Eagles say Chip Kelly will oversee player personnel department

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After a week in which reports surfaced that Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman and coach Chip Kelly were not seeing eye to eye, the team has tried to clarify the roles of both men.

In a Friday evening statement, the Eagles announced that Roseman has been elevated to Executive Vice President of Football Operations. The Eagles also said Kelly will oversee the player personnel department and lead efforts to hire a new personnel executive.

“We are a good football team and we believe these steps will help make us a great team,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement.

It’s unclear exactly what Roseman’s responsibilities as Executive Vice President of Football Operations will be, but the fact that Kelly has been given control of the player personnel department seems to indicate that Kelly is going to be doing what he wants to do, and that’s running the football team. Roseman is getting a nice new title that surely comes with a corner office and a good parking space, but the early indications are that to the extent that there are disagreements between Kelly and Roseman, it will be Kelly who gets final say on anything that affects the team on the field.

So if this was a power struggle with a winner and a loser, Kelly would have to be viewed as the winner. But that’s contingent on Kelly’s team winning on the field. If the Eagles falter with Kelly calling the shots, Executive V.P. Roseman will be helping Lurie find a new coach.

115 responses to “Eagles say Chip Kelly will oversee player personnel department

  1. Philly has always operated millions UNDER the cap so as to make the most money possible off the dumb fans in Philly. I expect more of the same with the bean-counter winning any struggle at the end of the day.

  2. Aaand this would explain why Gamble was bounced.

    Chip is a great coach, but it seems like he’s following the path that has undone a lot of other great coaches. He wants to buy the groceries just like he did in college, but in the NFL that doesn’t work out more often than not.

  3. Get rid of Chippy, the gadget man. What good was that hurry up offense when it had the effect of tiring out his own defense. This two year experiment should be over.

  4. You’d think Lurie would have learned something after all these years. Coaching and personnel are both full-time jobs requiring 12-16 hour days. I can’t wait to hear what the real story is with Gamble.

  5. in reading the release put out by the team, both lurie and roseman placed the responsibility for the success of the change in structure on kelly.

    it will be interesting to see who chip hires for his personnel man since the obvious candidate was fired two days ago.

  6. I get it so Chip Kelly is basically the GM/HC and Howie is basically just the VP. Meaning that Chip Kelly is indeed in more.power than Roseman. Lol calm down to all the people think he will be going be gone in the next year.

  7. A bird in the hand is kinda cool when you’re a falconer, but when you’re the guy walking his parakeet it kinda weirds me out.

  8. In retrospect, it looks like Chip knew about the impending termination of Gamble, and thus spoke very highly of him. It lessens the blow when the eventual firing occurs, and gives Gamble a public vote of confidence so he can get his next job quickly.

  9. Wow. Thank you. Clear responsibilities, streamlined processes, and Chip is staying. All of us in Philly can now relax. I personally think it would have been a HUGE disaster if Kelly left and we had to reboot. That being said, Gamble must have really screwed up. Political suicide. Would love to know what happened there.

  10. It doesn’t matter what Chip the Personnel Head does as long as Chip The Coach keeps on insisting that his offense snap the ball in sub-20 seconds never giving his Defense a break.

    The ’85 Bears D would have struggled with all those 90 second three and outs……..

  11. riflemanlax says:
    Jan 2, 2015 6:45 PM
    Which one pulled the trigger on Marcus Smith? That’s all I want to know now.

    ———————————————————————I’d say that’s obvious after this.

  12. I’m not thrilled with the decision to axe Gamble, or what it may imply about front office turmoil, but the repeated characterization of Howie as a “bean counter” is completely mistaken.

    He’s not Joe Banner, people. He may look like a younger version of him, but he holds a different title and is consistently described as doing the kinds of things that GM’s do, not what Banner was here to do.

    You hated Banner, and now you hate Roseman. But that doesn’t mean they perform the same role.

  13. Kelly is a genius and an innovator, he runs plays real quick and stuff. At least until a defensive guy fakes an injury to slow it down.

  14. The NFL sure mirrors the real corporate world with aggressive men fighting every day for power, parking spaces closer to the elevator, and a cubicle with a view. It’s a wonder corporations and football teams function at all with all the huge egos and power grabs taking place 24/7.

