Report: Mutual interest between Jets, Marrone

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Doug Marrone may be leaving the team, but he possibly won’t be leaving the division.

In a move that would be viewed in Buffalo as the equivalent of the gestures former on-field nemesis Bryan Cox once made with a pair of middle fingers, Marrone could resurface as the new coach of the New York Jets.

Rich Cimini of reports that mutual interest exists between the Jets and Marrone, a native of the Bronx.

As Cimini points out, the fact that the Jets already have complied with the Rooney Rule by interviewing defensive backs coach Anthony Lynn means that Marrone could be hired at any time.

An assistant coach in New York from 2002 through 2005, Marrone swept the Jets this year, with a 38-3 Monday night win in Detroit, a move necessitated by a major November snowstorm.  He also led the team to a 9-7 record in his second season on the job; by not making it to the playoffs, Marrone was able to wiggle free from his contract (with $4 million) while the coaching carousel is still spinning at its fastest.

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  1. This is why you get that Rooney Rule thing out of the way as soon as possible, preferably before the playoffs are over. Then, you can devote your full attention toward hiring a coach to remove that “dumpster fire” stink from your team.

  2. Charlie Casserly’s big consulting move for the Jets is Doug Marrone? I guess Rich Kotite isn’t available.

  3. He’s an upgrade over Rex on offense, but why coach that team without a QB???

    Does he want the Buffalo experience all over again???

  4. if i were a black coach i would ask the nfl to drop the rooney rule. owners just blow through 99% of those candidates and waste time and make those black coaches look like pawns.

  5. Marrone and Mueller make a lot of sense. A more stable situation, but going to a worse team with many of the same problems. Although, he’ll be making 2x the money for one yr with his walkaway from Buff. Plus, he’ll have a draft pk in range of at least Winston, if he felt he wanted to bring him to NY(I wouldn’t). Easier to get FAs there too.

  6. How much do you want to bet there was tampering to get him to opt out at Buffalo? Woody Johnson clearly has no problem with tampering……

    The only question is, is there any proof of it?

  7. This whole thing is just so weird. As if the Patriots weren’t lucky enough to fall into Belichek and Brady, they play in a division with three other teams who can’t get out of their own way.

  8. Whoever is making the decisions in NY needs to sell the team……what is Marrone going to do for the Jets that he couldn’t do for Buffalo….Did someone show Marrone the Jets roster? This is too funny, I hope it happens….sorry Jet fans…

  9. I understand what people are saying about the Rooney Rule simply being a gesture and nothing more by most of the teams. But I also say let’s keep our awareness up, because the Rooney Rule isn’t a ‘thing’ to ‘get out of the way’. It’s a means to address discrimination that had been in the NFL for decades that was widespread. Now, it’s more clandestine, but there are probably a number of quality minority coaches that still aren’t seeing the light of day in having a fair shot at head coaching jobs in the league.

  10. Fine if he is going to sell out to the Jets. Bills can make a great choice now, take a shot on a mid-level college coach who could shake things up. I’m thinking Kevin Sumlin, David Shaw, Bo Pelini, Larry Coker

  11. Take him and his lousy OC, Nate Hackett. I look forward to two easy division wins every year.

    A Bills Fan

  12. The unbelievable hype machine for Rex Ryan is in full swing now that he left New York and it is ridiculous. These are the same Analysts, Color commentators, “Experts”, and even the commenters on PFT calling for his head two years ago. The year Rex went 8-8 with the Jets was actually due to luck and please hear me out but it was indeed LUCK. The Lovante David shove and the break we caught against the pats for the game winning field goal. If it weren’t for those game changing calls we would be 6-10 like the season before that and the disaster 4-12 season we have now.

    I love Rex Ryan I really do but he is simply a DC and not a head coach. He couldn’t develop a QB, in 2011 and 2012 he completely gave up trying to learn the offensive side of the ball and went back to spending his time on the defense, burning the annual time out in the 3rd quarter, the too many men on the defense penalties, the offside penalties. It was a mixture of dumb coaching and lack of discipline within the team that met his fate. We could never win after a bye week because he would give them all big vacations or he would spend his time with the team at the local Dave and Busters the night before a game. It’s also great to see the players always playing for him but it doesn’t matter if you’re not winning (Ex: Mike Munchak in TENN).

    Rant over.

  13. as a Bills fan all I can say is I feel bad for the Jets fans and the Bills will finish ahead of the Jets for at least the next 5 years or until Woody gets tired of Dougie…

  14. Hopefully this puts the Rooney Rule to bed. It’s a great idea but situations like this expose the charade of owners parading minority candidates thru the interview process.

