Jets talked to Howie Roseman, but not about Howie Roseman


With the NFL’s silly season in full swing, things aren’t always necessarily what they appear to be.

So yes, the Jets — who have a vacant General Manager job – may have had some conversations with Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman, as reported this morning by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

But those conversations weren’t about Howie Roseman.

A league source with knowledge of the Jets’ thinking tells PFT that the only conversations they or their consultants had with Roseman were limited to their interest in interviewing Eagles pro personnel director Rick Meuller for the job.

Of course, at a time when the Eagles appear to be turning into San Francisco East in terms of internecine rivalries, the idea that Roseman was listening to others could always be used as a political chip, and might not be a perception he minds.

20 responses to “Jets talked to Howie Roseman, but not about Howie Roseman

  1. Damn too bad. I wish Joe Banner Jr would just leave already. Sadly Lurie will keep him around and in the end the Eagles will lose Kelly if this continues.

  2. Every team that wishes to interview a member of another teams staff has to talk to the GM. Where are all the conspiracy theories about the others? Oh, that is right, this is the Jets.

  3. Howie, Howie, Howie. When you gonna realize that Kelly is ,u h bigger than you in the fan base consciousness?

    In some ways, bigger than Big Red.

    So, mess with Kelly and yall got problems there.

    Kinda the flip side of the Cowboys, where a coach is simply a figurehead for the owner/GM.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Kelly left tongetvtogethervforvacyeR HC and executive position (which would allow him to go). I’m an Eagles fan but now a Howie fan so Iz wouldn’t be upset if it happened…

    It also wouldn’t surprise me if Kelly outright resigned.

  4. Sweet…..Roseman won the Salary Cap Bowl again for the birds…..yippee for those of us that don’t attend games or purchase merchandise!

  5. They should talk about the availability of Chip Kelly. Loser coach should be traded.

  6. dolphins4 says:

    I’m beginning to think Jeff Lurie is incapable of winning a Super Bowl.

    The Eagles never won one without him.

  7. Are the Eagles paying Chip Kelly all that money to just coach or are they paying him to build the team also?
    I’m movin to Philly so that I can keep up with this soap opera.

  8. It’s not far-fetched to see Tampa drafting Mariota, firing Lovie after the next season and picking up Chip for the 2016 season, assuming Chip doesn’t get cut by Howie sooner. Howie can find the next guy in-line to be fired in a few years.

  9. Since Roseman did not speak to the Jets about Roseman, there is no soap opera here and PFT’s attempts to turn the Eagles into the 49’ers of the East are over before they began

  10. All this because, the sports-media-reporters in Philadelphia write Cow Manure Drivel!

    There isn’t a reporter (except for 1 or 2) in Philly that isn’t a RUMOR-MONGER , and NEVER lets facts get in the way of a non-sense report.

    these AZZes . . use TWITTER RUMOR’s as VERIFIED Sources.

    what ever happend to true-reporters ?

  11. Chip Kelly does not want Mariota. He knows this is the NFL and a QB passing league. With a few exceptions you don’t win without a 6′ 5″ 250lb drop back QB. Nick Foles 14-4 as a. Starter, what’s not to like ? He inherited a 4-12 team and after 2 seasons is 20-12. He will get the secondary fixed this off season, and if they stay reasonably healthy (always a concern ) they will get it done.

  12. There doesn’t always need to be a scapegoat Eagles fans. They played half the season with Mark Sanchez as their QB and their O-line was in shambles until midseason. YET, they still won 10 games (should have been 12 – SF and AZ they blew it).

    As for the “salary cap” comments, the last time the Eagles spent blindly was the “Dream Team” season. How’d that work out?

    Just enjoy these stress-free Sundays with your family and possibly playoff football and know you will see a quality product on the field almost every season, unlike fans of many teams.

  13. I love all the know-nothings that are sending out this misdirected hate for Howie Roseman.

    All that we KNOW he is responsible for is the best draft in the eagles past 10 years.
    Then you have these past two drafts and player personnel decisions that have flopped. These past two years were the result of the Chip+Gamble regime.

    & if Gamble was the guy telling Chip
    We are good with Williams, Allen, & Fletcher
    We need to draft Marcus Smith
    We need to draft Hart in rd3
    Earl Wolfe is talented
    Kruger is talented
    Raynolds is talented
    ect ect…

    As far as I’m concerned, when Howie was given complete control the year before Andy was fired, we brought in the best pieces this franchise has acquired in a llllllllllong time.

    Chip doesn’t speak to the media, so how do the know-nothings know how he feels?
    I’d like to have one link/piece of data that can show me that Howie is unfit for his job..

  14. “Mis-directed hate” of Roseman ??? Indeed!! Roseman should be pitied for being a flunky for the owner with no knowledge of football that is why Gamble is gone. He is a knowledgeable, football guy & Roseman knew that & didn’t like “competition”. That is a sign of a weak person

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