Jameis Winston says he’s focused on baseball, not the NFL draft


Jameis Winston’s father, Antonor, said in June he expected his son to play two more seasons of football and one more season of baseball at Florida State University.

Despite his off-field issues this year, Winston still appears likely to be the first or (likely) second quarterback selected in this year’s draft if he elects to declare himself eligible.

However, in the aftermath of Florida State’s loss to Oregon in the Rose Bowl on Thursday night, the younger Winston said he may be intending to stick to his father’s plan.

I’m not focused on that at all. I’m looking forward to next season and playing baseball,” Jameis said, via Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times.

Winston has two weeks to make a decision on his draft status as the deadline to declare for the draft in January 15. But maybe it isn’t a certainty after all that Winston will be turning pro and heading to the NFL.

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  1. He has maintained all along that he is coming back. Not sure why people are trying to make up his mind for him, despite repeated statements regarding his plans. People thought the hearing would force him out or at least have him suspended. It didn’t, and won’t. People think that concern about injury factors in. It doesn’t. He has up to $10 million in insurance, and could still pursue baseball if it came down to it. I doubt he leaves, and have said as much for months.

  2. Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me
    I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed

    Smashmouth – Allstar

  3. Curtis:

    As someone who grew up on KJR 950am Seattle (Groz, Gas, Locke, Mahler, Mitch, Fish, Sandy) it’s hard for me to say anything negative to anyone that has ever been associated with KJR….

    But…. do you think maybe we should take quotes taken from Jameis 10 minutes after losing his first college game and the second biggest game of his life seriously?

    He’s gone. He knows he’s gone. His dad knows he’s gone. His coach knows he’s gone. And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are just dumb enough to hope he’s gone.

  4. What would be best is Mariota and Winston both stay in college. That would screw it up for alot of teams. Bucs and Titans would both be in the hunt for Cutler then. It would definitely change the outlook of this year’s draft.

  5. Whoever drafts this moron is going to regret it. If I had an extra 6th or 7th round pick I may waste it on him. That’s about it.

  6. Baseball is one of the hardest sports, he should go to NFL and get his payday. He is still a top 10 pick in NFL.

    MLB he won’t start on a pro team and won’t have anything close to a big contract. He could blow out his arm and require TJ surgery, is qb’ing days would be close to over.

  7. To be honest, I thought he played well; lots of drops/fumbles to make it look like he didn’t. That said, when times got rough, he started to melt down a little bit. You gotta keep your cool to be a good NFL QB.

    Oh, and uh, the baggage of (alleged) sexual assault, crab legs, disturbing the peace, etc.

  8. Any GM that drafts that dirtball #1 or #2 should be fired! That piece of crap belongs behind bars, not in the NFL! He got his whipping tonight! Let’s hope he does something stupid tonight or in the off season, so we never have to hear the dirtballs name again and he goes to prison for a long time!

  9. Hmmmm so let me get this straight. Michigan States only two losses were to the eventual numbers one and two and we beat number five today so what logical person could possibly rank us any worse than fourth to finish the year?

  10. This kid just experienced the worst loss of his young career. His head is spinning. Asking him something like that at a time like this won’t give you the most accurate of answers. Ask next week and see what he says.

  11. slink away into the hole you came from… nobody wants to see your rapist face around their team

  12. Good for him. And really good for Florida State. If he steers clear of injuries in 2015. That team could run the table again in the ACC. IMO it doesn’t matter when a pro style QB talent like him come out. Because he is so polished at playing from the pocket; reading defenses and throwing accurately into tight windows (with velocity or touch). It wasn’t Winston who failed tonight in my eyes or those of the experts who broadcasted and analyzed the game. The players around him collapsed in the moment. If he declared this year I think he’d be the 1st player taken by Tampa. Ditto next year, if he stays out of trouble or controversy.

  13. If he waits, Winston will be in the Federal penal system before he’s ever in the NFL. (We know how the Florida Justice System treats their athletes)

    Winston should jump now and at least see a pay day so he can afford his lawyers. Besides, if Braxton Miller transfers to FSU, where will famous Jamass play???

  14. To be completely honest, that game made me feel like Winston is a better pro prospect than Mariota. Winston’s playing in a pro offense, is adept from throwing in the pocket but is also a natural on the move, is very accurate to all levels of the field with great touch. His team imploded around him yesterday but he still stood out IMO.