  15. @joetoronto says:
    Dec 31, 2014 7:50 PM
    Go to the Jets and stick it to the Bills, Doug.

    I am also from Toronto….just curious are you Rob Ford?

  16. I thought everyone here wanted the Jets to fire Rex? Now all of a sudden it’s a mistake to let him go. The double standard and lack of knowledge by posters here is unmatched anywhere.

  17. Rooney rule addressing widespread discrimination in the NFL, you know what it doesn’t address it because it’s still (for the most part) still the same racist owners.

  18. Did he scrawl on a napkin “I hereby resign as the HC of the Buf Bills”?

    Gotta wonder if Woody’s tampering was limited to other AFC East Players, no?

    Of course, Goodell will do nothing

  19. I like the situation in buffalo better than New York. Shouldn’t a gm pick the coach tho? I’m a redskins fan, so I don’t know what exactly it is a gm does.

  20. @bert1913

    Surely you can’t be serious? I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley!! I think Doug has a lot of respect around the league and maybe if he got to hand pick his own GM it just might work. Craziness? Actually there have been other situations similar to this, so it’s not unheard of. Pick your guy to shop for the groceries. An offensive guy would break a long streak in NY. I’m warming up to it.

  21. Lol give the Rooney rule up nobody is racist on the nfl, the leagues players are predominantly black, so why is there no Rooney rule in which a certain number of players have to be white? Geez just play football and hire the best fit, it’s never going to change until we do.

  22. I have no horse in this race, but if you took a poll of NFL players and coaches how many would say that Doug Marrone is an upgrade over Rex Ryan?

  23. Word is that the Jets did interview a black guy first, thereby enabling the Marrone fast track. And he gets the extra 4 million opt out for passing GO.

  24. So the gauntlet the Patriots face each year could go from Philbin, Ryan & Marrone to Philbin, Marrone & Frank Reich? They may never lose this division again… just an amazing collection of crap over the years.

  25. natureboy704 says: Dec 31, 2014 8:11 PM

    Lol give the Rooney rule up nobody is racist on the nfl, the leagues players are predominantly black, so why is there no Rooney rule in which a certain number of players have to be white? Geez just play football and hire the best fit, it’s never going to change until we do.

    Yeah, just like there weren’t any racists in the NBA ownership/front offices…..

  26. I think Marrone should interview for the Buffalo HC job that just opened up.

    Afterall, he has a working relationship with just about everybody on the team over there…

  27. The rooney rule sucks. It seems more racist to interview someone you may have no real interest in just to satisfy a rule (due to the color of their skin). If a coach is qualified and can win, then he’ll get hired. No matter what his color is.

  28. Adios Doug , you obviously (Doug loves the word obviously) have found your sweet spot . Make sure you take that Hackett guy with you .

  29. So he’s a consensus great coach for Buffalo but not good enough for Jets fans? Sounds about right lol. Therein lies the problem. Nobody thought Rex deserved to be fired but Marrone is a lot better than any coach I thought they would get.

  30. Somebody kill that stupid Rooney Rule. If a black guy is a awesome coach, everyone and their momma Pegula would come running! So PC, it’s gross. Jet’s obviously interviewed the db’s coach so they had the ability to pounce on anyone they want.

  31. Don’t pay attention to Joetoronto.

    He is a raiders “fan” who prayed the Bills would move to Canada so he would have an excuse to stop being a raiders fan.

    Ultimate troll

  32. I’d rather have ray barrone. Jeez if you’re going to hire a coach before GM once again why not just keep Rex at least he’s proven to be a good coach with his players having his back. This comb over committee of wolf and charlie crap casserole really need to be put out to pastor if this is the best they can do

  33. Rex Guarantees you a top 10 defense… This Marrone idiot guarantees a bottom 10 offense…

    Why on earth would the Jets hire this idiot? He was supposed to be an offensive expert and inherited a team that had a good defense from the coach that REX taught… The Bills run a scheme that REX HELPED DEVELOP… from THE CURRENT Browns coach and former Jets DC under Rex…

  34. richardshermancuckholdedyou

    I hope the Bills do land Reich, just to prove that there is still competition in the AFC East…
    I bet you’d poo your pants if Buffalo landed Cowher!

  35. What is the point of firing Rex to hire Marrone?

    Why leave Buffalo for the Jets? Buffalo is a decent QB away from being a contender. They have a great defense, and some potentially great weapons on offense if Sammy Watkins is as good as advertised.