  15. And quoted from the official expanded statement, it looks like Howie did get promoted to have less responsibility (keep his hands out of the personnel).

    “When I said… that Howie was returning as general manager next season, I meant that. But after carefully listening and reflecting on the lengthy discussions that I had with our senior team, I changed my mind.”

  16. This would seem to be a recipe for backstabbing and intrigue to rival renaissance Italy. Maybe Niccolo Machciavelli as the new GM?!

  17. Perfect. Chip hires an actual football guy to evaluate talent and get him the right players.

    Howie can negotiate contracts and whatever else. As long as he can’t draft anymore 26 year old firemen.

  18. A GM/coach has never worked. I don’t get why these coaches can’t work with a GM for a common goal . Look at Seattle. It’s well known that they have one of the most talented roster in football and John Schneider and Pete Carroll work great together. It was John Schneider who came back from visiting Russell Wilson and pushed hard for him. They both identified Kam chancellor and bobby Wagner. It was pete that saw something in Bruce Irvin and kj wright. I just don’t get why you can’t find a GM and coach that know they need each other. Is chip Kelly gonna build a great defense? I dought it.

  19. Chip now has the same responsibility as New England’s head coach, he seems to do fine, this is a fantastic move by Mr. Lurie. Now let’s win some Super Bowls!!!

  20. Chip just needs New England’s QB. He’s stuck with Sanchez. Not exactly Brady…..

  21. Quite different from your headlines of 2 hours ago. I guess that was the rumors part of “News and Rumors”. Nonetheless, this was a good move for the Eagles.

  22. I think the Eagle Fans are reading this all wrong.

    Gamble was Chip Kelly’s ally — and Gamble’s the guy that walked the plank. I’m sure Chip isn’t the one who shoved him. Kelly always had some input into personnel, and always backed up by Gamble. Now he’s down to 50/50 and if Roseman wants to…….he can stymie any move he wants.

    I think Kelly is still looking for an Exit Strategy. Maybe not this year, but he’s still looking.

  23. Howie miscalculated his value and got slapped in the mouth by a mighty Chip Kelly hand.

    Chip can now build his team how he wants to without interference from this Rodent Howie and Howie can do his contracts and paperwork like a lawyer should.

  24. well chip , it’s all on you now , no more bean counters to point fingers at .
    this time next year the fingers will be pointing in chip’s direction , with the malcontents circling the Linc waving torchs and pitchforks

  25. Gotta give chip some time, a couple drafts, to really see what he can do, he walked into a really bad team did a little tweaking and took them to the playoffs, Rome wasn’t
    Nt built in a day! And Brady was a luck find in the 6 the round, and Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury, it wasn’t planned like that! We just gotta be patient. And have faith! He will get it done!

  26. “Chip has never won ANYTHING on ANY LEVEL.”

    He won the NFC East last year. And the Pac 12 with Oregon. Does that count? Or is anything short of a National Championship or Super Bowl title a failure in your eyes? ‘Cuz if the latter, lots of highly paid well thought of failures coaching in college and the pros.

  27. Bad news is always released late friday afternoon to give it time to die over the weekend.

    In a related story the eagles new slogan is if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is probably an eagle.

  28. restorativejusticeprogram,

    So tell me genius what dumb Philly fan do you know? Smart comment. Your name does not even make sense. You must be a lawyer.

  29. Promoting a guy who has won nothing at any level and whose team choked and got beat by a struggling Redskins team with the player who did the most damage DJAX who he threw away…..only Eagles fans can find this a positive move. Even Super Bowl champion Coaches with decades of NFL experience struggle when given total power over player personnel. Chips ego will make this a disaster.

  30. I read what happened as Kelly was pissed when Gamble got fired by Roseman and made clear to Lurie he was not happy and this reshuffle is to placate him. The Inquirer reports “Sources have said Kelly was displeased by that move, and this evening’s announcement came after a lengthy NovaCare sitdown among chairman Jeffrey Lurie, Roseman and Kelly”

  31. If this keeps Kelly in place as long as NE has had Belichick, then it certainly was the right move.

    As for everybody saying Kelly’s style doesn’t work, you might want to refer to some stats on that one. Offense is top 5 in the league since he’s been here. Yeah, they got shut down by Seattle, who’s been shutting EVERYBODY down.