    Mariota is throwing to wide open receivers and playing in a gimmick offense that made Dennis Dixon, Jeremiah Masoli, Darron Thomas look like stars. Can’t argue with results but Oregon’s brand of finesse football which is literally predicated on trying to outrace your opponent to the snap is an affront to any true gridiron purist.

  15. Watching him scream at his coach on the sidelines last night, I knew he wasn’t mentally or emotionally ready for the NFL. I’m sure his draft stock dropped after that.

  16. He is very immature, but made a lot more NFL caliber throws than Mariota. If he didn’t have the off field issues, he’d be the number one pick.

  17. Anyone who opts for the owner controlled, get paid peanuts, risk serious injury and be enslaved in the national joke football league over playing for 3x more in the much safer MLB needs their heads examined.

  18. When they focused on his face during the game, he looked lost with the deer in the head lights look. His playing and argument with his coach said the same thing. Johnny M proved the hype doesn’t justify the player being good in the NFL. So he needs to stay one more year and get his act together.

  19. The second coming of Duante Culpepper….he was so easily confused by a college defense, it makes you wonder if he’s reached his QB ceiling already.

  20. I just saw that fumble on the news, it was like an invisible player pulled him AND the official backwards.

    This was even better than the butt fumble, IMO.

  21. If there were a non-religious counterpart to the two year mission upon which members of the Latter Day Saints go, now would be a good time for Jameis to do such a thing.

    Staying in school with everybody who has been around him the past two and a half years while he has flirted with a criminal career on the installment plan sounds like a bad idea.

    He is immature, arrogant, egotistical and he must think he is bulletproof.

    Somebody needs to set him straight and it seems that that somebody is not in Tallahassee.

  22. If he comes out this year, he’s going to be a bust, no question about it. His skills are still raw, his leadership is questionable, and his maturity is non-existent. Not that he won’t be a bust if he stays in school, but he stands a better chance of succeeding in the NFL if he does.

    My advice to Jameis Winston, if he were to read this – work your butt off on the football field and baseball diamond (doing the same in the classroom wouldn’t be a bad idea either) and keep a low profile on and off campus.

  23. Accused of rape. Stole crab legs. Stood on a table in a cafeteria and shouted out his supposed sexual details… Then proceeded to throw more pics and fumbles. He might as well declare for a bowling championship cuz he has no stock left in the NFL… Bye!

  24. Lmao @ all the people expecting him to “mature for another year in COLLEGE”. It’s COLLEGE. He has a never ending supply of hot co-ed’s, ego stroking hype men, and all the free weed he can suck down.

    Yea, fertile ground for a man such as himself to “mature”.

  25. All of you saying he can’t handle it because he yelled at his coach must feel the same way about Tom Brady AMIRITE?

    Yea, of course. I mean seriously, what possible differences are there between these two guys?

    Geez, maybe Hernandez’s lawyers are right. PCP must be making a comeback.

  26. After watching what a bust Manziel was, teams may be a little more wary of drafting the highly-touted, troublemaking quarterback type. They’d rather get someone a little rougher around the edges who is willing and able to learn, instead of relying on their own overblown hype.

  27. I find it a little funny the only former NFL QB’s he has been compared to here are all black.

    Winston is clearly the second coming of Chris Weinke. Maybe he even plays some baseball.

  28. Winston is too dumb to study (ala Vince Young)–is a pouter and a hothead–can’t throw an accurate deep ball (look it up-he is dead last in the FBS on passes over 10 yards) and has character issues, which can’t be coached away.

    He is a bust. But that’s okay. He isn’t the first, nor the last, and there are worse things than selling used cars for a Tallahassee dealership.

  29. I think Winston will return to Florida State for his junior year. Winston may just surprise and stay for his senior year to tutor 2016 highly recruited qb Henry, from California, wouldn’t surprise me at all. The more college reps at quarterback the better prepared at quarterback for the NFL. Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning did it, why not Winston. The NFL money will be there. Also Winston chances to be drafted by a current playoff team in this years playoff tournament, with a veteran quarterback already in place, may go through a 2013 Houston Texans like season, and fortunate to have the number one draft pick and looking to groom Winston for long term investment. With this sernario, Winston will be able to enhance his quarterback skills, and be mentored on how to be an NFL Quarterback, and how to be the face of the franchise (aka Aaron Rodgers ). Winston would avoid being drafted by a team with a poor offensive line. How About Them Cowboys! ! ,NFC East Champs, Super Bowl Bound Baby! !

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