’s defense etc….. I think he can help, but a strong GM is probably necessary.

  14. Don’t think Shanny can be taken to task for the Washington fiasco. Snyder is unworkable. The only reason Jay Gruden didn’t walk away like Shannahan did is because he doesn’t have the chops yet–or anywhere else to go–his career as HC would be over if he got canned or quit.

    Shannahan is a good coach.

  15. Shanahan has said that if he gets back into coaching, he wants it to be with a team that could win right away.

    As an owner, that statement along would turn me off to this guy. I can understand a player saying that, but not a potential head coach. If he thinks he’s one of the best coaches on the planet, he should believe he could get any team to win right away.

  16. So Trent the GM & Jed the owner didn’t get along with Jim because Jim may have wanted more power, was hard to get along with etc etc. But Mike is a control freak who will want as much power as possible and then some. He’ll want to control just about every aspect of the roster, coaches. In SF it sure doesn’t seem like the GM is giving up any power at all let alone most of it. Don’t forget they’ll be hiring Mike and his rather large ego.

  17. I don’t think you can fully count Shanahan’s lack of success with Oakland against him. Al Davis made life difficult for everybody.

  18. seems like another big ego guy Jed, Rex Ryan to me makes sense cause he can get along even with your punk a$$.

  19. Every old NFL coach, and Shanahan falls into this category, wants a “ready made” football team. One they don’t have to put together, but simply coach. Its called lazy.

  20. Shanarat has only been successful with a HOF-caliber starting QB. Kaepernick is far from that, so if the Rat becomes Frisco’s HC, I see more failure (and more regret by 49er fans for letting Harbaugh go).

  21. Because its not like he’s old, senile, and left behind a huge flaming trainwreck in his last coaching job.

  22. I’ve always thought that RG3 and Kaperchoke had a lot of similar traits. Not in a good way though. I think shanahan would spend the first two weeks with Kaperchoke and start feeling a lot of déjà vu and wish he passed on the niners job. If York was smart he’d think twice about hiring shanahan, I don’t think York is smart though.

  23. Well, He’s won a Super Bowl, Jed. That seems to be your main concern. But, how about Brian Billick? He has also won a Super Bowl. It looks like you are not going to get a shot at Tom Coughlin. I got it. Offer Bill Cowher the moon and all the stars to give up his current gig.

  24. The million dollar question would be ..WHY?? If they did talk to him,, Because i got to tell you there is a handful of COACHES I would not be enthuse or thrill to get up and go play for and Mike Shanahan is one of them.

    Plus lets face it you remove John Elway from this guy career and you might aswell had HIRE me to be the coach.

  25. It’s beyond me how Shanahan can feel he has the right to demand to be given an opportunity with a team that has a chance to win right away. What happens if they hire him and they don’t win? Are they going to blame it all on Harbaugh? This guy and his son are a train wreck just waiting to happen. Seems like a perfect fit for Jed York though so they will probably hire him.

    I feel sorry for Niners fans. They deserve better than Jed York. Who knew this guy was a tool. Maybe he thinks that watching what the Raiders do is how you run a football team…into the ground. When they got rid of Harbaugh that told me they are more interested in drama than winning. I don’t see the Niners making the playoffs anytime soon since they are probably going to be losing a lot of players this sesason and nobody is going to want to go there now.

  26. As a Skins fan, I will tell you that you don’t want either around your team. Also, Mike will want player control; Baalke will give that up, right???

  27. So they are also ready to throw in the towel on Kap? The running/spread offense QB is not something Shanny is adept at working with. So glad my alma matter got the better coach. See you in the 5-11 cells SF.

  28. ballreaper says: Dec 31, 2014 8:52 AM

    The million dollar question would be ..WHY?? If they did talk to him,, Because i got to tell you there is a handful of COACHES I would not be enthuse or thrill to get up and go play for and Mike Shanahan is one of them.

    Plus lets face it you remove John Elway from this guy career and you might aswell had HIRE me to be the coach

    OK, explain all the SBs Elway lost without Mike as the coach. Explain why T.Davis was MVP of SB32 instead of Elway when it could have been Elways only title. Don’t let things that happened before you started watching football 4 years ago to cloud your opinion though… after all, the NFL is not even a decade old right?