    Our offense is potent, front 7 is big, yound and dynamic, special teams was historic, our only weakness is our secondary which has been deglected by the front office ever since they inexplicably let Dawkins go.

    Our defense got so good at stopping the run, so teams stopped running and just challenged our secondary (who can’t play man, but played man) and burned them.

    Spend some money, fix that secondary, and then we are contenders.

  32. Put another way Roseman and Lurie just gave him all the rope he’ll need to himself! The only question is how many seasons will they give him to win a Super Bowl BEFORE they drop the floor out from under him?

  33. Spend some money, fix that secondary, and then we are contenders.

    Need a quarterback too

  34. Drama in the land of brotherly love……this stuff doesnt happen in seattle….denver….baltimore….new england. See a trend ? Great organazations don’t allow in-house fighting.

  35. The Eagles are millions UNDER the cap as noted, but have you ever heard of the Eagles being in “Salary Cap Hell” at any time? Not once have the Eagles come close to that.

    Are they perfect? No! They are better than many other teams at managing the cap, however.

  36. Chip has never won ANYTHING on ANY LEVEL.

    @realitycheckbaby….when you don’t win you change teams..from the ravens to the PedHawks. So what have you won that so impressive keyboard cowboy…typist of the year or is it data input guru?

  37. Eagle fans don’t get it but you will.

    Chip sacrifices the defense so he can get credit as an offensive genius.

    Each year your defense will look good early, only to fall apart as the season wears on.

    You’ll constantly be “almost there”.

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  38. So, the Eagles are doing what the 49ers should’ve done, going with a proven winner.

    as long as Chip brings in a good talent evaluator, things should work out fine.

  39. Great move. Explains all the nonsense. It’s clear Kelly didn’t feel the split decisions and lack of clear responsibility were working. He got what he wanted and obviously knew Gamble was toast when he talked about him. This makes me feel MUCH better about the upcoming offseason.


  40. Roseman went from GM to salary CAP guy, contract guy and also oversees the equipment managers. If this wasn’t a serious demotion I don’t know what is.

  41. Somewhere, Juan Castillo is by a phone waiting for a call confirming his next promotion to Eagles GM

  42. So the mistake they did with Ried they are doing with Chip. He will be gone at the end of the season.

  43. tory707 says:
    Jan 2, 2015 7:41 PM

    So tell me genius what dumb Philly fan do you know?
    Every single one qualifies. You have had an owner that has owned your team for 20+ years, how many championships has your owner delivered your fair city? Don’t hurt yourself, I’ll help you, NONE. Each year the Eagles are Millions under the cap, Lurie tells Philly how smart Roseman & (first Andy) now Chip is.

    Do you know how many playoff wins you’ve had since Donovan McNabb left? NONE Tim Tebow has more playoff wins than the EAGLES do since Donovans departure. But you all keep selling out the Linc & buying the QB du jour’s jersey’s. That sounds pretty dumb…even YOU would have to admit genius…

  44. Jan 2, 2015 6:48 PM
    Lurie is smarter than we gave him credit for!
    No, not really. He makes dumb comments like “The Eagles are the Gold Standard” when his division rivals have won two Super Bowls.

    He should remain silent. He’s usually good for a yearly proclamation in training camp that never materializes.

  45. A fast break offenses will never work in the NFL. The Eagles defense will always get too worn down as the season progresses. Kelly is not a genius. I seem to remember that 2 years ago RG3 and Kaepernick were going to revolutionize offensive football in the NFL forever.

  46. skordane and others seems to not have the ability to think for themselves and are only able to regurgitate what other “experts” might have said.

    let’s give this a little thought, if you have that capacity. it’s it the time on the field that tires players out or the number of plays. if it were the time, why do the defenses philly plays seem to be worn down when the eagles never dominate TOP? could it be that standing on the field doesn’t actually cause players to be exhaust a lot energy and that actually be forced to play does?

    did that manage to sink in? probably not, but i tried.

  47. ” I seem to remember that 2 years ago RG3 and Kaepernick were going to revolutionize offensive football in the NFL forever.”