    Marrone is the guy who drafted EJ Manual. He’s no QB guru.

  36. Just my thoughts here. Hire a coach before a GM? Maybe the coach will also be the GM. But as a Buffalo fan I am really hoping that it is the case. Sorry for your loss Jets fans..

  37. Let’s face it: Coaching in Buffalo is like Conan on TBS. Not quite prime time. Close to a real NFL job. A loser city with a loser football history. Heck, even the Raiders have more to crow about.

  38. Prepare for 4th & 1 punts instead of winning the game, this jellyfish will not finish the games.

  39. Bills, Jets and Dolphins will all tie for the top spot in the AFC East in 2015 season!!! BOOK IT!!! I am talking about the 3 ring circus of course!!! Step right up and see the invisible QB you say you can’t see him but Pegula will tell you he is there!! Also you can see Woody’s Johnson or is it Johnson’s Woody either way it is the prick that brought you the infamous Butt Fumble and that tantalizing foot fetish guy Sexy Rexy. Up next is the invisible owner Mr. Ross we know he exist because he brought to you the great game Where’s Harbaugh too bad he couldn’t find him but he did bring us the pleasure of the unemotional stonefaced man Joe Philbin and the Bullygate. Yes folks you will be entertained in this 3 ring circus and if you actually want to see some football the AFC East brings you The New England Patriots yes they may cheat everynow and then but hey they actually do play football!!

  40. @tedmurph…easier to get fa’s instead NJ?

    Lmao, that’s hilarious…who have the Jets got recently as good as Mario Williams?

    Eric Decker? No.

    Chris Johnson, Mike Vick? That’s comical.

    Go read the article about how many of them make Buffalo their full-time residence…or about how coming to Buffalo helped Brandon Spikes love football again.

    Some people say the most clueless garbage, it’s unreal.

  41. Clearly there is some form of tampering here. Woody Johnson could care less. Let’s see if Terry Pegula is ready to swim with the sharks of NFL ownership. You see Terry, the NHL is the true Good Ole Boys network. The NFL is the Good Ole Boys but not you! I would hire Ryan in a minute with the right O coordinator this team could go somewhere. That way if Schwartz leaves you have upgraded your D co-ordinator and a coach who knows what the playoffs look like in the NFL. Not mr 500 from Syracuse!

  42. Some people say the most clueless garbage, it’s unreal.

    Yup, they do. There have been 5 anonymous polls conducted of NFL players between 2009-2014. In each of them Buffalo was in the top 3 least desired destinations for FA players, usually 2nd behind only Oakland.

    The Jets didn’t get anybody because they didn’t spend. They’re 40 mil under the cap. Even Ryan has said he knew he was gone before the season started. When the new regime comes in, watch how much they spend and who they get(not a Jets fan).

    You made be proud of your city and that’s great, but in NFL circles it’s considered a backwater, with a cold climate, bad stadium and nothing to do. With endorsement opportunities and a lot of action, NYC is much more desirable. New England is in a similar boat, but they have the opportunity to win now going for them.

    The Bills got MWilliams because they way overpaid him. Any FA where the money is close ain’t goin’ to Buffalo.

  43. Include yourself in the “clueless garbage”
    Jets could be 80 mil under the cap and they still screw it up.
    Buffalo is cold but so is NYC and Boston. We get
    more snow but we know how to handle it.
    MWilliams was not a FA but a trade and was already under contact.
    Think a little more before you Post!

  44. 1. The old Jets w/Idzak may have screwed it up, we’ll see what the new regime does. Jets have had more success this century than the Bills.

    2. They’re all cold, but in NE you win and in NY, well it’s NYC.

    3. Williams was a FA who was signed by the Bills after his contract expired in Houston.

  45. I don’t understand all the interest in a coach (Marrone) who is nothing but mediocre at best–I keep hearing how he “turned around” Buffalo to a winning record (9-7)–Baloney–NE sat out most of their regular players in the season finale, Buffalo won 2 games in OT that they could just as easily lost (especially against Detroit) and they won on a last second lucky TD against Minnesota (a game they stank in)—if you want to get a true gauge of Marrone’s coaching go no further in how lousy the Bills played again Kansas City/Oakland and a game in Miami–all lost for the most part due to Marrone’s over conservative play calling—add to this Marrone’s “thin skin” when it comes to criticism from the press—and there will certainly be a lot of that in New York–If I was the Jets I would look to hire someone else!

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