  29. Funny how all the talk about Shanahan going to the Bears has pretty much shut down since Monday’s presser when the Bears brass made it very clear that future decisions would be made for the good of the organization and not Jay Cutler.

  30. Mike Shanahan is the best coach for the 49ers. The Y-receiver, RB, O Line, and QB fit his offense perfectly. As far as the team overall they’re contenders they just need to learn how to be a champion, and Shanahan is the perfect coach to lead that team.

    As far as Kaepernick he just needs to work on the mental aspect of his game. He has the mental capacity, intenisty, and desire. He just needs the coach to challenge him in the film room/classroom.

  31. Elway played 5 years without Shanahan in pro football.Record 41wins 39 loses. No playoff wins. Elways played 4 years with Shanahan as a head coach. Record 50wins 17 loses. 7-1 playoff record and 2 SB wins.Every QB who has started for Shanahan for 2 years or more has been to the pro bowl over a 30 year time frame. Just reporting the facts you football idiots.

  32. Jed York is Dan Snyder jr. This would be a total Dan Snyder move that has proven to be a failure since Snyder already tried it. Hire a retread coach with a big ego trow millions at him and watch your star qb regress. Shannahan has no ,ore passion for coaching he only is interested in collecting his paycheck. His success in Denver is attributed to one person John Elway as his qb. It will be a long winter in SF for 49er fans if this hire is made your franchise will be set back a decade and fall back into the mikes era singletary and Nolan. Harbaugh roman and company will have the last laugh on that.silver spoon spoiled rich brat Jed “Dan Snyder jr” York wahahahaha

  33. raiderlyfe510 says: Dec 31, 2014 9:29 AM

    Mike Shanahan is the best coach for the 49ers. The Y-receiver, RB, O Line, and QB fit his offense perfectly. As far as the team overall they’re contenders they just need to learn how to be a champion, and Shanahan is the perfect coach to lead that team.


    Their O-line is the definition of power-run scheme. I remember watching my team switch to zone blocking and in the lockout year with the best teacher of all in Alex Gibbs and it wasn’t pretty. The Ravens basically took 2 years get theirs on track. Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Justin Smith & Boldin all getting up there I don’t think you can waste a year.

  34. In all fairness, Snyder/Allen handcuffed Shanahan with RGIII that led to his dismissal in Washington. I truly believe he would have had a little bit better team had he been able to have more of a say in personnel decisions.

  35. This won’t happen. Mostly because Baalke has final say over the roster, which Shanny won’t go for. But also because without Elway and cheating the cap he wouldn’t be close to a two time super bowl winning head coach. His record since has been more than mediocre. If he is hired it would be a huge mistake that would set us back ever further than we already are. Jed should have fired Baalke, hired a personnel guy with people skills, stepped back out of the way & let Jim coach us to a super bowl. I have no doubt this would have happened. Of course if Harbaugh didn’t want Roman canned then thats another story….

  36. everyone that says mike shanahan has achieved nothing without john elway should also claim that belicheck has won nothing without brady. silly. you need good players to win championships. also, anyone who says shanahan is a qb killer is not looking at the facts. rg3, cutler, plummer, elway all had their best years playing for shanahan. shanahan coached brian griese into a pro bowl performance. brian griese! he’s a good coach, and the drama with rg3 is still there under gruden, so i’m thinking rg3 might be the problem in washington…

  37. After the RG3 thing, I initially thought NO to Shanny, but seeing as RG3 isn’t any good for any coach.. I’m starting to change my mind.

    Steve Young and Joe Montana are vouching for Shanahan, they both went to Jed York and put Shanahan’s name out there. They both played under Shanahan, they know what kind of guy he is, and it’s hard to argue against the advice of two HOF QBs.

    The Super Bowls in Denver were NOT because of John Elway, who was washed up at that point, it was because of Denver’s unstoppable power run game led by Terrell Davis.. the Niners have a power run game too.. they’ve been one of the best power running teams the past 7-8 years.

    If Shanny has anything left, he will immediately have that power run game to anchor his offense, while he teaches Kap the ways of the Bill Walsh Offense(BWO) and get him back on track. I’m not opposed to Shanny, but I like Bevell(SEA), Hamilton(IND) and Kubiak(BAL) alot better, I’ll take young and hungry over old and complacent.