    Agreed & 10 years before that it was Michael Vick that was going to revolutionize the game…it’s always the same story with the same predictable result.

  48. Mess around and not sign McCoy and see what happens. Kelly thinks he can be Belchek and plug anybody in his system. I can’t wait to see how that goes down.

  49. @ariani1985:Redskins beat eagles once this year and loss by three once. kind of blows your post out of the water huh?

    again he has never won anything that will keep you employed as a head coach. Andy Reid won the East seven times in his day. what color is his jersey?

  50. Everyone in Philly can relax now. They’re keeping their playoff winning coa… oh wait… Well they can still relax, that’s what they’ve been doing the last 50+ years.

  51. Stop with the fast offense makes the defense to tired to operate. It’s the defenses responsibility to do their job and get off the field.

  52. As I have said before, Roseman wins no battle with the fan base or the media compared to Kelly. It’s not even close.

    Roseman stays because Lurie likes his counsel – notably finance wise. They would be wise to call up Gamble and say it was all a big misunderstanding since it is to Kelly’s advantage to have someone he is comfortable working with for personnel matters. Otherwise, this likely fails in the long run. It is too big for one person. Reid proved that.

    I do agree, however, that it is entirely possible that Kelly leaves in the long run. Never saw him as a NFL lifer despite the reports that say that he doesn’t like the college game because of boosters.

    Quite likely he told Lurie he’d take a position that involved a pro option with another team (as well as be HC) and that would be a
    Lowed under the NFL rules. Lurie, then, rightly, realized that Losing Kelly would be worse than sit king to bucking up Roseman.

  53. 20-12 while switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4, tons of injuries at the QB position, a roster left over from a 4-12 team. Clearly he knows what he’s doing.

    For all of you Eagles haters, ponder this….if Chip Kelly were to leave/get forced out, how many minutes would it be before he had a job offer as a NFL head coach?

  54. Only mistake made in that meeting was not firing Roseman. It will come back to haunt the Eagles. Howie will subvert Kelly any way he can. He thinks he’s something he’s not.

  55. I love hearing these “We’re so close” and “Fix the secondary and we’re good to go”.

    Take a look at each of those posts, and you’ll notice they mention “Oh we need a QB too”

    As if those grow on trees. Eagles are going to regress next year.

  56. Can you any of you guys read?? Chip is hiring someone….stop it with the “too much power” stuff. Roseman is out of the way, and Gamble is switched out for another football guy. Hardly a major shift…just keeps Howie locked away from Chip, that’s a bonus.

  57. Whoever brought up mike Vick not revolutionizing the game just proved how young and naive they are because they missed Atlanta Vick. He dominated like we haven’t seen in forever

  58. Preseason 2014 predictions:
    ESPN-Coach of the year: Chip Kelly
    ESPN Winner of NFC East: Eagles
    Wha’ Happened?

    Ride Cowboys Ride
    On the road to victory
    Ride Cowboys Ride
    Score a touchdown
    1, 2, 3
    Hit ’em low
    Hit ’em high
    And watch our Cowboys Ride
    Ride Cowboys Ride
    On the road to victory
    C-O-W-B-O-Y-S COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Yep..Kelly has now postioned the Eagles into making a serious run at tampa bays number 1 pick. He had to eliminate roseman before he mortgages the eagles future. RGIII type trade will now happen in April.

  60. To the fool who said buying the groceries don’t work Parcells, Carroll, and Belicheck do it they all have trophies

  61. Who is the Eagles QB? Obviously Kelly does not like Foles and I don’t think Sanchez is the answer. Marcus Mariota? How in the hell are they going to maneuver to move up and get him?

  62. If any Eagles fan remembers when they gave Andy similar powers the team went down hill,in today’s game I think it is just too much work for any NFL head coach

  63. I once had a coworker that was my man, we solved many company issues together and worked especially well together. Then one day he was fired and escorted out of the building. I was devastated, luckily for me, knowing the comraderie that existed with us I was soon brought into the loop and was shown how “My friend” was stealing the company blind and actually taking credit for all the things we did together. All is not always what it seems to be.———————————@ ohand16 please show me where it’s obvios that Chip Kelly doesn’t like Foles.

