Marvin Lewis tells Bengals to ignore questions about playoff losses

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In each of the last three seasons, the Bengals have had a chance to end the team’s long stretch without a playoff victory and they have failed each time.

They will get their next chance to change the franchise’s fortunes against the Colts on Sunday and coach Marvin Lewis wants them to be focused on that matchup rather than the 24 years without a playoff win. On Wednesday, Lewis explained what he told his players to do when they’re asked about all the losing.

“I told them not to answer your questions, and just tell you, ‘that’s not me.’ It’s got nothing to do with them. You know what I mean? There you go. That team, last year’s team, it’s a different team, different people, different circumstances, so what we have to do in order to win games is not turn the ball over and you have to play good on defense. It’s pretty simple,” Lewis said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Well, I’m just tired of answering the dumb question, you know? All right? Excuse me, not a dumb question — I’m tired of answering the very important question that I know is going to be asked time and time again.”

Lewis went on to say that there’s no way to answer the question before stepping on the field Sunday and he’s correct. The questions may not be important, but they’re topical for a coach and team that hasn’t figured out how to progress over the last three years and winning will be a much better way to make them stop than pretending to ignore the elephant in the locker room.

23 responses to “Marvin Lewis tells Bengals to ignore questions about playoff losses

  1. With Marvin Lewis leading the Bungals it’s easy to understand the lame comments from their fans most of whom haven’t seen a playoff win in their lives? Good luck and even a blind squirrel……you know the the drill …right Geno?

  2. I remember those last 3 teams. One wasn’t that good, the other limped into the playoffs missing key starters and last year they flat out choked. Of course the media can’t do the leg work to point that out.

  3. Until you win a playoff game in this century, it’s not a stupid question, and stupid turnovers are what people expect of the Dalton Gang until they prove otherwise – 1 TD, 8 picks – you are what your record says you are, so let’s see you shut the critics up – then you can talk to Pitt and Balt.

  4. Pandora’s box is opened… This virtually begs everyone to call their bookie and take the Colts… Over before it started..

  5. ‘that’s not me.’
    Right, its the red head over there.

    Test for Dalton, these moments define careers.

    Real problem may be the horrendous uniform.
    Dress for success does not include dirty sweatpants and sandals. Right? they look terrible.
    A mental thing, for both teams, and fans.
    “Holy mackeral, they look crappy” is not intimidating, does not inspire confidence.

    Pats, Broncos, Tampa Bay made necessary change.
    I still cringe when the pats wear the old unis.
    Jets need new threads.

  6. They don’t need to talk about their postseason failures. It’s the elephant in the room.

    Andy Dalton was 3 years old the last time the Bengals won a playoff game.

    Based on their first meeting with the Colts, the drought will probably continue.

  7. Don’t fire Lewis, promote him to gm and after he builds the team make him stay away from them. He has no motivation skills but he has built a lot of talent here.

  8. steelers don’t have these issues. just switch to being a steeler fan.. all your worries shall disappear. it really is glorious! why punish yourselves anymore?! we have glorious trophys and you have none. the answer is obvious. welcome to steeler nation my child!

  9. fun fact……January 6, 1991….. last time the bungles won a playoff game! wow! why suffer? trade in that black and orange for black and yellow. home of 6 superbowls and your wildest dreams shall come true. don’t waste another minute on punishing yourself. you deserve better. out bandwagon always has roon on it for you. we are steeler nation and we shall forgive you of your sins and welcome you with open arms! #steelerheaven

  10. Steeler fans tend to be overconfident, primarily.
    Other problems are secondary.

    See what I did there?

  11. I get tired of that ongoing question too, I also get tired of the Marvin and Andy bashing. I’m glad the “Bengals can’t win big games or night games” question finally got retired.

    Come Sunday there will be some NEW annoying questions to be coming from the media, but the “playoff-win” question will officially be retired.

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