  38. They fired Harbaugh because he refused to dump the worst OC in the league Greg Roman

    If they go with Kaepernick, they must install a read option offense for him. He is not a drop back pocket QB. Itf they had done that at the beginning of the season they would have won the division, even with all the injuries.

    …oh and no Seadderol coaches please

  39. Harbaugh threw in the towel this season. He simply didnt care. He’s been waiting for Michigan since the niners tried to trade him last year

  40. I’m not a 49er fan but live in their back yard so you hear lots of stuff about them. Letting Harbaugh go was a HUGE mistake. Some people are hard to deal with, often people VERY good at their job are VERY hard to deal with, but they are worth the headaches.

    I’m the GM at a company that employees 41 people, some of them are very good but very hard to work with, it’s an important part of my job to mange their relationships with coworkers. Some days, that almost all I do but I am certain our company would be worse without them, so you do it. And then go home and beat the dog. I keed.

  41. It’s so easy to figure out the age of most posters. Posts that are nothing but name calling, parroting previous comments almost verbatim, and using the past four or five years as proof of history. All lazy traits of the young generation. BTW, verbatim means word for word so you don’t need to Google… er, Bing it. Believe it or not, things happened before Facebook and Twitter kiddies.

  42. Everywhere He has been he has stabbed someone in the back starting with his old head coach of the Bronco’s. talk about a prima donna….but of course york/baalke will hire them.

  43. Gase who is made by Manning, McDaniels who is made by Brady and has already failed, the Shanarats, Rex…. please just shoot me now. How about Hamilton Jed? God even Holmgren at this point.

  44. Jim Harbaugh got fired because he is 1-5 in his last 6 vs. Seattle with an offensive approach that will never beat Peter Carroll and those are the facts, but that’s none of my business

  45. This guy acted incredibly insubordinate at the end of his Redskins tenure so I wonder why why he even gets mentioning now except that he has friends in the media. His Redskins payout is ending, obviously.

    In the long run, I highly doubt that someone is hiring him.

  46. I can’t picture the niners hiring shanahan or him wanting the job badly. The guy has argued everywhere he’s been about personnel decisions and beefs win players. After harbaugh this is the last guy they need if baalke wants full control.

  47. A M.S. Jay Cutler reunion in Chicago makes a lot of sense for both of these men not to mentions the Bears organization. It is like they are far better togehter than each can be on his own.

  48. Shanahan was the OC in SF for their last Super Bowl win in 1994. Kubiak was the QB coach. The Yorks know them well.

  49. Shanahan won a super bowl with the niners when he had a brain still what uh 20 years ago, and he also had a hall of fame qb. He doesn’t have either of those anymore. no to mike.

  50. I don’t love Shanahan but how many super bowls did Elway win without Shanahan? The running game is what put John over the top. Shanahan’s running game. Maybe Baalke can let Shanahan draft the offensive players since he doesn’t have a clue in that area. Jed must love Baalke’s offensive studs. They save a lot of cap space.

  51. Shanahan is a disaster. Certainly in line with York and his GM. I never thought I’d lose my loyalty to the 49ers….but I’m rapidly moving there. Look at the disaster with the Redskins.

  52. Just stop recycling Shanahan, it’s an old story and nothing ever happens. Elway is retired and he’ll just blow up the team. Jump for John Gruden and make it happen.

  53. A good coach never criticize his own players in public. A true professional always settles scores with its own people inside and settles scores with its opponents on the field. Mike Shanahan failed in these basic integrity, and it not fit for the job.

  54. Yes, because the Shannahan’s have proved they are very good at developing mobile quarterbacks.. this would be almost as bad as hiring Rex. Stay within.. make Vic Fangio the head coach, promote Jim Tomsula to Defensive Coordinator, get rid of Greg Roman, and let’s go!

  55. Shanahan never criticized Rg3 in the media. RG3 criticized him because he thought he was a drop back QB. Shanahan knew he wasn’t.That’s all Jay Gruden does is criticize RG3.The only reason Jay Gruden criticizes RG3 in the media is that RG3 has lost the team.He had to make a choice and made the right one. Get rid of Dan, Bruce,Rg3 andRG2.

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