  64. @jbeagles23

    If you want to take 10 years of mediocrity & call it domination up to you. Mike Vick had a handful of games where he played very well, maybe 6-7 through out his career. The rest were fumble & turnover ridden messes in Atlanta where all he did was run or throw to Crumpler. He is a career 2-3 in the post season & before his 1 & done playoff season with your beagles, was a dominate 2-2 in post season. Mike Vick is one of the most over-hyped athletes to ever put on cleats, he’s admitted on NUMEROUS occasions he never really prepared or applied himself. He’s never been good enough to lift a team & carry it on his back to consistently win playoff games. If you want to really be honest, Kaepernick’s work of the 2 NFC championship games & the Super Bowl make Kaep look like Joe Montana compared to Vick.

  65. Stupid move. Kelly’s talent evaluation is suspect at best just look at the following moves:

    Eagles 1st rd pick, Marcus Smith, is a total bust- this was Kelly’s call

    Kelly wanted to trade Brandon Graham and picks for Dion Jordon (ex-duck). Jordon is and has been terrible.

    Going into the season w/ Carrie Williams and Bradley Fletcher as starting CB’s and trying to convince everyone they were good enough

    Kelly way over-values Oregon players and thinks scheme beats talent and that doesn’t work in the NFL.

  66. Great story greymares but it is just not believable because no eagle fans have jobs.

  67. Wow so Kelly who did not make the playoffs will handle player personnel while Roseman the fired GM, hired as a VP will cover football operations; administration, team travel etc……LOL

    Moreover these to men are expected to work for the same Philadelphia Eagles team.

  68. nfloracle says:
    Jan 2, 2015 6:56 PM
    The NFL sure mirrors the real corporate world with aggressive men fighting every day for power, parking spaces closer to the elevator, and a cubicle with a view. It’s a wonder corporations and football teams function at all with all the huge egos and power grabs taking place 24/7.

    Perhaps the reason the NFL is so successful is because of people like this?

    You sound like one of those factory workers sitting behind a machine 8 hrs a day who thinks he knows how to run a business but would never risk his own money or put in the 12- 14hr days to make anything happen.

    Ambition and risk takers drive the world and make the work and the jobs.

  69. Stop with the fast offense makes the defense to tired to operate. It’s the defenses responsibility to do their job and get off the field.

    Odd, the teams that win seem to hold the ball and keep the other team’s offense off the field.

    But I forgot, genius Kelly has revolutionized the NFL according to Philly fans.

    And doing it from home.

  70. Can someone explain to me how this all resulted in Gamble getting bounced, because I’m having trouble connecting the dots. If he and Kelly were so tight, then why would Kelly angle for his (Gamble’s) job responsibilities? And if the Roseman/Gamble relationship was a problem, it seems like Howie’s “promotion” would have provided enough separation of roles to allow both to co-exist.

    It seems like they could have found a way to keep an experienced, respected personnel guy like Gamble in the organization in some fashion if they had wanted to. I realize the Eagles 1st round draft pick this past year and their CB situation have stuck in a lot of people’s craws, but there are a lot of teams whose personnel chiefs have whiffed a lot more badly (and often) than that and not paid for it with their jobs. There’s got to be more to the story, and especially since to my knowledge neither the Jets nor Bears have reached out to him regarding their GM positions for which he would be very much qualified IMO. Did he try to sell Chip Kelly’s playbook on eBay or something?

  71. to bassplucker , this all came about due to lurie saying after the gaints game that roseman was the G.M.. roseman then fired gamble , kelly’s friend .
    kelly went to lurie about that , and ….you have just witnessed the Eagles – ” the night of the long knives”

  72. thesmartestmanever says: Jan 2, 2015 9:18 PM

    again he has never won anything that will keep you employed as a head coach. Andy Reid won the East seven times in his day. what color is his jersey?
    If Chip Kelly left Philadelphia today (fired, released from his deal or whatever) how long do you think he’d be out of work? I would guess he’d have his choice of top NFL or college jobs the next week.

    Give it a little time – most new coaches don’t win the super bowl in year 2 (especially when their starting QB goes down), and the guy has done plenty of good so far.

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